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> > > > Highway Gomantak Hotel

Highway Gomantak Hotel

Bandra EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226409692, 02226453120
  • 44/2179, Gandhi Nagar, Service Road, Bandra East, Mumbai
  • Gomantak, Indian coastal
  • Meal for 2 - 600

37 Reviews / 40 Ratings

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Highway Gomantak Hotel Reviews







This place is OVER HYPED ...good for worst lunch and dinner experience...don't waste you precious time going here ...

Though the food was good but not that good compared to other sea food hotels.........Don't expect any kind off good SERVICE from this hotel...They manipulate with the FINAL BILLS this happened with me two times and with other colleges Too ..... Management and staff is always rude and service of food is toooooo late..... Do try for worst experience of your life :)


Seafood at Highway Gomantak!

How can you distinguish a "Great" restaurant from all the other "Good" ones, especially if they serve Indian food?
Run a small test. Order different meats/ fish/ seafood in similar kind of gravy. Does it seem that a standard gravy has been prepared on the side and the protein ordered just sauteed in the the same gravy and served or does every dish taste different? We were pleasantly surprised that each 'Masala' gravy at Highway Gomantak had its own unique taste - as if your mom or grandma took care to create a recipe for each dish separately!

For more on what all to order at Highway Gomantak, kindly visit my review at



Amazing Seafood

I love the seafood thali that they have especially the prawn thali. the restaurant serves home style food..their seafood reflects the konkan taste..The bombay duck in rava fry is to die for...I love the food here and it is a must try for everyone..



A place for non Marathi people

they give you Indian chicken cooked in gxxd faad spicy Indian gravy. nothing to do with Malvani or Kokani food taste from Maharashtra. non Marathi people can eat it ASSUMING it is local taste. Malvani food doesn't mean intestines damaging food. Malvani food means food coocked in dried coconut roasted gravy. this place is good for tourists and Mumbai darshan people. keep eating faadoo non veg food reading shlokas from Bhagwad Gita on the walls.


What a load of Crap

Sorry to be so vociferous. But honestly of all the hype about this place. it aint worth it. The prices are very high. The taste varies from ok to bad and worse is the quantity. if u have a small stomach and can survive on a bowl of rice or two chappatis this is the right place for you. Sample this:

1) Thali = bowl of rice + 2 chapatis or 1 (yes 1 bhakri) and Curry (Avg price = 180)
other gomantak have this quantity with fried fish or chicken for the same price.

2) If you want to have extra fried fish since they didnt give you in the first place then the cost of the plate is Rs. 200/- extra. so ideally for a thali with fried fish / chicken the cost comes to Rs. 400/- plus per person

Imagine a place as Satkar, Goregaon gives you better taste ambience for half the price.



2/10 experience

The Highway Gomantak is overly hyped place. The staff attitude is bad, they do not seem to care. They speak fast, take orders fast and refuse orders fast too. I ordered surmai thali (Rs.160/-) which was average, and Halwa fry (Rs.140/-) OK, bombil fry (Rs.200/-) it was bad and very oily and rice full (Rs. 30) and kolambi Masala (Rs. 160/-) which was Good.

I found the prices exhorbitant for the items which are available cheap at other Gomantak restaurants. For example the Bombil fry was priced Rs.200/- way above Halwa fry Rs. 140/-. Though Bombil is the cheapest fish available in the market.

Worst part the prices for most of the menu items is absent on the menu card. Thus a person who goes with just Rs. 500/- will get a shock if he does'nt check the price before ordering. I bought this to their notice but they seem to overlook.

I find Gomatak restaurant at Dadar near Shivaji Mandir and one called as Sandip Gomantak far more superior in terms of Food, Service, Quality and overall experience.


Amazing konkan food

If you like eating fish dish, highway gomantak is a must visit place. They serve some very delicious fish dishes i.e. masala pomfret, bangad fish. For the main course, do try mutton curry which is spicy.



No-way Gomantak!

