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neelindap - Burrp User


July 29,2014

Parsi khana!

Jimmy Boy has a typical old Bombay feel to it. Quite different and refreshing from the usual fast-paced joints.

Started off with Chicken Cheese Balls; each meaty bite, oozing with cheese!
This was followed by Salli Chicken. Had a sweetish tomato based gravy, with tender chicken, perfectly complementing the Crispy Potato Salli on top.
Chicken Berry Pulao, a rather rich version of the humble Pulao, loaded with chicken, nuts and berries. Usually rice is the dominating ingredient, but somehow I prefered this version :)
And finally, wrapped it all up with Lagan Nu Custard, a sweet ending to one of the most laid-back meals I've had in longest time.
The whole meal was accompanied by a sweetish Raspberry soda :)
Quintessential places in Mumbai, to gorge on some good Parsi Cuisine.
Do reach early if you want to savour the delicacies. We landed a bit late, at around 3.30, and most things we wanted to have,were off the menu. :(
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Juilee Manjrekar - Burrp User

Juilee Manjrekar

October 22,2013

authentic Parsi cuisine

This one's famous for authentic Parsi cuisine - their dhansak, chicken sandwiches and chai make for a nice evening snack. This has a nice Kayani kind of feel to it
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nsansare  - Burrp User


July 13,2013

A Parsi food joint one must try

Though I have been working in Fort area for past 5 years and passing by the Jimmy Boy quite frequently, it was the last week when I got in for the first time. A typical parsi setup...enjoyed the chicken farcha and berry chicken pulao on the mezzanine AC wing...enough for an average quantity eater like me...Thanks.
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Zubin Kapadia - Burrp User

Zubin Kapadia

October 20,2012

Pathetic quality, quantity, service...

Visited this place sometime in 2009 on a late evening with a friend.

The waiter looked like some distressed old Mexican being forced into labour. We had ordered a typical Parsi "lagan nu bhonu" off the menu. Initially ordered one thinking it would suffice both of us. Turned out, the food was meant for a baby.

The gravy, chicken farcha, patra macchi, everything was pathetically bony. We ended up ordering another, since the quantity was so less, never knowing what would befall us soon.

Now the best part, my friend and I got a terrible bout of Diarrhea when we reached home!! We ended up shitting our brains out. Gosh! Even my Pakistani joint in Muscat fared well, quality and quantity wise.
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear burrper zubin we regret your experience in 2009. The lagan nu Bhonu is sufficient for one, however our customer’s feedback says it’s too much. Still if you felt it was less and brought it to our notice we would have taken appropriate action.
We maintain high standard of hygiene and practice hazard analysis at critical control points.

Vibha Nayak - Burrp User

Vibha Nayak

October 02,2012

Must visit Parsi cuisine place

I had been here long time back when my boss took all of us out for lunch. We had some fish and dal and rice and some desserts. I do not exactly remember what we had but I remember I was the happiest to be there. If you want to try good Parsi food, this is the place. All foodies should visit once.
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Foodslut - Burrp User


September 28,2012

A parsi's view on Parsi Cuisine

If you want to try out a new cuisine that is a typical Parsi affair, look no further than Jimmy Boy! This place has the best Parsi food in Mumbai. The minute I enter this quaint little place, the aroma of food immediately reminds me of walking into my grandparents house on a sunday afternoon with all the parsi delicacies being prepared.

This is a place you should ideally come with friends so that you can try various dishes. The only thing you should order here is the Parsi "Bhonu" which is a 4 course meal which allows you to taste all the dishes that one would get at a typical parsi lagaan (wedding)

To start with, the "bhonu" allows you to eat on the typical banana leaves like one would get at a wedding. You could also ask for a plate if thats what you prefer. It starts with parsi styled thin rotis with the well known carrot pickle and crispy wafers called sarias.

You then get a choice for each of the 4 course meals. First is the choice of fish - either "patra ni machi" which is wrapped in a leaf with green chutney or my personal favorite "saas ni machi" which is basically fish in an excellent white sauce which I assure you, you wont get anywhere else.

The 2nd course offers you a choice of Chicken - "Chicken farchas" which is the Parsi version of the fried chicken, or "sali margi" which is a tender chicken in gravy with crispy potatoes that go brilliantly with it.

The 3rd course is the jewel of any Parsi cuisine, the dhansak daal with biryani (chicken or mutton or vegetarian) without which no true Parsi meal is complete.

Finally for dessert, you can choose between the "lagan nu custard" which is a baked custard or the ever popular kulfi ice cream.

If you really want to eat like a Parsi, order a good old Raspberry drink which always brings out the flavor of the food even more.

Now beware, usually the quantities are decided keeping the Parsi appetite in mind, which means this can usually fill 2 people. Which is why I suggest going as a group of atleast 4 people, and order 2 "bhonus", which will allow everyone to taste every single dish mentioned herewith.

