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Khar WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 5 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 26463501, 66760718, 9619176543, 9819839391
  • Shop no. A/5, 308, Carter Road, Gagangiri Commercial Complex, Khar West, Mumbai
  • Indian, Mughlai, North West Frontier

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Kareem's Reviews

kandarp09 - Burrp User


7 Reviews

February 14,2012


Waste of money.

I just wanted to try it so i called for home delivery and for 125 bucks they sent a roll which was incredibly small . i dont understand how these guys are doing business


Worst Food I Ever Had

The Chicken Bhuna Was So Bad Can not Even Tell Wat The taste was like And it had only 3 Small Boneless chciken pieces n tandoori was yuck it so sour in taste willl Never order again


varghese.ann - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 28,2011



Never order a prawn biryani it's absurdly priced at 309 rupees and yes there are very small 5 prawns that you will eat only to tell yourself that you are not a complete loser for calling from this restaurant.


I ordered from the branch in Oshiwara ...I called them to report this idiocy and all the guy on the telephone had to say was 'Madam generally we give only 4 prawns' there it is ...I got one extra... so I should feel happy? ...yippeee..( now for those who didnt understand sarcasm...Its LOOT dont go to throw your money just like that)



Good Food!

I was looking for good Seekh Kebab rolls in Mumbai (the kinds you get at Khan Chacha in Delhi), and chanced upon this place at Carter Road.
Didn't have very high expectations, especially after the kind of Mughlai food I'd had here. The rolls here were pretty good (though not as good as Khan Chacha). I would recommend the kali mirch chicken roll and the seekh kebab roll.



Great food with no waiting!!

Whenever I make last minute plans for dinner on weekends I end up at Kareem's as you almost can get a table in under 5 minutes and the food is not bad either. Love their starters and biriyani.




Picked up a movie at Movie Empire and thought Kareems's Mutton Biryani would make excellent dinner. Thoroughly (x 100) disappointed with the Biryani. Meat was hard as rock and the Biryani lacked flavour. The Mirchi ka Salan was the saving grace with the biryani rice. Hope the movie is good though...Good Night

Share: - Burrp User

3 Reviews

April 12,2010


I loved it

I went there on a weekend... The owner was around and happened to be a yesteryear actor... Looking at the reviews i thing i was lucky. i tried mutton biriyani , reshmi kabab n fish tikka... i loved them all and that too at prices to die for... i found this place did a good job with marination(of the meat)... for me it was perfect 10 for food... well ambiance n sitting arrangement can be managed if the food is good


TheFoodist - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 11,2010


Slighty better than average

Firstly, for the dilliwallas, dont confuse this with the real and revered Karims of Jama Masjid. They're not the same guys. Now that facts are cleared, and expectations are set to realistic levels, read on.

The place is on Khar's khau galli. The place is easy to find on the street that turns inside from Cafe Coffee Day on Carter Road. Parking is usually not a problem - a place is usually available in one of the lanes.

Its an eat out restaurant. Dont waste your energies/irritate fellow eaters if you're a stickler for hygiene and comfort. Thats that as far as ambience is concerned.

The menu is decent and serves North Indian grub.

The tandoori chicken was okay. Better just hop two shops ahead to Maroosh to try one of the best tandooris on the road.

Dal Makhni was good. Mutton biryani was okay, just a bit oily.

All in all, food was good, and slightly above average. Service was prompt (must mention, we went in the afternoon on a work day).

Bill for two was under 500 bucks.

Go for the food - Its not out of the world, but may call you back once in a while.


boss21 - Burrp User


52 Reviews

February 03,2010


They Fool U !

the meat was stale , found laadd { poor quality oil - animal fat } , found the chicken pieces in the gravy un cooked , 98% of the chicken the use in their gravy and tikka is just chamda - fat , the food is horrible , not worth it the nan"s r too expensive and yes its not a 100% veg resturant .


nargis_nn - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 22,2010


horrible rolls

happened to be at pali naka post 3.30 and was disappointed to find out that Khane-Khas had shut by then. so me along with a couple of friends decided to order from Kareem's. we asked for some chicken kalimirch rolls and what we got was some yucky looking and tasting chicken wrapped in plain roti! the roll was so tasteless and boring....dry and completely devoid of flavour. the chicken was rubbery too! this at 90 bucks was a total waste of money!



nothing great

have had better food than here,
been here a couple of times but the food was average and nothing great,expected smething much better ,
the location nothing great either just 2 tables and they dont serve in the car either.......



