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> > > > Kakori House

Kakori House

Jogeshwari WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02264539951, 02264539952, 02264539953, 02264539954
  • Shop No. 4 & 5, Building 25, Linkway Society, New Link Road, Near Oshiwara Police Station, Opposite Meera Society, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari West,Mumbai
  • Awadhi, Mughlai, North Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 800

24 Reviews / 24 Ratings

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Kakori House Reviews

pride114 - Burrp User


11 Reviews

September 12,2013






for kebabs that melt in your mouth

out of the world kebabs.. the kakori kebab and gilouti kebabs just melt in your mouth.. the rumali rotis are made of whole so taste very different.. the main dishes are just about good but if you here stick to the excellence.. in other worlds kebabs..



Sumptuous Kebab Affair!

If you a die hard fan of lamb preparation, this is a perfect place for them.

We had ordered Galauti and Kakori kebab. They are soft, tender and undisputed the best kebab that melts in your mouth available in mumbai can easily give run for money to Kareem's.
In main course,we tried Kulcha, Nihari Ghost, and Mutton Biriyani. We both loved all the foods, specially the softness of all the meats are worth mentioning. Ambiance is nice, portions are good.

The customized tissue paper invariably becomes a topic of conversation at Kakori House which mentions about history about Kakori . Live kebab glass counter is a delight view.


vkt8190 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

November 14,2012


Steep prices but good food to back it up!!

there's no doubt that their Kakori and galauti kebabs are exceptional but at Rs. 300 per plate with just 2 kebabs each plate is a little steep....
I also highly recomend their lucknowi dum biryani!!!!! it's with minimum masala but maximum flavour!!!


aish11 - Burrp User


70 Reviews

October 15,2012


Good food & fab Kababs!

Tried teh Kakori Kabab..very soft & tender mince ,melt-in-the-mouth types.Yumm..The Murg Surkh kababs were good too.The DUm Murg Biryani was cooked to the right proportions & not too greasy.
The desserts -Jamun o Gul (topped with sliced nuts) & the SHahi Tukda was just fab!The Zaffrani Phirni couldnt hold its own in front of the other 2 .
All in all ,good experience.



Hardly anything Lucknowi here

Apart from Galoti Kebab we didnt find anything Authentic. All reminds me of a Normal North Indian Restaurant. Staff are not trained and not Friendly. Place is not clean. Seems they dont have any Lucknowi chef.



Mutton Biryani

We ordered Mutton Biryani with an expectation of highly tasty and delicious. What we got was a just boiled rice with boiled mutton in it and completely tasteless like a food for hospitalize person.

If this is what they call mutton biryani then I doubt on their profession and presence.

My suggestion to readers is to try small quantity first before you order them. For me I will never ever go to them as per my first and last experience I had with them.


Need more stars

Amazing place....soft tender kebabs....good service...v ordered murgh golmirch kabab that was definitely d one of d best i ever had.... mutton galawati kabab -to mask d mutton fragrance deyt add spices to it which makes it a little unpleasent but was good....Warqi Paratha was gr8 too....only d prob wid dis chain of outlet is too expensive,,,,if he can cut down rates den it will b definitely a good place to go every other day....


Best Kababs in Mumbai

i must say ... this place serves the best kababs in Mumbai, if not India. Try the Kakori kabas, its around Rs.250 and you get 3 rolls but its worth every penny. Just melts in the mouth and you cant get over the yumminess of it. i am not very impressed with the gravies, rotis are also very well prepared. a MUST TRY! Thumbs Up!


Superb Kebabs n more

Great Kebabs both Veg n Non Veg , Not a great lamb fan if not made by my mom but the kebabs r out of this world.They have to be had fresh n hot.
If its raining there is no better food for a wet n cold soul.
The Nans n Kulcha melt in ur hands.Veg dishes enjoyed by my veg better half r also quite delicious.
Yes their biryani is bit dry but i would prefer it over the greasy variety from lucky or jafferbhai, but not better than the Candies.
Kebabs , kulchas n biryani , are some of the best lucknowi / awadhi cuisine available in mumbai.
Be brave ,order basics and enjoy the good food.........


