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> > > > Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts

ColabaSouth Mumbai    & IN 24 MORE LOCATIONS


17 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Chocolate Donut Festival Jan 09 - Feb 10

  • Mad Over Donuts annual chocolate extravaganza is back! Indulge your senses in heavenly chocolate flavored donuts all this month!

    The holiday season may be over; but Mad Over Donuts gives you a chance to soak yourself into these delightful bites of goodness! The 3 new chocolate flavors include Chocolate Star donut, Popping Chocolate donut and Crunchy Break donut:
    • Chocolate Star donut: Dipped in milk and white chocolate and topped with vanilla buttercream & 5 Star chocolate.
    • Popping Chocolate donut: Dipped in dark chocolate and coated with chocolate crispies.
    • Crunchy Break donut: Dipped in dark chocolate, with Kitkat chocolate and topped with a drizzle of white chocolate hearts
    Price per Donut: Rs. 59

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Mad Over Donuts Reviews






The Sweet-tooth Calling...

Just like my fellow foodies, I agree I over-indulge in my sweet tooth.

I cant just get enough of mouth-watering desserts , probably would love to start my meal with it

Mad over donuts simply makes it more difficult for me to be away from all these fairy donuts.

The best I have ever had are at their Colaba branch. The staff is so friendly, they suggest according to our personal taste. I have tried all their donuts but my heart goes out for Double trouble.

My Tuesdays & Thursdays are booked for MOD as they run these amazing promotions of Buy 3 get 3 free… so it’s a donut dessert for my entire family

New to their addition are the cupcakes which are equally sinful. Love the texture.






Happiness !

Mad Over Donuts is a must for every College Goer. I have been a regular Visitor at the Colaba outlet. Amongst all the Donuts, i love Chocolate bomb the most. They also offer amazing discounts. A MUST Place


May 29, 2014response from management at Mad Over Donuts:

Hello Guest,

Thank you so much for your valuable feedback. We are happy that you had a great experience. Looking forward to serve you again in the near future.

Team Mad Over Donuts


i visited MOD in colaba so many times with my friends. no other shop will serve you so many varieties of donots... Love this place... recently they opened one outlet in lower parel which was near to my residence...






MOD love

I love mod. Love the choco bomb and double chocolate. This outlet is pretty decent. Staff is friendly and its fun to be here



Definitely a must-go place..!

Guys, if you have a sweet tooth, this 'is' the place! No other eatery offers so many varities of doughnuts..! Nice preparation, good combo offers. Try chocolate and seasonal options. A definitely must-go..!



My weekend destination will be M. O. D

I was prodded by my kids recently to stop at this particular location to have the donuts in the evening snacks. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of donuts...and the excellent service!

Despite a long waiting line in the counter we were astonished with the quality of donuts. They have quite huge variety of donuts with exciting flavors and especially the cool blue point was amazing, the flavor of blueberry was clearly coming out of it. I was impressed with everything and certainly like the idea of coming every weekend proposed by my kids!


jasmeetkaul - Burrp User


3 Reviews

February 13,2012


Yum Yum Yum!!!

Each time I consider like eating donuts, the name that hits my brain is Mad Over Donuts. They serve fresh, delicious donuts. The hospitable staffs working for them are just wonderful people always smiling. No other places provide me with such hot yummy donuts except MOD. Sometimes, I really get confused after seeing the wide variety of donuts that too in so many different flavors.
Me and my colleagues frequently go to M.O.D to indulge in a Hazel Dazzle or Double Trouble as it’s my all time favorite and the real fun actually. All my friends too are really fond of M.O.D and its variety of donuts. We try to meet once in a month at Korum Mall, Thane. We sometimes go for shopping and then later land up at the outlet of Mad Over Donuts.
The more donuts you eat at MOD, the more you will like it. Every time you visit this place you will have some beautiful memories to share about its donuts, its hospitable staff, clean outlet, people eating donuts with a smile and much more.


Eeesha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 20,2011


Romancing With M O D

MOD is just heaven for me…!!! They way Mid Night Beauty Donut melts in my mouth is just wow wow wow wow… It is honestly worth dying for…!!! The best part that I love about MOD is that all their donuts are just soo fresh all the time… they are as soft and warm as if they just popped out off their baking device (whatever they call it!) I’m just in love with MOD..!! It severs the best for me when im low and depressed. The yummy flavours burst in my mouth and give me a purely sinful feeling… it’s like im romancing with a chocolate donut thats giving me an orgasmic feeling.. im in loooovvveeee with it…!!!


Tasty and Chewy!

The donuts are soft Tasty and chewy as always!
They are perfectly fried and glazed!
The price is low and
the varity is great!