This place was just average to say. Reasonably Priced along with good food and Service. The only drawback is the hustle-bustle due to its location which faces the road. I had the best Chicken Tandoori in my life, but was depressed when I got a bill charging me Rs 90 for a Rs 10 Coco Cola Bottle...


Strictly OK

This is another one of those narrow eateries on carter road. When you have such a large number of places to choose from this should ideally not be you're first choice. The place is extremely cramped up and the food is strictly OK. The food lacked the spice and the richness of Moghlai food. The Biryani was relatively good.

Now coming to the ambiance. This place is almost in the open and the wind blows quite strong. It is extremely important you eat your food has fast as possible, coz the gravy get warm quite fast and the rotis are not fun to eat when they lose their heat.



horrible food and bogus staff

I frequently order food from outside on home delivery,i happened to order some chicken tikka and fish tikka the other day from kareems,got the parcel in first case after 2hours,for which i must have made some 8-10calls and the staff kept telling me the parcel is left and should be at my place anytime,by the time the food reached me the fish tikka was stinking when called the kareem's and wanted to complain they told me there food never stinks or taste bad...and if i feel that why i can return the food so i did but they never returned my i landed up with a horrible food,losing money,and with no ampathy also from!!! this place sucks



turNed oUt so PerfEct

well been thr with frnds... v were badly hungry.. was a bad shopping day.... our 2 frnds only joind UP frm kalyan... to hav lunch with us (me...:) N My frnd......) so each on of us was thinking to wa to eat ended up orderin somehin frm menu... but i swear each dish which came.. is still a remembrance.... it was ******.. delicious.... a must



Gone down the drains!

What used to be one of Carter Road's favourite hangouts is now an empty nest.

A few people trickle in, once in a while. The frequenters have disappeared for obvious reasons. Ever since a part of the restaurant has been given away to Asian Wok, Kareems has lost its charm. What remains is a dingy dhaba-like eatery with slow service and watery butter-chicken. Absolutely disappointing!


Great Nihari-Foul Customer Service!

I have often ordered from Kareem's and the reason I go back every time is because they do such a fabulous 'Mutton Nihari'. BUT....the people who answer the phone are really rude.

Another things is that they don't accept orders for home delivery till 1:00pm which means the food will only arrive at 2:00 (or later). They don't realize that they are losing a lot of business this way.

If they could just accept orders from 12:00 pm , they'd have a lot of callers for lunch.

Will Kareem's actually review this review?


best mushroom tikka !

I had a friend who introduced me to this place.. and now its one of my favorite quick-bite joints. It serves the yummiest rolls I've ever had.
What's interesting is that I've ALWAYS hated mushrooms and would run away at the very sight of them. This place has made me love mushrooms as they serve the best mushroom tikka.
So next time u go there, DO NOT miss the mushroom tikka even if u aren't particularly fond of them.. U won't regret it ...

Kareem's is neither too expensive nor or on the cheaper side. A moderately priced restaurant apt if you are out for a drive :)



Love it!

I love this place. Situated right next to Crepe Station, this kebab joint is perfect in terms of location and food.

I find myself stopping by every time i'm in the area. I've had a lot of kebabs around the city and what Kareems has to offer is some of the best. Every kebab I've tried was juicy and succulent.

The seating area is what you expect. Minimal but mostly sufficient. The cost is higher than a Bade Miya's but appropriate with the location I feel. The quantity of food is more than you expect.

So if you're driving down carters and feel the need for some good skewered meat, do drop by at Kareems. I'd recommend it to anyone.