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> > > > Lemon Grass

Lemon Grass

VashiNavi Mumbai  

  • 65255095, 8097687920
  • S-32, 1st Floor, Inorbit Mall, Sector 30, Vashi, Navi Mumbai
  • South East Asian
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

14 Reviews / 14 Ratings

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Lemon Grass Reviews

bad food

Went there on a thursday.Food was bad.Glasses used to serve water was unclean.Stale chicken.Bad dimsums.I am just happy that i didnt have to go to the doctor after eating it.


Meeta  - Burrp User


30 Reviews

April 15,2012


Not authentic, but certainly not bad

Excited at the prospect of a new restaurant in vashi did get my hopes high with Lemon Grass, and I am happy to say, my experience was not all that bad. The four of us were greeted by a friendly host and our server was most notably a fun one. He guided us through the menu, and even helped us chopstick-novices handle the regime of eating with sticks quite happily.

As for the food, if you have had authentic pan asian cuisine, u will be left wanting for more, but it is certainly not your average Indian Chinese joint. We had vegetables dim-sums, which came with a weird sweet sauce, followed by yummy burnt garlic rice with spinach (highly recommended), thai-style stir fried hot sauce vegetables and chilly-coriander stir fried vegetables with noodles.

What we liked: Service, hands down!! Drinks are moderately priced and offers, as they mentioned, is usually on the cards.

What we din't like: Food was a little sweet for our spicy taste buds, but nevertheless. tasty and flavorful.

Verdict: Can try if you are in the mood for something different in Vashi. If nothing else, the service and chopstick lesson will make up for a good night.



Warning: Stay away from this place

One word to some up the experience I had here: Pathetic!
In spite of reading the bad reviews this restaurant has garnered here, i decided to take the challenge of trying this place out. I am sure that was the worst mistake I made this Saturday. I chose the buffet over the a la carte.
Firstly, there is a very limited option of food to choose from.Being a buffet,I expected some great spread of food.Its as if you either eat whatever minimum they serve up or stay hungry..There were 3 varieties in dimsums-1 chicken and 2 in veg.2 soups,2 types of sushis-1 veg & 1 non veg.4 starters.4-5 types of salads and few dishes in the main course,which included one rice,one thai gravy,noodles and 2 more gravies.
None of this was even noteworthy..We had to waste away a lot of food since we just could not bear the thought of finishing it.Some dishes just did not have any flavor to them and some were just sweet or just a mish mash of sauces.The desserts also had a similar fate.
The only saving grace was the chocolate cake.I thing that was the only dish i really enjoyed in that entire buffet.And that is the reason for the star in my rating
I will definitely not want to visit that place again and would suggest the others to also stay away from this overpriced place.Or else you too would burn a hole in your pocket but still walk away hungry,like me...


Maggi1605 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 30,2012


Mouthwatering food

Me and my daughter have become big fans of Lemongrass. We keep repeating our orders of Fishfinger- absolute melt in the mouth kings. Nice and fresh. The dimsums- my fav being chicken and prawn for my daughter. Pot rice is really flavourful. Cocktails have an interesting mix.
And the monk and his disciple/ lampshades give it a very intersting look.
Even the sitout is nice and gets quite pleasant in the evening.

Pricing- just correct. one can't compare the quality and taste of food with any of the oily dishes served in the foodcourt .


Foodist - Burrp User


2 Reviews

January 03,2012



south east asian? they serve rubbish. overpriced for the kind of place. the simple no-frills foodcourt outlets at the same mall are any day better.

bad. not worth trying.


patkarmanoj - Burrp User


6 Reviews

December 29,2011


Lemon Grass, Vashi

If you wanna enjoy authentic South East Asian delicacies, you must not miss out this new restaurant in Inorbit, Vashi. I opted for Mocktails as I had to drive back home. The Watermelon Cooler was refreshing. Later I also tried the Lemongrass Mint Mojito which was just too good. The Bangkok style crispy chicken was YUM.Oriental Prawns and the Spinach,Cottage Cheese and Burnt Garlic Dimsums I must say are just so good. The portion sizes were just perfect and the dips complemented the starters very well. I'm a snack foodie and I wanted to taste more of starters than the main course. My sweet tooth cravings couldn't be controlled and I opted for a chocolate pastry to end my lovely dining experience.
I heartily recommend this venue for family outings for special moments. I can assure that the food will never disappoint you.



They will never improve

Had warned a friend against this place. Despite that she decided to "experience it herself". She texted me this morning, "Guess I must stick to my guns! My experience at Lemon Grass deters me from experimenting with eateries again!"


Just another place you can go!

A visit to Lemon Grass can at best be classified as a standard resturant visit. There is nothing extraordinarily nice or bad about the place. Seating and ambience comfortable, staff decently cordial. However, it does impress with food - a nice assortment of South East Asian food, suiting all kinds of palate, except those who want to eat 'Indianised Chinese'. The pipe music however is completely inappropriate for the resturant - Steve Vai is to be in played in a Tatva Bar!

Only wish there was something that would make the trip more worthwhile.


AmarjitKaur - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 15,2011


Awful experience - Not worth a second visit

I will NEVER go there again - it's a promise. It's sad that Kiva wound up and these guys took up their place at InOrbit Vashi.

