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> > > Hometown Cafe

Hometown Cafe


  • 02226112211, 02226112212
  • Juhu Tara Road, Near Ramada Palm Grove Hotel, Juhu, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

35 Reviews / 36 Ratings

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Hometown Cafe Reviews





Good Food

Have been here a couple of times. it ticks most of the boxes in terms of ambiance, service, food, location etc.... Pretty spacious though it doesn't seem when you see it from the outside. Loved the Thai Curry there. Menu is very limited but they do a good job of what they serve. If you lucky, you can get a table by the window opposite the juhu beach..






One time visit

As I work in Juhu, many times I have thought of visiting this one as its always full of people. So decided last Saturday to give this one a visit.

The location is pretty easy and just opposite Juhu beach. The place looks welcoming and is spacious to accommodate at least 40-50 patrons at a time. We arrived at around 8.30 and we were given a place near the windows, the place was also starting to fill up. We decided to stick to traditional items and not explore this time.

So we ordered a Nachos with Beans which was also came with Cheese sauce and salsa. The bean sauce was good, but a little sweet. I guess they added a little too much ketchup while preparing it. Nonetheless, it was decent.

With this also ordered a drink, whose name I forgot, but it consisted of strawberry syrup, orange juice and topped with cola. The drink was very good and presentation was pretty chic

Coming to the main course. Ordered a Falafel, pretty ordinary and hummus was way too dry. They served a little cabbage and french fries with it. They were cold. Avoid having falafel here.

Also ordered a creamy pesto, which had a sauce of pine nuts, basil, spinach and cream, topped with cherry tomatoes. This was pretty good, but could have been better. The dish lacked the actual basil taste.

The serving size is pretty ordinary. and for all this we paid 1200. Cannot be termed as great, but can certainly be a one time visit.


Amit C - Burrp User

Amit C

24 Reviews

August 06,2013






A good option

If you can really think of a place to go, or just want a casual outing, Hometown fits the bill well..

The service is quick, the food is not bad, and the ambiance is good overall... the restaurant has a casual / comfortable vibe to it...

the menu is extensive and offers lots to chose from... esp good for non-veg lovers... ranges from italian, to mexican options, to thai and malaysian / indonesian...

overall, not a bad place.. just another place around the corner you can visit sometimes....



Hometown cafe is a relatively reasonable option for good quality food.
The highlight was the individual portions, which gave me the freedom to order whatever I liked. Free from the tedious decision to order for something after taking a consensus from the whole lot.

The food was Good at best. Nothing extremely special.

The ambience and service was good as well.

All in all its a good place to have a quaint meal.


service :/ veg food :(

It’s a decent place. Although located by the sea, u don’t feel so once inside. The ambience is good. It’s almost a no-no for vegetarians as the menu is very limited. There are hardly any choices. But the dumplings are worth a try.
The service is not very good. Two waiters may take your order at the same time which can lead to a big confusion about the no. of dishes ua gonna be served.
U can try the place, but don’t expect too much out of it.


BAD *****

at 8 pm- The browny runs out of stock... & Have paid Rs. 99/- jus fo havin water.


shahniks24 - Burrp User


28 Reviews

February 27,2013



A perfect place for all yur treats wheter it be a office meeting or a prty u can do anythng at this place as they serve you the best taste food ever along with the most well knowed drinks....


aish11 - Burrp User


70 Reviews

January 03,2013


Improvise on service

The location is excellent ,just by the sea-side.But they botched it by having opaque stripes on their panes which mar the view.
Had been on a weekday evening ,the place was sparsely located .The menu is cleverly designed .They have only Veg Arrabiata - to add chicken - cost us extra.
The Charmela spiced chicken was good .Strangely,The pasta arrived much before the appetiser.
The Blueberry cheesecake was good.

The grouse was the service was pretty slow ,inspite of it not being fully occupied.
Also there is no ask for regular water,They smartly have mineral water placed on the table,you are bound to go by the mineral water for whuch they charge heftily.




been there with friends sum tym back... the onli thing i like about this place is their ambiance which is really comfy and worth a visit...when it cums to food options i being a vegeterian hardly had any choices...v went there on a lazy evening jus for some bites and coffee...v called for a hot chocolate and i wud say bournvita tasted much better dan it..d cappucchino was very average and for snacks v calld for their nachos which wer horrible..d nacho sauce was pathetic and so was their salsa...450 for a cup of coffee,hot chocolate and a nacho plate was totally a turn off...


Major identity confusion

If nothing else, Hometown Cafe deserves to do justice to the beautiful location its occupied. I was hoping for a quiet lunch with some sea-side views thrown in, but things didn't quite turn out that way.

