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> > > Java Espresso Coffee Co

Java Espresso Coffee Co

Pali Hill  

  • 02226432112, 09867316781
  • Surf, ground floor, 3-C, , Pali Mala Road, Pali Hill, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Snacks

5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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Java Espresso Coffee Co Reviews

Jay  - Burrp User


51 Reviews

April 18,2010


a change from candies....

this is a place if u need a break from candies which is the best place in bandra to visit..

nothing great about this place but nothing bad either...

the food n quality was very good, also a good care had been take to details... try the smiles... nothin great in taste .. but very cute...

very very good, the servers were polite n understood the order promptly . they also dint get the cheque in a hurry... they waited for request to proceed ahead with the payment

simple , but non ac... which can be fatal in this summer..
so avoid the afternoons n eveniings

reasonable n nothin objectionable

over all , if u need a change from andora, thebroma , candies n mac craig... try this


Excellent and Cheap :D

Java Espresso is cozy little coffee-house in the same building as Citi Centre, a fashion store. It’s just ahead of the Pali Market on the road that goes towards Carter Road. There a sign board directing patrons to the coffee shop, it cannot be missed.

Once there, it is easy to know why people have a difficulty finding this place. It is located inside a residential building complex and hence has a homely atmosphere. There is ample seating space and we chose the one closest to the gate. Even while we were so close to the gate the settings were cozy and once seated we completely lost track of the time and didn’t realise when 4 hours flew by!

Since we were here for coffee, first up we ordered for our coffees including a Classic Mocha (Dark chocolate based coffee), coffee caramel and some starters to go with it, a Java Basket.

The Classic Mocha here is highly recommended. A rich blend of coffee and dark chocolate made this an instant addiction for me and Rock Chic. The rest tried the Coffee Caramelo which was good as well.

To go with our coffees and conversations, we tried the Java Basket. The basket included perfectly fried French fries and potato wedges. We ordered for two baskets later on as well. The highlight for us was the smile faces which echoed the mood of the gang.

The basket though really good, wasn’t going to fill the hungry tummies of 6 people. So some of us went ahead and ordered some sandwiches and Croissants. I ordered the Chicken Sandwich and a Chicken Croissant. While the sandwich was not worth its salt, the croissant was really good. The sandwich had tomato sauce and small chicken pieces and wasn’t really what I had expected. The croissant on the other hand was stuffed with chicken though it wasn’t exactly like the ones you get at Cheron.

Though the food ranged from good to average, it was all worth it, for the prices at Java Espresso are quite reasonable. Between the six of us, we spent less than INR 100 per person, a figure unheard of at coffee jaunts across Mumbai. Great prices coupled with good ambiance makes Java Espresso my favourite coffee house for the month!


katsam - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 04,2010


Nice !!!!

good to spend some quiet time n unwind... coffee's really good especially d ginger bread latte... located in a nice isolated corner of pali...d place is good to spend a quiet cuddly noon with a loved one....


aquafatz - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 14,2010



It"s a quiet little romantic place!!
A nice change from the crowded candies.
The staff is very courteous.
We tried a drink called envy which totally gets a thumbs up but the berry blast(cranberry) was a complete disaster.
Fans are a must.....because it tends to get very hot.
Considering the fact that they have just opened up...its not bad.
I cant wait to go back after a month and see if there are any changes!!


Espresso Impresso!

Pali Hill has another awesome hangout.. Java Espresso, is located up the hill, a few metres away from the famous Candies . Passerbys can easily miss it as it shares the premises of a building and can be quite difficult to find.

By the look of it, Java Espresso appears to be a shady cafe with nothing great about it.. But once you enter the seating area, you'll be pleasantly surprised. It is the coziest cafe ever and is absolutely reasonable. We had a Cafe Caramelo which costs Rs36 and a Chicken Tikka Sandwich which was for Rs33. Soft music and books on the shelf are some other things that would probably attract you towards this hidden gem.

I simply loved the place and can't wait to go there once again!!


Grind & Unwind

Bandra is the one place that can pride itself on having the best cafes in the city. Homely and simple, they have an unmistakable charm. Joining the list is Java Espresso Coffee Company on Pali Mala Road.

The cafe is tucked away in one of the quaint lanes of Bandra, and is quite difficult to locate. It is uphill on the same road as Sante, Soul Fry and Gondola. Walk straight to the pastry counter and you'll see only two small tables and a boutique to the right hand side. Is that it? No, there's more. Walk back a couple of meters, go through another entrance. Lo and behold! It transports you to the most romantic little hideout in Bandra...

The open-air ambiance has comfortable cane seating. Tiny wooden steps lead to an elevated seating area. There are a few tables for large groups, the others mainly for couples. The cafe is ideal for a quiet date with the laptop; it is fully wi-fi enabled. The menu is simple; the prices extremely reasonable. Coffees including Java Grinds range from Rs.30-Rs.60. If you like strong flavours, try the Gingerbread Cappuccino or the Peppermint Mocha. The Chocolate Mexicano with milk, cocoa, cinnamon and whipped cream @Rs.65 is a sweet deal. Like soda with ice-cream? Try the Berry Blast. The menu also lists Smooth Creme Java (cream-blended cold coffees) and Java Chillo (ice-blended cold coffees). Flavoured teas, green teas, ice teas all are available. There isn't much to snack on - a couple of sandwiches and panini. The Mexican Roast Veggie Panini has too much cheese and too few veggies - tastes yummy anyway. For dessert they serve tea cakes, muffins, pastries and cheesecake. The Gooey Chocolate Brownie isn't gooey enough. Try the Oreo Cheesecake instead.

The servers are usually stationed at the pastry counter away from the seating area. But they're attentive and quick. Java seems to have got everything right but faces the challenges of being an open-air cafe. It can get too hot during the day and have pesky mosquitoes in the evening. The waitstaff is aware of it and promises to deal with the issues soon. We sure hope they do, because Java is our favourite hangout waiting to happen!

Note: The cafe is open from 9 AM to 11 PM. It has a common all-day menu. The kitchen will be functional by end of Jan 2010. The cafe then, will start serving breakfast, lunch and dinner as well.

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