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Navya P - Burrp User

Navya P

February 28,2015

Really good

Came here with my friends after a Sunday morning event in college after which we just wanted to chill and indulge in some luxury for a change (it was the beginning of the month and we all had pocket money fresh in our wallets). The ambiance is to die for, the price is too high but perfect for the ambiance. We had focassia bread, pesto pizza ,risotto, Grilled Vegetables, Deli roast chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy, whole wheat sandwich (we were famished). Everything tasted amazing and presentation was top notch too. Will try to save up to come back here!
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

February 28,2015

Delicious food!

Since Lent is on, I am on a NO non-veg diet. So basically I wanted to try out their veg menu and to be honest I was more than satisfied! The food was delicious. I started with a salad and for main course, I tried the linguine and it was so yum! My friend had the bbq chicken pizza and even though it was a big sized pizza he finished it all by himself! A bit expensive but worth the money.
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January 31,2015

All time fav..!!

indigo deli is my favorite place for any kind of a meal. have been here for lunch, dinner, evening snack, coffee, dessert.... AND NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED.
i have been to the one at parel colaba and andheri... the standard is well maintained at the first 2... but had a very bad experience at indigo deli andheri so obviously never going back there.
food- their wafer thin pizzas, risottos, cheese fondue, pasta and soups is what i usualy go with.
must try
- wafer thin pizza with spinach and sun dired tomatoes
- wild risotto
with all that yummy food its tough to leave some room for the lovely desserts. but if u r there... sit and rest it out for half hour and try atleast something from their wide range of desserts..
-molten chocolate cake
-chocolate ganache
- the red velvet cup cakes
its can be slightly towards the expensive side. say amount 800-1000 per person without alcohol. but the quality and the portions of food is completely worth it.
also try pick up the freshly baked breads and other bakery products which r up for sale in the retail section.
the staff is friendly and service is pretty quick as well... if u have never been here before go the one at colaba... im a little biased towards it.... then may be phoenix. definitely not the one at andheri. i have not tried bandra as yet.

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Foodosaurus Prachi - Burrp User

Foodosaurus Prachi

January 30,2015

So expensive

Wanted to go here since heard so many good things about it since years now! So went with a friend in order to share the bill..ordered for french fries, grilled tuna sandwich, crispy chicken burger and already the bill came to almost as much as 3 people's lunch at shiv sagar! But of course this is not shiv sagar,...it is a wonderful place with international ambiance and food is so delicious..even the fries tasted just amazing.
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Saumin Parmar - Burrp User

Saumin Parmar

November 19,2014

Food, Ambience, Hospitality. A hug thumbs up...!

A must-visit for all those who believe that good food and good times go hand in hand.
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WheelsOnOurFeet Blog - Burrp User

WheelsOnOurFeet Blog

March 31,2014

Indigi Deli, Colaba

The food at their Phoenix Mill outlet was disappointing and I was expecting much better here. We chose a cosy corner on the 1st floor and the service was a mess from the beginning. The table had no napkins / tissues … and the 4-5 staff hovering around us did not bother to give it until we asked for it after food was served.

We first ordered a hot ‘Tori’ for my wife and a Sangria for me … with A NV Quiche for starter. The food came, so did my wine but nobody seem to have a clue where the Tori was or even what it was (except for the guy who took our order, nobody had a clue that there was something like that and that guy had disappeared). The Tori finally came after 5 mins of inquiries with 3 different set of people … The drinks were excellent.

Next was the Quiche … it was HUGE and full of sausages & ham. A very heavy dish and we were regretting the fact that we had ordered 2 individual main course dishes post that. The stuff was excellent … rich and full. Then came Ragout with Lamb Leg and BBQd Pork Ribs for me. Both dishes absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Had a tough time finishing the same but finger licking good all the same.

Wish the service was bit better — the staff needs to be hands on, helping with order sizes, ‘best thing to order’ etc.

Great, electric ambience. Perfect for a Sunday evening meal. Why even Friday and Saturday. Let-your-hair-down place.

Loved the food. Loved the ambience. Will be back! (Staff pull up your sleeves)
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Manmohan Mehta - Burrp User

Manmohan Mehta

July 27,2013

Standard has really gone down

At one point of time my all time favourite place to eat in Mumbai - would drive down to town from Powai to eat - but lately have been regularly disappointed and have had to shift allegiance to Cafe Basilico - sad !!!
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Anida  - Burrp User


July 19,2013

You probably know what I'll say about Indigo!

Ok, so as a Londoner (born & raised) who had never visited or met anyone who had visited or stayed in Colaba (or Mumbai for that matter), it was pretty predictable that I would do my bit of research on where to eat & where to avoid during my ten night stay. Indigo was one of the places that were mentioned multiple times to me by locals on forums & the reviews on this website certainly made me want to bring forward my flight to a sooner date. Don't get me wrong, I adore traditional Indian cuisine; coming from a half Indian background & being brought up with the complex & aromatic spices, I couldn't wait to sample the 'real' food in the 'real' place. However, four nights into my stay, I began to crave the familiar tastes of the West. Conveniently there was an Indigo situated at about a four minute walking distance from my hotel so on my fifth evening, I made my way down.