For the vegetarians, the bhonu has vegetarian options like Stew, vegetarian biryani, paneer in gravy so dont fret.

One of my fav places when I am craving a good wholesum meal.
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Foodiegourmet - Burrp User


July 08,2012

Good food

A visit to Jimmy Boy lived upto its expectations! The patra ni machchi was not as great as expected. The salli boti chicken and chicken pulao was outstanding. Overall found it a bit expensive but the ambiance and the old-world charm made up for it.
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Karan Vaswani - Burrp User

Karan Vaswani

May 15,2012

Go the Full Bhonu

While the menu is extensive, the best thing here is the non veg lagan nu bhonu. It starts with sago wafers and gajar mewa nu achar, then a choice of patra ni machhi or saas ni machhi, then a choice of salli margi and margi na farcha, and finally chicken or mutton pulao with dhansak dal, and either lagan nu custard or malai kulfi for dessert... It may seem expensive, but, if you have a moderate appetite, you will end up with a pretty big doggy bag -- enough, probably, for a second meal... :)
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Reply from restaurant management

Thank You :)



March 22,2012

Poor quantity high price average food!!!!!!!

We were hunting for some good parsi food and found Jimmy boy.... One will feel extremely un-welcome by the look on the server's face. Yet we gathered some guts and sat to eat. We had ordered chicken cutlets, Mutton Curry rice, chicken berry pulao. Food was just above average say 3/5. Curry was ok, not so great. Quality of Mutton was very good and was cooked perfectly. . Pastries were stale. Quantity is very less. Not sufficient for one person at a time
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Ian Pereira - Burrp User

Ian Pereira

November 29,2011

Good Food

Good food. Almost as good as eating at a Parsi wedding or Navjote. A bit expensive at Rs.630 for the whole Wedding course.
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MANIT SHAH - Burrp User


February 19,2011


food is pathetic, serves fully non veg only....vegetarians need to think before eating tht which is veg and even the veg part also stinks....pathetic service

too much expensive also one plate of cutlet for 90rs!!!!!!!!!!!! oh my goodness and tht cutlet is also very bad in taste

they have fly catcher in the restaurant but its never cleaned and all dead flies lay out there and your table is just opposite to tht catcher !!!!!!!! my goodness i m sure before eating u will puke
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neeti gupta - Burrp User

neeti gupta

January 24,2011


Visited the place with a friend and we started off with the Salli pe Edu and went on to the Chicken Dhansak/Mutton berry pulao, washed down by a masala soda. For dessert, tried the lagan nu custard. None of the dishes disappointed and we came away with a doggy bag.
I sincerely think that unique eateries such as this should be promoted beyond the staple cardboardy fare served at most chain outlets.
Would surely head back for more!
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Nishant Singh - Burrp User

Nishant Singh

March 21,2010

Good but expensive

Happened to go to South Mumbai for the movie Wolfman (boring movie, please avoid though fans of Emily Blunt will be interested!) with college friends. Before the movie, since we were pretty early, decided to have lunch. Roaming around the fort area we found a Parsi restaurant ‘Jimmy Boy’ (we found it ’cause we searched for it at the behest of a friend’s recommendation!).

We ordered for Chicken Dhansak and Brown Rice. Brown rice accompanies Dhansak but we ordered for another plate as well. It was a first for me seeing brown rice at a restaurant but apparently brown rice is the staple diet of Parsis!

The food didn’t take much time to arrive while we sipped on our cranberry cold drink manufactured by Pastonji Industries and available only in Parsi restaurants! The cold drink was nice but didn’t go too well with the Dhansak. Well cooked chicken dipped in yellow-dal looking gravy is what chicken dhansak looks like.

The best thing about the food was that it tasted like home-made food. It was pretty heavy lunch especially with the brown rice and mutton sheekh kebabs that comes with Dhansak. The dish almost tastes plain (not bland though) but a tinge of lemon adds the much required flavour!

Overall it seemed an expensive meal with chicken dhansak costing INR 245 and brown rice INR 85. The food was fantastic though and I think I will visit again if I am at Fort!
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firomist - Burrp User


August 23,2009

Horrible! is an understatement

The food is supposed to be authentic Parsi wedding food, but the concept is completely misguiding. The offered me Dhansak either mutton or chicken!!! Dhansak is a dish which is served on the forth day of a persons death and never ever in a wedding. The chapattis are stale, you can make out they are reheated since the borders are hard and center soft, the fish seems to be 1/4th the size served in a wedding. This Joint is best avoided.
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foodiebawa - Burrp User


August 20,2009

Just average

To start with, i went there on the Parsi new year. So i guess the place was a little bit crowded...

What did i eat?
Lagan nu Bhonu

What is that?
Some saria (waffles)
Laganu nu achaar
3 Rotis
1 Piece of Paatra ni Macchi OR 1 piece Saas ni macchi
1 Portion Salli murgi OR salli ghosht
1 serving chicken / mutton pulao
Lagan nu custard.

