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Kala Ghoda  


24 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Joss Reviews


Great Food-

Whats great: Asian Food & the soups- the lobster bisque was fantastic- the shrimp were cooked perfect -

Whats not so good- customer service could be better so i give this a 4/5


Terrible attitude!

I called in to make a reservation and they hung up on me 3 times. I called back and got irritated and the guy on the phone, claiming to be the manager, screams and tells me "it's very busy right now so tell me what you want to do." What???? Are you seriously treating your customers this way. He later apologized sarcastically and said what do you want me to do. I said, i'd like you to give your name. He refused. I said I was saddened that they treated their customers like that and that I'd now like to write a review on this experience. To this he responded, "Go ahead!"
If this is the service they give over the phone, I don't even want to know what service at the restaurant would be like!


HORRIBLE experience

Well, decided to celebrate my anniversary there.
Called for food. In no time, I saw a green worm on my plate.
ALready disgusted from this experience and obviously not wanting to eat any further, wanted to just leave the place.
To my surprise, they presented me a bill of the 2drinks which we had ordered.

I dont think they could not get more shamful than this.


Tasty and consistent

Serves great sushi and khau suey. Reasonably priced and consistent taste and service. Recommended.


Seabass and Trout

Bombay's range of midrange and downright cheap dining options beggars belief, but when it comes to fine dining, the city has only a handful of restaurants that truly measure up to the standards of New York, Paris and Tokyo, and they are all in SoBo. Bandra is great for more midrange, cafe-style dining, the hotels near the airport offer plenty of generic Five Star fare, and when it comes to various Indian regional cuisines, you can find gems as far afield as Malad and Sion, but for fine dining, you still have to come to SoBo. Joss can sometimes be a mixed bag, but, at its best, and if you know what to order, the food can be truly breathtaking. For me personally, the Miso Encrusted Chillean Sea Bass and Smoked Himalayan Rainbow Trout are the reason I come here. They are both phenomenal.


machete - Burrp User


20 Reviews

February 07,2011


Oriental flavors

So i was at the Kala Ghoda festival the other day and after a long day we decided to head to Joss for dinner, now considering that it was a weekend,we expected rush at the restaurant and were ready to wait it out for a table.
Fortunately, for us when i entered inside asking the manager for a table, he was very rude and disinterested in the fact that we wanted to dine there. Since we didn't have a reservations he even refused to put us on the wait list. But after some "polite" conversation that took place between us, he agreed to call me once a table was free.
Anyways .. lets talk about the food. Between the 3 of us we called the nasi goreng rice in veg ( which was simply yum, the flavors were spot on ) chicken udon noodles, Japanese style noodles ( the chicken was not cooked well enough, but the noodles is a recommend .. its gets an edge over the regular styled noodles ) and the Malay chicken in ginger basil gravy ( an exceptional dish, recommended to us by our waiter, must try ) and to end the meal we called the for chocolate " fruit encrusted" sushi rolls with blueberry and kiwi syrup toppings :-) .. for someone like me who is not a chocolate lover, really enjoyed the dessert .. Overall the food lived up to its expectations and i'm sure i will be back. Ambiance was very Zen and modern at the same time.



Not bad

From the outside, the setting is exceptional so the expectations are high right from the beginning. As you enter, it's a bit disappointing because the decor doesn't match up. Seems like they are stuck in the 90s and are yet to get with it.

Food wise, no complaints at all. The vegetarian sushi aws awesome, so was the Nasi Goreng and Grilled Silken Tofu in black bean sauce.

It was a little disturbing to see paneer in so many dishes but I guess if people demand it you have to accomodate it.

The prices are on par or may be even better than many places. Of course no options for desserts for a vegan, but Im not complaining. If you really want to enjoy a place like this, you must go with more than 3 people.


GimoWest - Burrp User


52 Reviews

October 18,2010



Went to Joss for dinner on a Saturday, expecting to have a quiet meal, unfortunately I was stunned to find a noisy restaurant. Decibel levels aside, the main room interiors are done up in soothing soft tones, the bar area has cosy seats too. The table allotted to me tended to rock, was unbalanced.