Firstly what restaurant is this? Chinese? Malaysian? Italian? or Fast food? There's definitely no harm in being multi-cuisine but this place just confuses me! Also, they ignore the "regular water" calls till you are forced to open the bottled water kept on your table! The menu weighs the size of a wedding photo album! Oh and the garish decor - big fake trees. Why? And opaque stripes on the window - ruining the beach views!

Starters were like any other you would eat at a decent Chinese restaurant. But a certain Noodle meal we ordered definitely deserves a special mention. The gravy was less Malaysian (as it claimed to be) and more Malvani. Its the exact same one we make at home, albeit, I cant imagine having it with noodles :$

Only saving grace was that the place is easy on the pocket (INR 550 for a starter, a main and a bottle of water). Also, we forgot a credit card there which they thankfully kept safe till we picked it up the next day. So two brownie points!

The very next day I gorged on some street food at JBS, Juhu Beach and let me tell you that now I would pick that any day over Hometown! Never again!!


Heer  - Burrp User


22 Reviews

August 20,2012


Not so Good..

Food- The Nachos with cheese was little disappointing. Pesto Pasta is a good option here. Vegetable dumplings can be tried out here. A combination of Red and White pasta is a decent dish. Caesar salad is a good option for people who like sour food. One thing to mention here is that the quantity is quite less in this restaurant.

Price- Above things plus 2 beers, 2 fresh lime soda, one ice tea and one sizzling brownie cost us around Rs 1500/ plus taxes.

Ambience- Well- Spaced out

Service- The service is decent

For details visit




A restaurant by the beach. That's what it would be described as. But once you are inside, the beach is nowhere is sight. The music is quite loud for a restaurant. The staff was quite inattentive, the seats are not very comfortable and the food was strictly ok. The cheese and potato croquettes looked nothing like their picture in the menu. Probably not worth a second visit.



Food was bad , service was worse

I had gone to the Hometown Cafe today and it was my second visit there and it was such a disappointment .I have one BIG question for the China Gate guys and that is - if all your food taste the same , WHY THE HELL DO YOU HAVE 3-4 RESTAURANTS - BORA BORA , HOMETOWN CAFE , REDBOX . The food that was dserved to us was not even fresh . We had ordered for grilled chicken and it was not grilled but fried . And when I had asked the waiter to serve the food she said sorry maam we dont serve .We had asked for water and it took them 15 mins to get 2 glasses of water .

Very very disappointing


May 19, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

We are extremely apologetic for the inconvenience faced by you at our restaurant.Give us an opportunity to make it up to you and ensure we do not repeat the same mistake with you or any other guest in the future. Please accept our sincere apologies once gain.

open drain inside!!!!

burrp should have options of zero & negative marking too.
this place is by far the worst in terms of hygiene levels considerin the amount that they charge. i think i wud rather go to any udipi which wud be cleaner than this place.
food they serve is horrible...........was havin a meal when suddenly these ppl opened up a drain which is INSIDE the rest premised........just near the bar section in the inside section...........was disgusted........left my meal halfway...........after seeing the open drain cud not dare to put another morsel in my mouth.
one poor lady almost tripped coz the lid was at a diff level......later they realised & put a sign sayin cleanin in never ever gonna visit this place again..............ever.



a good experience

have never been to the eateries that opened at this location before Hometown, but have to say that I was forced to go here after my friends raving about it.

cutting to the chase, had a lovely time with some great food. the portions were good for 2-3 and delicious. only regret was one of the noodle dishes (can't remember the name) which was like a not-so-good version of khowsuey .

besides that loved everything about the place so much that i went back with my family within a week for a 2nd visit.


April 26, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Great. We are so delighted to hear that you not only tried our place and loved it but also were back soon for another dining experience. We are encouraged by your feedback and will work hard to keep up to our current standards so that you continue enjoying our restaurant. Do give our new restaurants - Bora Bora & Kazan too a visit and let us know your experience and feedback of these restaurants too. Thank you.

January 2, 2013response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Hi, Have visited Bora Bora in Bandra and really liked the place. But I again have to mention that at Hometown you have maintained your quality over time. I have been regular at Bandra and Juhu and have never had a bad time either with food or service.... Thank you...



very good food experience had at HOMETOWN CAFE JUHU,
Tamang you made it to the mark.


April 2, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for your appreciation of our restaurant. We are extremely delighted to know that you had a wonderful experience. Do give us the pleasure of playing host to you again. Also please do try out our two more new restaurant brands - Kazan and Bora Bora. Please do let us know your experience at these new restaurants.

Decent food in a bad location!