I kept hearing about this place a lot and decided to try it once and for all, thanks to the seafood lover in me that kept pushing me into giving it a try. I'd say this place is totally over-hyped!

Ambiance: 3/10 It is located on the service road near Bandra east signal which is lined by MHADA societies. I have been here thrice and there has always been a long waiting period before I get a table. On weekends, if you are alone or say 2 people be prepared to share your table with anyone (beware of those without table manners). The seating area is very crammed and noisy to the point of irritation. This place seems to be a little low on hygiene.

Service: 2/10 There's none whatsoever. The servers take their own time to acknowledge your table. While you wait, all you notice is their running up and down. Finally when they come to take your order, they turn stationery but their minds run. They suggest options with speed, speak with speed, refuse with speed!

Food: 5/10 Food used to be good, but its no longer the case. Pre-set thalis are popular (curry/dry main dish + chapati/wade/bhakri + a bowl of rice + thecha + kokam kadi). The Surmai curry thali and Chicken sukke thali are the ones I've tried. The former was a disappointment. The gravy was konkan-style light yellow but sadly without the taste. Chicken sukka was good and spicy. I've also tried kombadi wade ( similar to puri, slightly thicker) and its the best I've tried here. Pomfret and Surmai fry is good, however don't try the stuffed options...bad choice, the masala almost never gets cooked. Stay away from Bombil fry, it looks bad and tastes bad. The kokam kadi and 'thecha' (maharashtrian chutney made of green chilly) are the thali savers. Kharwas (sweet dish similar to custard) they serve is fresh and good. Vegetarians strictly avoid.

Price: 8/10 Cost-wise, this place isn't expensive. You can have a thali for Rs 130-140. Though the cost is less, the food and place fails to impress.



A Fish Lovers Nirvana

A small quaint little place serving up hearty and delicious seafood at very low prices.The interior may be a bit bland but once the food arrives you will hardly notice.
From succulent prawns to spicy fish curries, this place has it all. The Prawn fry is a must try for crustacean lovers,The Pomfret fry according to me is the best dish on the menu, the fish is fresh and succulent with a crispy coating of subtle spices.Highway Gomantak is certainly the best seafood restaurant.


Fish Paradise - Veggies please excuse

Don't go by its humble exterior, this is a place that every serious fish eater in Mumbai must visit. Authentic Malwan food that will blow your mind away. Don't mind the queue up because it will be worth it.

Mid ranged pricing, their fish curries and masalas are totally worth the price. Prawn fried rice and Clam Masala are very high on my recommendation. Also try the Kombri Vade.

Sorry the place is not for if you are a vegetarian!



good sea food....sea food thali is gr8...a must visit for a sea food fan. They have their own special menu. dont go for ambiance...please go for food...


For a 'just decent' seafood experience ...

I can see bad reviews and most comments on the bad attitude is correct ... but leaving that aside, its not really a sad experience ! Once you see the place ... the total lack of ambience and the fact that they don't have tissues/napkins also - you should set your expectations accordingly. Once done - you tend to enjoy the food they serve.

This was the second time we went there and yes, they are least interested in serving you. You find your own place and the grumpy waiter will give you a menu card and rattle out marathi names of fishes which goes over the head. Then you read the english menu card and start ordering. The food is good and a decent experience.

We had bombil fry ... very oily and different from ones we have had in Mahesh, Gazalee and other places. Its full, dipped in a non-spicy sauce and deep fried. It tastes great ... better than Mahesh Lunch Home for sure. The pomfret fry (dipped in suji) is again excellent and non oily. The Rawas fry is average and a little expensive.

In main course, we ordered Thalis. The Pomfret one is very good with the gravy very tasty. Only problem is that for Rs. 130 they serve only one gravy with rice and rotis / bhakri. So you are forced to order side dishes ... we ordered Prawn Sukha and it went very well with the Bhakris. The Prawn Thali was average as the gravy wasn't very tasty ... the Crab one out right tasteless. So stick to more appetizers and just have a basic thali with a side dish. I have heard their Clam dishes are very good but that will be next time.