Now to the food. ‘Mekong Whisky Flambayed Prawns’, beautiful whisky based sauce, subtle garlic and herbs touch was great, prawns cooked just right. ‘Slow Cooked Pork Spare Ribs’, perfectly cooked meat just fell off the bone plus not too fatty either, the barbeque sauce glazed ribs are just too good, they are considerably better than the awesome pork ribs served at Indigo Delicatessen, a must have at Joss. ‘Steamed Snapper Fillets’, nice wholesome cut of fish, bland taste though coupled with wrong use of young mango. ‘Thai Red Curry of Duck’ was simply superb; the lightly roasted duck had a wonderful crust, combined with ginger, lemon grass and coconut milk brought true synergy to this dish, another must have. ‘Roasted Almond Ice Cream’, miniscule use of poorly roasted almonds but brilliant use of honey to really lift the Ice Creams appeal.

The service at Joss is courteous, well turned out staff. They should be quicker though as they took ages to get my bill. An expensive place, but really worth it when you factor in the comfortable ambience and fantastic food. Four Stars from me.



Out Standing!!!!

Chef Farrokh Khambata excels in whatever he does....

Be it an intimate gathering at home, a family or corporate meal at Joss, an exquisite Sit down Dinner or a casual gathering at one of the exquisite heritage rooms at the banquets OR a Wedding, Navjote or a Corporate event in the outdoors, Farrokh excels himself....

Every meal is a culinary experience to the tastes buds which wants one await a party catered to by him!!!!!

The specialty is Pan Asian, was pleasantly surprised to see Joss catering at a couple of Gujarati & Marwari weddings with Panache.....

Literally licked the plate clean seeing the wide myriad of food available for the avid foodie!!!! Apart from the Pan Asian fare, there was every possible cuisine under the sun, & each impeccable with the correct taste colors & flavors!!!!!

The variety exquisite, the sushi to die for, & the service impeccable, classy & stylish.....

Have heard from very good sources, give Farrokh a cuisine & he will create a menu Par excellence....

Had eaten Polish food years ago when I was a kid, & was in Poland when dad was posted there, the menu created at Joss for the Polish National Day , was a replicate of what i had eaten there many moons ago!!!!

Suggest all you guys here, if you have an event, be it some thing intimate or a grand event..... Just give Farrokh a call & he will make sure it will be an event talked about for years to come!!!!

A feather to Bombay's cap!!!! Keep up the great work.....




The Best Sushi & Shahmi in the whole Mumbai.......

Dear people if u really wanna eat a authentic sushi in a right taste ,please have the Joss Sushi,the best kikomen Soy and wasabi plus the Sea Bass is must have and to end with a big bowl of Hot Kahlua Souffle!!!!!!! without it the meal is not complete and the prices if you compare with other 5 Star hotel its wort it......


Vikas "The Manager" spoils the show

So it was my wife's birthday and we headed for JOSS expecting a nice quiet dinner. We did not have reservations which we thought was okay, being a Wednesday. When we entered at 8:00pm we were offered a table barely 30 cm away from an adjoining table where a couple was sitting. Considering the so called fine ding experience to be offered by the restaurant I requested for a change in table. We were ready to wait for a another table. However, Vikas - the manager was extremely rude in telling us that they had no tables despite the 1st floor being fully empty. This just shows the care a damn attitude towards their customer. not only did we walk out without having anything, we have vowed never to return. A dinner at a restaurant is a experience enhanced by not only food but service which should make you feel special. The owners of this place should know that bad service and rude behavior of their manager will only drive this place downwards no matter how good their food is. Would not recommend this place unless your willing to risk uncouth behavior from the staff.



SEXY place with SEXY food..

marvelous place..
the sushi and thai food is the best in india..
u cant even come close to wat they cook!!
atleast i havent yet experienced so..
service is awesumm..the whole staff attitude is outstanding..they are soo motivated..
guys if u love south east asian cuisine and havent been here...ur missing out on heavenly stuff..
i think my dinners at joss tonite..
cu guys..



Green curry...

The best green curry for many years !! Rest of the fare can fluctuate but we had some fresh wraps as starters which were very good!! Why have they raised prices and reduced the portions...?!?


