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> > > > Jewel Of India

Jewel Of India

WorliSouth Mumbai  


28 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Sunday Brunch Nov 01 - Dec 28

  • The buffet offers an unmatched variety of over 40 dishes consisting of starters, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, salads, cold cuts, and desserts. One can choose from choices of juices and mocktails, 12 types of veg. salads, 3 non-veg. salads, live Chaat and Dosa counter, veg. and non veg. kababs, 4 non veg. main course dishes, 6 veg. dishes, 1 baked dish in veg. or non veg. pasta, 1 saute vegetables , 3 types of rice, 1 non veg. and 2 veg., assorted rotis and 6 types of desserts.

    Day: Every Sundays

    Time: 12.30pm - 3pm
    Price per person: Rs. 893 (AI)

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Jewel Of India Reviews







Nice place..

Used to go to Jewel of India quite regularly; when i used to work near by. Quite classy place with good food & quick service.
I used to like their complimentary starters; especially mini samosas that used to be served along with drinks. Wonder if they still do?







Cockroach on the Table!

Was for dinner here with very high hopes. However, during dinner a cockroach appeared out of nowhere on the dinner table. The crockery served was chipped with glass pieces on the table. Pathetic customer service! avoid this place.






A nice family restaurant

A nice family restaurant which is popular for its buffet. The restaurant is HUUGGGEE, like literally massive. The tables can suffice upto 30 guests at a time I think. Went there with my school friends and we had a blast ordering and relishing all the amazing Indian cuisine dishes from the menu.


Just about okay

Went to jewel of india with family recently even though i dont have a liking to this place much. The ambience is good though but a pretty expensive . But have never been that satisfied there. For starters place. we ordered makai aloo tiki and chicken malai tikka. And for main course we ordered mutton rogan josh, kadai chicken and paneer masala.. Out of all the onky thing that i really relished was makai aloo tikki. Just didn't like the rest.



Childhood memoirs

I've been to joi as a kid and more more over the past few years. Nothing has changed . Awesome food
Awesome ambience I think one of the biggest Restaurants. Of course it's become more exp in the last 15 years, earlier we went with parents now its friends or colleagues. Earlier parents paid the bill now we do ;)



Did not disappoint

I had been here for a dinner party with family some months ago. Today I went there with my wife and two friends, so this was the first time we tried buffet. We were very happy and satisfied with the quality of food and service that we received. 650 + taxes is total value for money for this place.




Great ambience(one of its kind in mumbai), you feel like a king, best place to take your family friends for a nice quite romantic dinner etc.

Food is below average, cant make either conti or indian perfectly. Good service. Expensive but worth it for the overall experience.


A S - Burrp User


49 Reviews

November 24,2012


Loosing sheen

Extremely sad to write this review and assign 2-Poor rating to this place. Once, an epitome of class in Mumbai and clearly one of the Top non 5 star place in the city is clearly now selling only on old name and fame. I guess the owners should remain cautious that fame fizzles out in time.

The food quality is deteriorated to very low level. Went twice in last 1 week. First time went for lunch and we wanted a la carte service. They do offer the same but only if they could pick up food from their buffet or is just a small variation. You will be surprised, we were offered dal palak in place of dal tadka. The paneer makhani was like boiled paneer in creamy tomato soup - really sad.

Second time, we tried dinner. A simple thing like steamed rice was so pathetically served, we had to return the same. The waiters are least interested in you.

Now, needs serious rejig. Wake up, management.



Good food, Bad Service

Visited them on Saturday... While the reservation process was smooth-one of the few restaurants that accept reservations on a saturday :-),the overall experience could have been much better...
The waiters were in their own world, we had to nearly shout to get their attention.. the food took quite awhile to reach our table....
The quality of food was good-cannot deny that.
And to round it off the valet drivers were not even there to hand over the car... Took close to 10mins to get the car... Expected much more from this restaurant....




It used to be one of my favorite restaurants and I've been a regular visitor to Jewel of India.

But the last two times, I went I felt as if the Bills were rigged, specially the drinks. It was also felt by my friends. So, this time we decided to check for ourselves.

We went their on dinner and kept a diary for all we had ordered including water. Not that we are stingy, but if someone cheats you and takes customers for granted, I can't stand it.

And we were right. At the end, they had charged us for an extra vegetable, 3 indian breads and 6 alcoholic drinks. When we showed that to our Steward, he informed us it being correct. So, we took out our diary and showed him what we ordered to which he was left dumb struck. We asked to see the manager but got the answer that the manager on duty has left. Can you believe this at 11:30 pm and that too in such a 4/5 star'ed restaurant.