So enjoy the food without comparing with the other seafood joints. Lunch for 3 costs a Rs. 1000/- which is less than half the price of the other joints. Avoid the neighboring seafood joints - really PATHETIC food there.



No-way Gomantak

What might have started as a humble joint, has now graduated into an over-hyped run-of-the-mill coastal restaurant.

As kids, we used to love eating at this place. And yep, those were the days. The attitude of the staff (incl. the owner) has changed quite a lot with the changing times. The quality (and quantity) of food has gone substantially down. The servings are too meagre even for the average eater.

Yes, the hype still invites a sea of people from all corners of mumbai, but I doubt the repeat value. During weekends, never trust them if they ask you to wait for 15-20 mins.

The ambiance, which has been modified with time, is quite decent for a no-nonsense - eat - quick place, cos thats what you are expected to do. The service is fast as well, maybe just the way it was. But the name that this place has gained over the years is not an excuse for the unfriendly attitude of the staff.

Overall, inflated rates which dont justify the quality (importantly) and quantity, poor customer service has definitely brought down this place to the ranks of just another wannabe coastal joint.



Average Food and Bad Customer Service

The wait times add to the poor experience after over hyped food arrives at your table. The waiters are strictly "udipi" types and want you to eat the fastest so that the table is available for the next customer.

Food: Strictly Ok. Not worth the hype. Standard taste even if you order different dishes, means that they have a common gravy base. Not a very authentic preparation.

Wait times : They make you wait, wait and wait, and its not first come first served. The person who makes the most noise and throws the biggest fuss is let in and priority is given to groups of four or larger. if you are less than four chances are that they may not let you in at all.

Chap sitting at the cash counter has a very hostile body language, sort of I do not like feedback attitude.

Not Recommended on Weekends. Weekdays is best, no queues and ample space available.


Ameya  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

June 11,2011


Good food Worst Attitude (Unfriendly)

I had been to this place many a times with my family. My mom dad being from coastal region love the taste. But damn that attitude owner carries, it just get on my nerves. Yesterday I had been there with my girlfriend for a parcel order. We order food together for both our homes. At the time of delivery, I asked for an additional carry-bag, since we both need to carry separate orders for our homes. The owner refused to give an extra bag saying the bag provided is enough to carry stuffs. On explaining him that the order need to be distributed between both of us and hence we need an extra bag, he said that let my girlfriend carry the fish fry she ordered in her purse. Now can you imagine! How can he even say a lady to carry fried fish in her purse. This is not the 1st time I had experienced his arrogant attitude. Many a times when I be there with my mom and dad, they will make u stand outside for long time and will allow someone else with a smaller or bigger group, so they don't believe 1st come 1st serve basis but rather they make the decision on the capacity of the table that has been vacated. Most of their special dishes will be over in short span of time. They will make you stand outside the hotel once your parcel order is place as if you are at least priority to them since u r not occupying seat over there. Lastly they don't have a card swipe machine..... so u need to carry cash or rush for an ATM if you wanna be there.
Surely the food taste is good but its the owners worst attitude that makes this place tasteless.



Good Food....Bad attitude.

We went there for the 1st time on Sunday, there was a huge crowd waiting when asked he said 15-20mins which is ok. But it took nearly an hour before v got a table and that too after a arguement with the owner.
A tip - u need stand in front of his face for u get a place or there is no system.
In all that argument owner was "EITHER U WAIT OR U CAN LEAVE." this was his attitude after waiting for an hour.
Finally we got a place when wanted to order again the same rude behavior. I don think i'l be going there again to spoil my evening.