Food was good. The serving staff was courteous, but the arrogant managers spoiled my evening. The ambiance is artificial, make-do & very plastic. No charm.

Very very poor show by Potpourri people.



Lousy Food but Good Customer service

If you haven't been admitted to hospital and want to know what kind of food is served there (hospital)..this is the place where you have to be then! Chef needs the basic training on how to make south east asian foods.This is the place where i found "Hair" in my food and when i asked the waiter to replace it, he did it promptly and thus smartly serving me a bucket full of noodles. Almost felt i am having a turmeric water noodles. Only good thing about place is Ambiance and staff ( which doesn't include chef) :D.



Nice food! They've gotten too big for their boots!

They serve nice food; but the small time restaurant next door does that too! And possibly welcome you & serve you with warmth & genuineness at a wallet-friendly price!

The lack of character of this mediocre place reflects on its interiors, menu card, and the overall fare! The only saving grace is the staff - especially the ones picked up from their flagship Potpourri downstairs.

Had a brief unpleasant meeting with Avinash Menon, one of the partners of this place, who was poking his nose everywhere & throwing his weight all around the place. I wonder how someone with such uncouth uncivilized approach landed up in this kind of an industry!

If you care to spend a pleasant evening with nice food, spirits & attitude, drive further down to Belapur for Rude Lounge, the brand new Cult Lounge (worth checking out!), Rockville, Rainforest and more places with character!

A big thumbs down to Lemon Grass!


&& We have a winner!!!!!

Right from the friendly dude at the entrance till the time me & my friend stepped out, it was amazing!!! The decor is nice n cozy.. since d place is new, it kinda smelled like paint, the stewards probably over heard n in 2 secs we could smell d room freshner!! talk about being quick n attentive!! Soup- Tom yum was yummmmmmmm :) chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce was gooood.. declious flavours..!!! then came the Burmese Khowsuey.. hot, comforting & oh soooo niceeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! The service was quick, stewards smiling and helpful!! In fact, when my friend couldn't finish the khowsuey, the steward inquired if she didn't like it & she had to explain that she was full n couldn't eat another morsel!! Def going back for more!!!! keep it up LG!! plz plz do not go down on ur service!



Pretty Good

The ambience is nice. The food was lovely. Thai cuisine could be improved. The Nasi-Goreng and Stir Fried veggies, a must try! Overall a much needed place for Vashi. Will def visit again. Friendly staff to add to the goodness. The value for money is good on the main courses. On the appetizers, not so much. But they tasted good, so it's alright. Desserts come from the Pot Pourri (of Inorbit mall itself) range.



New hottie at Inorbit, Vashi

After waiting for a long time, staring wishfully at the "Opening soon" posters on the first floor of the Inorbit mall at Vashi, Lemon Grass finally opened its kitchen to foodies last week. My friend and I, both self-proclaimed food enthusiasts, ran at the first opportunity to check out the rookie restaurant (which shares territory with another popular choice among food lovers - Pot Pourri).

We received a warm welcome from the staff into an almost empty restaurant (partly because it was a weekday and partly because not many people know it exists). Eventually, the place filled up with decent crowd, but not in a noisy, crammed sort of way.

Interiors: Very spacious, beautiful lighting and colors, and tables are not close to each other.

Staff: Courteous, smiling, super enthusiastic (presumably because Lemon Grass is new and they want to make a good first impression; however, I hope the smiles and enthusiasm do not die down once they manage to secure their regular patrons. The one big turnoff at any restaurant is crappy staff service and zilch customer value!)

Drinks: A very extensive menu for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Non-drinkers can rejoice, as the menu includes other drinks besides your usual run-of-the-mill Iced Teas. I tried the Strawberry and Guava Slush, which was so good that I slurped noisily till the end and was puppy-faced when my glass got empty; my friend tried the Mandarin Mojito, also yummy and refreshingly tangy! What appealed to me were the lovely colors and fresh, fruity taste of the drinks. There are also other interesting drinks, and given a chance, I would love to try each!

Food: We decided to go for Thai this time, and intend to try Oriental on our next visit. The Tom Kha soup was just right, this coming from a huge Tom Kha fan (I can predict the rest of the food from the good/bad taste of the soup). The staff suggested the dimsum (the variety in the menu was awfully tempting, but we didn't want to fill ourselves). But from what I hear, their dimsum is worth trying. Next time, I guess. We dove directly into the main course. As much as we would have loved to order more food, especially starters, but between 2 people, it gets difficult to finish the food on the table.
The main course was simple, comforting Thai food: Steamed rice and chicken Thai green curry. The one thing that struck me was the quantity: it was enough to feed 3 people, and we tried hard to finish, but in vain! I don't know about the portions of the Chinese food, but the Thai items have sufficiently large portions, so do not order too much in advance.

The damage for two non-alcoholic drinks, one soup, one rice and one gravy was about 900 bucks, which for the quantity, taste, and ambiance is good.

I intend to go back to Lemon Grass to try every item on the menu (my usual aim with all good restaurants and my usual hobby as a foodie), with the hope that the standard it has set right now does not falter or decline. You have one loyal patron right here, who will recommend and coax people to come to Lemon Grass, and I sincerely hope you do not disappoint.

Please continue serving excellent cuisine with a smile on your face and a spring in your step! =)