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  • Nearly everybody would recommend this place to others
  • Most tried items: Pork Schnitzel
  • Nearly half the visitors mentioned with Friends

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Vegetarians should avoid
Good for Vegetarian
Portion are less
RADHAKrishna 9393 - Burrp User

RADHAKrishna 9393

April 30,2015

Lover's Paradise

This place is a meat lovers paradise. Don't go on the appearance, They truly serve the best meat option.

The place is small but well utilized to put up a kitchen along with the indoor seating area.

The Kassler is a great dish, char-grilled to golden perfection and still juicy inside. Garlic Bread was crunchy and toasted and blended well with the aromatic garlic on top. The restaurant is doing pretty well and is always flooded with people.
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Niv 1960 - Burrp User

Niv 1960

April 14,2015

Meat lovers den

Place is dimly lit in evening giving it a calm and pleasing ambiance.My favourite would be Baby Back Spare Ribs. The ribs here were so tender and well-flavoured with spices. World Spice is another perfect dish to quench your spice thirst A night out at IMBISS for two will not cost you more than 700-800 bucks no matter how much you eat. A total value for money. Highly recommended place for meat lovers with a nice ambiance favoring a pleasurable dining experience.
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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 31,2015

Perfect for meat lovers

Went with a fellow meat lover since there is nothing for veggies here..this place and its menu worships meat..Love everything..for the first time in my life,had spare ribs here and now I know why people go crazy over it! Also loved bavarian ham and cheese sandwich..shared with my friend and it left us feeling like we had just hunted the animal and ate it up ourselves.fantastic taste!
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sagar87 - Burrp User


January 30,2015

Meating Point!!!

A friend of mine wanted to try this and hence we accompanied him. Took a little effort to find the place. A small little joint and it looks happening was my first reaction. Decent crowd. When we went in it was meat smell all around. The food was ok for me but my friend loved it. He even ordered for a take away. The service was pretty decent and the music was cool. Might visit again if he insists.
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 27,2015


If you fancy eating a lot of meat then this is the place for you! Small little place in bandra west which offers you such amazing stuff at such low prices.. The place is known for its different variety of meat that it offers.The menu is so interesting and the food is so good no matter what you order.. A must try for meat lovers ,trust me you won't be disappointed.
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Nicholas Dias - Burrp User

Nicholas Dias

January 21,2015

Apna weekend ka jagah

Imbiss is my fav, actually all pavs ka favourite. After we visit our freinds place on the same road we make sure we visit imbiss.

you get really good pork dishes, all of the dishes on the menu that are pork are my favourite and its cheap also so you don't have to bother about eating less and paying more.

the service is amazing, place is small and nice..the ambience is also good

value for money place
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Dantoinette - Burrp User


November 11,2014

Food Heaven!!!

Imbiss (BANDRA) is by far my favourite place to eat at in Mumbai. The food is different, delicious and well priced. I visit Imbiss almost twice a month now and am close to ticking off almost everything on the menu. Every dish so far has been fantastic with the exception of the Chicken Escalopes one time.
I would recommend the Beef Burger, Pork chops, Pork Spare ribs and Beef Roast. And of course the Milanesa Napolitana!!!
The place is a little small but with food like that you won't even notice.
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Foodies2 - Burrp User


October 29,2014

HIGHLY OVERRATED! Bad Management & Food.

We ordered Home Delivery & the wrong order was sent to us.

The Farmers smoke chicken was smelling & the chicken had red blood in it.
Caesar Salad was ordered but we were sent a piece of Fried chicken instead.

This reflects very POOR management!

Don't get carried away by the reviews & visit or Order Food from Imbiss at Bandra West.

Sure Disappointment!
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neelindap - Burrp User


October 12,2014

Eat that meat!

My craving for ribs led me to this place and it sure has hell didn't disappoint me.

The menu itself is enough to give you a foodgasm!

The food,well ribs;never had I seen such huge portions for an order.The usual places have half a rack,and there's barely any meat on the bones.This one though was loaded.
Doused in barbecue sauce,tender meat on the inside and charred on top,this is how you have the perfect ribs.Each bite had a nice portion of fat along as well. A nice salad on the side,with a taste to complement that of the meat.

Again,the quantity was huge,and I meat got the better of me.So be sure to fast a couple of days before you intent to visit this place :D

About the place,its real small,so be willing to wait for a table.
The pricing is icing on the cake.

The alley where the place is quaint and quiet.A nice walk down it,after delicious meal,pretty much sums up a susegad day :)
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

September 26,2014

A jem!

All Bandra bugers will vouch that this place is a refreshing change from the regular Mcdonalds and KFC.

They serve some of the most delicious versions of steak with other side dishes.

The place is small but hello it serves delicious food at affordable prices.

who sells a big hamburger at just Rs.150 with a side of fries? THEY DO!!

Also try any of their on board specials ...I tried the cheese pork sausages and yummmm, were they.

Service is also very swift and there is no music as such ..but i love imbiss
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peculiarblend - Burrp User


July 08,2014

Tears of Joy! — Burrp

This is one of our regular joints. Getting a table may seem like a challenge but mostly we have managed to find a place.