Beware if you place a home delivery order

This is not the first time this has happened to me and I am pretty sure I am not the first person to have gone through this harrowing experience.

If you call them up for home delivery you will receive a welcome "Kakori House, Shadab here, how may I help you?". WOW you'd say, Call Centre like welcome.

However it gets pretty down hill from there. The guy would then fightto hold a conversaion in English and you pretty soon realise Shadad must be the name used by all of those who take (sorry attempt to take) orders there.

So I ordered a Lagan ki boti at 11 p.m. tonight and the person taking the order verified that he can deliver the order. So far so good. At 12 midnight and still with no delivery in sight I called back to be welcomed by the same person. On asking about my order I was promptly told that the order has left and will reach me shortly. (needl it be said that the outlet is 5 minutes away from where I stay and this is not the first time they delivered and not delivered to our address).

After another 30 minutes of wait I called back and repeated the story of non delivery. The person (claimed to be Shadab) passed onto another person who nonchalantly informs me that they had informed me that the ordered dish was not available and they had called me back to inform me. WTF!

When I told the man that neither has no one called me and no one mentioned it to me when I called half an hour back he had the cheek to say I was telling the man who took the order that the dish is not available while you were placing the order. He made the mistake while taking the order and again when confirming that the order is on its way.

Needless to say I hung the phone. If you plan to place a home delivery order here - best of luck



All hype, No bite.

My experience at Kakori house was similar to watching a highly anticipated, heavily promoted big budget Bollywood flick. All hype no bite. In fact after eating at Kakori’s Mahim branch I’ve learnt that the restaurant business in Mumbai is a lot like Bollywood. The film is nothing like the slick promos we see on TV. In fact the audience is expected to ‘leave their brains at home.’ And the people behind the film encourage it too. Such is the buzz the curiosity and the anticipation that most viewers can’t seem to accept that the film is terrible. Like I should have left my expectation at home when I decided to eat at Kakori house.

I’m very wary of restaurants that place flattering laminated press releases on their tables. Kakori house also reminds you of their heritage and the origins of their cuisine on their walls and menu cards. It's a slight overkill. Blatantly showcasing positive press reviews, in my opinion, is just not classy. If they had only put that much effort into their food. Let the food do the talking Mr. Nawab.

I tried their much raved about dum biryani and found that it was a heap of flavored long grained rice with a few pieces of meat. The meat was succulent but the biryani preparation in itself was extremely disappointing. I had to chase the rice down with a glass of water after every bite. Their Haleem is a good hoax. It’s basically a watered down spicy dal with a hint of meat flavor and is incredibly expensive at a 190Rs a plate. The taste and flavor of ghee that is traditionally found in good haleem was missing. I’ll have the much better 'Hyderabad Spice' haleem anyday. The only saving grace were the kebabs - the baraah, galaouti and kakori. All top notch. In fact it seems they concentrate so much on the Kebabs that the rest of the menu seems neglected.



Great Food

Cannot go Wrong order anything...... However once when ordered the chicken was warm on the outside but cold from inside. They immediately replaced it..... I have been there more times and will continue.... a must place to go if around the location.

This location is the best out of all the location however I have not been to the town location.


I liked the food here

I went there with my wife and a friend yesterday. Unfortunately, my wife had had her dinner, so it was upto my friend and me to gorge. I had eaten their fare at a friend's place few days back, so was keen to try their other dishes. But then we ended up ordering their trademark dishes: kakori kebab, panner malai kebab and gosht lucknowi biryani. The dishes had the distinct flavour of the usual lucknowi / awadhi cuisine and the aroma even had my wife (who is a strict vegetarian and this time with a full tummy) mouth water. To end it up, we had shahi tukda and malai phirni. Shahi tukda is different from what you would normally get in Moghlai restaurants and was unnecessarily very sweet, but the malai phirni put the smile back on our face. Overall, it was an amazing experience and certainly recommendable


