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vidhi05 - Burrp User


June 05,2014

vegetarian s delight

This is very good place for vegetarians with ample choices. I had ordered for a Masala dosa which was v good with 2 types of chutney and Sambhar. The other dish I recommend is the dry manchurian and is a must order here.
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varunhr104 - Burrp User


March 31,2014

Indian Food

A regular place for me when it comes to parties in my family Kalinga is a place where A-Z of Indian food is enjoyed by me.. right from the starters to the main course of Dal Makhni and Mushroom and paneer its a delight at Kalinga .. the juices and starters are also very nice..also the Chinese which i have tried a couple of times is decent enough..
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Amar Shah - Burrp User

Amar Shah

January 03,2014

Descent food with great taste

I been to Kalinga for many times. It is their USP to service consistently descent quality food with the same taste each time. Serving & delivery is quite slow but, all the waiters know the dishes & their ingredients very well to guide foodies to do experiments.
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nilesh8582 - Burrp User


September 01,2013

Decent Place

Kalinga is tucked away in a by lane near the SAB TV office and if you don’t make an effort you might miss it. It has an ac section as well as a non – ac section. We had some north indian food some time back and it was good, tasty and value for money. A word of caution – the waiters can be a little aggressive and pushy sometimes.
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January 28,2013

dont experiment

i ordered a veg crispy today...its was so oily.omg...i have several pathethic dishes at this restaurant.there are many dishes that taste good as well in this restaurant.but you just cannot experiment with stuff over here...order the usual favorites such as paneer makanwala,falooda,veg manchurian.falooda over here deserves special mention.it is too good..i enjoyed.avoid experimentation
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kuldeepj80 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

good food

the place is value 4 money whd gud fud n good quantity..... though d ambience is jus lyk a normal restaurant d fud is reli gud... d dishes r pricd between 150-200... lovde the indian cuisine... d startrz r reli nyc... lovd d crispy potatoes n chinese bhel.... their desrts r also equally gud... loved d sizzlin brownie.... chinese n indian both r gud... lovd d panir tikka masala n veg keema.... ovral a gud xperience
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nams10 - Burrp User


August 17,2012

Average Place with decent food

I've been to this place many times...The food is pretty decent and average...Ambiance is very ok...i generally visit this place b'coz there is no waiting and one can have quick dinner and leave.... Try the chocolate Mousse they serve...And the Pan wala Opposite serves an amazing chocolate Paan...A must try...
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Harshada Shewale - Burrp User

Harshada Shewale

March 15,2012

Pathetic hygiene

Look guys Ive been to this place so many times n everytime d food tastes good but someone falls sick!
I have a very good immunity normally but this time i ate here n i fell sick for 10 days!! I had to be hospitalised twice and the costs were total 24,000 rs.
Luckily I had mediclaim...
Such poor hygiene, pls NEVER go to Kalinga, it was a harrowing experience lying in the hospital.
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Pushpa T - Burrp User

Pushpa T

December 12,2011

Good Experience

Great place . Awesome food, Good Quality, Good Quantity.

Love to visit this place again and again!
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banchobee - Burrp User


September 02,2011

not at all kid friendly.....

I would advise people to think twice before venturing out to this place....my kids suffered from food poisoning after eating the snacks that were offered out here..
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yafeth talker - Burrp User

yafeth talker

August 22,2011

not affordable on the taste buds

I went yesterday with my family,in the ac section no doubt the prices were affordable but the taste was really bad we ordered kalinga special sabji it was PATHETIC and Dal Makhni was also bad.
Overall the food just was bad and it spoiled the entire mood ,also the people who clean the tables were standing over there and staring at our faces it was pretty bad experience .I had been to this restaurant before 6 months that time it was good,
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Gunpreet Sabharwall - Burrp User

Gunpreet Sabharwall

March 02,2011

Nice place..

I quite often visit this place as this is very close to where i stay. This place is good for eating out but if you want to make your eating out a fun filled experience then this isnt the right place for you. This is a very easily affordable.. value for money place...
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samitgandhi - Burrp User


October 04,2010

Horrible service....

I went for dinner at this place with my wife...The place is a decent place nothing great to talk about....
We decided to order punjabi food...The waiter misheard our order and got sum unordered stuff....Dnt wanna elaborate....I had been to this place during my college days with my pals...it was far more better that time then nw...The food quality was way better and even the service...
Just a once in a while go at this place nothing gr8...
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Neha Chopra - Burrp User

Neha Chopra

August 12,2010

Too Expensive!