What i like there most is Chorito Rice, pork/beef wings and the comforting ambiance.

Music: well, I am okay with it.

Staff: Well that malayali boy who works there as captain suggests really good dishes.

What I didn't like doesn't matter: place is like a cute little set up but it's not recommended when you have a bigger group.

Price: well, if you like eating non-veg food and willing to spend some money then it's worth it. I do see value for money in certain food items.
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Rohan Serrao - Burrp User

Rohan Serrao

June 07,2014

'Meat'atarians United!!!

Must-go-to-place for all non-vegetarians and meat lovers! Amazing meats on the platter! The Pork Schnitzel is lip smacking delicious. The RIBS are a must have!!! The savory sauce along with it is to die for. If you are in Bandra anytime, you must go visit this place! The Service was just awesome - a guy called Tarun welcomes you with a smile(which is quite rare these days in restaurants) was really warm and friendly with impeccable service and comradeship. Both the quantity and quality of the food is unseen of in Mumbai Restaurants, and after all of this, the price will just shock you, because it is so Inexpensive! Amazing background music served with chilled drinks makes this a little slice of heaven in the midst of the suburbs! Keep Growing Imbiss! You rock! m/
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ninad patil - Burrp User

ninad patil

April 23,2014

First time beef

I had beef for the first time in my life and I should tell you that the beef that imbisss served was magnificent.
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Not too great

Ok so if you're a foodie and wanna try something new, visit this place. Yes. I kinda agree.

Now here's why i dont agree....

#1. They don't serve alcohol. not even beer. But they serve various types of sausages. How can you have sausage and no beer????
#2. If you order a type of sausage... You get one piece which is just 4 inches long.. like WHAT ????? Seriously ?????
#3. The stewards have no idea what you get in the menu, they are clueless most of the time.
#4. The seating is poorly arranged. You could literally look up someone's skirt if you're on the lower level, that too all the way from the road.
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Debarati DasSharma - Burrp User

Debarati DasSharma

March 05,2014

My food romance @ Imbiss- The Meating Joint

If you are a foodie, and are looking for some change in your palate from the regular (Indian, Mughlai, Chinese, and many versions of Multi-cuisine) restaurants, then it is time to head here. Located in a quiet non-descript corner of a rather posh location in Mumbai , named Bandra it sits quietly in almost a small nook. I would suggest using a GPS system to avoid any delays and hurdles in finding this place. There is another joint of the same chain in Colaba, Mumbai but from all the online updates I went through I figured that the one in Bandra is more popular.

Once you arrive here, you will find that the eatery is in huge demand and is almost always brimming with young and vibrant crowd.

For the starters, my husband and I had ordered mixed meat sausages with french fries, a braised rabbit, and bread. I would say, I liked the sausages better for the starters. For the main course I ordered, the Pork Roast steak with fat & rind, while my husband went for a Buffalo Steak Roast. Main course dishes were very good, although I must say I liked the Buffalo Steak more. Another thing I loved were the non alcoholic drinks that they served, I had ordered a Raspberry and that was really refreshing with the food. This place does not serve liquor, which could be a downer for some people who like their wine with meat..but not really for the hardcore foodies..:D
For the entire read visit us: http://ds-posts-living.tumblr.com/post/68237041397/my-food-romance-imbiss-the-meating-joint
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Leroi - Burrp User


February 19,2014

Bloody Awesome

Situated right near the back gate of St Stanislaus High School in Bandra this place is amazing. I'm a diehard fan of the beef that I had there although the chicken was also superb. Nice cozy little spot, awesome for a nice little outing with friends. Been here with a my group of fellow non veg hoggers. Writing this I'm already planning a visit to this place.
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Tyrell OHara - Burrp User

Tyrell OHara

February 14,2014


After going through reviews about the staff not being that good, i decided to visit this place for the food, i can honestly say the food didnt disappoint, and surprisingly...Neither did the staff....They were quite quick....We had the sausage platter..chorizo rice and the spare ribs.
Best food ever! And the bill is also kept under control here too....Couldn't ask for anything more.
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carlalfonso - Burrp User


February 05,2014

All good things always become less

This place used to have the best quantity of food served in one portion but since late the quantity has decreased by almost 50%. The quality however still is the same and very delicious. The ribs are a must try. I love dining in the outdoor section especially on the cold nights. The service however needs drastic improvement
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Clinton Tixeira - Burrp User

Clinton Tixeira

December 18,2013


Imbiss is one of my favourite restaurant in mumbai...im a big fan of their food...it is situated in bandra in a small lane...the restaurant has sitting arrangements in two sections ....the food here is just awesome...i have tried the chicken ceaser salad , chicken hamburger and the chorizo rice....all of the dishes are just awesome...a place where one can find amazing finger licking food
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sanchijain89 - Burrp User


December 17,2013


Service - Staff is kinda aloof. After taking and delivering order, they get lost and ignoring but boys aren't rude or anything, just aloof.