Good party hall

I had been to one of their 2 party halls (the bigger one). Comfortable for 60-80 people, tasty starters, well-informed and courteous staff.



Just misses the mark

This review is in the context of the cost of a meal.

Royal China and Ling's Pavilion still better for Oriental food.

Waiter serving us not knowledgeable about oriental food.

Chicken clear soup was good - just short of that something special.

Chicken in black bean sauce - more a soupy curry than anything.

Lemongrass sauce dishes - only acceptably okay.

Veg sushi - Good.

Pickled ginger with the sushi - Really good.

Ambience - Alright. Bit dungeon like

Rating 3.5 out of 5



best thai food in the world...

hey people... whether u think u like thai food or not u must go here.. cuz u cannot not like the food here.. the staff is gracious and friendly.. the food takes a bit long to arrive... but its the best southeast asian food u can eat in the world... m not exaggerating.. whether u sample the green thai curry or the basil mushroom caps or the balinese curry... it will be the best u can have... and its simply amazing.. the portions are generous be cautious of over ordering.. this place is delightful...


Authentic Asian fare... taste et al

Some may want to differ; please do so!

X'mas eve... thought the brat could do for a couple of hours without us... off to Joss - a place I only discovered last week attending one of the highly furtive get-togethers my batch ever had - W's end of bachelorhood. Hence, there'd a double-review... one as a non-paying, drunk guest, thanking God (and a designer) for decolletes and the other - well, just the opposite... although I wished the last item were around on X'mas eve too!

Spring rolls, mushroom with herb-cheese and some olive-n-cheese a-la skewer... tasted darn good last week (forgive my minced oaths) . The drinks were neatly prepared; although I still insist - one cannot go wrong with JD on-the-rocks. For mains - one option was some Cracked pepper potatoes in garlic glaze and perhaps a hint of mustard - this one just stole my heart... which by then was pumping extra-time (remember the decollete?)... then there was some lasagne (average) and rice+green curry for Thai (average)... That's all about last week... do remember that you CAN have private parties for 25-30 pax comfortably!

Last night - a 'heritage' walk covering CST, shops at DN Road and Flora Fountain - the lady & I arrived at Kala Ghoda. The plan included any one place from Khyber, Moti Mahal, Kandahar and Joss... settled for the latter - obviously the odd one out. The X'mas revelry were on and the staff pretended to be in the mood... very clear with their attire - only an old friggin' red Santa cap! Table for two in the lower section and we were into the menu already.

Now I'm not an ardent admirer of Asian cuisine, although I do like my Chinese. But what I ignored long enough, found its way onto our table - Sushi. This veggie Maki Sushi was indeed pretty colourful and elegantly laid out. Since, this was our first attempt at Japanese, it took some help and guidance from the attendants who were prompt and precise. Messy at first... but digging further and one would surely love the challenge & taste. The sushi was however, avoidable for her - she complained of the pungent odour of the sauce - so I got to grab more. I quite relished every bit... one dish I may want to cook at home. Some Cosmo & beer and we followed it up with Mushroom - sauteed with water chest-nut and dry chillies - fabulous. Checked for the pepper potatoes in garlic glaze... seemingly it wasn't a part of the menu (although available in mint glaze)... and the waiters had no clue if that indeed was a 'Josser'. Gave it a pass - along with the mains.

The place looked festive and the crowd - no specific age-group - seemed to enjoy their meals. I wish there were some good music and the staff to be a little more attentive, but I'll let the latter pass since I also have a liking for privacy. Investment in new food & great mood - 1300 bucks minus the mains. Had 'em at Khyber - not out of lack of choices at Joss, but purely for this desperation for grease (you can take the Indian out of India but you can never ... blah!)

Great experience this, shall visit again and try the mains. And a suggestion for the guys at Joss - kindly have some eggless fortune cookies - need to know which way the sensex goes in 2009.


Great Ambience...!

