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> > > Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach

Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach


  • 02266934444
  • Balraj Sahani Marg, Juhu, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  • Italian

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Hotel Novotel Mumbai Juhu Beach Reviews


1. Staff 1/5
2. Food 2/5
3. Drinks 2/5
4. Ambience 5/5

This review is more on the Novotel Hotels as a whole as well as GDV ! I was there one evening and i have had "THE WORST" experience of my life, by far, at Novotel. GDV "used to" happen to be one of my favorite hangout places in Mumbai up until last evening, when the following happened:

1. Orders were punched in wrong
2. Greek salad was served with "STALE" feta cheese (DISGUSTING)
3. Replacement for the "Greek" salad was with "Philadelphia" cheese. I mean, i didn't call for a Cheese cake !
4. The car from Valet came back punctured !
5. Extremely rude Valet staff !
5. And I had to literally wait for 45 minutes before i gave up on the same and left the car there, requesting the manager (Mr. Ritesh Khetalpar) to have it dropped off at my work place the next day

And inspite of this episode,when i call your manager Ms. Vinita, the next day, without losing my calm, requesting for the car to be dropped off at andheri highway, she persistently tells me it is not possible because all the drivers are busy and this is also what i was told- i quote "ma'am i shouldn't say this but the car could have been punctured anywhere!". If the lady knows that she shouldn't be saying that, then she very well shouldn't say that ! Not forgetting the fact that the vehicles are not parked in Novotel premises and are parked outside, where chances of a puncture are quite high.

I am not a 1st time visitor at Novotel, and have quite frequently visited GDV, considering I get all of my international friends as well to visit there, and also recommend the place to my social circle. I asked my colleague to take his wife for their anniversary at GDV ! And if that isn't enough, I have gifted "Accor" hotel membership card to my Best friend ! BUT ONLY UNTIL NOW !

Mr. Ritesh Khetalpar was quite helpful and prompt, however, the other staff and managers are definitely not co-operative. If they cannot provide any compensation for the episode, which I am sure would have been provided by any other hotel of the same class, including Westin (which has an extremely courteous staff and very good service), all they can do is at least try and not create inconvenience for their guests !

Highly Disappointed !



Must see

I visited for 2 days to this hotel in the month of march. Superb ambiance, awesome beach view, good service and security except the hotel room & its bathroom. The air conditions stopped in the middle of the night, even if they were working it was not so chilled. I would rate this hotel 4.5 but because of the bad experience in the room would rate only 3. Also the price would be worth if the hotel rooms were good.

Its a must visit hotel if you get a good room to stay



Good Ambience

The hotel is located near to the airport (half an hour drive) and good for short business trips. The facilities are good and the property is kept neat and tidy. Only concern is that the staff looks busy and loaded with work. The friendly smile and eagerness to serve is missing. Overall a good experience!!