Ambiance - Super Cramped with 2 tables outside (where you can smoke). Minimal Furniture and it is cramped but the food is so good it just doesn't matter

Prices: Damn decent no complaints there.

Location: inside Waroda road
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doctorjee  - Burrp User


November 27,2013

Best place to let out your burrp!

I am a rather regular at the Imbiss... an Oasis in an otherwise desert-like food scene of Mumbai... (at least for a Bong like me)... great escape from the vadapavs and pavbhaajis... :P
What you must try here...
Seriously! The menu is small...so not too many options, but just order anything blindly if it's your first day... and you won't regret... cheap... filling... tasty...
My personal favorite... all pork dishes (esp the smoked pork) ... burgers and steaks... I am yet to try the chorizo that everyone keeps talking about... definitely this weekend...
So why 0.5 star less?
The lack of consistency... I had smoked pork around 8 times at Imbiss... at least 3 very different tasting and looking dishes
were served in the name of smoked pork... all good no doubt... but there is an element of suspense... I am never sure what I am going to get after ordering.. may be they got different cooks with different styles... may not be very welcome thing for many... but I am OK... :P
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Priyanka Paul - Burrp User

Priyanka Paul

November 27,2013

You couldn't have asked for anything more

I heard it from one of my friend and I had to call her back immediately after having my food. Just too good. Ordered Caesar salad, lamb and mint sausage, fried duck egg (my husband is bonkers over eggs) and since everybody was having it, we also ordered baby back spare ribs (Thank God, I did...though I was absolutely full by then). The only difficulty we found is to find the little spot since I was coming from Panvel. Service is OK (I am not bothered because the food is so good). Price is absolutely what you call "Value for money." Go wit your navigation on or keep asking people or otherwise you will be lost in Bandra gullies. Definitely try out the bay back spare ribs...Juicy and succulent...absolutely perfect.
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doublehelix - Burrp User


November 08,2013

Lean on the meats

I read the gushing reviews here and invited a meat-fiend friend to join me for lunch, tried many dishes, and came away generally disappointed. I was hoping the reviews would be fur-real. Not so.

Imbiss is hard to find and you can almost miss it since they have a temporary awning up that hides the name of the restaurant. Thankfully, I spotted the uncommon building name and saw the place. It was empty that afternoon so it was easy to get a table inside.

It's no place to take a date or have a business discussion in. It's more of an eat-and-walk-out kind of place.

Ordered a hamburger to start off and then we got in a weiner schnitzel, milanesa nepolitana, and bavarian ham and cheese sandwich. The bavarian ham and cheese sandwich, more like an open faced Belgian sandwich (tartine) than an actual sandwich, was the best of the lot. The description on the menu talks of cured bacon on 'farmer's bread' which made me think it would come on hearty, coarse homemade bread. It came out on (what looked like) Britannia's 100% Atta bread. Seriously, change the bread or the misleading description. That was the only dish (of the ones we ordered) that was meaty.

The burger was comme ci comme ca. Not juicy. Missing some mayo or aioli and smallish. Calories without satisfaction.

The milanesa falcon (or whatever) and the schnitzel were little meat and over-breaded. My friend and I could hardly taste the meat through all the breading.

Total tab - 700-800 for 4 dishes. That's inexpensive by Mumbai standard's.

The service was, well, terrible primarily because our server was totally clueless. Even asking him for an additional spoon or knife entailed saying the same thing three different ways, and he'd look at someone in the kitchen who'd translate what I said into words that he seemed to understand, and then the silverware or tissue appeared eons later. This, when only two tables were taken.

I guess the reason for our dissatisfaction was that we expected too much. Will I be back? Likely for the meatier dishes like the baby back ribs and the Kassler.
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foodtheory - Burrp User


September 11,2013

To Meat

Tiny place, casual vibe and good meaty food. It is hard to find vegetarian on their menu.
As part of my hunt for beef steaks around town, Imbiss was visited. Under 200 Rs. for a beef steak and mash potatoes!
While New Martin’s steak is cheaper and served sans any mash, I would rank both steaks at the same level. The mash was average.
My companions order the pork ribs – generous quantity and quite delicious.
Must visit when feeling carnivorous, in a non-desi way.
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KCRASTO - Burrp User


August 14,2013


Never comin bak here YUCK!!!!!
Food quality 2/10
Service 2/10
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Ajay Awtaney - Burrp User

Ajay Awtaney

August 14,2013

Comfore food galore!

I'm taking away 0.5 rating for the Chorizo Rice not being greasy enough this time! I've visited this Imbiss restaurant 2-3 times, and every time I find people ordering by the droves. The menu is limited, just like a small restaurant should have it, and yet, there is enough to try for a few trips here. I find that the best eateries in Bandra operate on the small format: take Bagelwala, Suzette, Between Breads or this one itself. Because they're all from first time restaurateurs, and focussed more on the food and wanted to keep costs low, especially the rents.