Long wait --- but worth it

This is going to surprise most people who know me but last Monday was the first time I visited this in Mahim and going almost daily to the MIG Club which is just next door.... Unfortunately I happened to go there on a Monday with my wife and daughter.... I am vegetarian on Mondays but my family isn't..... (I can almost hear some readers asking what i was doing there on a veg day... but one cannot undecide what the wife has there we were.....
I had a Veg Thali which was OK... good wholesome veg food... My wife and daughter ordered Pomfret Curry , fry Surmai and fry prawns.... and did they ever enjoy themselves.... my wife is very fussy about the quality of fish and once she gave the thumbs up I was convinced that I had to come back here for the sea food...All the way back home , my daughter was going on and on about the food and sympathising with me as I was restricted to eating veg.
All in all, a wonderful experience for my family.... OK for me (not the restaurant's fault)... So go there only if you are going to eat non vegetarian.....I intend to positively visit soon...
One word of caution... i did not like the Kharvas as I though it was too watery.... Panshikar's kharvas takes the first place for me....


Aakash  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 26,2011



The place, "Highway Gomantak" is an absolutely fabalous Konkani/ Malwani Khanawal.

Food is great and reasonably priced. Four of us hogged on 2 plates prawn fry, followed by crab curry, Surmai, another prawn and Mutton Thali...wih solkadhi etc. Bill was around 1300Rs.

Loved authentic taste and mouthwatering dishes.

Rotis are lovely and paperthin!

Solkadhi is great and must not be missed.


must try

In Goa n Malwan we have small lunch and dinner houses known as Khanavalis , this place describes Khanavalis,hygenic and value to money good portion size,must try Surmai fry n tisrya sukha. my mom loves this place and the food reminds her of her mothers hand taste.


Sujit  - Burrp User


14 Reviews

February 26,2011


Chaotic and Tasteless

First of all, i would like to correct burrp that average meal for two here doesnt cost you 100 bucks. It would be around 200-250 bucks.

So when you enter this place, you'll see a lot of certificates which even includes one by Burrp..!! Please dont expect too much just by looking at that, what awaits for you is a marathon of tasteless and overpriced food.

We ordered a Special Fish Thali which costs Rs. 250. It includes 2 chapatis, 1 Vegetable(which i bet you wont be able to swallow), a Fish Curry ( bland and less quantity), and a bowl of sticky thick cheap quality rice. ( Chapatis are too thin and small and rice also too less, not sufficient for an average person's meal)

The waiters are highly ignorant and will be doing you a big favor by looking at your table. All the other time, they'll keep acting busy while just managing 3-4 tables and will keep running around. They will only come to your table when you are about to finish your meal to give you the bill even before you asking it and almost force you to get up as soon as you are done.

Place is too noisy, non AC, too crowded with very less space to walk in between.

Please give your taste buds a rest for one day rather than torturing them by going here and in the end spoiling your mood :(


Familiar Aroma- not so familiar taste

Four of us {me n my ex-colleagues} met here today at 1:30 pm for lunch. We had been planning this for quite some time, as two of our group had been to this place previously & enjoyed it.

They do not have valet parking, so make sure you park your vehicle in Lane close to MIG colony & take a pedestrian shortcut to this place.
Generally you would have to wait for a while to get in, so did we, but not more than 10-12 minutes.

One thing I loved about this place that it is a no frills Non-Ac simple lunch home, yet it isn't hot inside even on a sunny afternoon.

We ordered 2 prawns thali & one pomfret & a surmai thali, as we were told there was no tisrya {shells} thali available. Food arrived in about 10 mins time, but we were in for a surprise, when they missed the surmai thali altogether & instead gave us two pomfret thali's. Even more suprised we were, when the pomfrets were cooked in a green gravy, which we had not asked for in the 1st place. When we did ask the waiter, he bluntly said "Surmai nahi aahe"... no one bothered to ask my colleague whether she would prefer pomfret over surmai, they just assumed we should be ok with it.

The food was good, but not great or anything. I have eaten better goan food elsewhere. Rawas fry was fresh & crispy. Sol kadi was yum yum. A thali has about two chapati's & half a bowl of rice, so if you are a heavy eater, make sure you order everything in advance, as if you do order late, you get that "you should have ordered earlier, I have more customers waiting outside" look.
Also has a prawns pulav, which was below ordinary. It completely lacked taste.
We ended with Kharwas, which was really good.

