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> > > Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey

Linking Road    & IN 11 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 9619484811
  • Shop No. 2, Gr. Flr, Kalpitan CHS, 16th Road, Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Ice-cream

11 Reviews / 11 Ratings

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Hokey Pokey Reviews


Crazy Ice-Cream Place.

What a Concept ! I went crazy the first time i came here. i almost spend around 250/300 for my ice-cream(felt like a meal). So the deal is that you have conventional ice-creams in alotta variety. Select and proceed to add various things in it. and then all this is beaten like shit on a Cold piece of Stone and then served to you. Awesome Ice-Cream. And Your Ice-Cream always tastes good because you create what you like. *Thumbs up*



great experince

came here with my family. it was a fun place and even yum desserts. love the way they cut n mix in front of u makes u love what ur eating more.
the icecreams are tasty..but nothing new in them
prices are ok..could be a bit less but once a while its ok to go


kreeti17 - Burrp User


29 Reviews

November 12,2012



Best icecream ever. the flavour, the choices, the taste..everything. i love the experience of seeing your icecream being mixed with your favorite chocolates...great place for kids. and time passes by at such a joint.
you arnt spending excessively because youre spending a lot of time there too. the seating is nice too.. allows you to comfortably eat your icecream or shake


I was a kiddo again

I remebered those days when as a kid i went to an ice cream parlour and tried every possible flavour evryday,Hokey Pokey got me those memories back and also i was tempted to try so many things in just my first visit.


August 24, 2012response from management at Hokey Pokey:

Hi Vaishnevi,
Thank you so much for your feedback!
We are glad you enjoyed the Hokey Pokey experience. We hope you visit us again and do try our Cold Stone Ice Cream Creations!
If you would like to give us a detailed feedback about your experience, please write to us at

Warm Regards
Hokey Pokey Team

August 24, 2012response from management at Hokey Pokey:

My pleasure,without any push i will surely visit again to pamper myself



Hokey Pokey, Totally off beat place and serves excellent ice cream. chocolate temptation, ..ummmmm




Mind boggling ice-cream

We went to Hokey Pokey for the first time. I had heard a lot about this place so wanted to check it out first hand. being a desert maniac and especially sundaes, I had very high expectations from this place. Honestly Hokey Pokey was way above my expectations....

We were four of us and started with the stone creations...
we had Knight in Armour, Black forest Blend and 2 self made creations. It was super fun to make ur own creation. This place simply brings out the child in u....with wonderful flavors and loads n loads of add ons...I bet one can not stop them self from mixing more n more of them...

We went thr to have just 1 ice cream each which is a normal practice but ended up eating 7 ice creams in total....the guy at the counter is really helpful in suggesting what add ons to put in which flavor in case u get me he is really good with his suggestions.

Total damage after 7 ice creams n 1 shake was Rs. 545 only....

This place is my new favorite ice cream joint...cant wait to go thr again...




Hokey Pokey, a spacious ice-cream parlour at Bandra, has some of the most amazing ice-creams. You can also top your ice-creams with chocolate chips, gems, or mix a few of the best chocolates with it. Every topping has an extra cost, but it's all worth it.

I love the way they have innovative names for their flavors as well as the sizes of the ice-cream cups... Really impressive guys! Keep it up!!


richa86 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 10,2009


awesome ice cream

the knight in armor flavour in jus out of the world.never had such ice cream b4.............its jus yum


Mixo mania

Went all the way from Andheri to Bandra just to try out Hokey Pokey (HP). I used to love the Cold Stone creamery ice-cream in the US, and so when I read that HP does the same thing, I couldn't resist the craving. The idea is that you can choose two or more ice-cream flavours to mix, the toppings etc and then they put it all out on a cold stone slab and do the mixing. Once it's all mixed up, it's served to you.

They've got some decent variety - King Alphonso, Roasted Almond Ripple etc, plus some preset "Stone Creations". I went for the Black Forest Blend. It was awesumundodelicious!!

The place is setup nicely with both an indoors and an outdoor seating area. I loved the way the indoor seating was setup.

The only reason I am deducting one star is because the guy taking the order looked bored, tired and frustrated (not because of me, I hope. I was quick in placing the order, I assure you ;-).


Small place, big on taste!

So I heard the buzz about this place and gave into it. I was of course, intrigued by the concept of being able to mix my own ingredients and concoct my own ice cream. I only just got my creative license, and what better place to use it than here?

The place itself has a decent ambience, well-lit up and woody, with this sofa running in a sort of a semi-circular space being the main seating arrangement. But the first thing that struck me about the place was the lack of adequate sitting space if the place were to be chock-a-block (which it was, given that I dropped in post-dinner). That, however, was to be my only gripe, and given that I think the amount of people there was a freakish one-off, I'd take whatever odds I might get on getting to sit next time around. But I digress.

Now, strictly speaking, these guys are a cafe cum ice cream parlor, but a cursory glance at the signs overhead show that these guys are primarily ice-cream people. There's only two small boards highlighting the coffees and other stuff, the ice-creams really were centre-stage.

And rightfully they should be too! The choices of ice-creams themselves were decent, nothing spectacularly out of the ordinary, but the fun begins if you decide to get creative (as I did!). I tried a few of the flavors (alpen butterscotch, Mocha, french vanilla and dutch chocolate) before I went with Mocha. The main attraction is the "stone" (at least I think that's what it's called). That's basically a slab where your choice of ice-cream is dumped and then your chosen ingredients are melded into the scoop of ice-cream to create the perfect medley, or something absolutely hellish, depending on your choice of condiments! I went with Oreo, a dash of gems (for the kid in me!), and some chocolate sauce for good measure. I crossed my fingers, dug in, and got hooked. Completely and totally hooked, I will definitely going back sometime soon.

For the curious cats out there, there's also praline, mint chips, cashews, almonds, 5 star, chocolate chips, choc chip cookies, some random sprinkle types and many other options to choose. Drop in, 'coz you won't regret it at the very least and at very best, you'll be back...for more!

edit: I visited the bandra joint, so that's the joint this review is based on. I gotta agree with the view expressed before me, the look is young and peppy, very feel-good



I heard about this brand new ice cream parlor from a friend and I was quick to go check it out. I went to the one at Ghatkopar. I asked the guys behind the counter, looks like they have branches at Bandra and Matunga too.

Firstly, I really liked the way they've done up the place. It's very young and vibrant. They've done the interiors pretty well and play some really good music.

Their menu has a good selection of regular and low fat (VERY IMPORTANT!) ice cream mixes that they mix on a cold stone. I guess the concept is not brand new in Mumbai, but the ice cream tasted much better than the one I had at a similar place in south Mumbai.

I did not go for a fixed menu item. I made my own creation. I had a scoop of French Vanilla as the base and toppings as Gems and Brownie. My friend had a smoothie Hawaiin Surfer. I tasted that a bit. Though a little frothy, the taste was pretty good.

The staff was pretty friendly and professional. Though they were trying to get to terms with the huge summer crowd (post-dinner time), I guess they did a pretty good job of serving us in time.

I have had ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery in the US (big fan!!!), I think Hokey Pokey beats it!