I'd call this restaurant a hidden find, because it is a little hard to find the first time you get there. But that also makes it a little enigmatic and accessible for the loyals only, and that is a good thing. They have 10-11 tables in total, and on most weekdays, you'd find a table with minimal inconvenience.

Over to the food. Imbiss has been a bold step in the Mumbai food story. See, I eventually want the Mumbai food story to be like NYC, where you can find a restaurant for almost anything. Imbiss is the first place I know which went away from just having the regular chicken offerings to diversified stuff such as duck & quail eggs. Yes, they do ham and beef too, but with a European recipe. What also finds favour for them is that they are economical.

On to my order and its execution. Yesterday, I wasn't very hungry so me and the bro went for 2 portions instead of 3 which is our usual order. The Chorizo Rice is one of my favourite comfort food, and I like it greasy, just like the first time I had it. Yesterday the grease was a bit less and we let the owner know ;)

Next up, we went into new territory ordering one of their portions for 2, and we went with the Baby back spare ribs. These were nice for the price they came for, and the portions were very large. We could not get through the whole thing between the two of us. The sauces on top were excellent, however wading through to the inners, we found the meat a bit undercooked, something we informed the owner about again and he said he'd work on it. in the past, I've tried the Schnitzels, and they've been great as well.

For drinks, they only offer canned beverages from the coke stable and non-alcoholic beers. Reasonably priced again.

For the entire order, I ended up paying something like Rs. 600, which is great value for money for a dinner for two people.

I'd come back here again and again just for the Chorizo rice if nothing else.
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Prem Sokhi - Burrp User

Prem Sokhi

August 05,2013

Meat Heaven

Loved the Chorizo rice and Sausage platter, apart from the yummy Beef hamburger. But surprisingly the Pork Schnitzel wasn't well done. Left it halfway.

Very basic. Had to really call out to the waiters.

Well, its a tiny place with decent seating. So don't expect much.

This is the winning factor. Its more than VFM. Haven't really been to a cheaper meat place in this city.
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Alefia  - Burrp User


August 03,2013

It gives you Wings (to eat)!

I had been craving some buffalo wings from a very long time & then a friend of mine introduced me to this Meating Joint. Its very difficult to locate this place, and when you reach here, it is as difficult to get a table here. It is a bit congested, as compared to its new branch in colaba. The one in colaba is such a romantic place! Any how, since the place is so crowded, the service tends to get slow. The must haves here are the Hamburger (juicy, tender and flavorful and so HUGE), buffalo wings, and chorizo rice. Skip the sausage platter, quite ordinary. Absolute not to order the Wiener...I want to try the rabbit terrine there once, but will make sure to visit the colaba joint!
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Tara Menezes - Burrp User

Tara Menezes

July 31,2013

Authentic German Food

Situated in the lane behind St. Peters church is Imbiss. I was just back from Germany and was missing their food. When I heard about Imbiss I just have to try it out. Word of caution: Be prepared for a really small place, few tables and no alcohol. When it’s not raining they have few table put up outside. Otherwise the inside is pretty cramped. However the food is to die for. I went with a bunch of people and hence managed to try almost everything on the menu. Start with the buffalo wings and the lamb and mint sausage. The buffalo wings are juicy and delicious. My favourite was the Milanesa Nepolitana. It was the perfect combination of cheese and ham which was fried crisp… im drooling already. If you want to try variety, go in for the sausage platter. I have visited this place about 5 times already and have never been disappointed with the food. However vegetarians beware.. this place has nothing to offer you.
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Lisa Antao - Burrp User

Lisa Antao

June 23,2013

A meat lover’s Mecca

That’s the apt description for this tiny-sized restaurant, which has people unanimously raving about it (via word of mouth, blogs and websites like Burrp, Zomato and Timescity) ever since they opened. In fact, my friends, colleagues and other acquaintances had a look of utter disbelief as to why I still hadn’t visited the place. After months of waiting (for friends who are super busy and finally had some time to spare), we excitedly headed for our maiden visit to this meat Mecca.

Sadly, nobody warned us about the crammed space with 4 tables on the ground floor, 2 tables on the mezzanine floor inside the restaurant and a few tables outside in the open. We went there for dinner on a Saturday night, and every seat and stool on every table was occupied with people happily chomping food. As I entered, the sight, sound and smell of different kinds of meat being prepared by the staff sent my salivary glands into an overdrive.

I carefully made my way up to the mezzanine floor to my tiny table and noticed my tiny stool was wet and sticky (possibly due to spilt cold drink or gravy). I asked the guy taking the order (not the cute spectacled smiley boy) to clean the stool. After unsuccessfully cleaning it with a cloth, he began placing tissues on the stool. I didn’t want to sit on the tissues because my jeans were wet from the rains, so I asked him to place a newspaper instead. He said there’s no newspaper and that the stool was clean and so there was no need to worry. I then asked him why was the stool damp and sticky, to which he had no reply and he left. My two friends (softies at heart) sat on one seat, so that I wouldn’t have to sit on the sticky damp stool. And it didn’t make an ounce of a difference to the waiter to see two people squashed together on one seat! I was shocked by their service or rather, the lack of it.