The atmosphere at this chain of Indigo's (which I later found was similar in other Indigo's) was relaxed & chilled. Dimly lit, but not so that you couldn't see where you were going, with a warm glow & decor reminiscent of some high-end European eateries (think wine-rack walls) - this is the place to visit after perhaps a long day of work or college. The staff were attentive & gave us a choice of a few tables instead of ushering us to just one (it wasn't totally busy but was quite full nonetheless). Menus were brought out but I knew what I was going to have, I had looked at the menu weeks in advance on burrp ;-)

As is the norm, a warm bread basket was brought out shortly after my drink (a coke, no ice). The bread was brown, perhaps multigrain? Butter was served with it to be spread delightfully against the warm, fluffy, chewiness of the bread. I didn't have a starter as I wasn't too hungry & wanted to save some room for dessert & so my main was brought out, about seven to eight minutes after I had finished munching on my bread. I ordered a 'Seriously Sloppy Joe' - a crusty baguette filled with a mixture of big, chunky pieces of chicken, onion & cheddar cheese in a steamy, tangy bbq sauce with a little mustard. The extremely crusty bread soaked up the sauce superbly which softened it making it much easier to eat. I decided to have the sandwich with french fries which were crisp, fluffy & not at all soggy. A small salad was served with this that included arugula amongst some other leaves & was a cute little dose of healthiness alongside the calorie-laden, sticky, cheesy fiasco. For dessert which I didn't know whether I could fit in, I had the brownie. I cant describe this brownie, I wouldn't be able to do it justice. All I can say was that it was a hot slice of something godlike served with ice cream which melted against its heat. If I could choose my last meal on earth, it would just be the brownie. Although the main meal was absolutely delicious, I could go to Indigo just for the dessert - which I saw some people doing.

I ate here again, a mere two nights later & had an experience just as good (Two nights after that I went to the Indigo in Palladium Mall, again exceptional). I could even go as far as to say that the Western food served here surpasses most Western food in the West. I will certainly be returning to Mumbai & when I do so, Indigo is where I'm heading for nosh. It's reputation is well deserved & who cares about the price when you're being served such high quality comfort food?
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Jeffy John - Burrp User

Jeffy John

May 24,2013

All meat, and money.

We reach Indigo Delicatessen at Colaba. The reason why we chose this place is because I heard so much about the steaks and the beef burgers and that the beef there is awesome and that I had a crazy Beef craving and coz I love beef and many more reasons that revolve around 'beef' O :) Considering the price tag warning by everyone, I decided to go only after my salary backed up my wallet.

So yes, we reach the place. Had to search for the valet parking guy, gave off the car and the huge door was opened for us. 3 of us, in shorts, and metal tee shirts and so underdressed when compared to the rest of the people dining there. I had a weird assumption that we may get kicked out. Anyways, that didn't happen.

The guy at the entrance suggested us to wait for a while so that he could get us a booth to sit and gobble down whatever food we have, in comfort and with ease. I decided to make good use of the waiting time and started to explore the place. As soon as you get in, towards the left, there's this huge rack filled with cookware. I did wonder why they decided to stack up cookware out of all the things and then realized it was actually a wine rack. May have had at least 10 rows and around 8 columns! The rack was split into two with cookware on 1 half and wine on the other. There's plenty of wood in the decor. , Wooden seating, spacious tables, wooden walls, racks etc. etc. So much of brown and such relaxed lightings. Further inside towards the right side there's this huge cheese counter. Different kinds, mostly international and exotic (That's what they said; I know nothing hence I decide not to comment). Realizing that there's nothing to my interest there (except for the yummy looks of the cheese), I then walk towards the left side. This gave a complete bakery feel, Breads, muffins etc. stacked up in the racks. Super fresh. Opposite to this is another counter, filled with an awesome craving (no not beef), desserts! All such delicious looking pastries, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes, tarts and many more. Dammit, the shine on these cakes just make you drool by watching it. Anyways, the price tag helped me stop drooling. Prices beginning at Rs 285/- and going up to Rs 400/- per slice was kind of ridiculous. When I enquired about the reason why prices are so high, they mentioned that the cheese is exotic and the ingredients are 'gluten-free' etc. Again, kind of like Greek and Latin to me, and walked off. The place had a 1st floor too, maybe around 6 tables there. (Don't remember)

We finally get our booth. Seeing the cushions on the seat I decide to jump onto them. After moments of easing the pain that I experienced, I suggested the others to sit slowly. The waiter then served us water. Going through the menu was such a pain, because the prices did scare. We asked the waiter for suggestions for starters. He basically read through the menu card and we finally decided to go on with some prawns and chicken tikka in olive sauce. Also, he did mention that 'fillet' meant small portion of meat and not fish which kind of kicked us in the head.