Probably the only malaysian restaurant in Mumbai. The menu seems to be missing roti canai, roti telur and the other roti dishes that are synonymous with Malaysian cuisine despite their indian origins. We ended up ordering the curry laksa, nasi lemak and "bread" canai. The laksa and the nasi lemak were good but the curries tasted the same. Nice service and a good ambiance. Worth a visit if you are in the area!


March 31, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for your appreciation of our food. We are trying to incorporate more authentic Malaysian dishes in the menu and the ones you found missing to we are trying it out but do not wish to serve them to guests unless we perfect it. Look forward to having you again.

March 31, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Good luck and hope to see more hometown cafes popping up in our neighborhoods and more entrees popping up into your menu!

March 31, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Yes definitely. We are planning more of both. You can also try out our two new brands of restaurants - Bora Bora & Kazan and let us know how you find them.

sakthp - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 11,2012


Great Ambiance, Savory Food, Costly

Home town cafe is owned by the owners of China Gate. The restaurant is located near Juhu beach, right next to Mocha and offering an excellent view of the beach from the first floor. The food ranges from Malayisan to continental, pretty good taste and variety. Offers bar as well. Ambiance is great, and the service was good. Meal for two persons will cost around 900rs.!


March 12, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for your appreciation. We are working hard to provide value for money to each and everyone of our guests and therefore planning out some offers too in the near future. Your kind words are a reward for all the hard-work we put in running Hometown Cafe. Please give us the privilege of your presence again for yet another memorable meal.

Andrew  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 09,2012


service is appalling and food far from authentic

This restaurant is supposed to serve Malaysian food. Sadly, most dishes are far from authentic. To make it worse, the service is appalling. I went at 4pm for a meal, and there was hardly any customers. One would expect fast and efficient service during such lull period. No, I waved around for almost a minute before I got attention to order and I had to ask twice and waited almost 10mins for the bill. There were at least 5 staff standing around but all chose not to look at their customers. I thought things might have changed after few months but was utterly disappointed today. Will never go back again!!!!?!


March 12, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Dear Sir
We are extremely apologetic for the inconvenience faced by you at our restaurant. Give us an opportunity to make it up to you and ensure we do not repeat the same mistake with you or any other guest in the future. Can you please email us your contact details at so that we can get in touch with you. Please accept our sincere apologies once gain.

Lazy afternoon

Interesting cocktails, nice music.... Slow service :(


March 2, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for you valuable feedback. Your appreciation is well-received. Also we will certainly ensure you do not face the issue with service again. We would be very delighted to have you again at our outlet.

alterego123 - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 22,2012


Great Food , Good Service, Excellent VFM

We visited Hometown on a Saturday afternoon and had a great meal.

The ambience and decor have a chilled out and relaxed vibe which is great for unwinding after a hard days work or over the weekend

Me and my husband especially loved the fans which are nothing like we have ever seen before

The Service was excellent as the staff was attentive, prompt and very well informed about the offerings in the menu

We ordered for Fish Chops, Exotic Stir fry and a soup , all of which were very good

As an after thought we ordered some bread which came with a coconut jam which was out of the world

Overall it was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it


March 2, 2012response from management at Hometown Cafe:

Thank you for your appreciation. Your kind words are a reward for all the hard-work we put in running Hometown Cafe. Please give us the privilege of your presence again for yet another memorable meal.

dreviewer - Burrp User


25 Reviews

February 21,2012


Good food...a bit expensive...good service

Had a great time here...sat by the window...awesome ceaser salad(really yum) and good Malaysian curry.... good service....has a nice menu....not much for vegetarians though.....good tasting and quality food....would continue stopping by for a salad for sure!!! Great ambience and good service too!!!


Good Food okay okay service

Had dinner here after having famous pani puri at Karachi Sweets, Hill Road (
It was empty when we entered there around 7.00pm. only one table was occupied there. There menu was good as they have shown the pictures of the food items in the menu. After going through the menu we decided to have 1 Veg Dumplings (Spinach and Corn dumplings), 1 Focaccia Sandwich (Lettuce leaf, Zucchini, Eggplant), 1 Penne Arrabiata, 1 watermelon juice, 1 kingfisher pint and 1 bottle of mineral water.
Spinach and Corn dumplings are good. T felt the taste of Raw spinach in my mouth after having it and i loved that. Also sandwich was good and so the Penne Arrabiata.
Overall food was good but the service was okay okay. No one was on the door to welcome the customers, Music was a bit loud. If they can improve on their service then this place gonna become a hot spot among everyone.
Forget to mention over all damage to the wallet was Rs.1068/- (Rs.978/- for food and Rs.90/- for the mineral water bottle.)