I would have stormed off the place right away, but since we travelled all the way from town to Bandra just to eat at Imbiss, I didn’t want to deprive my friends and myself of their almost legendary food. Their menu is short and sweet, not leaving you very confused as to what to order. Prices are unbelievably good and that’s their USP. As for beverages, they just had 3 cold drinks – Thumbs Up, Coke, Diet Coke. And another blow, no desserts.

I was desperate for our order to arrive, not only to sink my teeth into some hearty meaty dishes but also because it was very hot upstairs despite the AC. There was a table fan that did not have the outer mesh covering and it seemed dangerous to keep it on for fear of something accidentally getting caught in it (bags, hair, fingers, etc.) Also, the environment was super noisy with the sounds of cooking, people conversing and laughing, and speakers blaring English songs from the 80s.

The Baby Back Spare Ribs (Rs 385) were lip-smacking; the meat was falling off the bone and the slightly sweet-tangy-salty-smokey sauce was just right, not overpowering the flavour of the meat. The quantity was generous and it certainly exceeded my expectations. However, the salad (which they serve with many dishes) had lettuce, cubed onions, carrots and tomatoes tossed in a lime juice dressing giving it a slightly bitter taste, which left me disappointed.

The highly-recommended Signature Sausage Platter (Rs 180) had 6 different types of sausages. I’ve never had such a variety of sausages in one sitting. My favourites were the ones stuffed with cheese and bacon. Also, the fries seemed to be fried in sausage flavoured oil, which was wonderful.

Next was the nicely presented Cold Meat Platter (Rs 180), with a variety of cold cuts served with yummy garlic bread, a spoon of garlic mayonnaise and salad. All the cold cut slices had different flavours, but the triangle shaped slice with herbs was the best. The garlic bread – soft, topped with a generous amount of butter and the garlic mayonnaise went perfectly with the cold cuts.

The Lamb and Mint Sausage (Rs 120), had a mild taste of mint (thankfully, not too strong). The mashed potatoes were strictly okay, nothing much to write about. In fact, I expected it to be better. The gravy is supposed to be “mint jous” as per the menu but I couldn’t taste any trace of mint in it, it tasted like plain brown sauce. This was our least favourite dish and none of us liked it.

Lastly, my friend ordered the Milanesa Nepolitana (Rs 180) which had slices of ham stuffed with cheese and then fried. It was delicious and would have been outstanding if it was crisp, as promised on the menu. The salad tasted like it’s a mere formality. I wish they served coleslaw instead.

The bill arrived in a little bucket with Parle’s Kiss Me toffees at the bottom (I yawn at the sight of Litchi candy or Chloromint). Eating these instantly revived childhood memories. The three of us had to shell out Rs 375 each.

The food at Imbiss I say, goes beyond value for money. A variety of meat prepared German style is something different in a “refreshing change” sort of way. The very reasonable prices surely leave the wallet guilt-free in today’s age of inflation. Take a break from the usual Indian, Chinese, Italian, American cuisine and sample some meaty German fare. As for the service, I didn’t expect such a bad experience.
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surhz - Burrp User


May 24,2013

every meat lovers paradise

Located in the in skirts of Hill rd this place is a heaven for all meat lovers. Its a small walk from Kobe Sizzlers. location is fine.
talkin about the food.. its crazy! They have got all possible best meat dishes in town.
No matter its about Burgers, Sandwiches or Main course. Beef Roast, Signature Sausage Platter, Chicken Escalopes a must try onn. There is something really about it meat dishes that everyone would love to come for the second time there too.
presentation and Dressing of the food is upto the mark. Pricing is decent and worth every penny. Staff is young and active.Service is quick but when crowded may have to wait for the order taker, but service of food is pretty quick.
Ambiance is good and decent, sitting arrangement is is a lil uncomfortable but people can adjust, cuz its the food that matters. the food here takes over all the possible negative points here.
Currently serving some Chinese bottled fruit juices. taste normal, nothing so special about it. apart from that they have some really good fizzy canned drinks to offer. all non alcoholic.
On the whole should just work a little on the drinks apart from that rest all is just amazing.
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

May 22,2013

All meat.

Heard so much about it; finally decided to go bonkers at the meating joint.

Imbiss is located off Hill Road, finely placed away from the chaotic roads and the honking traffic. A small joint which is jam-packed. The sit-out area should be your first preference as neither is it stuffy or cramped up.

We ordered the wiener schnitzel, beef roast, signature sausage platter, German potatoes, bacon and eggs, spare ribs and the beef roast sandwich.

1st: Wiener Schnitzel. Super flattened,crumb fried veal. It was all crumbs and 'maybe' 2mm thick flavorless meat.. They say "house specialty" and trust me, that just spoils the whole image of this place.

2nd: Beef Roast. 1 piece of 'thick and succulent slice of roast beef' was what was there in the gravy. On complaining, got it replaced with more. Good gravy, slightly chewy but tasty beef.

3rd: Signature sausage platter. 6 well cooked sausages, appealing to the eyes and tasted good as well.

