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> > > > Jain Subkuchh Food Plaza

Jain Subkuchh Food Plaza

Malad WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02228755555, 02228760000, 02228792959, 02265187529
  • Subkuchh Complex, Off Link Road, Malad West, Mumbai
  • Indian, South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 500

16 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Jain Subkuchh Food Plaza Reviews






Midnight place

only food joint in this area which is open till 1 am and can take care of your hunger pangs at that hour...and not just with any food but with some tasty fast food...although a little overpriced for the place and ambience...


vsk299 - Burrp User


19 Reviews

August 25,2013


Pure Jain Food

It has all types of veg food available. Be it South Indian or North Indian or Chinese, everything is there and all are very good. Lots of chaat options are also present. Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Shezwan Rice, Pav Bhaji, Biryani, etc etc. It also has authentic Gujarati Thali available. And on top of it, all at very reasonable price. The ambiance is fine and may not be very attractive. Its a regular dining place with good food. Service is fine. Thank you






Haven for Vegetarians

I had been craving for some good food since long while I had recently shifted to Mumbai. Subkuchh plaza gives you a plethora of options to eat if you are a strict vegetarian....the food here is outstanding and the service is super fast. The Pani-Puri here is superb and to add to that it is prepared with bisleri water.

The Paneer Tikka here is very nice and all other items taste good...

Punjabi food was satisfactory as it didnt have that authentic preparation.


Tasty Veg. Food

I have been here more than 50 times , arranged my sons birthday party, and few more big events too. Amazing place for food and events too. Landmark Location. Must Visit. They will not disappoint you.


Craving good vegetarian home style food be here!

Yes, truly said this is the place to be if you wish to have good vegetarian, hygienic and authentic home-style food. and to top it all the paneer tikkas are truly sumptuous.
The price of the meals is pocket friendly and the service is nice.
The main course is fuller and has just the right mix of combinations.
So, when you wish to have something like NEAT and YUM please be here


Good Food..Good Ambience

Liked the place..Thali..was good..Starters were good..Service was good..don't miss the Welcome Chhas..


Not much to say - SIMPLY AWESOME

SIMPLY AWESOME, OUTSTANDING, AWESOME SERVICE, The owners seem really interested in serving the customer well. Keep up the good work



The Place for Rajasthani/Marwadi food

Felt like having thali today and decided to try out Sabkuchh instead of my regular Rajdhani. Though we went there expecting a typical Gujarati thali, a different experience was in store for us.

The menu of the day comprised of the following:

Dhokla Sandwich, Veg. Cutlet
Dahi Vada
Alu Dum, Paneer Kadhai
Bhindi Fry, Chana Masala
Dal & Kadhi
Phulka, Bhakri, Bajra Roti, Thepla
Rice & Khichdi
Doodhi Halwa, Chamcham
& accompaniments (Chutneys, salad etc.)

The key difference between Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine is that while the former is on the sweeter side, the latter is very hot and spicy. Sabkuchh's food scored just right on the spiciness parameter and all dishes were yum. The only thing we missed was the "gatte ki sabzi" which is so staple of Rajasthani food and ought to be on the menu. Maybe they hadn't made it that day, but then again, something like this should be a part of the menu daily.

And lovers of Gujarati food need not worry 'coz they have option for Gujarati dal and kadhi also.

Service Was pretty quick an efficient. They end the meal with a delicious "meetha paan". The furniture and napkins look worn out - probably with good use :) - time for furbishment perhaps.

A good experience overall and definitely worth repeat visits.


The Best Rajasthani Thali

The Best Rajasthani Thali in town. Un-doubtly the best service with excellent food. Though I am a hardcore meat lover do not miss the opportunity to visit this place. The variety and ambiance is amazing. The paneer recipe is priceless. I would recommend this for all Burpers


Great paneer!!! Average chaat

The paneer here is awesome, we drive all-the-way only for the paneer tikka! always fresh!

Veg Crispy was below average and Pani Puri was so so (Love the one at Surbhi - Goregaon W)

Rates for some items are exceptionally high!

You will find a guy trying to drive you to the restaurant (away from the self-service) Don't fall for it, same food - brought to your table and charged in excess!