Bombay Blue phonix

Great food yaar...
Delicious sizzlers
Excellent Nachos.
Awesome pasta

Great place to hang out with friends and family, good staff.



Not in my hometown

Absolutely the worst experience. Called for nachos with baked beans and cheese turned out to be roasted stale rotis with invisible baked beans at the bottom which tasted horrible btw and cheese was so little that I could not last more than two triangles of stale roasted rotis in it. After that couldn't stand it anymore. I called for the check and got the hell out. How can you screw up nachos and cheese with baked beans.


kumbhat - Burrp User


3 Reviews

January 08,2012


Fair Price..Malaysian Food

Had been long looking for some Malaysian Food.. Love the food and is very reasonably priced.. good variety..The restaurant must consider to maintain a Malaysian Chef to keep the quality and taste for the long run..


ravidesai - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 08,2011


rather mediocre but has potential

Went to hometown with a group of friends - e were a group of 10. called ahead to reserve - the hostess said Ok but said they would only hold the table for 10 minutes because they are very busy. We arrived at 8pm ( on time) and found the place rather empty.
Th menu is mostly MalaIysian. Instead of making recommendations and describing the food - they just said things like " its Malaysian " or " tasty". I know Malaysian food and was able to order for our group.
Ther are very few vegetarian options - they gave us a special veg menu which only had a few starters and a few main courses.
staff was very disorganized - no refills of water or drinks.

the food itself was decent and had well sized portions. because the staff could not guide us in ordering properly we ended up wasting a bit.
The desert selection is lacking - and is mostly items that they just seem to microwave or remove from the fridge.go to mocha next door or even cocoberry down the road.
The music was too loud and was an odd combination of 80s and drum n bass tracks.

decent food with reasonable pricing. it has the potential of being a good Malaysian restaurant. ( something we lack in Bombay. Streamline the menu - add more vegetarian options and train the staff better.


Good Food, Shoddy Service

This was my first time at the new Hometown Cafe .. nice decor .. good food .. but sub-standard service.
We also got a bill with an item that we didn't order .. informed the waiter, he said sorry and subtracted the amount from the bill handwritten .. complained and the manager explained that they cannot reprint a bill .. weird ...
But be careful to check what you are paying for is what you ordered :((



5 Star for food, 2 star for ambiance

We went there on Sat nite. Got a good table for 2. The place looked very vibrant.
The only problem was when you look around the place has no theme. The decor is English/ Indian.. music is hip hop... with good volume..

Sadly it was a dry day so no cocktails.
We called for a fish starter (thai style) which was amazing. Main course was Malaysian and we couldn't stop eating.
their menu is a little confusing because they have tried to fit in too many but i can vouch for the food. It was great!

Will defi go back there for the food..


Not a good experience!

as going by my title..i had one of the most horrible dining experiences ever! I mite have got unlucky as i picked Sunday to eat a newly opened joint, but nothing can compensate for terrible service. Firstly, they were short on menu cards. That was still fine till i desired to order a pitcher of Kingfisher when the server claimed the pitcher mugs weren't available. So i moved on to order some appetizers, where the server requested me to order something else as one of the items weren't "fresh". i was thinking you got to be kidding me :@ Last but not the least, when i paid the bill with my card, they swiped it twice!! --to give it to them the Malaysian spread for non veg was delicious but that wont give me second thoughts about the experience i had !!



Lives up the name

What I loved about Hometown cafe is that it lives up to its name, the moment you enter it gives you a nice homely feeling. The First floor has a V-shape hut finish to its ceiling that is just awesome with a very homely ambiance, though the music was pretty catchy and entertaining for me it dint really go with the theme of the restaurants. The wall hanging are an added attraction and they got it write by having a TV in for a cricket crazy city like Mumbai! and yes the washroom was pretty clean only thing I would have loved better lights to see myself in the mirror.
Now coming to the food, our waiter said it was Malaysian and continental cuisine. The menu was really unique and attractive with pictures of most of the dishes on the menu. The soup corriander with chicken that I ordered was simply lovely and to my taste but then that was the only soup in chicken a bit of variety would have helped rest all were with fish and sea food.
The starter looked really refreshing in the menu but when we actually got it, it was pretty simple and saddening and too spicy even after asking the waiter to make it medium spicy. Though nice.
The main course won my heart at the presentation, looked like one of those dishes out of masterchef australia's kitchen. Again the chicken was very spicy and the rice kinda soggy would have loved it if it were a bit lose and steamed.
To end the sizzling brownie was as I expected and to my taste.
The service being pretty cool and amazing, and ya the lemon ice tea was also yum!
Worth a visit I would say!