4th: German potatoes bacon egg. 2 sunny-side-ups, steamed potatoes in mayo(I think) and some bacon. Minimal portion-size this was. The potatoes were flavorless, the eggs were, well, egg like, nothing different. The bacon was good. Unlike usual scenarios where bacons are served slightly chewy, this one was good. It wasn't crispy though(it was mentioned 'crispy' bacon in the menu). Oh, and I didn't get any 'bacon oil' either(again, mentioned).

5th: Spare Ribs. Truck loads of super tender, plate over-flowing ribs. The bones just slide out with ease. At times it was just too tender I must accept and a lot of BBQ sauce resulting in hardly any flavor to the meat alone.

It was disappointing to a great extend cause we were looking forward to higher portion sizes. The taste was pretty mediocre too. The pricing was good though. On discussing with other foodie giants, I was told that I ordered the wrong stuff. Well, to my defense, having 5 wrong dishes is just plain weird. Will anyways try the 'recommended' stuff soon though.
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Frank D'souza - Burrp User

Frank D'souza

May 21,2013

Meat, Meat and More Meat

Tried it out a few weeks ago. The variety of items on the menu leaves all confused as to what you should eat. Well thanks to my company with big appetites we managed to try a whole bunch of stuff.
The Good -

First place goes to the baby back spare ribs - they were cooked perfectly and the meat was just falling off the bone.
Next up were the beef burgers - again yummy, though the portion could be a little bigger.
The choriz rice was a lot of fun, the spice was just right, will work for people who don't detest spicy food. People who like chillies might not like it too much.
Beef roast sandwich again while delicious could do with a larger serving size.

The Okay-
Pork Schnitzel - Was alright, but kinda dry. Wasn't too much fun, but again YMMV.
The momos and the sausage platter were strictly alright, Some of the sausage was a little over salty

All in all a great experience.
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biteme - Burrp User


May 08,2013

Carnivore Delight

And as buzz spread about one meat lovers joint in Bandra, I had to check it out. Though the ambience may not impress you much, the food will definetly put this on your top favourites. The steaks here are more impressive than most steak houses. If you swear by meat, you have just found d right place.
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Sunil Ahuja - Burrp User

Sunil Ahuja

April 29,2013

Try, try till you succeed (in getting in)

I admit I've been a victim of social media- heard about this place when an acquaintance kept posting instagram pictures of their food.

Went there solo for lunch and ordered the beef roast sandwich. While it was pretty good, it was a tad small given my appetite and so I followed up with a beef burger which was positively delicious. Absolutely worth every penny.

My second visit was with 2 other friends. I decided to play it safe and ordered the beef burger again and shared a sausage platter with my friends one of whom also ordered the beef burger and the other a chicken sandwich. This time service was pretty 'meh' with me having to get up and ask for forks and tissues. The food was as delicious as it had been upon my previous visit.

My next three attempts to eat here have been thwarted as once it was closed on account of Monday, once because I didnt realise they're not open all day and they'd closed post their lunch session and the third time because it was so crowded that I had to find an alternative.

However you can judge from the fact that I keep trying to go back, that it's a superb place with awesome food. Highly recommend!
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Varunph - Burrp User


April 22,2013

Tiny portions!!

Food tasted great. was really looking forward to my 'mouthful of meat' experience. The choice was between Jimm-me's kitchen which was also close.
I chose Imbiss and I was in for a disappointment.
The upside was the food was great. Flavours abound and the speciality sausage platter is worth trying. but then again the sides with each dish were miserable (the veggies were drowned in sauce, the fries on ther way to burnt'sville, the mash was only decent), and portions were miserly ( they should have a tag saying serves one, with each dish, I mean i could literally have counted the fries that came with my platter. WTF Imbiss?).
If they could work on this, I sure Imbiss is a place i'd like to visit often. The economical menu is misleading since you'll end up ordering a lot given the small portions.
Service is good, attentive. much appreciated.
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Madhusmita Saud - Burrp User

Madhusmita Saud

April 10,2013

its all about Meat!!

Its a tiny place giving you a variety of non vegetarian options. its in true sense a meating joint!! must try imbiss special sausage platter , pork chops and pork , pork schnitzel. vegetarians should avoid. weekends its difficult to get a table so u have to wait to grab one!! overall its value for money. and I am definitely going there again!!
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

March 30,2013

Meating Joint..

Heard so much about it; finally decided to go bonkers at the meating joint.

Imbiss is located off Hill Road, finely placed away from the chaotic roads and the honking traffic. A small joint which is jam-packed. The sit-out area should be your first preference as neither is it stuffy or cramped up.

We ordered the wiener schnitzel, beef roast, signature sausage platter, German potatoes, bacon and eggs, spare ribs and the beef roast sandwich.

1st: Wiener Schnitzel. Super flattened,crumb fried veal. It was all crumbs and 'maybe' 2mm thick flavorless meat.. They say "house specialty" and trust me, that just spoils the whole image of this place.