What did i drink?
Raspberry soda.

average. Just one serving (in parsi weddings u can take as much u like and the caterers charge nearly the same.)

475 Non veg
350 Veg

The fish was good, but the salli murgi was a let down. Pulao was just OK. Nothing great. Biggest disappointment was the lagan nu custard; it was as had as broon pao.

Maybe because the place was packed or maybe because we were 11 of us but the service was very poor. I was literally coordinating with the waiters on what needs to be served, what orders are pending, etc. The Parsi Uncle taking the orders was very soft spoken and slow at things.

For some one who is dying to have good patra ni macchi without going to a parsi wedding then this is the place.

Would i go again?
Damn right Yes.
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Jeetu Gursingh - Burrp User

Jeetu Gursingh

January 07,2009

Jimmy Boy!!

On the Menu: Parsi Food & North India Cuisine

This hotel has become a popular joint for families, especially Parsis, in South Mumbai. It is located close to the Bombay Stock Exchange. The owner of the hotel welcomed us (me & my friends) as he did to his other guests. He seemed a popular person and went around speaking to every family. As per their visiting card, they have a bakery and another food outlet by the name of Sunshine Foods at Mahim too.

The ambience is that of an old style hotel, virtually open air. Its a small place, big open windows and a high ceiling makes one feel as if they are sitting in the open. There is an AC room also at the upper level. Its a very home like ambience. Hygiene levels are not great; however unless you are not too finnicky, you won't find reason to complain.

For the first time I tried Parsi food. In fact, I suppose this restaurant must be one of those rare ones which serve Parsi food as I have not come across any before this. Beleive me, if you are a non-vegan, especially an eggeterian, this place is heaven for you. For starters, we had Salli Par Edu and Chicken Farcha. Salli Par Edu is one of the tastiest items I have had in recent times. A circular bed of sallis(small, thin fingers of potato fried and salted) is made, on top of which a half fried egg is laid. Both are cooked together and garnished with chopped onions, tomatoes and green chillies. When served hot, this dish can disappear from your plate within seconds. The Chicken Farcha was another delight. 2 legs of chicken coated wholly with egg ad fried with very mild spices. Parsi food does not include too may spices.

In the main course, we ordered a Chicken Dhansak & a Chicken Jardaloo. Dhansak is basically brown rice, served with a type of chana dal and 4 chicken kebabs (they were more like cutlets, but tasty nevertheless). I do not prefer Dal & Rice so I tried something else i.e. Chicken Jardaloo. A sweet and sour (more sweet) red gravy with boneless chicken chunks with jardaloos in it. Jardaloo is a type of a small sweet fruit with a seed. Its served with chapathis and tastes well with the brown rice too.

Service was not exemplary as such, but the waiters were freindly. The waiter was almost shocked when we ordered for 7 Salli Par Edu dishes and told it would take a long time. However, it came within 10 minutes, which was pretty quick.

Value for Money:
Rs. 55 per Salli Par Edu, Rs. 120 for a Chicken Farcha (2 pcs.) coupled with a Non AC room and not an extremely hygeinic environment sound a bit expensive. However, the Dhansak at Rs 250 was worth for the quantity offered.

Salli Par Edu, without a doubt!!

To Sum it up:
A nice restaurant to go either with anyone, friends or family. Mainly for non-vegans / eggeterians. You many not go here frequently, but its a good place to visit if you need some change and want to try something different.
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    - Burrp User

November 30,2007

Parsi bhonu

Anand... I ve read a lot of your reviews on the site and i m disappointed in you in this case... how could you go to a Parsi joint and eat paneer makhanwala???

Jimmy boy is known for its parsi cuisine.

Start off with the Raspberry drink instead of the usual cola. Too bad Dukes stopped making them you have to be satisfied with some other unknown brand.

Try out the Gravy cutlets, Patra ni machhie (fish marinated with green coconut chutney and cooked in banana leaf), Sali chicken, Dhansak and Curry chawal

You may want to try out the lagan nu custurd to end your meal.

Jimmy boy is not too expensive, the service good and the food excelllent (take it from a parsi )

but do check the bill amount... they tend to make a lot of mistakes there.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

August 29,2007


In our quest to try out some new place for lunch, a colleague and me wandered around the streets of the Bombay (btw, is it called Mumbai Stock Exchange now?) Stock Exchange. We finally spotted Jimmy Boy at a street corner and took our chances.

Most of the fare here is Parsi, with a few occasional Northie Paneer items thrown in. I went for the Paneer Makhanwala. There was nothing outstanding about it. Just the same old Paneer Makhanwala that you get everywhere else. The Tandoori Rotis were however crisp and tasty. I don't know what was different about them, but I ended up eating 3 rotis.

I haven't tried their Parsi food so cannot comment on that, but if you are looking for some plain old North Indian food, then there are better options in Fort.

Ps - my colleague ate non-veg stuff at Jimmy Boy, so watch out for his review tomorrow.
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