All in all it was an good experience, the rates are just a tad bit on the higher side, for the restaurant standard, but thats ok I guess, IF they get some more authentic goan taste to their dishes.

Lastly--- the Burrp caption here says- Meal for two: Rs.100/- When was that dude?? In the seventy's?


Ekdam Jhakass.....

If u r a big fan of sea food then this place surely needs to be on ur list. Every time I am here the food tastes just awesome. Be it the Surmai fry, Chicken Sukhe, Mori masala, Ravas or nything else the taste is freaking good. Just love the kind of music played in the background (all old marathi songs) u a nostalgic feel. The "kharvas" is a must try here if u have a sweet tooth.
The only thing that takes away 1 start from them is the place does not have an AC section. The furniture is getting kind of old and needs a lill improvement.
But all in all definitely worth a shot...go there for some authentic Marashtrian food.



has been..?

I used to love this place, but of late the portion sizes have shrunk to nothingness, i dont expect to pay 100 rs for ten tisrya its kind of disappointing , the kolambi sukhe thali however is really good as well as the prawn koliwada... but as long as there is jai hind i dont think il be visiting highway gomantak


Authentically Simple

Highway Gomantak has really maintained authenticity in its simple preparations. You are not expected to find any garnishes on your dishes or some well decorated plates. The place is expected to treat you to some authentic seafood fare.

The variety is enormous. You can have your crabs, oysters, prawns, Surmai, Halwa, Pompfret and the ever loved Bombil Fry. The Bombil fry does not match upto that of Gajalee as the crispiness is lacking. Infact even Diva Maharashtracha and Soul fry Casa offer better Bombil frys. The gravys are lovely. Light on the digestive system, great on taste.

Their gravys are simple and home like. Seafood is usually expensive. The same is the case here too, but you can wrap up a meal in Rs 250-270 per head.

The Vadas are supposed to be good, but were out of stock during my visit. They served quite a differnt Bhakri that day. It was much softer and more like a thin dosa. Nevertheless it tasted good, especially with the prawn curry.

Areas of improvement i would say is the congested seating. The table where six are seated should ideally be only for 4 people. They can also work a little on finding from fleshy pomfrets.

All in all taste to the core. Stomach doesn't take the toll. The perfect meal on the whole.



Not Worth

This is the place where I used to go quite often but day by day it has lost its charm. Although the food serve by them is tests good but the rate they charge is very high as compare the quality, service & ambiance..


Horrible ...Horrible...n...Horrible

A nice evening in monsoon......little rainy and breezy evening......who would not want to eat crispy hot fish...yummy.....can there be any better place than Highway Gomantak to relish sea food.....? No...that?s what we thought when we went there with great... expectations!!

Contrary to our expectations evening started with the utterly rude behavior of the staff ...we were told to change our place thrice........but these minor (?) issues are to be ignored when you want to eat good food....We ordered Special Fish Thali ,Fish Fry and Prawns masala.. We were almost on the seventh heaven and were about to enjoy the food and to our dismay what could have been there in Prawns Curry???.... a small was nicely fried and smashed....

We thought we will bring this to notice of the owner and there we made a mistake..... He out rightly refused to accept that there was a mistake on his side and asked us to eat it or throw it...(???) We were just shocked by his enormously rude and nasty behavior. Do we go to a restaurant to eat cockroaches?? my question was still is...

In short ...our evening was terribly spoiled. The place is extremely unhygienic..Plates and spoons are not clean staff and OWNER is rude and food quality??.let?s just not talk about it? I would not go to such a place ever again.....



Seafood rocks!!

After Jai Hind lunch home, highway gomantak comes as a sure shot favorite. I have childhood memories of this place since I used to visit my aunty at MiG colony in bandra and dinner was at this place.
The last time I relished my fish here was 4 years back. Want to take my friends to this awesome place, however most of the times we end up making plans to hangout in town.

