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ChemburCentral Suburbs    & IN 29 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02267650967, 02267650966
  • 7 / 11, Food Court,K Star Mall,Sion Trombay Road,Chembur Naka, Chembur, Mumbai
  • Fastfood
  • Meal for 2 - 450

4 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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KFC Reviews





Still hasnt got vegetarian right

We are unique eaters of meat.

Some of us are vegetarians, most eggetarians (but only if i cant see it) , others love thier chicken, some will eat anything that moves, etc etc......but what truly sets us apart from the rest of the world is.... the shraavan, the navratras, the tuesday, the baadha (vow), the family is around, the dieter, etc etc.

So if your in a group especially, you can be rest assured that atleast one person is going to be wanting to eat vegetarian for some reason or the other.

And theriein lies KFCs problems, right from the day they've started they've always tried to cater to vegetarians (right from branding themselves only as KFC) but never really met with any success.

The potato crisper tastes ordinary and brings out the negative conotation of an overpriced vada pav.

The Veg zinger is confusing ...full of vegetables but not healthy and barely any taste..

The new Veg rocking is too dry and has more of the coating than the actual filling itself...

Full marks for trying(and failing ..remember the ill fated chana patty, the veg nuggets etc etc) but unfortanely theyve not yet vegetarian options right...

But someone has told them how important we vegetarians are so lets hope the effort continues and someday we have a winning vegetarian menu from KFC...

Till then Mc. Donalds it is if your with vegetarians....and KFC will continue to be the slowest growing large foreign food chain in india.


Bubbles  - Burrp User


10 Reviews

February 08,2014






Not a KFC fan

I really don't understand whats the big hype about KFC chicken, like seriously... it's bland..!! & being Indians we need masala, though no doubt, the chicken is juicy. The only thing i like there is their Crushers. it's tooo good..!! and whenever i go to Kstar, i end up buying burgers from McDonalds and Crushers from KFC. and yes the only reason one should go there is sometimes if your lucky, you may find a cute guy at your service :-P and also not to forget the hidden taxes they have are ridiculous..!! too over priced for my pocket. not worth it.


pathetic food and service after 9:30PM

It is a franchisee outlet. To cut wastage they stop keeping food ready from 9:30. so expect long lines and wait time of 30+ minutes from placing your order. The chicken is going to be tasteless as it will not be well marinated. forget eating the grilled chicken. Same experience on 2 days.



Had been here a couple of days ago to satisfy my cravings for popcorn chicken and a zinger. It was a public holiday so was sceptical about the time that will be taken for the order to come my way. But to my surprise the order was ready at lightening speed despite a long queue of customers. Was very happy. Only hitch was that the popcorn chicken was lacking in seasoning. So asked them to add some more of it which they readily obliged. In the end went back home happy and satiated.