Pav Bhaaji - Rs.76/- with 2 extra Pavs, I mean WTF! Has anyone tasted this Bhaaji? Its like an Oil Spill. No Doubt its delicious but come on!

As for the Service, OMG, These Waiters think they are paying us to sit. Very Sluggish n Disrespectful. I dont really care how busy they get over the day but service should be good at the end of the day. Delivery sometimes is also a concern when they don't listen to the entire order over the phone. Sometimes they just deliver only half the food you ordered.

The restaurant works only because its pretty old n the food is great but if another good veg restaurant comes up which also serves Non-Veg, good services n delivery, i think Kalinga is going to be History. It better keep up or else..........I'll basically remain hungry!
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Kunal Jain - Burrp User

Kunal Jain

May 20,2010

Why it is burrp! certified.

Went to this place last night and didn't find a single reason why it is burrp! certified. Bad service, normal food nothing great about the food. Only thing is that they serve huge quantity, but what to do with the quantity when quality of the food is not upto the mark.

Asked the server to clean the table which took him half hour to do the same. you will have to call the server 4-5 times only then he will come to your table.

Will not go to this place again. Better to go to other same joints like Hi-point and shiv sagar at least their food taste good.
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Ashish Disawal - Burrp User

Ashish Disawal

April 13,2010

Sluggish service, normal food

Even though this place is just opposite to my office, I try to avoid it because of the slow service. Food is ok.
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sid93 - Burrp User


August 05,2009

Worst place ive eaten at in recent memory!

This place is absolutely rubbish. Terrible service and food is below average.
I visited Kalinga with high expectations since the place has been given 5 stars on this site...however it doest deserve five stars on any count. The place is a dirty,dingy small restaurant with few seats in the AC section. The rest is outside where your bound to be pestered all night by the infinite insects. The service is pathetic. Waiters just roam around looking busy, but in reality doing nothing. The food is horrible. We tried the Chaat Platter that was simply disgusting. No taste at all. We also tried the "famous" Cheese Pav Bhaji that took around 1 and a half hrs to arrive and was just average. Nothing out of the ordinary. There were a bunch of pesky kids who added to our misery as well. On the whole, a terrible experience, id rather order Dominos at home!!!!!!!!!!
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Shally Dhar - Burrp User

Shally Dhar

June 11,2009

nice food at affordable rates

you get nice pav bajhi , dosa , idli and decent punjabhi food also

i like having a cuppa of tea at this place

good quality food at affordable rates

it rocks
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ryan0311 - Burrp User


March 10,2009

This place rocks !!!

This is the perfect place in Andheri (W) for Veg food. A must try when in Andheri. This place is worth every rupee !

The Cheese Pav bhaji is simply awesome.
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

April 26,2008

Kalinga but No Ashoka

A typical Veg restaurant. You want it we have it ~ South Indian, Punjabi, Chinese, Chats, Pav Bhaji, Pizzas, Juices & all that. The quality has improved over the last one year & worth a visit, though it is a tossup between them & Shabari which is in the next lane. Caters to the kitty party crowd quite successfully.
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Ajai Bathija - Burrp User

Ajai Bathija

July 30,2007

South Indian Food at it Best!

Located strategically near Fame Adlabs, Andheri west, Kalinga is one great place which always lives up to expectations and more!
A pre-dominantly vegetarian place on the lines of Shiv Sagar and Shabri, Kalinga serves better food than quite a few of it's competitors.
Try the crunchy medu-vada with un-limited sambhar and 2 kinds of chutney (coconut and tomato based).
The chaats (available post 4 pm) are wholesome and tasty too!
The dosas too are pretty consistent - have been there numerous times and they are as tasty as ever. Specially try the Spring Dosa and the Mysore Masala dosa which is quite different from the rest of the other Udipi restaurants...
Kalinga has some good Punjabi and Veg Chinese food too..
Service is excellent and pricing affordable. They have an outdoor and indoor (a/c) section...Try the indoor, it's great ambience with value for money..
Beware, don't try and land up on a sat or sunday nite - unless u are going really early... It's totally packed..Best time for a relaxed meal - early noon - around 11.30 - 12.00 or late evenings - 7.00 - 8.30 pm when it is not very crowded...
Ajai Bathija
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