Anyways, moving on, the waiter gets us a plate of freshly baked bread. So fresh that it is so soft in between yet you can feel the crunch as you press it. It was served with butter. While feasting that, we ordered 1 Beef Tenderloin burger and 1 beef steak in red wine sauce. Our aim was to try different varieties of dishes; mainly, steak, burgers and pizzas. Many suggested not having pizzas the crust and the toppings do not do justice.

I wanted the pork burger. But then it came with bbq sauce. Since I'm not a fan of bbq sauce, I asked if the cook could maybe substitute it some other sauce or give it without that, to which the answer was no (after checking with the cook). 15 minutes and a phone call later, the starters arrive. The prawns were brilliant. Priced at 600 bucks I was hoping that the portion size wouldn't disappoint, and it didn't. The prawns were nice and big, the perfect crunch and so was the sauce. The other dish, chicken tikka in olive sauce was pretty much a downer. Tasted like those frozen chicken burgers that you get at a store and then pan fry it also, no taste of olive sauce or whatever. Eventually decided to have the chicken with the prawn sauce which was a good choice cause there was then, some flavor.

The 2 main courses were then served (and that's when I realized that I didn't order a substitute for the pork burger). We also asked for an extra topping of bacon and the serving portion was awesome and priced at Rs 165, it wasn't bad at all just that it was surprisingly crisp like bacon papad!

So yea, I noticed that the burger that was served was basically just buns and burger with nothing else inside. No onions, no lettuce, nothing. Oh yes, there was mayo. The burger was served with 3 wedges, some veggies and this weird purple cabbage n raisins mix which is disastrously sweet and bad. The burger was well done and the steak was medium-well done. So the steak was basically the same burger patty but then without the bun. I had a bite of the steak and it tasted insane, the sauce and the mashed potatoes, all well blended in and yumm. I personally have a preference to tender kind of rare meat and hence ordered for a medium rare beef burger. And I did make sure that I got some onions some mushrooms and a sunny-side-up egg with it.

By the time the other two dishes were half done, I get my monster burger. I love to work on my burger and I hate using cutlery to dig in. "A true hard-core messy eater who is ready with a million tissues to wipe of every last bit of food off my face" That's me. It did look awesome. The egg was perfect, the shrooms, nice n soft and the onions caramelized to perfection. I place some of the veggies on the plate into the burger after which, I dig in. I must admit, it was insane. The flavors were all the way in and the meat was tender, brilliant!

After an amazing eat-athon, everyone suggested dessert and I suggested to have cheese cakes from the shop right next to this (saw it during the phone call) called Moshe's. I still regret that option btw. We then asked for the bill.

It was priced perfect except for the burger ordered. Little did I assume that they'd charge 'caramelized onions' at Rs 95/-, the egg at the same price, bringing my already expensive Rs 500 burger to Rs 800! I wouldn't mind saying that it was worth Rs 500, but definitely not 800 bucks. And you get a kilo of onions for like 20bucks. 95 bucks?? Seriously?! So after paying another 800 more as tax we leave to Moshe's for dessert.

So final verdict of Deli is yumm food and priced ok (considering it is not meant to be a middle class person's restaurant). But then charging onions at such a shitty price and serving just 3 wedges (I'm not kidding) was bad.
Would I go again? Well, I'm still exploring Bombay and as of now, the burgers here are the best, until I find the next, I may drop in during the 1st week of the month (salary week) to hog.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

February 19,2013

Fantastic Food ... Poor Service

Have been planning a trip to Indigo Deli for sometime and we managed it last Sunday. A little difficult to pot, we passed it 2 times before a good samaritan told us its next to Moshe’s. why can’t they have a big signboard noticeable at night?? The food at their Phoenix Mill outlet was disappointing and I was expecting much better here. We chose a cosy corner on the 1st floor and the service was a mess from the beginning. The table had no napkins / tissues … and the 4-5 staff hovering around us did not bother to give it until we asked for it after food was served.

We first ordered a hot ‘Tori’ for my wife and a Sangria for me … with A NV Quiche for starter. The food came, so did my wine but nobody seem to have a clue where the Tori was or even what it was (except for the guy who took our order, nobody had a clue that there was something like that and the guy had disappeared). The Tori finally came after 5 mins of enquiries with 3 different set of people … The drinks were excellent though as a savior. Next was the Quiche … it was HUGE and full of sausages & ham. A very heavy dish and we were regretting the fact that we had ordered 2 individual main course dishes post that. The stuff was excellent … rich and full. Then came Ragout with Lamb Leg and BBQd Pork Ribs for me. Both dishes absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. Had a tough time finishing the same but finger licking good all the same. Wish the service could be a bit better … overall a great experience, will be back !
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Foodslut - Burrp User