chichi2 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 09,2011



Was excited after reading time out magazine about this place. Went there on last Friday along to try their Malaysian speciality Nasi Lakme and a chinese appetizer-Prawn and Chicken Su Mai. The appetizer is tasty and fresh,popping hot from steamer. Main course Nasi Lakme is a traditional Malaysian all in one dish. Several different flavor dishes come in one plate with coconut steam rice. Found the main course is authentic and flavorsome. in the same time, love the relaxing atmosphere 0f the place too.
returned again with two friends on Saturday evening for dinner. tried chicken satay,chicken spring roll and veg dumpling. all are good especially the very nicely done chicken satay which is juicy, flavorsome and fresh out of grill. After the appetizers we decided to share a bowl of chicken Laksa. Laksa is a very popular noodle dish in Malaysia and Singapore. the soup consists chicken stock, dry shrimp,coconut milk and a lot of spic which make it feel like some kind of light curry.
The Laksa here brought back the good memory of my journey in Malaysia. As for the main course, i just have to go for the wonderful Nasi Lakme again.It was as good as previous day.
After one year living in Mumbai, I do learn to enjoy all type of Indian food. It really open my eyes and change the way I looked at Indian food before as a foreigner. Now there is a new addition to Mumbai's dining scene -Malaysian cuisine. I am grateful that there is another place offer a new choice in this wonderful city.
ps, the menu with beautiful photos of dishes is such a refreshing change. That make the new customers know what they are getting.
ps. The music on Saturday was loud but pleasant. Waiters are friendly and doing their best to accommodate all kind of requests. Did not try cocktails since it was dry day on Saturday. Did not try their continental food.
I like this place and shall return soon for those Malaysian dishes.
by the way, 3 entrée,a noodle soup, 3 all in one dishes,3 soft drinks and 2 bottles of water. Total cost Rs. 2300. really not bad at all..... especially here in Juhu.
Richard Wu



I had seen an ad for Hometown Cafe and decided to go check it out yesterday. it was lunch time on a holiday and I wasn't very full. The ambiance was decent, the music was very loud. I requested for the music to be turned down an was obliged.
At the end of it , I decided never to return... the place smells like a Fish Joint.. P.S. - You need to write down your order on a ORDER SLIP! Pray tell me then why do you have so many waiters standing around doing nothing ?? Most of then have NO IDEA about any items on the menu ..they all know its MALAYSIAN !!
Simply poor choices for vegetarians ...and whatever veg is ordered has a very very non-veggie smell and taste.


neha6986 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 29,2011


Not for Vegetarians

I went to this place looking at the interiors from outside through their glass windows. The place looks beautiful and gives you an English country mixed with rustic Italian feel.

The menu on the other hand - YUCK!! It looked like one of those 24-page glossed menus with pictures of all dishes they serve. I felt like I am in a Japanese soup shop or one of those American diners!

The selections on the menu - quite extensive, ranging from Asian to Italian to Lebanese. Wait, No.....its 90% non-vegetarian!! My friend and me flipped through the whole thing three times to discover that there was barely any veg food. Upon telling the Captain that we won't be able to stay n eat 'coz there are hardly any things for us to order, he said that they have a 'Special Veg menu' and he would bring it to us. After seeing him scurry around a little he got us a small piece of paper printed with a few veg dishes!! Very special indeed!

My friend and me didn't know what to say, so we apologized and left the place to feed ourselves elsewhere:)


Sue  - Burrp User


17 Reviews

September 19,2011


Waivering between 3 and 4 stars!

We were big fans of Del Italia and so were pleasantly surprised to find that the restaurant it has been replaced by, whilst not a touch on Del Italia, is actually pretty good. The decor is pleasant, dark wooded, not-too bright lighting and nicely spaced-out tables. The only real problem with the decor is the huge English pastoral scene that serves as a backdrop but which is really not in-keeping with the rest of the style at all! It just looks tacky.
Food was great. Started with springrolls and dim sum, followed by crispy beef and fabulous noodles. All tasted delicious. They didn't have as many of the wines by the glass as shown in the menu - no Grover - which was a disappointment and odd as they have only recently opened!
Staff were really courteous and friendly albeit it a little 'fresh' and so I can't say the experience was 'seamless'! Our waiter, for instance, didn't seem to know the menu very well and when I asked him what the sauce was that came with the dim sum simply said 'Malaysian'. I think perhaps a bit of extra knowledge training wouldn't go down a miss!
Will definitely try it again, by which time hopefully the staff will have 'warmed up' a little and the Grover will be in stock!