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> > > > Hometown Cafe

Hometown Cafe

Andheri WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 2 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02242587000, 02242587001, 02242587002, 02242587003
  • Oberoi Tower, Laxmi Industrial Estate, Link Road, Opposite Tanishq Showroom, Andheri West,Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

15 Reviews / 16 Ratings

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Hometown Cafe Reviews






Good Food for Moeny

I went there with 5 of my friends, they all being Vegeterian. The place is really pretty. I had heard of it from a friend of mine so we thought of visiting it once. Iwas impressed by the food there. Its really worth the money. We had a lot of dishes with some Beer and ended up paying 500 bucks each. The food was tasty. The waiter was also friendly and it was kinda lively. Thumbs up to this place.


Screwed Our Second Anniversary!!! :(

Came Here On The 18th Of March To Have a nice evenin dinner Wid my guy as it was the completion of two years..and we wer in a very good mood till wen we entered the cafe..I was in two minds before entering yet I thought we could give it a begin wid- No One greeted us,had to enter and get seated ourselves,approx 20 mins for atleast one of the staff to realise our presence and 5 mins more to place our order..The Menu Seemed Good So We Ordered quite a lot as we wer hungry..The food arrived 40-45 mins late,dat too unorganized..How Do you expect the guest to start eating if the face of your food is not at all good..plz teach your Chefs Presentation!!!
The Taste Was Awful..Crisp Prawns wer not at all crisp and wer totally bland..just hated those potato wedges!! Mc'd Has better Ones!!!
Asked For a beer dat went flat in 5 mins after opened!!!
irresponsible staff and useless...
All In all a screwed evening dinner dat made us blow 3-3.5k for Waste!!!!
Neva Eva turned up Der after dat and Neva will!!!


Horrid Experience!

I am going to keep this one short. Confused menu (Malaysian and Conti?). UNINTERESTED STAFF!! I have never seen such lost waiters, and that too in a relatively empty restaurant, and a god awful smell as soon as you enter the joint! Reminded me of streets in Bangkok! The food too is below average! We ordered from the "Continental" menu (the Malaysian menu was confusing, and the waiters didn't seem to push it.) The nachos - Mediocre. Beef burger - Not all that bad. Some chicken burger, which turned out to be a sandwich - tasted of NOTHING! The only "Malay" dish we ordered were the Chicken and Prawn dumplings, which was the WORST! Stale prawn and stodgy mix inside, no seasoning, and the most horridly synthetic covers I have ever tasted!

This place really needs an overhaul!


Horrible experience

I think my experience at Hometown would be one of the worst ever. First of all, I do not see why a place that serves Pan Asian fare would have a Continental Menu. But we decided to give it a try anyway! (We had Nachos, Prawn and Chicken Dim Sum, The Beef Classic Burger and a Stuffed Chicken Burger with Paprika Aioli) The Prawn and Chicken Dim Sum were falling apart and tasted and smelled stale (too much time in the freezer, perhaps) and my Burger that was supposed to be a combo meal arrived without coke, I had to ask twice for it to be delivered to my table. Moreover, the "paprika Aioli" they had on the description was nothing but mayo mixed with cheap chili sauce which tasted horrible. A couple of angry customers walked out as we finished our meal who were billed wrongly and were charged for stuff they hadn't even ordered. They were not even served the right order. I asked for chop sticks from the wait staff and he had no idea what I was talking about and he YELLED out at his Senior to come get me chopsticks, which were clearly used and had marks all over it.

A friend of mine was served hot Sangria just few days ago and when she complained they added ice in it so the temperature comes down. The waiters do not even have a smile on their faces, and with a menu that has flavors that the Indian palette is not quite used to, they do not have an iota of information which would help the customers choose a dish. Another problem was that everything arrived together. We asked the waiter to get us the Nachos first, then the Dim Sum, followed by mains. We got both our starters together (imagine eating a Nacho with Dim Sum) and when we weren't even finished, our mains arrived. I asked the waiter to take it back in and get it after we were done with starters and no points for guessing that the food was cold.