February 16,2013

Never disappointing

Indigo Deli - Colaba has to be one of my favorite restaurants. Its one of those rare places where the ambiance is just as good on a lazy sunday afternoon for brunch with your friends, or a weekday night. Indigo Deli has never disappointed when it comes to its food and service. For first timers, do not think beyond the most brilliant choice of gourmet burgers that you can feast upon here. My personal favorite is the BBQ Chicken burger which isn't your regular run of the mill chicken patty, but instead chunks of chicken, marinated in the most amazing sweet and spicy BBQ sauce between 2 pieces of a burger bun. The fish and chips are also quite good, and so are the sandwiches. Every dish looks amazing, and even though I keep wanting to try something new, the memories of the chicken burger make it impossible to do so. The desserts are huge and always fresh. Absolutely MUST VISIT place in Mumbai. BTW, the Indigo Deli in Parel is just as good, although the Colaba outlet continues to be our most visited restaurant.
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kush4444 - Burrp User


February 06,2013

elevating dinner..... not just your regular meal

Indigo was absolutely brilliant. A big check on all the boxes on my list! the service was brilliant! We were treated amazingly..... (an experience like none other)..... the food was unique... especially the mushroom risotto and the cauliflower soup was to die for..... the portion was perfect...... contrary to popular belief.... in face we didn't have room for dessert.... It was priced according to the quality so no complaints there.....A dish we didnt particularly like was replaced immediately with another one as the staff guided us with their safe bets....... Its not everyday that such things happen....... the decor is brilliant..... the lighting impeccable and a perfect setup for a nice quiet dinner! way to go!
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December 21,2012

i love indigo :)

indigo deli is an awesome place for italian food....they just cant go wrong with the pizzas......many places in mumbai go wrong with pasta...indigo deli doesnt fortunately....the ice creams served here are one of the best in mumbai....while the mocktails were good...one of my friends was in awe with bloody mary..i am planning my next trip to the one in palladium for desserts...you should go too
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NishaJ86 - Burrp User


December 12,2012

Everyday Indigo

This is wat I call my everyday Indigo
Coz the flagship is wat I visit once a month or 2 .. & it's iconic..
This is where I go atleast once a week.
Excellent selection of coffees , teas & desserts .. U can buy lovely cheese, rolls & kitchen stuff too
The food is awesome ... The pesto cream.. The thin unique pizzas.. The basic garlic bread... Home fries...brilliant !!
The sevice is too good- exemplary. Polite prompt yet not intruding.
Akerkar does the trick
Gooooo indigo... For memories & more.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you so much for your warm words! We're so glad you're a regular customer at both Indigo and Indigo Deli! We strive to maintain our standards of food and service; and your praise is certainly very encouraging! We really appreciate your loyalty to our restaurants and we hope you keep visiting!

Suvajeet Duttagupta ???? - Burrp User

Suvajeet Duttagupta ????

December 06,2012

Breakfast Must.

We stumbled upon here after I took a bunch of friends for a photo walk. We were quite starving and going through the menu and reading the descriptions only made us hungry.

Fr one we were expecting much smaller portion size looking at the price and we ordered quite a quantity and variations of egg along with juices/smoothies.
There was some confusion with the smoothie they brought me, but which was rectified in less than few minute once I pointed it out. In the meanwhile we saw the bread section and my friends just had to order those, and quite a few at that since we are bread fanatics.

When the eggs arrived we were in quite pleased and little scared since the portions were quite huge. The breakfast pretty much turned into a brunch. The food was lovely and very tasty, and the waiter's were quite helpful.
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank you for this review! Our portion sizes are generally quite large and sufficient. Apologies for the mix-up with the smoothie, and thank you for bringing it to our notice. We're glad you enjoyed your brunch and we hope to see you soon!

mukhi - Burrp User


November 10,2012

Reliable food, disorganised service

This is one of the very solid and reliable western-food places in South Mumbai. Their menu is not particularly imaginative (quiche, grilled fish, roast chicken, pasta, risotto....) but everything they make is pretty good. I would strongly recommend the Eggs Benedict over smoked salmon. They poach their eggs perfectly and the hollandaise sauce is perfection itself. The other staple, for me, is the filet mignon. It comes with a red wine reduction and is accompanied by a whole roasted garlic that is fun to play with and extract the flavourful pods.

Service here is terrible. Mostly they are just disorganised, though still quite polite. Once after 15 minutes waiting in vain for someone to take my order, I actually phoned their number and said "I'm the person sitting behind you and waving my hand in the air!". That did work.

When this place opened, their pastries were very good but nowadays they are sickeningly sweet and absurdly expensive. Better head out to Theobroma after your meal.
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Aakif Ansari - Burrp User

Aakif Ansari

November 02,2012


I didn't like the sandwich it was over seasoned and too spicy . The sloppy joe was awfull. The pizza is unique and extremely thin and flovorfull.
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vvvivek - Burrp User


March 17,2012

love it, hate to see no crowd

was there friday night, & was terrible to see the bar deserted... great place, great food, great service as always...

can the owners do something to create the buzz once again...?
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abhisheksaraf - Burrp User


December 03,2011

RIP Indigo!!

I had 2 meals at Indigo in November - one at a party on a Sunday and one last Saturday night with a big family group. The sheer average quality of food that was served on both occasions and came out was a let down especially if they have the gall to ask for Rs 800/- or thereabouts per dish and we have the paying customers have the patience to pay it.

