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> > > > Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donuts

Malad WestWestern Suburbs    & IN 21 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02233777799
  • Food Court, 2nd Floor,Inorbit Mall,New Link Road,Malad West, Mumbai
  • Meal for 2 - 300 Get minimum 15%* off on using Axis Bank Card

17 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Fruit Flavor Festival Jul 13 - Jul 31

  • Mad Over Donuts bring the goodness of fruits and fresh donuts with its new range of Fruit Flavoured Donuts.

    This entire month, gorge into this fruity, tangy delights in town!

    Rich chocolate with fruit flavours and tantalizing toppings is the signature of this newest line!

    The Fruit Flavour Festival brings to you these new flavours:
    • Strawberry Dream Donut: Rich White Chocolate, Strawberry Jelly and Strawberry Mouse.
    • Coco Loco Donut: Homemade Sugar Glaze and Desiccated Coconut.
    • Raspberry Storm Donut:Raspberry Mouse, Vanilla Buttercream and Raspberry Compote.
    • Cool Blue Ice Donut: Signature Glaze and Tangy Blueberry Compote.

    So head to your nearest Mad Over Donuts and pamper yourself!

    Price of Donut: Rs. 65/-

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Mad Over Donuts Reviews


Had an amazing experience...

I could not stop myself from sharing my views about Mad Over Donuts and letting others know more about it. I had a great experience at mod, visiting it for the first time. It was my birthday and my friends wanted me to treat them at mod. They are hard core donut fans, so I decided to treat them there. The ambience was soothing. We ordered Mid knight Beauty, Hazel Dazzel, Dark Knight, Cinnaster and many more along with the newly introduced Crème de la Cookie.As soon as the order arrived on our table, I munched on the donut from MOD for the first time and that was just yumm!!! The Oreo cookie donuts were lip smacking, loved every bite I had. The coffee was nice and it went well with the donuts. Amount paid for the order placed did not disappoint me. It was quite affordable. All n all I had a great experience at MOD and would suggest even others to explore it once.


You Go Mad Once There !

Great place for those who have a sweet tooth ! lovely donuts that just melt in your mouth and take you to a culinary paradise ! A great place for donuts offering a great variety !


The Hulk - Burrp User

The Hulk

1 Reviews

September 27,2012


MOD on my mind always!

I just love mad over donuts! It’s the most special place ever! Due to that one special memory, my affair with mad over donuts never came to an end. It was in mad over donuts when I was proposed by my boyfriend and how! We had a big fight and to appease me, he had taken me to mad over donuts and I did not realize his plan, he had called for a Cinnaster which is this delicious combination of sugar and spice. Right in the middle of this beauty he had kept my ring and when I saw it, I was literally speechless and could not speak for a good 2 minutes. Right there, he went on his knees and proposed me, I actually felt as if I was living a fairy tale and my dream had finally come true! Kudos to the MOD team for producing such delightful donuts whose first bite can actually make people fall in love or on a lighter note, get people married ?


Ghazal Shah - Burrp User

Ghazal Shah

1 Reviews

September 17,2012


Mad OVER Donuts!!

I think of Mad Over Donuts and I go aww!!!!! I had gone to MOD to have my favourite ‘Double Trouble’ and I saw the sweetest thing ever. I saw a guy and he actually went on his knees and asked her out, and the girl was completely red in the face and the answer was positive. Since that day I have always enjoyed going to MOD because the donuts they make, you don just fall in love at the first bite but you also feel love everywhere. I think one of the special ingredients that MOD mixes with its donuts is love, it’s the perfect place where one can fall in love and take home a special memory. Kudos to the entire team of Mad Over Donuts!


This is how I got to know....why people are MOD!

Be it hot or cold, chocolate dip or cream they are just great. I prefer sweets sweetest but this truly an exception. It tastes awesomely great.

What is that you are waiting for? Just go and grab one.
P.S. can i get those balloons too. :) am old enough to ask for but still please


A big thank you

So far, whenever I have had donuts from Mad Over Donuts, it has usually been at their joints. I and a few of my pals often go for a bite to the store located near my college at Waterfield Road in Bandra. Once while I had invited my friends at home to watch a game of football together, I had ordered a few donuts to be delivered at my place. However, after 10 minutes I realized that my confusing address might be a rather difficult place for him to reach. So I called up again to asking them to get it delivered to a friend’s address who stayed right next to a school and the delivery guy wouldn’t have any difficulties in reaching the place. But I was told that the delivery guy had already left and we are very disappointed that it can be long for our donuts to reach us.
Suddenly, we got a call from the delivery guy and he said that he received a call from the store stating that we wanted our parcel to be delivered on a different address. I claimed that we wanted to change the address as it would be difficult for him to find our original address. Without wasting any time he asked us where he wanted us to deliver the donuts and we gave him the address and he was there much quicker than we thought. One of our friends collected our precious donuts and thanked the delivery guy for service. It was indeed a very great experience that M.O.D has provided its customers with. A big thank you once again!



