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Nascimento Pinto - Burrp User

Nascimento Pinto

July 15,2015

Good fish food

It is one of the most famous places in the area and is a really good place for fish.

We had the common fish tikka. It was really tasty. We also tasted another fish, though can't remember now but is really good.

It is a famous place for all people coming to Linking Road in the evening and is a must-try.
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akanshakhanna  - Burrp User


May 26,2014

Fabulous Fish Fry

Jai jawan offers the yummiest possible punjabi food! The butter chicken and fish fry are my favorites! The place gets very crowded and its not easy to find parking thus its safe to reach 30 minutes prior.. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan!
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pranaly_g - Burrp User


May 15,2014

Jai Jawan Jai Kissan !

This place may not have a place to sit, but the food at this place just makes up for it all. Their specialty though is prawns and fish. The onions and chutney served alongwith are a no-fail accompaniment! You sure are ,missing out on something if you are a non-vegetarian and haven't been here!
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Rati Mehra - Burrp User

Rati Mehra

May 13,2014

Ideal place for non-vegetarians

Jai jawan is the most quirky place for chicken and fish eaters. Its best if you call in for home delivery. Its run by a sikh family so one can imagine the quality and the taste of chicken . Its butter chicken, roasted chicken , fish tikka , fried fish and chicken malai tikka are all dishes to crave for. The food is of proper mughalai north indian taste and the meat is perfectly cooked ...neither too hard nor too soft. Its appropriate for people with punjabi palletes. Coming on to the vegetarian dishes, paneer tikka masala, butter paneer masala, maa ki daal, paneer tikka dry are some amazing dishes to yearn for. Do order to enjoy and get lost into the yummilicious punjabi mughalai food.
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Mr_Moeez - Burrp User


March 16,2014

ek number Paaji, Oye !!!

amazing seafood served with the best cost ;) have made number of visits over the years and i bet the taste remains the same and it is for this taste you want to come more the next time :) PaPaji rocks ;)
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shraddhagupta83 - Burrp User


January 04,2014

Good food for the shoppers at Linking Road

Jai Jawan can be easily located at Linking Road. It is always a pleasure to visit this place after long hours of shopping. This place offers one of the best Fish Koliwada in Bandra. I enjoy their Ravas and Prawn Koliwada. However, I feel they can be better in taste as far as Tandoori Chicken is concerned.
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Rohit Khopkar - Burrp User

Rohit Khopkar

September 10,2013


This is a combined review for the one in Bandra & their outpost in Lokhandwala. It was my wife who first introduced me to this place (turns out my brother has been a fan for many years!!!), one taste of their tandoori chicken & fried fish & I was hooked to their food!!! Both outlets are basically quick service over the counter outlets, though they do have a Jai Jawan express which has opened in Oshiwara which is a seated restaurant. The service is prompt, though they are always busy but still it takes no longer than 20 to 25 minutes for your order, the food is fresh & lip smackingly delicious. There are times when my wife & I did not want to eat at home so we have driven down all the way from Juhu to either of the outlets to take away some food!!! Now living in Pune, I really miss this place, the prices too are reasonable, and the portions are substantial. Do try their food, its mouth watering!!!
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Nemesis - Burrp User


August 08,2013


Visited after years and forgot how good the food tasted! Earlier I had only tasted the Paneer Tikka (which is delicious by the way), so I tried a couple of other dishes on the menu (dal makhani and veg biryani), both of which were really nice too.
Though I am a vegetarian so I can't speak for the non-veg personally, I have friends who love non-veg and they go crazy about the food here.
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Lizy Dsouza - Burrp User

Lizy Dsouza

July 25,2013


O the mesmerising fragrance of roasted chicken can engage your senses and grab your attention if your close to Linking road Bandra and force you into indulging in an enticing meal! Jai Jawan the overly crowded place that serves filling portions of mouth watering delicacies never fails to impress
The food is delicious, the ambiance who cares, the service needs to a little more worked upon and the prices are quite acceptable for a tummy filling meal!
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Akshay Kharat - Burrp User

Akshay Kharat

July 24,2013

Good food and no shenanigans.

As all the other reviews go, without a doubt, this place has one of the best tandoori chicken in Mumbai. The owners and the servers are very humble and respectful people. The food is very easy on your wallet but undoubtedly delicious. I stay in the US and every time I visit Mumbai I have to eat at JJ.
Signing off,
Loyal customer for 20 years.
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Alren Pinto - Burrp User

Alren Pinto

June 19,2013


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October 23,2012

awesome tandoori

a must visit for tandoori lovers. their tandoori chicken tikka and seekh kebabs are mouth watering. quick service and always bustling with activity being a famous road side outlet.
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Foodiegourmet - Burrp User


July 14,2012

Finger Licking Good!

