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> > > House of Fries

House of Fries

Domestic Airport  

  • 09967122768, 09820033508, 08655122054
  • In Sun City Cinemas, 2nd Floor, M.G Road, Vile Parle East, Domestic Airport, Vile Parle East, Mumbai
  • American, Fastfood, Snacks

4 Reviews / 4 Ratings

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House of Fries Reviews


The best fries in town. Sauces are delicious. So refreshing after eating those mundane popcorns n stale samosas. Wonderful thought guys. Hope u get it to other metros as well!!! Keep frying!!!!!!




The best interval time snack ever. The choice of dips is amazing and the overall meal is a winner. I wish we could get bigger versions like how we have in America. Not to worry Indians will pay good money for great products like these. After all we love food more then anyone else in the world does


meethee - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2011


Decadent! worth the extra 10min on the treadmill!

Finally someone who's giving the humble french fry, its due! i love fries and so does everyone i know, but we always have to make do with the typical half soggy, poorly (or overtly) soggy affair with watery ketchup.
i love the concept of being able to choose your own fries (curly, tots, regular, etc) and then being able to pair it with different flavors and sauces!
i specially liked the curly fries with butter salt... whats also great is that they have a variety of sauces and have not lumped everything under the general category of "cheesy dip". i tried the Belgian cheese dip and something called the jalapeno cracker which was awesome!


nehzm83 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 24,2011


yummyy yummy

i went there last week.
i was just lookin up for their number. if they deliver but unfortunately they dont thought of writin a review for them.
they have curly fries wch i love n u dnt get them easily anywher excpt wch latte in town
love the seasonings and the dips but they are so confusin to choose from. cos u jst wana have all.
they have mayo,chilli sauce,bbq sauce whch i tried and we r amazin.
i like it sweet and spicy so it was a mix. perfct blend of both.

they r lil slow in deliverin @ the seat but its worth the wait. and may be i found it slow cos i cudnt wait for my second order of seasoned fries with sum mayo wch was so tasty n the fries were crunchy.
i wud only go 2 suncity for the fries cos am so fed up of eating the same popcorn,sandwch,icecreams.... @other theatres.!

ps- they have HASH BROWNS too..!! finally sum GOOD junk food wch is temptin to eat durin an interval.

all the best... open an outlet too ... so that u can deliver pls..!:(