I simply love them!



MOD is the best donut eatery in town

Mad over Donuts absolutely deserves a review for the being so awesome. Well, what can I or anyone say about Mad Over Donuts, except that it is the best thing that could have happened to me in Mumbai!
How can anyone resist the amazing chocolate laying on top of the world’s softest donuts? I sure cannot.
Every time I see the typical orange and brown color based store anywhere in the city, I just can’t resist going in. even the aroma in the store makes my mouth water nonstop.

My absolute and all time favorite donut at Mad over Donuts is the Midnight Beauty. The combination of dark and white chocolate on top of the donut is enough to make any chocolate lover go crazy. MOD has the tenderest donut I have ever had. And with all the awesome chocolate on top of it, nothing can stop me from going right to heaven. I am sure that all the donut lovers like me are glad to have MOD all over the city!


Mumbai couldn’t get a better donut place than MOD

I am completely mad over “Mad over Donuts”. According to me, it is the best donut place we could everask for in the city. They have just so many options to choose from and get some of the best flavors in theworld. I have had almost all their donuts, but one that I have had as many as at least a hundred times is
their ‘Nuts over Donuts’.

Nuts over donuts is my all-time drug. I love chocolate as much as I love nuts and to have both on the donut is the coolest thing ever. Nuts over donuts has milk chocolate on top of it that swiftly melts into my mouth and it has crushed nuts sprinkled all over it. To have this combination with the soft donuts is just too good. And the best part is that MOD has opened up in a lot of places in the city. So there is no stopping me from going nuts over Mad over Donuts.



I've always loved MOD's donuts, and they are really good. I love the variety :)
This one in colaba had aqua playing barbie girl and some other stuff like this.That was cheesy so made me run from there. The coffee's also not good.
However, the donuts are ABSOLUTELY amazing, they are at a reasonable price, and there aren't any better donuts than these in mumbai.


ACHILLE - Burrp User


10 Reviews

January 07,2011


Great donuts!

The guys are great. Good donuts, creamy & flavourful. They make a simple promise & deliver it. The double choco is my favourite. By far, my best breakfast 'sin'!!!! Keep it high!!!



Donuts that tastes heaven

Almonds, walnuts, caramel blobs, a casual chocochip from heaven and bread swirled in my mouth in the great whirlpool of hot chocolate. I could feel the rhythimic movement of the blood pumping in my mouth every bit of it melted in my mouth even before i could say GERONIMO!.

I closed my eyes and if I could not see, hear or say anything, the fresh scent tingled my mind to the extreme level. I found myself breathing twice as hard, and for the first time in ten years I had not given a squad of people look at me with incredulous expressions.

Yes, thats what a donut had done for me. This donut, was like the bittersweet evil that I bought from MAD OVER DONUTS. Never in my life I have never tasted anything so delicious.

Mad Over Donuts are masters of donuts. For what u have tasted, MOD are the true Zen Masters of donuts. The Donut lord has truly blessed these guys and has given them the power to make the best donuts world.

Seriously, one of things to do before you die is go mad at Mad Over Donuts


Dhwanidd - Burrp User


15 Reviews

December 08,2010


Need to be consistent across all branches

I have visited various outlets of MOD, but the one at Oberoi mall is the only outlet which serves fresh donuts. No other donut vendor can get close to MOD, when it comes to taste and innovation, but they need to maintain consistency arcoss all their branches. At the Colaba and Juhu outlets I have not got the same fresh and soft donuts.



Mad Over Donuts & thier Service

This place really rocks, i think they are the one's who have introduced a whole new line of donuts for the people in mumnbai.
The place in colba is a bit cramped but their friendly and suggestive service makes it up for all. All i can say is that one can never be disappointed at MOD!

Food : 5/5
Service: 5/5
Ambience :4/5
VFM : 5/5


samjad - Burrp User


7 Reviews

August 16,2010


Bad Service and Rude Staff

I am a regular at MOD Colaba since it has opened some time back and have no complaints about the doughnuts. I have visited now twice in the last 2 days each time picking up a box of 6 each time. Yesterday i was there with my 2 daughters one who is 7 years and one who is 1 years. After finishing the selection and making the payment i asked for 2 baloons which are normally kept over the counter. I was surprised to hear that it would take 10 minutes...Come on 10 minutes to give baloons which are kept over your head..might as well should have told me no. I felt pretty offended but did not create a scene and walked out and to my surprise 2 other girls walked out with baloons...well i think the staff have a policy not to give the baloons to young children but older girls....Well please keep this policy in mind next time u visit with younger children atleast i will if i ever decide to go there again.