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> > > > Jai Hind Lunch Home

Jai Hind Lunch Home

Dadar WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 4 MORE LOCATIONS


25 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Jai Hind Lunch Home Reviews





Sea FOOD slurrrrp!!!!

its one of the best places to have sea food.. I love the stuffed bombil here.....bombil stuffed with prawns..amazing! butter garlic prawns is another thing worth trying..prawns pulao and any fish fry makes it a perfect lunch :) slightly expensive but worth it..


mayureshms - Burrp User


14 Reviews

December 06,2013






South Indian with a Twist

Amazing.....Delicious....Munchy....Heart of Seafood Lovers....and cherry on top they serve liquor to.
Must have their...Stuffed Bombils...
All sea-food is fresh...mutton is really can even chew the bones....chicken goan curry is worth having and in fish prawns hirwa masala or pomfret gassi..

Neer Dosa.....Yummy..I eat 6 of them....but still do not fill tummy full...

Also try their Malwani Moksh Cocktail...Solkadhi and Vodka.....



Nice Food

Had been here with my Friends for treat Lovely menu and nice taste with handsome qualty & qnty.Would recommened it.


Awesome food! but the staff is very rude!

Awesome food! delicious and fresh fish.. we regularly visit here.. but the staff -at all times, is equally rude!!


Great Food !!!

Had tried out the Mangalorian Chicken Thali , and was all that i expected a spicy hot Chicken curry . with a separate portion of rassa, green chilli pickle, 3 chapatis, coconut chutney. and a portion of rice, along with Kokum Kadi. Felt like home cooked food!!!! was extra spicy for my Palate though, also has nice varity for sea food lovers, will suerly come back .


oxycheese - Burrp User


4 Reviews

January 15,2011


Horrible and ridicuously expensive

this place is a rip off...rates are astronimical and quality is below average..waiters are rude and will treat you with respect only if u r regular bakra n shell out decent is much hyped place..Even if one has money to waste then he/she can splurge at better places at lower parel for food


Nauzer  - Burrp User


54 Reviews

August 26,2010


Bad food. Super uncomfy. Super crowded

Why does everyone seem to like this place? Is it because there is no similar joint nearby ? Why is it so crowded ?

I am comparing this with Fishland.

Fishland and Jai Hind are both nearby to my office.

I am giving Jai Hind 1 star compared to 5 stars for Fishland

I went to Jai Hind a month back. The food at Jai Hind we had was some green fish curry and mutton vindaloo along with neer dosas. All of them were nothing great. Not at all....

Since it is suppose to be crowded during office lunch hours. I went by 1230 or so. But still had to sit in a badly cramped place and had to endure about half an hour for food to arrive.

Though it is cheap compared to lower parel fancy restaurants, it is still a lot costlier than fishland.

I saw people standing outside with menus to order, so that they get the food on table.. when they get the table...

Bad..... I dont think I will go there...unless my office is right in front of it... or if fishland closes down.


absolutely worth it!

End of the month? Tight pockets and still want to eat nice food outside? Well then, this is the place to be!
I have been to this place some 8-9 times already, and i have NEVER been disappointed. The neer dosas just melt in your mouth...the fish gassi and chettinad chicken are simply amazing. I always teem it up with sol kadi, which is just perfect. And with all this, you end up spending some 400-500 bucks for 2!
Must try!


Best seafood in south mumbai

I've become a fan of this place.I've had following items here,
1) prawns ajidana with neer dosa,
2)chicken vindaloo ( very tangy )
3)pomfret fry,
4)surmai gassi
4)mutton saguti.
All of the above items are excellent besides vindaloo and i am sure other items in the menu must be tasty as well.
So next time you feel an urge to have seafood head to jaihind lunch home as they serve good quality food at reasonable price.



fishy joint..

not in a negative way, this place simply rocks... be it pulimunchi, ajadina, hirvaa prawns, tandoor prawns, neer dosas.. anythin and everythin is soo very fresh n tasty.. even the non-seafood stuff..

well its high time they dish out some new dishes (as far as i remember their menu has remained unchanged for 4 years or so)..

but in the meantime, enjoy their coastal fare.. you'll never regret it..


Kickass food

My sister and we were very hungry when we got to this place. We didnt even look at the Punjabi stuff mentioned in the menu. Went directly for the Main course.

Ordered Pulimunchi Prawns -slightly dry red gravy with neer dosa...the dosa was so soft. yummy. We also ordered Chicken Saguti with Malvani Vade (think these were made of udad). They were perfect together - the gravy of the Saguti and the crispiness of the vada in counterpoint.

Paid about 540 bucks incl the excellent Sol Kadi served at this place ....definite visit again


ghar ka khana

had been to this place with friends. ordered for chicken thali, mutton thali, fish thali, bheja masala, solkadi. everything was good. decently priced. neer dosa was superb.

a must try.



Shame Hind!

An Average food joint which is famous only coz of the nearby office locality & especially those people who dont know the real taste of the Maharastriyan costal food!
Rates are also very high!!!


Good Food...Not So Much on Delivery

Great on food, but they should do away with the "Home Delivery " tag, coz they don't do it and even if they do, they mix up orders.



A complete treat..

This place rocks. Sea food is a speciality and the chicken dishes too are yummy. The vegetarian fare is equally good. The Sol Kadhi is tastier than Bacardi breezer.

