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  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 / By Shirin Mehrotra


    Shirin Mehrotra Always wondered how to use all the Asian sauces you spy on the supermarket shelves? Some of the city’s most popular chefs share their recipes and tips. Have you ever made an impulse purchase of one of...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 / By Lizy D'souza

    Review: Tijuana Iguana

    Lizy D'souza Tijuana Iguana aims to please a diverse clientele with food, music, dancing and drinks all under the same roof. Should you make a reservation soon? The 50-seater replacement of Brighton Restaurant and...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 / By Lizy D'souza

    The Week Ahead - Mumbai

    Lizy D'souza There is a lot going in Mumbai and we put together a list of things that could keep you entertained through the week. Sea Food Festival @ Saptami, Holiday Inn, Andheri east Shravan’s long gone, monso...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 15, 2014 / By Kalyan Karmakar

    A culinary heritage walk through Fort

    Kalyan Karmakar From Parsi cafes to North Indian restaurants and Mangalorean lunch homes - eat your way through a historical chunk of Mumbai. Imagine eating your way through a museum. Well that’s exactly what you can...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 / By Mitchelle D'Souza

    Tea Break

    Mitchelle D'Souza We pick five fun, new dishes around the city featuring the humble tea leaf as the star of the show. Drinking multiple cups of sweet milky tea is still very much the norm. Though younger, more adventur...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 11, 2014 / By Shirin Mehrotra

    Review: Tastes Of Europe @ Prego, Westin Mumbai

    Shirin Mehrotra City’s latest food festival tries to promote fresh European produce through set menus across various restaurants. Mumbai’s love affair with European food is often limited to Italian favourites like pa...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 10, 2014 / By Bindiya Chotrani

    Gig Guide - Mumbai

    Bindiya Chotrani From food workshops and food campaigns to ladies nights and dance nights, there is plenty to keep you going through the week ahead. Classic Comfort Breakfast @ Jamjar Diner, Versova Nothing makes for ...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 / By Lizy D'souza

    Review: The Beer Cafe

    Lizy D'souza With over 30 different beers from around the world under the same roof, we can think of enough reasons to check this out over the weekend. Bold yellow letters saying, ‘Beer is the largest consumed bev...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 / By Shirin Mehrotra

    Review: Sri Lankan Food Festival @ Pondichery Cafe, Sofitel

    Shirin Mehrotra Sofitel Mumbai’s all-day diner is home to Sri Lankan food for a week. We tried it over the weekend and tell you about our favourites. Images of appams (thin rice pancakes) with a fried egg on top, kuk...

  • Mumbai

    SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 / By Mitchelle D'Souza

    Review: Pind Masala Food Festival @ Baluchi, The Lalit Mumbai

    Mitchelle D'Souza If your heart goes 'balle balle' at the mention of tangdi kebab and dal gosht, this food festival is right for you. As part of its cross-country Gourmet Express idea, 10 days of every month starting i...

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