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> > > > Mahabhoj


MatungaCentral Mumbai  

  • 24169216
  • Laxmi Narayan Lane, Opposite To Cafe Cofee Day, Matunga, Mumbai
  • South Indian
  • Meal for 2 - 100

8 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Mahabhoj Reviews


Great Food at Great Price.
Best South Indian Thali. Garam Rotis 4 sabjis dal, rice, chaas.

Mahabhoj Thali + Afternoon Nap = Majja ni life


Bablee - Burrp User


3 Reviews

October 20,2009



Wow! I love this place for the pure veg south Indian food they serve.

Especially those 'GARAM GARAM CHAPPATIS'.

I used to hate this thali system, but after I visited this place i've changed my mindset forever, as the food is really awesome and its pure vegetarian so we can also take a chance even when we are fasting, well that's what I do. Trust me instead of cooking varieties of food on day of a fast at home, I would rather visit this place.

This place is always crowded during lunch & dinner hours.

Service can be made better if they hire few more waiters compared to 2 as of now.

But still they manage to serve around 20 people at a time because of the seating.

Though it won't get any stars for their ambiance, but definitely takes the reward for their price and food. A thali would cost only 40 bucks per person and that's definitely more than VFM.


Delicious thali!

Paisa vasool! We had to wait for ten minutes outside for a table as it was friday night but it was definitely worth the wait. the thali costing about 35 rupees was just too good. the food served is Kannada style with a sambar and rasam with a unique flavour and very delicious. the vegetables were perfectly cooked while the curd was just right - not one little bit sour. the phulka rotis were obviously made very skillfully as they were perfectly cooked and yummy. Worth every rupee spent. Rice was served too, but i could not manage to eat that as it was too much.



Go for the food

Just came back from Mahabhoj after eating a hearty meal. The place is located near the Matunga Railway station. This station lane has all sorts of thali and authentic South Indian places - Ram Asharaya, Ram Nayak Udipi Shri Krishna Boarding, Sharda Palace and others, including Mahabhoj. After having read some good reviews of this place, we thought of giving it a try. We drove here all the way from Andheri West.

The station lane is pretty busy, so parking is always a challenge, albeit a surmountable one. The place is quite tiny, so the waiting periods are long. But it was worth the wait, as we soon found out.

We went for the "full meal pass" option. It consists of an unlimited thali with the following options - Roti, Chawal, Kadhi, Sambhar, Pineapple Subzi, Rasam, Kheer, Sandesh (the Bengali sweet), Aachar, One Mixed Veg. I might've missed an item or two. The food was very tasty and just the way we like it - mild and non-greasy. All of us feasted on the food. The service was very efficient.

While we were waiting we noticed that the place thrives on take-aways. Let not the ambiance (or the lack of it) fool you. The food was very good and our drive to Matunga was worth it.


Q up for a surprise

Mahabhoj has got to be one of the most underrated hidden Gems of Mumbai. This place is a genuine food lovers feast, where as mentioned by my friends here, the sambar keeps flowing and "Pet bharta hai par dil maange more" :D

This place has got to have the best economical Thali u can get anywhere in Mumbai. The tasty meal comes with 3 sabzis, rasam, roti, rice, dal. papad, sweet, salad and to wash it all down with a glass of butter milk. All the food prepared is without Onion/Garlic so my Jain friends can eat here without tension. The food is neither too oily, nor too masaledar, just the right amount of everything and not fattening at all. The kind of food ur dietitian can vouch for. Tasty food was never more healthier.

Though the Qs outside this eatery can turn u off initially, but i suggest to have patience and really have this experience. For me the real treat is the Sunday unlimited Thali.. ohh those unlimited helpings of appams and chaklis and rice sambar sabjis.. it is just devine. Go on an empty stomach on a sunday and u wont regret my advice.


The Great Meal - MahaBhoj

Have been eating here since half a decade now and everytime I have been there, the food has been the same -Wholesome, Nutritious and Cheap. :)

The rates for a fixed thali has only increased by 4 rupess in the past 5 years - From 26Rs to 30Rs. Have been gulping down on the sour rasam and the totally southie sambar since my college days now. Cheap Food had never been better then.

Limited sitting space is the only Thumbs Down for this strictly eating place. If you go alone during peak lunch or dinner time, be prepared to share the table with three other individuals - who, ofcourse, are also there only to eat and nothing but to eat.

All this, but am yet to try the Sunday Unlimited Special Thali for 70Rs. But will do that soon.

A 5/5 for this place which has it's loyalist coming back for the same wholesome and cheap food over decads altogether.

Let the Sambar flow ... !!!


"Great Thali-Quick service

Quality of food is amazing.
"Kha kha ke pet bhar jaata hain par dil nahin bharta"
Its economical also. Only problem is you will find long queues at lunch and dinner in rains it can be uncomfortable quality of food nevertheless is the same irrespective of season


Best South Indian thali!

Value for money is not the write word!
Its the place i always would want to head for when I really need a sumptuos meal :)
Those who love south-indian food...this is the place to go!
Weekdays..its meagrely priced around 25-30 rs per thali and weekends is charged at 70rs per thaali.