My question is, have these restaurant chain standards come down so low that they just keep mushrooming everywhere and compromise on quality and service? I would highly recommend to steer clear of this place unless you wanna come home feeling sick like I am, right now.



Horrible Experience!

A friend was visiting me from Calcutta and she is writing her own book on food, so I decided to visit Hometown café in Andheri. We went on 27th September for lunch. The ambience and décor is really nice and the menu is quite interesting. As we had a child with us, we decided to order a Burger combo and pasta for myself and steak for my friend. We were very disappointed when we heard that the burger is not fresh and beef was not available due to supplier issues. We tried a few things from the menu and overall the food was brilliant. The lamb chops is honey is a MUST TRY! Service overall was disappointing as the staff was more interested in chit chatting in small groups rather than checking on the few guests in the restaurant. We had to literally beg for water. The pasta was served in chipped crockery and the staff was not apologetic at all. Though what we ate was good, the mood was completely set off with products not available, indifferent behaviour from the staff and not being able to send the meal with a choice of dessert. Apart from mousse and ice-cream, nothing was available. It ended up ruining a great afternoon. Upon speaking to the manager, who barely understood what went wrong kept saying sorry, it is not available and there is nothing that he could do. Overall, it was a horrible experience. I will definitely not visit the restaurant again due to poor service, non-availability of products and poor service recovery.



Interesting and WOW expereince...

Had heard a lot of good reviews, so we made plans and decided to check the place on our own. Great place and an interestingly charted out menu. After reading great reviews about honey lamb chops - it is YUMMMILICIOUS!
Whats good - Alfredo pasta,
- Honey lamb chops,
- Grilled chicken,
- Prawns in sambal sauce,
- Veggies add on paneer in malay sauce
- Stir fried exotic veg dry.
Whats not - Crispy Spring Roll
- Cheese Potato croquettes
Terrible - Prawn and Chicken Siew Mai
Apart from that, Music is amazing and ambiance is chilled out.
We are def going back....


Not Home but can go to Town

We had been pretty regulars at Bora Bora, till one day there was a waiting and we decided to try out Home town and have yet to return to Bora Bora.

The drinks are of course very good and reasonably but the food was superb.

We tried the cheese & potato croquettes, garlic bread with cheese - both very well made, the bread just toasted right.

Amongst non veg we tried prawns in sambal sauce - nice but the prawns were a bit soft; grilled lamb black pepper - nice, just the right consistency and juicy. But the crowning glory was honey lamb chops - very very good after quite a long time, served very hot with just the right glaze, juicy and done just the right way. Another try is the steamed pao, which whilst good, needed a bit of thinner crust.

All in all a must visit place for a Sunday afternoon or week day evening.



Good food. Bad Service.

Went there last Sunday with my family. The place is nice and the menu is very interesting. We tried a variety of things from the menu and overall the food was brilliant. Especially the lamb chops in honey. Although the restaurant staff was very courteous, their valet was extremely rude. It ended up ruining a great afternoon. The valet guys took about 20 minutes to get the car on an off-peak afternoon and spoke very rudely to us. They remained unapologetic throughout the ordeal and literally got into a fight with us when we seeked clarification for the delay. Horrible experience towards the end. Will not go there again purely for this reason.


June 13, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

we are extremely sorry on behave of our valet driver, will definitely take this matter seriously and make sure that there will not be any misbehaviour from our staff henceforth.

I felt sick...