They accept Meal vouchers/coupons [Ticket for sure]



Excellent paneer

One of the best paneer starters you can get in the western suburbs. They have a decent fast food counter. Amazing offer they had (when i visited a year ago) was a free treat for senior citizens on their birthday / wedding anniversaries. Greatly appreciate their gesture.
I am not sure if the thali joint is also run by the same concern. I visited there too. Excellent thali where they serve phulkas (a rarity amongst most thali restaurants). would love to take mumbai visitors to this place again!


Food at its best

From South to North Indian and Chinese the food served here is amazing. Pani puri, Triple Shezwan Rice, Pav Bhaji, Hyderabadi Biryani, Veg Patiala you name it and you get it. Thali is one place where they cater ghar ka lajawab khana at a very decent price.

The only regret is Patti Samosa which you'll get only at Surabhee, Goregaon Station (West).

All in all, Indian Veg. at its best!!!


Flies all over, bad service,30% increase in prices

I have been going to this place quite often as everything has been good about it...the food, the service, the rates, location(very near to where I stay).

But yesterday for the first time I had a not so pleasant experience.

First they have increased the rates by good 20-30% in these recessionary times.

Second, the basement AC section was fully of flies.

Third, the service was totally pathetic. We had to literally call him 10 times for basic things like water, spoons, plates etc etc.

In the end after finishing, for good 15 minutes no one came to either ask whether we want anything or even to clear the tables.

In the end, we were fumed, skipped desserts and went right to the counter to pay the bill, and give the manager a piece of my mind.

Rate increased were totally unjustified and plus this kind of service.

Yes,Food was good, but then there is a reason why we go out and not home deliver always. Isn't it ?

I guess its time for me to look for some new places.


Sabkuchh milta hai

Reach there by 5 pm. Try their hot batata vada, samosa & bhajiya with pav or alone, follow it up with pani puri (chilled water) , ragda pattice or any other chaat. eat, pay, Go home.......

Reach there by 8 pm. Go & sit in the open air place, order idli, vada, dosa, uttapam, sandwich, pav bhaji juice, eat, pay up & go home.

Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon, reach by 12 noon go inside walk up(mind your head) sit down in AC try the punjabi stuff, pav bhaji & other exotic items, eat till you are stuffed, pay, waddle down, check out the sweet counter, taste some of them free, eat a gulab jamun or ras malai, step outside have a paan & go home

Then only can you claim SUBKUCHH THEEK SE KHAYA aur bahut mazaa aaya



Vegetarian lover's delight

This place located just across the road from the InOrbit mall is very inviting to any serious foodie. The place is divided into two parts. One part is the shop where they have air-conditioned seating, the other part is the outside part where you seat in the open under an awning.

They serve pretty much everything vegetarian that you can possibly dream of. Chaat, Chinese, Punjabi, Desserts, Juices etc. They've got it all covered.

We had a pani-puri and it surely did rival the stuff you get at Kailash Parbat in Andheri. Next we had a Delhi Chaat. Again, superbly done and tasty to the core.

By the time we relished the above dishes we were quite full. But not to be outdone by our stomach, we ordered Pav Bhaji. Which was again excellent.

The only problem were the unbehaved kids that were part of some large group. But that obviously is no the restaurant's problem. The waiter did his best to silence the kids, but couldn't.

The AC seating area is a bit cramped, but tolerable.

Overall they get full marks for the outstanding food and service.


Khushnaz  - Burrp User


22 Reviews

September 08,2007


Subkuchh Khao!

We've tried this place a number of times over the past three years, and find the food consistently good.

Just finished a very satisfying meal from this restaurant, delivered home. I'm pleased to say that not only was the food tasty and freshly made as usual, but was delivered well within 20 minutes on a Saturday night. Full marks for home delivery, considering that the place is so popular on weekends, one has to wait for an average of 20 - 30 minutes for a table at the restaurant itself!

We ordered a paneer palak (Rs 55), Alu Gobi (Rs 35), 6 chapatis (Rs 6 each) and a Methi Paratha (Rs 35); the total bill came to Rs 171, with tip. Very good value for money.

They also have a wide selection of chaat items and basic Chinese, both of which I've never tried, but judging by the crowds, seem to be very popular. Their Pav-Bhaji is also very tasty, with a generous helping priced at Rs 45.

Khishdi fans will love their hot and yummy Dal Khichdi.

There is also a huge very well-stocked shop with namkeens and Indian sweets; plan to try those out soon.

**The Burrp Team might wish to include the direct number for the sweet shop in the restaurant contact details above- 6518 7529.