The manager didn't have the face to come upto us and discuss the problem. They asked us to pay and when we refused to pay for the over-charged items, the waiter broke down and told us that he hasn't done it and these are certain mal-practices that the management is part of and they can't do much.

On listening this, when we asked to speak to the manager or management, none of them was present on Site.

We are not here to prove anything, but this is how all customers are cheated. So ppl, BEWARE with your bills!!!!



How the mighty have fallen!

Jewel of India used to be my favorite hangout for entertaining business colleagues many years ago!
Recently went over on a weekday evening to the bar, and boy what a disappointment! Firstly, they had a a huge screen with IPL playing(the lovely window opening to the garden, were lined with people watching the match from outside, throwing the entire privacy out of the window!. Then music of My name is Khan started playing in the background along with telecast of IPL... And if that was not enough, we had baby roaches for for company!
On the drinks and food -
The Margarita I ordered had only the triple sec and no tequila!!!
The only saving grace was the food in terms of taste and quantity. Not sure we can vouch for the quality after seeing the roaches..
Overall disappointing!


bijal_u - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 17,2011


extremely disappointing

went there for drinks and starters, but wasnt a good experience..we were 4 ppl,.to begin with the waiter served only 3 guests and ignored the 4person..and only served him after we got his attention.. we had ordered 1 veg and 1 non veg kebab platter..the non veg 1 had majority of chicken kababs as in proportion to the fish and mutton kebabs...the finger bowl given to us was ice cold,literally had ice cubes floating in water...lastly we asked for their famous paan which they said they didnt have inspite serving the next table minutes after we asked....totaly a bad experience and wouldnt go there again nor recommend it to anyone


foodlust - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 14,2011


All Hype for Nothing

I was in worli one evening and ran into a Burrp magazine which has awards for best food 2010. This place had one for best indian food or somthing. Trusting it, i landed up there along with my girlfriend. Turns out Burrp also can be very unreliable at times. The ambience was pretty okay considering the expectations this place sets. However, the food was not worth the price. The soup was pedestrain. While the chicken dish was pretty decent, none of the food justified the cost. A naan costing 70/- CANNOT be overly chewy..



Terrible Customer Service

I had my wedding reception at Jade Garden catered by Jewel of India. We had two desserts, one being Moong Daal Halwa. The halwa was uncooked and unedible.

We asked the chef to taste it and he agreed that the dish was uncooked. The management requires you to pay in full for the reception before you leave the evening of. We did as per contract.

Since then we have complained to the management several times about the incident. Management's best response was to offer us a free lunch and that they have a no refund policy. We have tried to speak with the CEO but he has not bothered to respond to our messages.

I am apalled at the lack of quality control at such a big venue. It was disappointing to hear guests leave the venue with a bad taste. I am not going to recommend this restaurant or the venue, especially for something as important as your wedding reception.



Abs Mediocre - Won't Recommend

If ever I wanna try out a new restaurant, I always trust burrp & my fellow reviewers. Thier positive ratings/reviews have rarely disappointed me. However this was one of the rare times when reviews about the Jewel of India (Sunday brunch esp) was misleading.

So i made reservations for a day prior for a table of 5 for the Sunday brunch. I reached at JOI and within a few mins i was taken to a very nice large round table. I was amazed at the size of the restaurant but that also brought in the added chaos and the decibel level being very high. Def not a place you wanna take your date out to.

For 600 pp all incl, they serve you a few appetizers/chats on the table. We were served pani puri (the 1st lot of puris were soggy, when sent back, the 2nd lot was just ok), bhel (good), & masala dosa (ok). Each buffet also comes in with a glass of beer so that was def fulfiling :)

Once ur on the floor for the main course, the disappointment deepens. They had aloo bhajiyas (just ok) & chicken kebabs (v medicore - not fresh), and masala fried fish (good) for some additional appetizers. Thier main course wherein i opted for almost everything a little - paneer buttle masala (pathetic - the worst i have had), methi mutter (again i spoon and i kept it away), dal tadka (good) and chole (v good). I would have thought a sunday brunch to either amaze me in variety and options or in terms of taste and quality. This one didnt hit the spot in neither ways.

For desserts - i had the jalebi which was good. The service was a little tardy, wont blame them as they had over 150 guests to take care of and often by the time we got breads on our table, our veg were cold.

All in all, I'm not saying that my 600 pp were burnt away for nothing, but i can quote 10 different restaurants who can serve the same or perhaps better quality of food for the same price - esp on these 'more popular' sunday brunches. So sorry fellow burrpers, i will give this just 2 stars for added disappointment from the high expectation set by burrp itself.




Had buffet lunch[veg],good varieties,awesome ambience.value for money[590 with taxes on sunday].will definetly visit again..



