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Pranav Kumar - Burrp User

Pranav Kumar

December 19,2015

Yummy biryani

Visited last night for diner..awsome place for biryani .. i just love it..great ambience...great service..will visit again
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sureshchawla732 - Burrp User


September 12,2015

yummy biryani

Biryani was so awesome...!
Liked the kebabs , its come only in your budget.
Biryani has awesome,
Chicken quantity or mutton quantity is more than its can full fill your requirement.
Must try kebabs….
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ferdin1500 - Burrp User


December 23,2013

Over rated Lucky

Ordered Chicken. Biryani and some chicken gravies with roti.
Biryani was oily and there was 2 big pieces of potatoes in the container and chicken was just ok. Gravies were also not up to the mark for the price we pay & the quantity was also less. Rotis were also OK ok. This is just another normal restaurant with abnormal price. there are many other better options available near by.
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abhishek2rr - Burrp User


October 02,2013

You should be LUCKY enough for Biryani !!!

Had ordered chicken biryani from lucky restaurant, goregaon
The delivery was on time, but the biryani was just grave cooking.
Nothing much like biryani except yellow rice, potato's and two medium pieces of
chicken and lots of oil at the end of container.
I dont understand why they call it as chicken biryani.
Its a bluff game to try this restaurant.
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Jay Sonawane - Burrp User

Jay Sonawane

April 30,2013

Poor Lamb Quality

Have been a regular foodie at the Bandra outlet and for the first time ordered for a parcel at Goregaon branch for my regular Roasted Lamb in chilly garlic sauce . The dish was completely different and truly speaking couldnt be compared with the recipe that I get at the Bandra Outlet, not just the Lamb but even the chicken handi was not tasty! Would like to say that the cook must avail the recipes from the Bandra cook.
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Tejas Master - Burrp User

Tejas Master

August 17,2012

Try Chicken Biryani & Caramel Custard

One of the best Dum Chicken Biryani you can find in western suburbs. Best place for non-vegetarian since there are more Non-Veg items on the menu.

A little space should be saved after the yummy biryani for their special Caramel custard . Simply mouth watering.
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Shehbazpatel93 - Burrp User


August 11,2012

Lucky Biryani

Most Mouth Watering Biryani Ever Eaten in Mumbai......
If Someone Sa's Biryani Than It Is Lucky's Biryani.......
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1507.vijay - Burrp User


December 13,2011

Rice worm In Chicken Biryani

No doubt their biryani is tasty, but has to be really careful about the hygiene, I used to love this place and usually take parcel but with this incidence of Rice worm in their Chicken Biryani, I’ve lost trust in this place, I called them to give feedback but it wasn’t welcomed. Purity and hygiene come first than taste. Staffs are also not very courteous, even after skilled for making good biryani, I would not recommend this place.
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Spacedust - Burrp User


September 14,2011

Excellent Biryani & Delivery

We ordered in a kilo of mutton biryani last weekend. The ordering process was a telephone call and the guys agreed to drop just 1 kilo of the same all the way to Borivli (West) at 8:30pm on a Saturday night (and deliver they sure did).
The biryani was classic Lucky biryani with juicy potatoes and falling off the bone mutton... A kilo of biryani at a party with other starters & drinks will easily feed 20 or more mouths.
We were 8 at the party, a container each was parcelled off with two of our friends the next morning, my folks (5 of them) had it for dinner on Sunday night and the missus & I had the rest of it on Monday night, again, for dinner.
In my life, I have never been able to eat the same biryani for a second meal. This one was different. It maintained its moisture and the meat remained juicy.
All in all, a wonderfully filling experience
Rs.1300/- for a kilo of chicken biryani, 1500/- for mutton. 500 deposit for the handi if they're leaving that over at your place. No raita. Onions, Lime & Pickle included. Delivery, free!!!!
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Gaurav Rara - Burrp User

Gaurav Rara

April 20,2010

Lunch From Hell!!!!

On a Saturday afternoon me with a few of my friends from work went to lucky for lunch which was one of the most disastrous lunch.
First we were attacked by a swarm of flies.
Second the AC was just for name sake
Third the butter chicken had more color than butter that we were actually thinking of using this dish in holi instead of harmful Gulal.
And last but not the least the infamous Lucky's chicken biryani was tasting like a 2 day old stale chicken paulao.

to add to the above mentioned ordeal the hygiene was completely compromised, the glasses were dirty and the plates were not very clean too.