But....I'll be back!!


The Malwan Treat!

Have been to the most expensive places in Mumbai, but in the end, simplicity wins! Perhaps, the most simple ambiance, with an absolute ethnic feel... this is Highway Gomantak... sea food treat! A family run business who live right next door to this hotel, Gomantak is for the sea food lover, who can appreciate the simple, yet surreal ambiance. Not for those, who are too fussy about a "very rich" setup, but definitely for those, who love, appreciate and admire the simple things in life!



Go there for the Fish and also the Chicken

Have been going there for the last year. Extremely fresh fish (the surmai and rawas are awesome). You also get clams (teesrya) which are good. For some reason I dont like the prawn prep here. Perhaps because they dont de-vein them.
The chicken sukka with roti is also a favorite as the the roti made with rice flour.
Once went there with vegetarian friends...which was brave...Was apprehensive about what they would eat...but they really liked the veg thali.
Ambience is simple, homely, and clean....
Highly recommended


vaishali22 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 25,2009


treat for goan food lovers

This place is indeed a heaven for authentic goan food fish lovers. The fry fish, solekadhi, bangda curry just out of the world and at extremely competetive prices in todays age. this place is basic and reminds you only for its food when you leave and that is ofcourse why you want to go back there.


The Best Gomantak Food in town

One of the best places in Mumbai to enjoy gomatak food ! and FISH .........I am loving it ! ;-)


AG  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 07,2009


Superr Gomantak food

Great place to Gomantak food. Truly authentic. Order anything from the menu and you'll enjoy. if you don't have a universal palate and then you may not appreciate food from other place. But go with open mind. Service of people is more efficiency based hence you may be at receiving end of a cold yet professional service.


Nauzer  - Burrp User


54 Reviews

December 19,2008


Nothing great..

Food is okay. Place is kind of funny. I like the Gomantak near Vakola police station though it is not famous as this one.


out of place and yet out of the world

Its location is is situated on eastern express highway,close to kherwadi junction...

It resembles a khanaval(marathi for eatery)..It serves kokum kadhi,sea food and chicken...either individual dishes or thalis..the choice is yours...The price is cheap and i mean really ambience..prompt service but the food makes it up for all the ambience......

A must visit for sea food lovers and non veg lovers......Healthy food freaks also please visit because you will not find gravies floating in oil or highly creamy gravies resulting from jars of cream being toppled inside..

All in all a thumbs up!!!


Yummy Gomantak

I love food. I love eating in a place where the primary focus is the food. I love genuine home-cooked look and feel. I simply love this place. If you truly like the food and don't care where it is you are eating it (albeit, this in no way is an insinuation that the environment is shoddy - quite the opposite it is in fact quaint) then you must come here once. If you truly like authentic Gomantak seafood, I guarantee you will be back.


Highway on my PLATE

A very good plc for dinner, cos its too crowded during lunch coz of office crowd. One shud jus go only for d food, coz there is absolutely no ambience, no interiors. its just a plc for good home food., Fried bombay ducks, stuffed pomfret, fried surmai, fresh n yummy are these things. The thali is also very nice, esp d chicken. And dont ever forget to ask u for their green chutney if they ever forget to give u, coz its out of this world to be having along with their fried fish. But if u keep askin for more, u will be charged. U cal also quench ur thirst wit some sol kadi. Top up ur dinner wit some cvreamy kharwas or dudhi kheer, its simple n delicious..



A must go for all fish lovers!

One of the best places in Mumbai to enjoy gomatak / malwani food. The food is like home cooked and the taste would linger on for a long time to come.

It is a khanawali in its true sense. Small tables...quick, efficient but impersonal servers. But the food makes up for everything. Awesome wade and komdi, mandeli fry.... i might have to type out their entire menu here... everything is GOOD.

The prices are competitive and really don't pinch one bit.