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> > > > Java Grind Coffee Company

Java Grind Coffee Company

Goregaon EastWestern Suburbs  


17 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Java Grind Coffee Company Reviews

Soham  - Burrp User


3 Reviews

March 21,2013


Epic Good to Bad and Bad to Worse story!

I have been living in the Goregaon area for a very long time. So a few years back when this placed popped up it was the biggest hangout in the area(there was no Oberoi Mall or CCD or any other of its kind back then). They opened up right at the entrance of Royal Challenge. The interiors were good, the place was cozy, their menu was vast and the quality of their coffees and cakes was amazing. I have never really had a Chocolate truffle as good as theirs. Chocolate truffle with extra chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream used to be my regular order followed by a cup of regular latte. Since most of my friends are from the same area this place had become an equivalent of Central Perk from Friends(tv series). The waiters were friendly and such was the bond between our group and the waiters that they already knew what we would order. This was the only place from where we used to pick up cakes for each others birthdays
But then out of no where the transformation happened. The waiters started becoming rude. They started passing lewd comments and spoke harsh words. Their prices soared. Inspite of these initial mishappenings we visited this place a few more times not for anything but for the memories attached to this place and their quality of cakes and coffee. But this place just kept going from good to bad. Even the quality of cakes had changed by then. Their Choc truffle was no longer the same. They once even served me a stale sandwich and when I complained and asked for replacement they started arguing me. They crossed their limits when I went their with my mother one day to pick up a cake for my dad's birthday! They were extremely rude to her and made fun of her about her lack of knowledge in cakes and pastries. We rushed out immediately.
Eventually this place worsened when they shifted it location from the entrance side to the interiors of Royal Challenge. I am sure they lost a large number of regular customers eventually.
I will never visit this place again and fortunately or unfortunately I have some good and bad memories with them.


Good coffees and dessert

Java Grind might not be great when compared to a Starbucks or Gloria Jeans but it serves decent coffees especially in the night when everything in Goregaon is shut. Their dessert are decent though, try sizzling brownie or chocolate mousse. I recently tried the filter coffee there and it was pretty good.



Rude and inefficient staff

This happened 30 min back. We stopped over to pick up a cake from Java Grind. While I waited in the car, mu wife went in to buy. After choosing the cake, she had to wait for 10 minutes to place the order because the guy (name - Alex) who was supposed to be at the counter was outside the shop galavanting. When we requested if it could be done quickly, this person started wasting time by talking on his cellphone, then went to have water and eventually wasted more time cracking jokes with his colleague. When she asked him to write something on the cake, he screwed it up and when she told him that its not even legible, he says that if you ask me to write 'mahabharat' on the cake then this is what would happen and he's been writing on cakes since the last 9 years (there were 7 words on the cake!). When she asked him to cancel the order, he says don't give him attitude. My wife had to take the cake and went out, shocked at the behavior and seething with anger. I would have gone in and pasted the cake on his face and maybe even called the cops but she didn't want a scene. This guy is a disgrace to his job and its no wonder that he is at the same level for the last 9 years. I am NEVER going back to this place again. If the owner of this shop is reading this, please do yourself a favor and fire this guy. Or else, keep living and accepting inefficiency and compromise on everything like the whole country does while people like Alex continue their sorry state of being.


JAVA Fever

Hidden wonder...i started working in malad from past 3 months and other than oberoi mall i found no other place to visit...until i found this wonder. CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE too good...worth every penny better than CCD...I would love to visit this often...And yes the staff was weird...But its k as long as they serve good coffee and cakes. :)



Be Careful for Home Delivery

While placing order for Home Delivery, make sure while delivery you check your ordered items before making payment.
Today I asked what items they have and ordered accordingly, but received something else and asked them to take back order and return money, They took back order but never return money.
Just be cautious for such practice of JAVA GRIND!!
After 2 Hours their Manager came to returned money.


Old Memories

its the HUB for all ma school friends and me,thats the reason i call ths place old memories,blue lagoon s the drink that i want at ma table at this place it nice cosy n full of youngsters,at times we even drop for morning chai


Cheap and Good Coffee

The second time around, visited Java Expresso for its free WIFI. Got a new phone to keep up cricket updates from the Indian Premier League (IPL). But my LG GT 505 ran out juice (hadn’t charged it for over 2 days!) so couldn’t really use the free WIFI. Anyhoo, this gave me the chance to try something new here. So ordered for a Cafe Hazelnut which was really nice. Though, it disappointed a bit since the hazelnut flavour was less and the coffee didn’t seem right.

Besides the Hazelnut coffee, ordered a Java Potato Basket for the gang. You cannot go wrong with the Java Potato Basket, period. Another new coffee we tried was the Iced Caramel. The difference between the Coffee Caramelo and the Iced Caramelo is the ice though the iced version is Rs.10 extra. Wondering how and when water became so costly?



marjaanva....on java!!!!