Jai Jawan's fried prawns and fried fish with pav n chutney are so tempting that we are compelled to drive all the way from Colaba to quench this hunger! Waiting in the ever increasing crowd for 15 -20 minutes is a pain but the arrival of the fresh and piping hot food makes up for it.
Be warned....parking is a pain and you may need to park on the opposite side of the road but the boys do deliver the food there albeit later than usual.
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Shambhavi123 - Burrp User


May 16,2012


JJ or Jai Jawan can easily bring water in ones mouth and can force them to stop by its stall by simply giving out the aroma of their food.Koliwada prawn, FIsh, Mutton and chicken seekh kebab are my personal favourite and their tenderness and taste can win anyones heart.
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Mohammed Abdul Latif - Burrp User

Mohammed Abdul Latif

April 08,2010

Wah! Wah! Balle! Balle!

If you go shopping at Linking Road, missing out on a quick bite at Jai Jawans amounts to a sin. There is no equivalent to their excellent fish fry and chicken tikka. This place occupies a special place in my heart. As college goers, we use to hit this quaint little eatery almost every weekend.
Great value for money. Lovely food and very very tasty tandoori chicken, koliwada fry!
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deepak9000 - Burrp User


February 15,2010

jai ho!!!!

the mouth watering starters are awesome , their prawns & fish fry are oily but great on taste each time i have them i feel like coming back very soon for more . the tandoori chicken is sooo tender & tasty. it's a must visit & their new place on 14th road is a great place to sit & eat.
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Pratibha Alexander - Burrp User

Pratibha Alexander

January 28,2010


Prawns Koliwada,Chicken Tikka and Fish fry are absolutely recommended!

Ps: Too much of oil,and,in the case,you don't give a hoot about the oil and the calories,then,this is heaven for you:P
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Harish Advani - Burrp User

Harish Advani

January 28,2010


This place opens up by 7 in the evening. If you don't go quick you won't get to try most of the things on their menu. The tikka's and kebabs get over by 8 - 8 30 due to high demand. Otherwise its a very good place to go eat considering its a roadside stall.
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Chandni Tolani - Burrp User

Chandni Tolani

January 20,2010

Slurrp! Slurrp!

Jai Jawan ki Jai jaikaar!
I simply love and relish the food from Jai Jawaan... The chicken is amazingly amazing! The chicken is perfectly spiced and really tender. It is a take away place so don't even think about standing there and eating... It is always super crowded and before you know the food is over. Try the Chicken Tikka and tandoori, its really delicious.
If these guys start their own restaurant I'm sure they'll give some of the best restaurants a run for their money!
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vacky_v - Burrp User


November 24,2009

b(e)utter chicken

stayed most of life in amritsar...even the best of chicken in mumbai doesnt taste good enough...Jai Jawan's butter chicken comes close butter chicken when I dont have to pay much...at other places its jst chicken with butter on it...Jai Jawan makes it nice and creamy...always go there when ever I feel like having good creamy butter chicken...
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rashmi sahay - Burrp User

rashmi sahay

November 09,2009

if food matters

well these kind of places are onlyknown for their food, good food and they serve it in the car so thts convenient ...
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Animesh Dwivedi - Burrp User

Animesh Dwivedi

August 10,2009

Best roadside food

Ambience: You must be kidding! Its a road side stall. So put leave your inhibitions back home and hog here if you have a strong stomach to eat some awesome tasty food.

Food: Its all about this! I am a sucker for Liver fry and that was the reason I went to this place. Top it off with almost-the-best Tandoori Chicken and its a delight. Only a foodie would go and eat there. For some reason they don't have a chain and one won't understand why. Food is absolutely awesome and doesn't hurt your pocket.

Final word: I will go there every evening I am on Linking Road.
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Sushim Saini - Burrp User

Sushim Saini

April 08,2009

Really Nice Tandoori Chicken

If you are found of Tandoori chicken u must visit that place. A gr8 tandoori chicken with some more good option like seek kabab etc...

I must say Its the best Chicken i had in Mumbai :D
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Mohan Naidu - Burrp User

Mohan Naidu

March 23,2009

For all the jawans...

Oh man i have already started stickin my tongue out.....
the most delicious food i had in my whole lifetime...
a must when i visit bandra....
nothin to criticize bout it...if u dunt blve me jus stand outside the stall after 7 in the eve....and ull knoe wad m talkin bout...
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Abhinav Arora - Burrp User

Abhinav Arora

November 25,2008

Best Tandoori Chicken

This place has the best Tandoori Chicken, outside of Punjab. No wonder its called the national bird of Punjab :D
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athakur - Burrp User


July 15,2008

Great Sea Food

I am fan of Jai Jawan from childhood and his Seafood are awesome. I love his Prawns and Fish, though Chiken Kababs are okay. Ambience is not great but for the price I will rate this place 10 out of 10.
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Flavs D Foodieee' - Burrp User

Flavs D Foodieee'

April 20,2008

Punjaby style Fisshy plc..

For those shopping on linking road,.. d only reason to stop shopping will be the aroma of the fish all around link road..
It serves the yummiest punjabi kinda fish prep. Rawas, prawns.. etc.. d list is endless. Place is always crowded so a parcel wud be the best. Those people consciousof crowd pls dun make a visit.. D rest can have a blast.. coz its truly lip smacking..
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Sudha Poojary - Burrp User

Sudha Poojary

December 19,2016

Mouthwatering Kebabs

We ordered chicken seekh kebab the taste is excellent and the kebabs melt in your mouth. must try and I love the taste quantity and rates.
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