This restaurant is posing a major threat to the brand name of "Lucky's"

Something needs to be done about this!!!!!!!
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Alpana Mandal - Burrp User

Alpana Mandal

April 06,2010

Luck has nothing to do with it

There's no question about it. Lucky's biryani is one of the best in town. It has just the right amount of masala, the longest grains of basmati rice and the softest meat. On a recent visit with my parents to try the new Lucky opened at Goregaon East (between the highway and the east-west flyover), we learnt two things:

1. Lucky's biryani maintains the same quality at every branch
2. The Lucky at Oshiwara next to Mega Mall is not a branch of the Bandra Lucky. It used to be, but there was some Mukesh-Anil Ambani style drama between the brothers that makes Oshiwara Lucky a different management, while keeping the original brand name!

We weren't that hungry, and just ordered for a Chicken Kali Mirch starter and a Mutton Biryani, with bone please! Half the taste is in the bone! The pepper in the chicken starter was freshly grounded, and my love for freshly grounded pepper is not a secret. It was beautifully flavored and each bite was like eating a piece of chicken and then biting off a piece of pepper at the same time! Yummm.

Menu variety
Lucky historically serves Mughlai and Chinese dishes. I have never really tried the Chinese food at any Lucky, but going by the number of people who do, it must be above average at least. The Chicken Lollypop at another table was looking quite delicious (my mouth is watering as I write)!

Let's not mince words. Lucky has never known to have a flair for service. Their definition of service is getting your food, putting it on your plate and then clearing it off. Nothing before or after that. We had to beg for attention even for a glass of water, not one waiter smiled at us (even when we were being friendly) and nobody even opened/closed the door for us. They get two points, though, for doing their definition of service properly at least!

The Bandra lucky doesn't have too much of an ambience, but the Goregaon one has corrected that a bit with a nice local restaurant feel. You know, the kind of ambience that restaurants that are in the middle of your local residential complex have!

For a meal of one starter and two mutton biryanis that was good enough for me, mom and dad, we had to shell out just Rs. 600 odd. Worth it? Of course!

And in conclusion...
I suggest that you try the food at Lucky, Bandra, during Ramzan time. Not only will you get good food, but you'll also enjoy the festive atmosphere. Eat on!
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rahul_lipare - Burrp User


February 12,2010

Worst Food I ever Had-Absolute Rubbish

Don't make the mistake of expecting the food at Lucky, Goregaon to be the same as at Bandra. I had ordered Half Tandoori (Rs.90/-) and Chicken Biryani(Rs.110). To my greatest disappointment, this was the worst experience eating a Tandoori and Chicken Biryani at any hotel in the past 25 years.It was uncomparably horrible. The tandoori chicken was absolutely tasteless and the biryani was just like chewing plain rice with hopeless chicken in it.Please avoid Lucky, Goregaon even if they offer to feed u for free. Its not at all worth.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

October 14,2009

Lower expectations when ordering from home

I am a huge fan of Lucky's. However, two experiences of ordering at home have lowered expectations from take-away forever. On one occasion it took too long to deliver. I stay only 5 minutes away, and assuming the cooking takes a good 45 minutes, 1.5hrs is just not done.
On another occasion, when we ordered my fav 'Arabi Butter Chicken', the entire recipe was changed. It was darker than usual, slimy instead of being thick.
Also, I have had troubles getting the order changed over phone. Last time I called back 5 minutes after ordering, and the guy said the order was already prepared. After this, it still took an hour to deliver.
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Prasad Gupte - Burrp User

Prasad Gupte

September 13,2009

Love the Arabi Butter Chicken..!

Lucky offers great taste. Try the arabi butter chicken and the arabi tandoori (takes time to cook)
Sometimes we've found the tandoori to be reheated, but at other times food is fresh. Biryani, both mutton and chicken, are very tasty, less oily than Borivli biryani.
Pre-order your biryani on weekends if you need a kilo or more than 8 plates. On Ganesh Visarjan day, they ran out of mutton biryani at 830pm with only 3 packets left.
Try this place if you haven't
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Nauzer  - Burrp User


July 21,2009

Fly in the Falooda. Beware...

Three times I have eaten food from here. Twice at the restaurant and once by home delivery. Food is as great as Lucky at Bandra.

But the third time, we got a fly in the Lucky Special Falooda. Guess the fly is what is special in the Falooda.

And the staff as well as the manager's response was pathetic. The Manager said we will not put that item in the bill. On top of that he is asking us to pay the bill since there was no problem with other items ordered by us.

I seriously wish someone has the resources and time to penalize this place for such nonsense.
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