Thank you good sirs for the memories - its time to put your legs up and take a well deserved rest and maybe reappear in a fresher, better avatar.

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Kushal Bajaj - Burrp User

Kushal Bajaj

December 17,2010

Epitome of Satisfaction

the setting of the restaurant (inadequate space) wasn't exactly as i expected..but the assorted dishes, service and specially the drinks list is exquisite! i had tried the tandoori chicken dish there..do not remember the dishes name, but its something that all meat lovers should give a try to. Can definitely go back there again!
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Prathik Nair - Burrp User

Prathik Nair

December 17,2010


never ever tasted such splendid dishes all over india....excellence servie.........keep it up.....wanna cum back again.....
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rummyss - Burrp User


November 22,2010

Best fine dining in mumbai

This is one of the best fine dining rest in mumbai, their hospitality is the best. Wine list is never ending. Food was served on time and the service and courtesy extended by the staff was A class.
It does lighten the pocket as its quite expensive, however we dont mind vvisiting this place now and then.
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vns98 - Burrp User


October 09,2010

My own Michellin star in Mumbai

Its taken me a over a decade to come and finally dine at the Indigo....Whats taken me this long i guess the travel time to SoBo....It was only after eating at indigo cafe in L'wala, i ventured out to the Deli and the Deli fever just got me hooked...I'm a huge fan of the deli i just love their food (avoid the deli if you want special attention no one has time here) and its this love for Deli that made me think that i need to go to the mother restaurant....

Oh what can i say of Indigo....As i got off my car i loved the quaint lil bungalow in the bylanes behind Taj....I entered and the place is visually beautiful ...very rustic...The Goa Mediterranean effect......

We were here for the brunch and it was no suprise to me that the food was EXCELLENT...I've had the best Cosmopolitan here...The service is Unbelievable warm and attentive...I still remember the guy who served us Dinesh....

Honestly i'm at loss of words here, these guys have a lovely location, eclectic food and a great staff....i don't mind the pricing coz its well deserved,,,,,Next time will visit for dinner....
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abhisheksaraf - Burrp User


September 19,2010

Awesome food

Came back to indigo twice in recent days - once to a brilliant bottle of wine and another time to the wonderful dark chocolate and amaretto tort. The food on both occasions was memorable, the wait staff probably the best trained in the city and the trip memorable. Mmm... Waiting to go again.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

July 02,2010


There is only one thing I can say about Indigo - I'll be back....
This place has the best lobster bisque I have ever eaten. And great filet mignon. And the cheese fondant, which our server Rajesh told me is their signature dessert, words can truly not do justice to it.
Their wine list is extensive and the service is very prompt and courteous.
It is just about everything that one would expect when you go out for fine dining.
And the best service they offer is the chauffeur drop in your car to your home, if you have had a few drinks and prefer not to drive your car. And it is not even expensive :)
That is why I shall not say say hasta la vista to this place, but hasta maniana. Because I will definitely be back there for more.
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Foodie301 - Burrp User


June 28,2010

Only one word for this place...

...superlative! Oh, actually maybe a couple more - very expensive. But, then, you cannot get this kind of food, wine, ambiance, location mix anywhere else in Bombay.
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spychase - Burrp User


June 20,2010

It is still the only one

I frequent Indigo atlest once a week, either for a business lunch or a social dinner and I can only say this:

Food: It has always been superlative. Spoke to someone from the kitchen the last time and realized that the menu change is done not for the sake of having one, but when the chefs are convinced that they have more to offer to their guests. I like the fact that they willingly accept when a guest criticizes a dish and want to make amends to satisfy the guest, not force it on him. Anyway, Indigo is and will always be my favorite.

Staff: They all know me, my wife, my children, my birthday, our anniversary!!!,.its scary but fantastic. They know my drink, they know the day i am vegetarian in the week...i mean who the hell remembers so many things outside of your family. I think its because they want to remember.They care.

In all, Indigo is a second home (on the days my wife's cooking is not up to the mark, usually is). its the only place i can go to if I need to meet likeminded people who just want to unwind within the confines of a place that is a true second home and without any fuss or worry.
Keep it up guys.
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ssshah50 - Burrp User


June 19,2009


the akerkars, sure know how to glue you to this place.
extraordinary food, great taste, amazing wines, and most of all
every single person, from the valet to the manager is a delite, to talk too. Well informed and very polite.
The ambience itself is so homely and cosy.
A perfect place to spend your most cherished moments.

It was my first time and i swear shall visit the place very frequently.

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mr.foodie - Burrp User


June 04,2009

Not for vegetarians

Great ambience, but that doesn't fill your tummy! After having heard so much about this place, i decided to give it a try for a romantic evening.

Being a foodie, I tend to give more importance to the variety and quality of food, than the ambience. So, i had the choice of only 2-3 vegetarian dishes. Portions are small (like fine dining abroad), so I one needs to order 2 dishes for themselves if they are really hungry!