2nd: Beef Roast. 1 piece of 'thick and succulent slice of roast beef' was what was there in the gravy. On complaining, got it replaced with more. Good gravy, slightly chewy but tasty beef.

3rd: Signature sausage platter. 6 well cooked sausages, appealing to the eyes and tasted good as well.

4th: German potatoes bacon egg. 2 sunny-side-ups, steamed potatoes in mayo(I think) and some bacon. Minimal portion-size this was. The potatoes were flavorless, the eggs were, well, egg like, nothing different. The bacon was good. Unlike usual scenarios where bacons are served slightly chewy, this one was good. It wasn't crispy though(it was mentioned 'crispy' bacon in the menu). Oh, and I didn't get any 'bacon oil' either(again, mentioned).

5th: Spare Ribs. Truck loads of super tender, plate over-flowing ribs. The bones just slide out with ease. At times it was just too tender I must accept and a lot of BBQ sauce resulting in hardly any flavor to the meat alone.

It was disappointing to a great extend cause we were looking forward to higher portion sizes. The taste was pretty mediocre too. The pricing was good though. On discussing with other foodie giants, I was told that I ordered the wrong stuff. Well, to my defense, having 5 wrong dishes is just plain weird. Will anyways try the 'recommended' stuff soon though.
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Biswajit Dey - Burrp User

Biswajit Dey

March 09,2013

Great food for meat lovers

A continental-style restaurant strictly for meat eaters - tucked away inside a lane (Varoda Road) in Bandra West. A small place, hence one must eat quickly and leave. Excellent food. Friendly pricing. Meal for 2 will be Rs.600/-. Album contains photos of their signature sausage platter, weiner schnitzel and milanesa nepolitana. Earlier I had tried their baby back spare ribs and chicken escalopes. All very tasty.
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coffeedesk - Burrp User


February 14,2013

b! Review: Meating Joint Imbiss @ Bandra (W)

While there is no dearth of food spots in Bandra, Tanya Fonseca says this one stays true to its name and is not just another mom and pop shop.

Sticky heat, school children running amok and gummed up traffic honking impatiently, as the faux Prada-clad women haggle over the price of bell peppers and button mushrooms. While this is enough to keep you away, stroll down the road from Jeff Caterers and the bustling Bandra bazaar to Waroda Road and you will find Meating Joint Imbiss.

We could barely contain our smiles to see this quaint little eatery poke its head out at us from a residential building. This tiny cafe has a casual al fresco area, limited ground floor seating and an even smaller seating area atop a mezzanine floor inside.We walked in and were seated at one of the tables on the ground floor. Narrow rectangular wooden tables lie parallel to each other with fuss free picnic benches as seating. The low lighting and minimal decor save for some religious paraphernalia on the walls make sure that the food is your prime focus. The menu is a simple, two-sided laminated sheet that lists German, Austrian, American and Spanish dishes among its fun international menu offerings.

While we waited for the food to arrive, we started out with some Garlic Bread (Rs75), which was refreshingly light. Thin crisp slices featured finely minced garlic and herbs, with a hint of butter. While we didn’t love the mayo served here as a dipping sauce, it wasn't terrible.

Top of the class went to the Chorizo Rice (Rs 150). Bits of the paprika infused sausages are tossed in a lightly herbed rice and served garnished with a fried duck egg. This is what would happen if you crossed Indonesian fried rice specialty - Nasi Goreng with the famous Spanish Chorizo. The resulting simple white rice boasted all the bold flavours of the chilli and paprika infused and rather bacony tasting sausage. Far from being over spiced, the paprika oil that the sausage gives off coated the little grains of rice beautifully adding up to a very fun zing in every bite. What confused us a little was the little mound of chopped up iceberg lettuce served on the side. Quite like a tub of yogurt on a lactose-intolerant guest’s plate, we didn't know what to do with it.

The baby back spare ribs (Rs 385) arrived mid-meal and were melt-on-the-tongue perfection drenched with a slightly sweet barbecue sauce. With the first few bites, “Oh so good,” was all that we could muster in between bites of tender bites of meat layered over perfectly rendered fat. On the side, the slightly tangy but simple, cucumber, carrot and lettuce salad balanced the sweetness of the ribs beautifully.

Next up the beef Hamburger (Rs 120) had a patty that was large enough to be my protein portion for the week, but, it was a slightly over salted. The sauteed caramelised onions, ripe tomato and crunchy iceberg lettuce, on which the finely minced and herbed beef patty rested though, more than made up for the salty oversight. In house, freshly baked burger buns and a generous helping of thin crisp French fries that would quell your deepest carb cravings rounded out this dish nicely.

All that salt left us a bit thirsty, but they don’t give you much choice. We skipped over the Gatorade (Rs 50) and ordered Green Tea (Rs 40). Sadly, we had to settle for Pepsi, because they were out of both.

