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J Kart

Khar WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 09833790043, 02240063004
  • Shop No. 2, Besides Olive Restaurant, Union Park, Near Carter Rd, Khar (W)
  • Juice

3 Reviews / 3 Ratings

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J Kart Reviews

boss21 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

November 10,2009



the juice center is a fraud , veges not washed , use of tap water and calls its miniral water tries to give his 1 buck knowledge about health and juices, he even got kicked out from golds gym ... alot of people have fallen sick dude to his juices..... be aware... no difference him and a road side hawkker,,,, just big talks from j karts , the owner even has under age kids work



Good people...Amazing job!!!

The bad part about my kind of eating out is the large percentage of sebaceous, sugar surfaced, oil floated, deep fried, cheese topped dishes that taste good and have become an instant choice at most of the places I frequent.

I don't know about my fellow burrpers as food habits are different amongst individuals but there are a large number of people i'm sure....who get babied by the choices that we have on our menus across eateries that all of us frequent on a day to day basis...

Lekin fir, mujhe mila J Kart.... juices, salads, soups, fruits, kiwis, strawberries, aloe vera shots, wheatgrass shots, spirulina, avla, tulsi, papaya, carrot, cabbage, parsley, beet, celery, cucumber, lemon, honey, soups, sandwiches, fruit bowls.................this place has enough to throw the health minister out of his job.

J Kart is small in terms of size but its operations are praiseworthy....not less then 250 - 300 registered customers (and growing) in and around their vicinity wake up everyday with fresh juices, spirulina / wheatgrass shots delivered fresh in ready to drink bottles.

It is also truly wonderful when we have a close look at what they offer, their cleanliness and presentation, promptness in their service, monthly plans, friendliness etc. the list is healthy like their business..

Way to go J Kart....!!! Keep serving those sexy mixes!!!!


Excellent fresh juice blends

J Kart offers an almost unlimited menu of fresh juices, with lots of recommendations for tasty and healthy combinations.

The owners, Anupam and Rachna, are really friendly and you'll find them behind the counter every day. It's a small operation but it's got a big reach -- you can have juices delivered or sign up for their monthly plan to have fresh juice every day.

Most juices are around Rs. 45 or so. I recommend the orange-sweet lime-pineapple combo, or one of their more exotic combos with spirulina or spinach(!).