Service was nice with attentive & friendly waiters, but it was a quick romantic evening, rather than a nice long one.
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Denis  - Burrp User


March 09,2009

Great atmosphere

The biggest advantage of Indigo is ambience, location, interior. It's absolutely romantic, quiet and clean! Hard or impossible to find a similar atmosphere in other places in Mumbai.

The food is great but servings are small (European style, after all). Service was a little bit weak - we spoiled wine on the table, and staff only gave us new napkins but didn't clean the table, so we basically had to clean it ourselves (strange for such a high class restaurant).

In sum, I wouldn't go there that often. I think you can find places with more or less similar ambience but 2-3 times cheaper in Mumbai.
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Agent K - Burrp User

Agent K

February 05,2009

Fine Dining Don't Come Cheap

HiM enjoyed a quiet dinner at Indigo recently. The restaurant is housed in what looks to be an old converted bungalow. There is a bar and some seating downstairs, and private rooms and some picturesque outdoor seating on the terrace upstairs. The crowd was mostly foreigners, with a smattering of ABCD/NRI types thrown in.

The wine list was commendable, and the cover was dotted with dubious (Thank you, Robin Goldstein) Wine Spectator recognitions. All the major growing regions had adequate representation, and they had about 10 bottles available by the glass. I had a glass of a 2006 Sangiovese red from Emilia Romagna which was quite excellent.

Appetizers were a cilantro crepe with lobsters and prawns and a cured salmon and cream cheese torte. We failed to detect any cilantro in the crepe dish, although the cream-based sauce that was in the filling was drowning in chives. By contrast, the salmon torte was exceptional. Finely layered and delicate, it was served with caper berries that did a fantastic job of cutting through the fattiness of the fish and the cream cheese.

Entrees sampled included the lobster risotto with black olive tapenade, apparently a signature dish. The rice was cooked beautifully, and the tomato and tarragon in the dish made it quite successful. The tapenade, however, was not bright enough to stand out, and lost much of its meaning as a garnish. The fish special was one of the intriguing Indian fusion dishes: sesame crusted snapper served with spinach and baby potatoes, with a tomato saar sauce. The ’saar’ was the star - a hint of asafoetida and the velvety sauce drew an immediate association with the original, all without being overpowering for this setting. The fish was well cooked, but was inexplicably served skin side down. Not only did this rob the skin of any crispiness it once possessed, but from a purely mechanical standpoint serving the fish like that on a bed of spinach made it impossible to eat. Poorly thought out.

Dessert was a chocolate fondant with jalapenos that required twenty minutes of advance notice. There was a pleasant heat from the chiles, although the occasional piece of pepper skin in the mouth was an annoyance.

Service was excellent. The servers were attentive and knowledgeable, and prompt without being too intrusive. The only aberration was when I was asked if I would like garlic bread or cheese garlic bread with my meal - it was strangely reminiscent of Dominoes Pizza and quite out of place.

For a meal for two with a glass of wine each, the check was Rs 4200. While I would normally balk at paying five-star prices at a standalone restaurant, the truth is that you would be hard pressed to find an equivalent experience at this price point. Indeed, a similar meal at the Zodiac Grill across the street might easily have been twice as much or more.

RECOMMENDED: Torte of cured salmon and cream cheese, Lobster Risotto.
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

January 05,2009

good stuff

the place continues to deliver the goods. the food is imaginative and well crafted and Indigo is still the place to go for a gourmet meal outside of a five star.

the food has a European bent but they have some Japanese inspired dishes and they have made a solid attempt to use indigenous ideas and ingredients.

their service is friendly but the ambiance is still fairly stuffy. Though the clientele is not, people in shorts, badly dressed geezers and the works. The audience has faded for the early sittings.

Some of the stuff is a little out there (jalapeno in their chocolate fondant) but most of it is on the money. The appetizers and salads are European style (small) so you will have to do three courses to fill up. Drinks are good, great bloody mary.

Overall a 3 course meal for 2 with a drink each would run you 4000
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Nirav KAKU - Burrp User

Nirav KAKU

January 04,2009

Food was okay... service was not

Yes, I am most likely going against the current here. While most people have enjoyed their experience in this restaurant, I don't think I will be going here again. But before I say why... here's a quick word for what I felt the place has... ambience! But apart from that, I can't say much for it.

I am a vegetarian and I picked this place on recommendation.

Food: The food was quite bland despite of making a clear request to spice it up.

Service: Let say every one smiled when they spoke to us. But we were kept waiting for over 30 minutes before our dessert was served. Another 20 before the bill.

When we left, the lounge downstair was bustling with people and music that gave us a headache as we quickly walked toward the exit. We could't adjust quickly from a nice quiet environment we were in... to the noise downstairs.

Conclusion: I won't be going there soon. Hope you have a better experience.
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oseric - Burrp User


January 01,2009

fantastic food, questionable service

I went there tonight for the first time. My service experience was substandard, in that the "order of service" was driven by me and I needed to ask for every step which would normally be recommended and driven by the waiter. I mean ... I shouldn't need to wait 10 minutes and ask twice for a drinks menu on arrival.