I liked the ambiance...
yeah it is on the expensive side...
food good but proably not what worth what they charge for...
id give 3.5... but burrp doesn't have decimal star ratings....!!!
Waiters are prompt...
but yeah i think i have seen this problem everywhere..... i e...
that water is one thing which has to be got without asking for...last couple of my outings its been a problem....
but yeah ordered food came pretty much on tyme... soups very good... vegetables good...
rice and noodles... good drinks ..amazing,,,
dinner for four worth Rs 2800/-
why do i give 3.5? because food is really not worth the price...!!! soo if they lowered their prices or made their food a little extra ordinary.... id increase it by a star!!


Super Quality Food!!

It was my first time at Joss and frankly speaking it was excellent. Both of us couldnt try quite a lot of items but had ordered a Cottage Cheese Charcoal grilled with a special sauce and a Tofu Steak with Rice..

Both the dishes were excellent... With eating food from all round the world i think the quality served at Joss was excellent and i just hope tht they keep the same till my next visit.


chickeats - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 05,2008


the sushi review..

I'm gonna skip the formalities and get straight to the point.. no one has reviewed the sushi and other Japanese inspired dishes at Joss yet.. so here goes..

I ordered a Maki and Nigiri Sushi platter.. now the staff was quite nice and though they had separate platters for both they made it half and half.. 8 total pieces.. supposedly..

I got 6 Maki rolls and 2.. just 2 nigiri.. a Tuna and a Salmon.. the platters cost the same - 650/- so i Expected 4 of each.. though I know Nigiri costs more to make.

and here's what I didnt like at all.. a maki roll will have nori on the outside.. but what i got was an inside out roll.. Rice outside nori inside.. Now.. when you are playing a premium price like that you expect an authentic food..

though let me be honest.. for inside out maki rolls.. they tasted good. not great .. but good.

then came the miso encrusted chicken.. Miso taste was just there.. very mild.. overpowered by a more Chinese Sesame oil and strong chilly hotness.. I didnt order a szechwan chicken with miso hints.. so coming from Joss.. it wasn't good..

The Soba was nice though.. though the mint lemon muddle drink was just lemonade with leaves...

still loking for fairly reasonable sushi dining in this city... guess I'll have to wait...


kiran - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 26,2007


Excellent Food

Great Food and Service !
The Balinese Curry and the Chocolate Suffle are a must have.


Good Stuff

Joss is a pretty good option for those seeking a Pan-Asian/Chinese meal. The food is good, the service is good too.

The tables are close together and don't allow for a private conversation. The decor is also quite average.

We got the Mushroom and Veggie soup, BBQ Paneer, Pan Fried Noodles, Nasi Goreng, Veggies in Garlic Sauce. All excellent.

Damage close to 1400 for two with non-alc bevvies.


'Bhonu' outside the Baug

This is probably Mumbai's best kept secret - Joss provides home catered Parsi 'Bhonu' (they don't have this in the restaurant that serves South East Asian cuisine) that more than compares to the wedding variety served in a Parsi Baug - in fact I'd say it's better!

We ordered the Patra ni Macchi (fish wrapped in a leaf) and Sali Margi (chicken) and we were in 'Bawa heaven'! The portions for both the fish and chicken were huge, evidenced by the fact that no one could manage a second helping of either dish. I would classify this as a 'World's Best' eating experience...!!

the cost doesn't break the bank either - Rs. 350 for a plate of chicken and Rs. 400 for a plate of fish. Each plate has two pieces of meat.

Try this option when you want to entertain your guests at home with something different!!

Call +91 (22) 6654.7700 or 6631.4430 and ask for Deepa.


Neha M - Burrp User

Neha M

23 Reviews

January 27,2007


Can't Go wrong with this one !

Joss has been around for a couple of years now and trust me it serves the best in world cuisine. from srilankan curry with steamed rice , to the perfectly stir fried okra & potatoes, Joss is every gastronomers delight !They serve a nice Burmese Khow Suey if your'e in the mood for it. From Soups to entrees , joss couples all their cuisines with a selection of wines and liquor.The service is a little slow but then thats what gives you the time to enjoy your flute of champagne or your goblet of merlot..ofcourse conversation being the bonus.No one's in a hurry to have you out of the restaurant..
Though the prices are on the steeper side , its worth it if you want a quiet candlelight dinner or the sophistication of an urban & polished eatery.

For our social butterflies , the Armani or Valentino won't feel out of place here..go for it !