The place holds many of my precious memories :my 15th birthday with friends after school,celebration of farewell to school,and umpteen treats of various birthdays.........
Java is really the "it" cafe.......its new revamped look is quite chic.Though the newly updated menu is very much like Cafe Coffee Day,its worth it..........

try the open face sandwhich & choco temptation & i assure u that u will dump Cafe Cofee Day for this tiny & cosy hangout......


nice hangout place

it is a ice hangout place

coffee is good , i like having paneer sandwich and ice tea - and i really find this place cool and happening



Staff is very Arrogant

I used to hangout at this place atleast 3 times a week

but my last experience was very bad

I ordered for an open sandwich, it was stale and had

returned it back, it was not only added in the bill but when I

asked the concerned person about it he said that once

served it cannot be returned or replaced.


Aditi_P - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 12,2008


The Irish Coffee

I have been here quite a number of times..quiet, soothing place with great coffee...Irish Coffee here is my personal favorite...I have tried it at CCD n Barista.. but Java Grind beats both ...


Awesome service

You are welcome sir.But believe me apart from the service we get as customer from your cafe along with the beautiful taste of cofee,brings the extra smile on the face of the staffs to provide the best service to the customers.

Great job to maintain the rigour and the smiles on their faces which still remains after day long hardwork.Which is turn makes every customer feel at home.


Thanks guys

Hey it's great to know that Java Grind has topped the burrp! list. No doubt that it really deserves the burrpers choice award. Thanks guys!


Awesome Coffee Shop and Great Customer Service

I have been to this coffee shop thrice till now. But believe me,food stuff is exclusive,awesome.Enviorment of Java Grind is very soothing.Every regular customer is given special attention.Menu is just not the same.New tastes,new flavours pour in the menu now and then.
Price is reasonable.Best place to work or spend time with a cup of coffee along with colleagues or friends.
What else any person would prefer,beautiful place, nice enviorment,varieties of coffees,varieties of flavours,yummy food,lovely customer service .

What else anyone would prefer other than Java Grind for a Cup of Coffee.


please do taste the coffee

I am glad to see the review of java grind coffee co. the standalone coffee shop. I have gone through the comments and review and find still people need to understand the concept of gourmetcoffeeshop and how to rate or give comment for a organization which is dedicated to coffee and successfully running for last 7 years. At lest I would love to hear the review on the product (especially coffee) and the service or ambience, and need to understand the concept of dedicated gourmet coffee shop, and javagrind always maintained the international standard.
I really don’t understand people comparing with product list like cappuccino and cafe mocha so on…boss these are the basic coffee and anywhere you go if it’s a gourmet coffee shop the serving style has to be same only you can compare with the quality ,and keeping this basics( cappuccino, latte, mocha)in to the menu doesn’t mean that java grind is copying , no these are the basics for a gourmet coffee shop and has to be.
I would love to see the comparison done with espresso or the latte art done with every latte or café mocha serve at java grind, be mature do some serious comparisons.
Java grind got the variety on coffee and for that I can bet on, but yes its always coffee first. If you like the cold coffee I would like you to suggest for javachino the best frappe in town, and please do write ur comment on this.
On food part the variety of sandwiches and savories java grind serves which complement the food and of the best quality. The best part is at javagrind preference is always given to coffee.
And the music always plays according to the mood of the crowed, or els mostly country or soft rock, anyway you can ask for ur favorite numbers, and javagrind got a good collection of international songs.
If you are regular at javagrind or visiting first time I would suggest you to rate it or comment according to the quality, service and ambience but please do keep in mind that javagrind is best defined as a gourmet coffee shop so please do comment on the coffee. Even I would love to hear about javagrind food but all the food kept which ever complement coffee.
And plase don’t rate java for serving the best lemonade or the menu list like cappuccino, better drink that cappuchino and find the difference.
So plase rate it or comment accordingly, it should show how big coffee lover you are.,javagrind is always better defined as gourmet coffee shop.
Thanking you all



Potato Basket and Lemonade


The coffee here is just like any other coffee shop. So nothing much to comment on that.

My Picks: The Potato basket, paneer grilled sandwich and the Lemonade.

I make sure to have any two of these 3 things everytime I go there. The potato basket is an awesome disj comprising of potato wedges, potato fries and 5-6 cute little potato smileys.

Its a great place to go if you are bored with the average CCD or Barista. Since this is located off the main road, its a nice and quite place to take your girl-friend to, or have a small meet-up with friends.




not a great coffeeshop - but an amazing hangout

The title of this review says it all - they are a regular coffeshop with a very familiar taste - much like any other good CCD. The key differentator of this outlet is its location.
It's a hot favourite among the college goers.
I have rated this place only for its visitors ;)