So then I saw a waiter drop a clean knife on the ground, outside. He picked it up to walk it back to the waiters' station, had a quick look to see if anyone noticed, wiped the knife on his pants and put it back on his tray. Errrrrggggghhhh!!!! This restaurant charges enough to enforce the hygiene standards one would expect at any top grade restaurant in the world.

After that, the staff responded well to my feedback and the food was outstanding ... the chocolate jalapeno fondant a real treat.

My rating is based on service only as the food itself was 5 star.
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spandau9 - Burrp User


September 11,2008

Kick Arse food and superlative service!!!

Oh God !!!! Bombay has truly arrived on the world map, I dare say. I was told of the eclectic food within, eclectic, it was.

An very thoughtful blend between cuisines and all seamed in so easily.
The Kiwi lamb chops had been finished perfectly. Me friend's sea bass was cracking considering it was frozen to begin with.

I could go on and on, the service was best of all , genuinely smiley and very pleasant and hospitable, the men in suits, managers I assumed, very stylish and polite. Carried themselves very gracefully.

I was told that the menu would be changing in a couple of weeks, I would be back to savor the Indigo delights.
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Nirav KAKU - Burrp User

Nirav KAKU

August 21,2008

Good ambience but food fell short of expectation

Caveat: We tried the veg cuisine only.

Last night I decided to try this much talked about restaurant. The first impression it makes is good. We went to the roof top, had to wait for a quiet table.

Started of with the Kiwi cocktail... great stuff. The white wine (Tiger) was fruity as requested. Starters was good... especially the mushroom. The second course (Spiced Asian Tofu and Rissotto) wasn't up to mark. We weren't thrilled by the quality. The presentation was okay. The staff was friendly. I had ordered a small piece of cake at the end of the meal as a surprise element for my partner. We waited for 30 minutes before the surprise arrived. By that time, the enthusiasm was lost.

I would rate this restaurant a slightly below value for money.
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

March 15,2008

good stuff

Indigo continues to be the most imaginative and impressive restaurant of this city. The menu is still eclectic with no single direction to the cuisine (from Ravioli to Soba Noodles with Miso Soup)

One of the plus points of being at Indigo is the virtual gurantee that there will be no Bollywood folk, thankfully they stick to Olive & Zenzi.

The soup selection is fairly limited, we had the mushroom with garlic chips (creamy, heavy) the appetizers were mostly with baby potato, goat cheese (fantastic)

The main courses were on the money, penne with lemon and goat cheese, gorgonzola risotto, fettucini in red wine and cream with capers, stuffed cottage cheese with couscous on beet patty.

Elaborately imagined dishes, executed fairly well. Not all of them work but none of them are dissapointing. The taste is exclusively for a European palate, subtle dishes with a range of flavours. (contrast with Moshe where cuisine is distincly Italy meets middle east & the flavours are much much stronger but one dimensional)

The service is friendly but can be a little slow in cleaning up your table (however dishes take their time so best to order your main course with the appetizer)

Drinks continue to be impressive (best bloody mary in the city)

Damage is severe about 10,000 for 6 with 3-4 drinks.
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Adhish B - Burrp User

Adhish B

January 27,2008


Indigo is recognized as the best restaurant in Mumbai if not the best restaurant in India. This is a pretty big deal and puts a lot of pressure on the restaurant. Indigo is owned by Rahul Akerkar who also started up Under the Over(RIP Under the Over) which was one of the most popular restaurants of its time. Indigo is located in a lane behind the Taj. Its the same lane as cotton world and to be honest the lane is really shady. But once you get near Indigo things get a little better. The restaurant is located in an old bungalow. The restaurant occupies the whole bungalow and as a result has a lot of space that it can play around with. The whoel idea of the restaurant in a bungalow is really genius and IMO looks awesome. The interiors are really simple but still extremely classy. When you enter you can see the bar with a couple of low tables. The dining areas are located on the left and right. Overall the ambience is perfect. Nothing fancy and yet at the same time very appealing. Comming to the service. The service here is good but I wouldnt say its outstanding. The waiters were able to reccomend items off the menu but you could tell that they dont really understand the menu that well or probably arent really that passionate about the food. The service however is polite and so thats a good tihng. The food doesnt take too long to arrive which again is a good thing. Comming to the food.Iv never eaten about 15% of what was on the Indigo menu and to me that shows that this restaurant is really out there offering the city exotic foods which is a huge huge bonus. I had a Lobster Bisque which was really good. Nothing really that outstanding but a good soup. As for the maincourse I ordered a Lobster Risotto and my mother ordered a tandoor grilled chicken. The risotto was a bit dissapointing to be really honest but then again Im not a big Risotto fan. At this point your probably thinking that Indigo is overrated. I had a bite of the chicken and WOW!!!. The chicken was perfecltly seasoned and had a nice juice under it which complemented it perfectlly. The chicken was reallly amazing and Ill definatly reccomened it. Other than that the Desert was allright and to be honest I dont even remember what I ordered. I ordered an extra side of pinacolada ice cream that I really liked. Now comming to the damages. Each dish is about 600 and that can go up a lot considering what you order. There are some dishes with some pretty exotic ingridients that are pretty pricey. At 600 a dish Indigo is really well priced. My whole meal with a soup, maincourse and desert came to 2200 for two which really isnt bad at all. I wouldnt be so quick to add Indigo to my favourite restuanrants yet adn ill need to go there a couple more times to understand if it really is the best restaurant in India. Overall though a great restaurant and not at as expensive as some make it out to be.
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bobfet1 - Burrp User