The Signature sausage platter (Rs 180) was, as the menu states, ‘an assortment of house specialty sausages of chicken and pork served with crisp fries’. We dug in, hoping for all that grilled, smokey goodness that usually follows meaty treats. What we weren’t expecting was the overt saltiness of most of the sausages on the plate. We were not particularly impressed with the chef’s sausage making skills, though, they’d still be fantastic paired with a couple of cold beers to wash them down. Sadly, this little café doesn't serve any alcohol, but I suppose you could shout out to friends, relatives or the friendly folk around and see if they’d invite you in for one.

Meating Joint Imbiss is new and its staff eager to please, but there is room for improvement yet. While the open kitchen gives you a fun peek into the chaos inside, the smoke and spices that seep into the small air-conditioned space can make your eyes burn. A large glass display counter doubles up as a refrigerator with a haphazard array of meats in marinade, uncooked shaped rösti, and assorted chopped vegetables. This was a rather clumsy and unappetising sight in an otherwise dainty cafe.

Don’t bother looking for a dessert menu, there isn't one. Not yet anyway, we were informed. Though, at these extremely modest prices, we think there is plenty to keep meat lovers coming back for more for a long, long time. While neighbours might not appreciate the surge in foot traffic late into the night, we have a request “Kindly adjust!”

Must try: Chorizo Rice, Baby Back Spare Ribs

Meal for two: Rs 600 inclusive of taxes.
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Ishita Manek - Burrp User

Ishita Manek

January 24,2013


A tiny lil gem stowed away in a tiny lane in Bandra!I heard about this place through a couple of friends and we decided to visit it one evening.And I can't wait to go back.We entered the place and marched straight up and started ordering.We had the grilled bratwurst-A lovely fat sausage drowned in a delectable full bodied sauce.Not those skinny sausages mind you...it was a good mouthful of yummy sausage.And it came with french fries,buttered veggies caramelized onions and jus- (Rs 120).Next came the Beef roast sandwich (Rs 120)-Shreds of oven roasted beef along with crunchy lettuce served in a hard crusted bread drowned yet again in a brown sauce.Ham burger(Rs120),Beef roast-Succulent slices of beef dunked in a pepper sauce (180),Honey Glazed ham,Baby back spare ribs (WINNER!)-tender juicy spare ribs bbqd to perfection,glazed with THE most beautiful sauce ever (Rs 385),Crackling (Rs 150),Spicy dried beef jerky (Rs 75)-Absolutely avoidable,Fried duck egg-Nom Nom Nom!,Chorizo rice-Beh...nothing worth writing about.At the end of the meal,the cost per head hovered around Rs 400.A complete steal for the quality and taste.My friends and me shared everything so we got to try everything and were completely stuffed at the end of it.I totally recommend this to anyone who loves their meat.They are quick with orders,prompt with service,non intrusive (they don't hover around) and visit-worthy.Imbiss....Imbliss...Imcorny.
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wonderwoman - Burrp User


January 14,2013

No frills, no ghas phuss, only meat!

So steak's your favourite vegetable? It's time you head to Imbiss. As the heading suggests, there's no fancy interiors or suave waiters asking you if the steak's well done- the service does leave a little to be desired in terms of confused waiters scurrying about, and the seating areas can be a little crammed if you're with a larger group- but that's it for the negative!

Imbiss is unabashedly a meat lover's paradise- go for the Chicken Escalopes with Fries (don't miss the scrumptious garlic mayo accompaniment), sausage platter for variety, Buffalo wings if you care for some finga lickin good chicken and ooooh the juicy beef burger is to die for!

Add some Hungarian Goulash with beef broth to the mix, and soft drinks for 5 people- the bill? A surprisingly reasonable INR 1215!

Yup, great food at great prices- meat lovers of the the world unite!
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Mehak Rampal - Burrp User

Mehak Rampal

December 04,2012

Meatlovers, this is heaven!

I was passing through Waroda road when I spotted Imbiss and assumed it's a meat shop. Then I chanced upon a tweet raving about the ribs here. That was my calling. I went the next day but sadly it was a Monday and they're shut on Mondays.

The day I finally made it, I ordered a portion of the Chicken Schnitzel, a Beef Hamburger and Garlic bread.
Loved the Schnitzel though I felt it was a bit dry. Could use a some sort of salad maybe. The burger was perfect though. Garlic bread was spot on as well. All this with 2 Cokes and we racked up a bill of only Rs 625 :D

The second I went, I tripped on the sausages. We ordered the Sausage platter and the Grilled Bratwurst. They were both SOOOO good we wanted more but were absolutely full. Tummy happy, money very very happy.

SUPERB place if you like meats. Don't bother if you're vegetarian or with a vegetarian; there are only 2 veg options and not very exciting ones.
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Joey_Pereira - Burrp User


December 04,2012

Ate like a LION in the Serengeti

The place though small has a decent seating area. The food was excellent and is the place to be for meat lovers (we had the Beef steak, beef roast and the smoked pork). The steaks are fresh and succulent. Too bad that the baby spare ribs and crackling pig wasn't available.
Affordable and worth every rupee. Commendable.
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Arnold D'souza - Burrp User

Arnold D'souza

October 29,2014


Good food
Fits the pocket
Amazin ambience
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