Great service

I went to JoI with my folks for a celebratory dinner one rainy evening. And it was well worth the cab-hunt & rain-avoiding sprints! Primarily for non-veggies, there was limited choice for us vegetarians. We went for the soup and a starter, which weren't very impressive. The accompanying cocktail naans were delectable, though! I would definitely avoid the tomato shorba/soup the next time. However, the main course was delicious and subtly flavorful. Even the breads were soft and simply melted in my mouth.
What really impressed me was the attentive and friendly service throughout the evening.
The price is definitely on the higher side, but the experience is worth every penny


VFM Sunday Lunch Buffet!

Everyone's heard about Jewel of India.

Their Sunday lunch buffet is awesome.

1. Rs 499 per head.
2. Drinks, chaat on the house (kind of namesake, they only serve pani puri and papdi chaat)

Their chicken kebab was really good.

Great place to take guests out.

They didn't have many desserts, but every dessert had a unique taste.

Their chocolate cake was really rich and it melted in the mouth.

They had a better selection for non-vegetarians though.


Kinjal D - Burrp User

Kinjal D

11 Reviews

September 17,2009


Not Bad

Went here for dinner two days back. It was pretty crowded for a Tuesday night. Most tables were occupied by families. The food was ok; nothing great.

Had few veg. kebabs, paneer makhanwala and kofta. The staff has pretty much not changed over the years. And they are cordial and attentive. Overall I would give it a 3/5.


Little Disappointment

I have always come out of Jewel Of India thoroughly satisfied. This is a more than twenty year experience. Those were the days when pork n beef were a part of the buffet. But this sunday I visited Jewel after 8 yrs n "No beef n No Pork". Of all the items the Chicken Farcha was a saving grace. In the dessert section Jewel of India had only one Indian sweet - Jalebi!!!
Also on Sunday the crowd is unmanageable for them. So rotis arrive late n cold to yr table.
I still rate this better than most buffets for the price and ..... the highlight of the restarant...The Ambience!!!!!!!!!


Good indian food

Was here on a busy Saturday Evening. Even though we booked the place for 10.00pm, it took us time to get our seats. But was worth the wait.

I recommend people to get there at around 10.30/ gets empty after that.

Very nice ambience, a little noise but I too was there with my kids, so I think we also added a little to the noise.

Food was good, didn?t quite like the size of the portions. The starters were excellent, those complimentary mini cheese nans were out of the world. The mutton nali was very nice, well cooked but the nali looked like it came out of a chicken. The dessert portions were also good ? Caramel Custard was excellent. For a Saturday night the service was very good ? very friendly staff

Overall definitely a 4 star
Ambience : 4/5
Food : 3/5
Service : 4/5
Cost : 3/5 ? a little expensive

PS: Mind your car, those taxiwallas are really pests, one guy did bang my card ? damage ? Rs. 4000



Sunday Brunch.

I remembered Jewel Of India from my family visit there and wanted to visit again after a very good dinner, ages ago.

This time I planned for a good Sunday Brunch with a couple of friends. I contacted them by email about the Sunday Brunch, I got a prompt reply with the details. Then made a reservation by phone for 1:30pm and made it on time on Sunday from Andheri to Worli.

Good buzz with your typical family brunch! After looking at the waiting area I was GLAD to have made the reservation. We were seated in the corner which felt cosy but warm. And immediately served with some namesake Paani-Puri which kind of felt stale and if you know about this chaat, the PURIs are supposed to be filled with PAANI and not HOLES through which they pour out! So I planned to skip that and listen to my almost rumbling stomach to go for the Sunday Brunch Buffet. Everything looked and smelled good.

I went for the Kababs and Dum Biryani. One friend went for the Salads, Chicken and Ham while the other friend went for very good NAANs and Chicken Gravy. Everything was GOOD! Though the desert was your usual fruits, icecream and a cake.. no surprises there! We didn't go for the complimentary 'drink'. But all worth the money!


bellybytes - Burrp User


38 Reviews

February 21,2009


Surprisingly a gem of a place

Even though , this restaurant has been around for a long time ( 20 years for sure!) it has for some obscure reason never been on our radar . So when the ladies wanted to go for a buffet lunch " Jewel of India" didn't even pop up in my mind. When ten women want to lunch dutch, the main criteria for choosing a restaurant are
-accessibility ( close by and with enough parking),
-variety ( a buffet menu means that the veggies and non-veggies can eat to their hearts' content)
-cost (not too cheap to worry about a bad tummy and not too expensive to worry about what to give up for the month).

Since I was not really part of the organising committee nor did I have any great alternatives so I had no option but to go with the flow.

And I am glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised to find the restaurant airy and well ventilated. The tables were comfortably placed and our round table we had was large enough to accommodate all ten of us, yet cozy enough for all of us to talk without having to yell across to the person on the other side.