August 04,2007


I went here for the Sunday brunch - it was DELICIOUS. Definitely the best meal that I've had after 5 months in India. Really expensive, but worth it.

The tapas were my favorite part. The tender beef, the spare ribs, the fresh cheeses, everything else - oh my god it was so good. The entree, fusilli with seafood, was also pretty good. But I didn't finish it so I had more room for the tapas. The dessert is great. The coffee at the end was also strangely satisfying. I ate so much that I didn't have to eat for the rest of the day.

In addition to the food, the place also has a really nice ambience. The service is GREAT. I felt a little out of place with all the rich Mumbai-ites around, but it was still nice. The live band playing inoffensive light rock also added a nice touch to the place.

If you're in Mumbai on a Sunday with an extra 2000 rupees or so to burn, this is pretty much required.
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Z S - Burrp User


April 21,2007

The Best in Town

When it comes down to the best of the best, it HAS to be Indigo!
Easily, and by far, the BEST restaurant in Mumbai, (and probably in all of India), Indigo has the complete package - awesome ambience, amazing service, fantastic bar and cellar, and a menu that can impress even the most sophisticated gourmands of the world!
The fact is that Rahul Akerkar has constantly re-invented the menu over the last eight years, ensuring that his faithful flock come begging again and again!
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

March 17,2007

great townie bar scene

"Townie culture", as you may, amasses here for a most upscale, yet comfortable happy hour scene. Situated right behind the majestic Taj Mahal Palace, this classy, trendy little spot offers the best of drinks from around the world - from an impressive (and expensive) wine list to local beers and everything in between. A little pretentious, I must add, given the crowds walking into this place, and a definite ex-pat favourite, yet even so, I enjoy myself every time I visit. Have not dined here, but friends tell me the eclectic south-east asian & mediterranean is scrumptious. Will definitely drop by anytime I'm in town.
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

February 14,2007

the real mccoy

Rest : Indigo
Meal : Dinner
Date : 14/2/2007
Location :Colaba, next to Cotton World behind the Taj
Company : Ze Wife

Experience- Indigo is set in an old bungalow and it has its own charm. The place is cosy, comfy, dimly lit and crowded. We walked in were seated right away and we saw Rahul Akerkar at the bar, which means he was cooking. Good Stuff!

Drink :Water, Virgin Mary, Grover Shiraz

Food : We started with the potato porcini soup which we shared. The soup was good but slightly bland, but once we added some black pepper it hit the sweet spot. Light, interesting taste.

The first course was the asparagus and fennel salad which was a valentine day special, very weak, the taste was bland but saved by the cheese. The mushroom and feta salad was on the money, great taste, the textures of the mushrooms complemented by the sourish feta.

Second course was Black bean tortellini in shiraz wine sauce, excellent, tasty, different and then you bite into a black bean which is another taste, sweetish but def on the money. Another valentine day special pasta was their ravioli, which not as good as the black bean was def on the tasty side. Both entrees were creamy which made the meal heavy

They serve a good selection of bread, but their house onion bread is a bit too oily for my taste.

The drinks were fabulous, they didn't have the sula Shiraz so i went for the grover Shiraz which is just as good (about 95% similar to the sula Shiraz)

Also, for those that recall my post looking for the best bloody mary in the world. my friends, head down to the indigo and feast yourself on their nugget. its a bit on the spicier side, but man its so full of taste.

Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to have the dessert (the creme brulee i was wanting) as we were quite full. Next time surely

The service was some of the best ive had a whole three generations ahead of their bastard sibling Indigo deli.

Food 9.0 Service 9.3
Damage was severe 3500 ($75)
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Gaurav Jain - Burrp User

Gaurav Jain

January 13,2007

the good stuff!

Indigo is a busy busy place even if you get there early on a Friday night (8pm)

been under the weather so i didnt get much myself as the table was already set by the time i got there.

got some antipasti pickle thing and bread mostly.

the service wasnt too bad and much better than what goes round at their Deli.
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Nidhee kekre - Burrp User

Nidhee kekre

December 12,2006

An experience …..

This place according to me is one of the most romantic places in mumbai…(on a weekday that is.). They go the whole nine yards with orchids roses…candles… dim lights and one of the best cellars in Mumbai.

With quaint décor … good food … and courteous service, this place upgrades itself from a dinner to a dining experience. Its expensive….. but then who minds paying for “The Experience.”

At times they also have Sunday brunches.
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