The prices are very reasonable. It is a place you would like to visit again and again and again.....



I have repeated this place a number of times and have been mostly satisfied. One trick is to match the main course with the side orders correctly. Like Neer Dosas go with most MangloreanKarnataka dishes... not with Bengali Malai Chingri (Prawns in cream) Order parathas with that.

Service leaves a lot to be desired, but a little Marathi will help you. Also don't stick to your waiter, catch anyone near you to help you with any orders.

TRY: Bharla Bombil, Patra ni Machhi, Prawns Adijani, Sol-kadi
AVOID: Chicken Vindaloo.
This is primarily sea-food place but have heard good comments about the veggie stuff here too.


Jai Hind, Jai Burrp

For the best non-veg in this part of town (i.e. Lower Parel) this is the place to be. The food is excellent, it's also decently priced. But eat a chicken/mutton gravy dish with some neer dosa's and wow!! I've been here, I've ordered food in office from here and day-am it's good!

All in all, I give it a great recommend to go to and try or even order at wherever you are.


excellent food

really stumpous sea food at value bargain price

had a prawn adajaini with neer dosa n a the best tandoori grill fish alongwith soul kadi

on the down side seating aint good and the service has space to improve

but then after a delicious meal all you can say is" jai hind"


Seafood at best value !

Excellent place for trying out seafood - but you need to have lots & lots of time if going there for weekday lunch. Queue is there for atleast 20-30 mins. Best part is you order while you wait, its served within 5 mins of your getting a seat. Prawn Ajinada is the best dish, alongwith Prawn / Pomfret Fry. DOn't have chicken or mutton, though the butter chicken is quite excellent.

Waiters are completely indifferent and terrible if you order for take-away. They kept serving the customers and made me wait for 1/2hr - ONLY for stupid Neer Dosas. No apologies or anything ... pathetic customer orientation, but I will go there for food only


Tastes like home-cooked food

Jai Hind serves tasty malwani food at reasonable rates. I love the stuffed bombil here...havnt had it anywhere..its bombil stuffed with prawns...absolutely amazing!! I'm burping already! :-D The bangda fry, neer dosa & sol kadhi are good too!


Amazing jaihind

Our office used to be very near to eat and we used to order/eat from/at JaiHind daily and for good reason. It is a gem! Very very good food and prompt service. Konkani dishes are all awesome. Chicken and mutton biryani is as good as it gets. Aloo mutter is almost like home made. Mutton vindaloo is hot and spicy. And icing on the cake is that it is extremely affordable. In fact I do not remember any dish they serve I do not like. For me it is the best value for money you can get.


Coastal Concoctions Delight!

This gem sits directly opposite Kamla Mills Compound on increasingly busy and bustling SB Marg in Lower Parel. It's a small place, that can probably seat about 30 people at once, and there is always a line for lunch patrons - and for good reason. While Jaihind offers a respectable variety of vegetarian dishes, it is their Coastal menu that they are known for. Surmai, Prawns, Rawas, Pomfret - you name it, they've got it, and different preparations as well! Everything from Konkani, to Malvani, one can be assured of getting high quality Coastal cuisine here. Try the Hirvaa Prawns with a few steaming hot Neer Dosas and you'll be left sucking the sauce out with a straw!

Highly recommended, especially for a gut-busting lunch - you will leave this place quite full.


Jai Coastal!

I have been to this place ever since it was 'literally' nothing more than a Lunch Home. Usually, when such 'holes in the wall' slicken up - the quality of the food drops to a large extent. Fortunately this place, even though has been pimped out the food has the same authenticity! The interiors are basic and comfortable, the seating layout does a pretty good job so as to cater to larger groups of six to four to a couple.

I'll start with the menu, I was particularly impressed since it had a lot to say about how sensitive they were to this family of cuisines. The menu was divided by region:

1.) Coastal Karnataka,
2.) Goan,
3.) Konkan Belt,
4.) Malwani - is your mouth watering already? I was totally drooling by the last page... ;-)

Now for the order:
1 Chicken Saguti Rs 80
1 Ajadina Prawns Rs 90 (Dry & spicy)
2 Chaas @ 20 each Rs 40
3 Neer Dosa @ 30 each Rs 90
Total Rs 338 with taxes.

The food was more than yummy, the Adjina Prawns are highly recommended. It was one of the most VFM meals have had in a long time.

With the quality of food and especially their pricing, entities like Mahesh Lunch home will get wiped out from this planet.

As i sign-off, I will keep wishing that my office one day shifts to Lower Parel :-)


Tasty malvani food.

Great food value for money. Thier butter prawns, Stuffed bombils are amazing. Don't mind taking a drive to Lower parel (from Santacruz) to get there. PArking is an issues ...but worth it ..:)

Food : 4/5
Ambience : 3/5
Service : 3/5
Cost : 4/5


shruti2212 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 18,2007


Amazing food- value for money

This place has grown and come a long way from a small joint to the spic restaurant.

Food standards have been maintained, and the true authentic - marathi/ konkani/ coastal food is a haven for all the foodies.

The Prawn pulimuchi with the neer dosa is worth a try all under Rs.150/- is an ideal meal . The Goan fish curry , vade, bhakhari , chicken vindaloo, bangda fry are just too yummy.

Its definitely worth a try for the cost ....