Value for Money ! - HELL NO

Well had a very strange experience from the Moment I walked in, The Decor was Tacky .... dunno stuck between Rustic and Modern ... and the Food .... lets start from the Food ... several items on the menu were not available, and we were persuasively encouraged to order the higher price end food on the menu, following which the portions were atrocious, it tasted very OK at best, The Shorba bowls are small as English tea cups.Bottom I would not wanna pay so much for an Average Moughlai Indian Food when one can get the same thing for half the price, twice the portion and double the taste in Md. Ali Road and regular avg Moughali Restaurants in Mumbai. We know there is a World food crisis and food prices have gone up, I dont wish to be reminded of it a so called "Plush Restaurant"


Kakori Ghar bahut khoob hai

I had meaning to go to this place, irrespective of the thrashing it had been receiving for service, attitude and at times food also.

So gathered a friend, his son & my father in law as guinea pigs landed up one sunday afternoon.

It was around 12.30 and we were the first people there, so the service was prompt and efficient. After looking at the menu, we decided to go the whole hog ordering everything that looked nice.

Mutton galawti kebabs (excellent, soft and just the thing with onions & roti), kakori kebabs (excellent with roomali roti), wrap mutton sheek (good but can be avoided if ordering other kebabs) along with the healthy whole wheat roomali rotis.

This was followed up by Machli lasooni tikka (amazingly moist, succulent); murgh golmirch kebab (very good with the tikka just done right & spices seeping thru), Haleem (can definitely give Paradise in Hyderabad a run for their money) and Nihari ghost (I did not taste this personally, but the orgasmic look on the face of others told me how good it was). This was followed by the Dum ghost lucknowi biryani which was again excellent, though personally I prefer the calcutta version of biryani myself:).

By this time we were stuffed completely with no place for anything else. However, my friend has a sweet tooth and wanted to try the shahi tukda, but the captain & server were persuasive enough to push - shahi tukda, zaafrani malai phirni and Jaamun - o - gul which was ecstasy personified.

We left fully satiated with promises of coming back. Whilst I have not had the time to do so, we have definitely ordered during the recent India vs England match and the service as well food was superb.


machete - Burrp User


20 Reviews

February 08,2011


not worth the hype

i really wont waste my time here, the famous kakori kebabs were all wrong, the other chicken/ veg kebabs we ordered we ordinary. Maybe the cook was having a bad day, but i wont go back, not worth the money!



Mouth Melting Kababs

i love their kakori kababs.. but they are tooooo expensive.. i wish the place was a bit more affordable.


anur1205 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 27,2010


Do not EVERtry this restaurant

We went to this restaurant to try the food after reading a review in a paper. We asked for a chicken curry with steamed rice and whole wheat roomali. three times we mentioned steamed rice. Food comes with colored biryani rice. again checked for steamed rice... sorry I AM THE CAPTAIN AND WE NEVER COOK STEAMED RICE. Roti was cold. when told to the server, he picked up the roti from my plate with hands and walked off in the restaurant. Food tasted attrocious. Highly unhygenic. If you go to the restroom, it is attached with the kitchen and you can hear people screaming and abusing. My rating: - Service minus 2, Food= 1, Overall experience= zero. 'Enter at your own risk'


shh27 - Burrp User


10 Reviews

December 20,2010



Food quality ,taste and overall service is overpromised and under delivered.
Chef qureshi;s nephew needs to do better than just bank on the family name the place is dissappointing ,lacks hygiene
Food served to us was cold and lacked taste.

It appeared more like it was microwaved and served and to top it all all our orders were incorrectly first served to another table and then brought to us.

Service is reallly POOORRR!!! i say tat because ; Cutlery was put after food was served on the table need i say more.

THE KAKORI kebabs served were undercooked ,overtly doused with SAFFRON so much so that they tasted bitter.
ALL IN ALL ...very BAD EXPERIENCE ,will never recommend this place.


punit132 - Burrp User


3 Reviews

December 19,2010


Bottled Water for Rs.60!!!