My Favorite Double Trouble

I almost visit MOD Daily!! This is my favorite donuts stop. Not only me but all of my friends are the fan of mad over donuts. Our favorite is Double Trouble and the prices are also very decent. I gather to this place with whomever I go and make them taste the delicious double trouble donuts and believe me they liked these donuts the most. I generally visit the Inorbit, Malad outlet and in the evening the place is so crowded. The place is generally packed in evening and the people actually fight to grab the seats and orders. Always prefer to sit in front of MOD outlet, because the aroma comes is heaven!!


Donuts Dipped in Milk Chocolate

I’ve been here a handful of times and have been mostly pleased. I think it’s very safe to say that this is one of the first coffee shops that I’ve been to in these few years.

The service is correspondingly first-class. To top it off, the donuts at M.O.D are amazing. The donut I had was ‘The OC’ was stupendous. The way the donuts were dipped in milk chocolate and drizzled with orange jelly was staggering. I am in love with it and will visit again and again for those delicious donuts.


Fezal - Burrp User


2 Reviews

April 26,2012


Addicted to M O D’s Donuts ;)

When I tasted the donuts over here and their superb services, I went on to follow M O D Donut. I'm not even a donut fan but I can't stop thinking about Mad Over Donut whenever I visit Inorbit Mall, after having the ‘Original Sin’ donut. Smooth milk chocolate decorated with white chocolate. It tasted heavenly and I don't ever feel awful eating them!!!

I always buy a dozen donuts and coffee whenever I visit them. The pi’ dazzled and Choco Bomb donuts are their best. And now I am addicted to M O D’s Donuts ;)


Gopur - Burrp User


13 Reviews

April 17,2012


Something else from Donuts

As we all know MOD is the best place to have Donuts.. But there is something really awesome apart from donuts they offer. Yes, it is the cappuccino. It offers one of the best cappuccino. The dark coffee lovers will definitely like this.


Yum Yum Yum!!

I and my friends started out Saturday with M.O.D and luckily we found the sitting space in the Inorbit Mall, Malad. Priory before going there, one of my friends finds out about donuts of M.O.D and we really find it unique in taste. Though there was a queue for donuts but somehow we managed to take it early. We did not have to wait very long and we were happy to smell and see donuts being made right in front of us!
We ordered Choco bomb believe me the taste was so yumm the combination of milk chocolate and dark chocolate, Midnight beauty (word itself sounds like wow!! And the same was the taste) dark chocolate lased with milk chocolate and spice surprise with the flavor of chili, cheese and spicy salsa. All of the donuts were amazingly superb with taste.
I have to say, everyone must have it! My tummy was too happy!



You love doughnuts/ you don’t? You will surely love MOD..:D
Every doughnut served here is yummy & tastes bliss..!
Moreover they have come up with outlets in almost every mall in Mumbai so you simply can’t afford to miss anything here..:-)
Keep going Mad over Donuts..!


Worth the Calories

really nice. the best deal I found was on the 6 doughnut pack. That way u taste 6 different ones. Love the apple flavoured one. worth every calorie...




It is mind-blowing amazing. There are many branches also now. Just try it. It is worth everything. It is a heaven experience. The best Donuts in Town. Amazing offers also..


mouth watering stuff...

The m.o.d chain offers the best donuts all over...The donuts out here are the best...Its so soft that it melts in the mouth..the flavours are,mango,chocolate...all amazing stuff...
the favourite place for desserts.



yum yum yummy

These donuts are a must try for all the foodies.They are jus mind blowing.It tastes heaven trust me. Try out double trouble, hazel dazel.



Donuts Make the World Go 'Round'

Let me cut to the chase, exhaustive options in terms or toppings available, reasonable rates at Rs 30 each, and discounts like buy 5+1 and 9 + 3 free available, the donuts are absolutely delicious and melt in ur mouth!! Though the donuts with the nuts toppings are very very filling...but you still end up craving for them the next day...!!

All in all, no one can have just one. Guaranteed!