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CBD BelapurNavi Mumbai  

  • 02227563830, 02227563831, 02227563832
  • Hilton Centre, Plot No. 66, Sector II, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai
  • Indian

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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Indulge Reviews

kaktusbar - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 31,2012



i visited indulge last night & i found that they r chiting whtever prizes they have mensiond on website about bar which is alll fake.
i will never visit again indulge in my life they have mentioned pint beer for 100 & charging 230rpees which is unbelivbsable. bigggg no to indulgeee nowwwwwwwwwwww



Misleading experience

My friends and I decided to book Indulge for a farewell party this April.

The place is quite nice and very club-like. We were promised the best of service, good food and discounted drinks.

What we actually got was a misleading photo of the club in neon interiors so we expected it to be like one of Mumbai's big lounges and bars.
That is still okay.

What really ticked us off was that the drinks were still expensive, the music was repetitive and the buffet counter that we arranged for closed very early.
Not really lived up to our expectations.
It's pathetic really. But I really hope they do better 'cause it's one of the lounges that people can actually go to.


Gopur - Burrp User


13 Reviews

August 24,2011


Good Food and Ambience

This place at the start of Palm Beach Road. I have been to the restaurant section so will be able to comment on the same.

Food here is good. Starters were not that great but decent enough. The best thing was the Indian Main course which was really good one. One recommendation would be Veg Tawa from the same.
They don't have wide variety of deserts.

Staff is really good and quick in service.

Overall a good bet if want to try some thing new in Navi Mumbai.


indulge rocks

iam regular here last one year during 2nd and 3rd saturdays of the month the place has good crowd pint beer is 145 pls takes
go for imported single wisky glenlivet etc its 200 for 30 ml
according to the most up scale lounge in navi mumbai



Dont Indulge

Went to Indulge on 11th Mar 2010, the food and drinks were good, but the DJ sucked, he had loads of attitude telling us that we dont understand music, was not at all friendly, we gave a written suggestion about changing the DJ if they need crowd to come in, which we were told will be forwarded to the manager and the owner, but I am sure it must have not reached the owner and must be somewhere in the dustbin.


rockthej - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 05,2009


awesome experience.

i went to indulge for the first time this saturday night.heard alot about the place and lot of people suggested me to go there so finally decided to check it out myself.i was shocked to see such a happening party in navi mumbai.the enrgy the music everythin was great.would love to come back regularly for sure as they keep doing different things and i am so happy that now i dont have to drive to town anymore to get a decent cheers to indulge.keep up the good work..


Well boring and boring

The place has a good ambience, but the music is just BOOORRIINNGGGGGGG...............
Get a life Mr. DJ.
The staff is another pain in the @*S....if you order something , in return they will come back with options to you.

The celebrities hep that this place has given....well all TV serials stars come to come and spend a day in nearby kotel -- K-Star ot the park ......
Get real 'Indulge' or INLUST.....


letsgo - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 20,2009


a blessing for navi mumbai

im a regular at indulge and have absolutley fallen in love with the place.navi mumbai always needed a night club and indulge is the answer.
its plays all different kinds of music which is good so u never get bored.its really rockin on a saturday nite and energy is very high.
drinks n food are good and reasonable.
as a regular i wanta see more n more ppl goin there as i know they will also like me fall in love with indulge.
its all abt havin some fun a good time at the end of it and insulge is the answer to that.


Oops! In a single word "TOTAL BAKWAAS"

I do not know why people like the Indulge, but i have a really horrible experience here.

First of all food is disaster even they do not know how to prepare i think.

Second the staff is total confused. When we ordered some drink with soda and some water they serve water in the JUG(like highways DHABAS) can u imagine ...

Drinks are really so expensive not a worth full. Music is average.

Even if u have the last choice of Indulge to go i even suggest its better to sit in home and enjoyed i bet u will get more fun then going Indulge....


Good ambience

i had been here for 31st night, although da party started a bit late i mean late by half n hour but it went till 4 in da morning. though i was completely sloshed as da drinks were on da rocks i had a good time over there.

da service is excellent with dam good ambience. but it was a bit crowdy still da crowd was better dan other pubs.



one more good option

Indulge is very good. I have been going there regularly for amlost 3 month. I like the music there.

Guys there is one more good place which fould very appealing. I think it is the biggest louge bar in navi mumbai.


great place

this place is one of a kind here in navi mumbai.its got some great food.great music and great ambience.some lovely cocktails and shots.all in all id say a must visit.absolutely worth it.