Three of us were wondering whether to go to banana leaf or hometown cafe, we choose this place as we often go to banana leaf(place that we love). Now i regret that decision, We started with Crab soup, prawns chicken slice flat rice noodles soup. It tasted fine. We ordered mixed non veg platter and rice with chicken dishes. Orders came on time but the staff was not interested at all in serving water after we choose to have regular water and not mineral, it was impossible to gather their attention, we were actually drinking much lesser quantity of water as it was difficult to grab attention of waiters or manager, one time manager easily ignored us when we finally caught his attention and signalled for water. Real story started next day at 6 am, when i woke up vomiting, my weekly off was spoiled as i was sick the whole day , i missed my important dance session with pandit birju maharaj for which i waited for an entire six month, as i was so sick i couldnt move out of my bed, i think of this please and i feel sick. ambience was good, they play good music but i will rather choose moderate ambience than to have bad food and service. menu look very good, creative, quirky and affordable smething we rarely come across in mumbai, by looking at menu i was already making plans in my mind to come back with other friends or family. but there was something seriously wrong with sauces or oil or dnt knw maybe lack of water ( :P ) but ill not try to visit this place again as it will only remind me of that sick day and my missing an important dance session.


June 4, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

We are extremely apologetic for the inconvenience faced by you at our restaurant.Give us an opportunity to make it up to you and ensure we do not repeat the same mistake with you or any other guest in the future. Please accept our sincere apologies once gain.


Interesting Menu

Went for lunch on a wednesday. Found the place quite full despite being a weekday. The first thing that strikes you is the ambience, its not much of a cafe style seating but the tables are distant enough that you really dont eavesdrop on others. The outdoor seating would be effective in the evenings or during the winter months.
The service is fairly prompt, the waiters are quite helpful to navigate the colorful and picture laden menu. We were confused about the drinks served but they were polite enough to offer us a change.
The drinks menu is fairly large, apart from regular alcohol their cocktails menu is quite large and interesting with funny names. We tried one with vodka, orange juice and bitters. The sambuca and peach schnapps was pretty decent.
The thing that sets this place apart is the food. We ordered dimsums and a greek salad, both were above average. We also got malaysian noodles, very much like khowsuey. Was very very good.
Would recommend the place. they should maintain their level of commitment to the place.
We paid about 1500 for two with drinks.


April 12, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for your appreciation of our restaurant. We are happy you had an enjoyable time. Please do give us the privilege to play host to you again.

The food matched the Menu

Like my title says, the food on the plate was actually wat it looked like in the menu. Amazing taste, amazing place is all i can say. Ive been there thrice now and id love to suggest some food. Do try the Stake in Mushroom sauce, The Burger, The Dry curry mee (or something like that) noodles.... believe me, you'll love the food. I read some reviews here and im surprised .. it really looks like ive gone to some other place, in some weird dimension. Cause i loved the food, the food looked like the menu pics, the service was Awesome.... maybe ppl need to smile some more to get a better service :P

On the whole, i'll suggest u head to this place. They even got a big screen projector for sports. so great place to get a good beer and grt food. cheers!!!


March 28, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you so much for the praises. We are very extremely delighted to hear that you loved our food and service. Our success is due to patrons of your likes. Please do give us the pleasure of serving you again.Thank you.

dreviewer - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 21,2012


Bad Service n poor food

After having a great exp. at hometown cafe juhu, i stopped by at this one as it is closer to my place...was extremely disappointed...very very poor fresh lime soda was kept ready at the bar counter but reached me after 7-8 then the soda had lost its fizz....the nachos were not right at all...the cheese on it was not tasting right....all in all a very bad experience...wld surely not visit this place again.


Kavz09 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

February 15,2012


Great Food

Went to this place after hearing from friends. Well, AWESOME Food! Great Malay and North Eastern dishes with good portions.. Must try BASA FISH in Garlic sauce! Service is slightly distracted though.. Overall great place to have a couple of drinks after work and eat!



Good portions

Tried out this place as a lunch option this week. Liked the food very much. Authentic Malay dishes on the menu and great portions. Good service too.


Confused Food

Visited this restaurant to celebrate my wife's birthday and was disappointed with the quality. The menu is of the size of a A3 sheet with classy images of the food . Don't get attracted with the pictures, as nothing like that come in your plate.
The taste of the food was awful and the cook is totally confused on what he is cooking.
Its a new place, so maybe they will try new things until they can establish. Hope they improve, as its part of a big chain of hotels, and quite surprising that they serve such poor quality food at exorbitant prices.