So here we were 9 ladies with a mission - meeting and eating.

We were seated as soon as we arrived because we had made a prior booking. The restaurant was empty though and perhaps the prior booking was not necessary, but since we didn't want to risk a disapointment the Organising Committee made the booking.

While we waited for the other half to arrive, we were served the hors d'oevres . I really don't know what I was expecting but I was amazed when the pani puri, the pakora chat with a difference - the difference being the violently coloured cauliflower : (I actually thought it was a chewy prawn till I got the flavour of the vegetable)was brought to the table. The baby dosas stuffed with potato which I gave a miss was yet another wonderful starter and yummy of yummies - baby kulchas stuffed with the hot melting cheese zapped with a hint of green chili and coriander. Most of us were too full to have the Mulligatawny soup and gave it a miss but the ladies who had it said it was good. All this was supposed to be washed down with a glass each of red sarbat - which was supposed to be of Kokum but was too synthetically sweet and had none of the peculiar tartness of authentic kokum sarbat.

After these sumptuous appetisers ,we were quite full but since our main mission was eating,we had to go ahead and walk down the few steps to the buffet tables which were right in the centre of the room.

Once again the choice was mind boggling - 4 non veg salads - chicken salad ( YUM) , tuna fish salad ( OK) , roast chicken ( really good) and an egg platter ( eeks I hate boiled eggs!) and 6 vegetarian salads - tossed salad, Caesars' salad, Lima beans, Fruit in cream ( good though made with tinned fruit) , bean sprouts and garden greens.

I didn't even look at the Pudina raita, curd roll, hummus & Pita, papads, Kheechyo , whole wheat bread and sticks.

What I went for was the Murg Banjara kabab- which I thought was just another name for green chicken tikkas, Fish cutlets which were disappointingly over done, Mutton Hyderabadi - soft melt in the mouth mutton, chicken hara dhaniya which was ok and the absolute winner : the Murg dum biryani. This incidentally was brought again to our table on special request . I loved its lightly flavoured fluffy rice with just the right amount of ghee and large succulent pieces of boneless chicken.

The vegetarian part which I avoided for fear finding it irresistible consisted of Sabz Kashmir pulao, saag paneer, sabz handi, mushroom shahi korma, baingan bharta, kadhi pakodi, basil saute vegetables, lasagne and aloo cheese rolls.
There was plain rice for any one who didn't want to eat any of this but plain old dahi chawal.

The obliging waiters served the naan, rotis and parathas on the table.

Luckily we had a lot to talk about - the melt down, the present trends at weddings, food and more food, and could eat all this without gobbling greedily. But before we knew it, the restaurant was about to close so we made a beeline for the desserts - Fresh fruitplatter, Pineapple pista roll ice cream ( decidedly ok), Lucknowi kheer ( like a nursery porridge) , profiterole souchard ( waste of calories) apple cake with cinnamon sauce ( I gave a miss) and what I really liked a soft yet crunchy Butterscotch mousse.

So why did I think this place was great?

Because it was.

The waiters were polite, the service impeccable, the ambience great - quiet, serene and conducive to a great experience. There were no long lines at the buffet, the tables had enough space around for every one to move and all in all, the attentive general manager personally looked after all the guests made sure that everyone in the restaurant had a great big happy smile!

So would I go again?
Definitely - for the buffet which was priced at an affordable Rs.565 ( inclusive of taxes ) per head is definitely a Jewel of India.


Best Taste.Don't Miss This

Jewel of india has been indeed a jewel.It's one of my favorites and i enjoy especially in weekdays.The starters are really amazing and worth appreciating.The art display is also good.It's although very expensive but you wouldn't miss the taste where top industrialists and celebs come?


sukanyagopal - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 03,2008


great buffet

been here many times!!! the cost is afordable!!!
the non veg buffet is excellent!! kebabs,fish sticks served in the buffet are gr8! good service!!


it's a jewel

Lovely place for a sat/sun afternoon buffet en famile.

Great spread of starter with chaat, continental, south indian etc. followed by the 3 veg, 3 non veg, rice, roti etc.

Watch out for their special ice creams, sometimes you may have to specifically ask them.


The starters!!

I second Nagaraj's review. Also lookout for a number of starters (pani puri/bhel/mini masala dosas etc.) with the main course buffet for lunch.


A nice place for Family Lunch on Sunday

A nice place for a large family to get together on Sunday afternoon for a buffet. The food is good and the place turns noisy with kids running around on Sunday afternoon. But that's Mumbai. Sligtly on the expensive side for the quality of food served and the ambience - so slightly low on valur for money. I would definetly lunch out here at least once a month with my wife, kids, parents and in-laws!!!