I went to kakori house with few friends, as i dont eat NON-VEG, i settled for VEG PASANDA BIRYANI (Rs.210) which was really delicious and quantity was worth the price..
However my friend ordered some Chicken ka kebab which they go half burnt and as they say taste was not GREAT either for Rs.230..
And den came the icing on the Cake we ordered bottled water got 1liter Aquafina for Rs.60 (which was not printed on menu we got, they gave take-away menu for dine-in guest) and Aerated Drinks for Rs.45..
And when we told the manager that Cost for water was too high he agreed and to talk with management and get the RATES to Rs.40 per bottle..hahahahaha!!


World's softest kababs, but lousy service!

With a menu that tries to recreate the history of kakori kebabs from a certain nawab's palate, and then traces the history of its origins by famed Dum biryani maestro, Imtiaz Qureshi in Mumbai; along with placards all over the restaurant proclaiming the 'World's softest kebabs', one visualises a virtual feast for all the senses, up until the order is placed.

The latest outlet of Kakori House in Oshiwara, Andheri, sadly lacks in service - and the cozy ambience and melt-in-the-mouth, highly recommended kakori and gulati kebabs fail to make up for the sourly attitude of the waiters. Indeed, while our table had to wait 45 mins for a parantha that accompanies the kebabs, another waiter was overheard telling a customer not to order the kakori kebabs as it would take to much time!! Not to mention the manager telling us that Dum Biryani and Handi biryani was the same thing - just one more spicier than the other - a statement which would probably have Mr Qureshi's grandpa turning in his grave! Sorry to say, we left the place with a bad taste in the mouth, which replaced that of the impeccable kababs.



Well, I had ordered a Butter Chicken and 2 naans for dinner today and when it arrived I found that the quantity of butter chicken served was merely half the quantity that a competing restaurant like The Dhaba would serve. Usually when I empty the dish into my Corelle bowl it covers around 1.25 bowls whereas Kakori House's butter chicken only occupied half the bowl!
When I called them up to address the quantity issue, they repeatedly cut my phone, spoke to me rudely and shouted at me! Such kind of action is UNEXPECTED from a restaurant of Kakori House's reputation!

I eat out very often. I am a foodie. I must admit that the minuscule quantity of Butter Chicken they served me was very good, but I honestly expected my Rs 250 to return a larger quantity!

Please don't go to this place if you're expecting to have a feast. Expect to go there, pay a huge amount for bite-sized morsels.

The management is horrible, the service is horrible and the quantity is horrible.


onrocks - Burrp User


20 Reviews

December 02,2010


Good food but expensive...

I like the joint, fortunately we didn't had to wait too long has we had gone on a weekday...

The food is excellent - I would say after delhi, this is the only place in mumbai that serves authentic kakori kebabs. Also, other main course iteams like Dal-E-Kaaz & butter chic were quite good.

The prices are a bit steep for a day-to-day eat...
250 bucks for pourtion of kakori kebabs (3 kebabs)
210 for a dal.

All in all it was a bit dent in our vallets, but almost worth to the taste & food.

Service - 7/10
Food - 9.5/10
Cost - 4/10
Ambience - 5/10


Good Food, Fuzzy Service Logic!

So I landed here apparently on the 2nd day after it opened (13th Nov to be precise!), for dinner. There was a Good crowd waiting, and i waited 25 minutes to be seated for dinner.

First the service, I was not so delighted with it. They forget getting the basic hygiene factors in place and open up a restaurant!! The water was not served but the soft drink was (or is it that only billable items were to be served?)... The food came but they forgot the napkins. Then they give you stained napkins when you ask for it after the food! They gave us menu cards, which were apparently sample menucards and so one was bound, one was stapled and one was all over the place.

Somebody tell me, what was the hurry in opening up the place if you did not have your act together?

In terms of the food, it was marvelous. The Kakori kebab is still the softest kebab in the world for me. The Galhauti kebab, is my personal favorite and the dish i rate most awadhi joints by. This one, passed! Though i wonder if i could get an improvised bread base into their recipe like the Taj has it ;) The Coriander Chicken called Dhania Murgh was a welcome change from the Red gravy called butter chicken in most part of the country! Not too happy with the breads though! The Shahi Tukda was very good too...

Now, only if the service got better, I'd go over and over again!