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> > > > Mahesh Lunch Home

Mahesh Lunch Home

Thane WestThane    & IN 3 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02225445080, 02225441882, 02225441616
  • Vihang's Recreation Club, Pokharan Road 1, Opposite Raymond's, Thane West, Thane
  • Seafood, Indian, South Indian, Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1000

23 Reviews / 23 Ratings

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Mahesh Lunch Home Reviews

burrp167 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 16,2013







give it a miss!!

the pricing is too high!! the food average and the service absolutely horrible to say the least!!


My worst experience with Mahesh lunch home

It was first time I regretted visiting Mahesh lunch home. This place has never disappointed me in past. It was always a leisure to my taste buds until tonight. I ordered crab soup which was okay then came fish tika which was lousy and finally manglorian fish curry was horrible to my surprise. It was over spicy in fact the sloecurry was also spicy. Al type of fish were stale and stinky.


Sea Food.. Mangalore Style

Mahesh Lunch Home specialises in the Manglorean version of Coastal Food. They also have variety of other cuisines also but "Mangy" is their forte.

The first thing that you see is ample parking space. Located on level 1, you are greeted by live Crabs kept in a glass covered shelf at the entrance of the restaurant.

Ambience is nice with soft light. It has a large dining area with a variety of seats available, chairs & settee. I liked the dining area it ensures I don't have to peep into my neighbours plate and vice-versa. It also ensures that each table can carry on its own conversation without disturbing the others.

Started with Sol Kadi &Tandoor Rawas, the fish was soft n tender, nicely marinated. Sol Kadi was not to my liking.

My friends were in the mood to devour some crustacean meat, so out came the Crabs of different sizes from the shelf outside the main door. So Crab Pepper Fry it was, a little spicy was the request and Boy, Spicy it was made.

Main Course consisted of Kori Roti [Chicken in Coconut gravy over a bed of thin Rice Bread], Pomfret Pullimunchi [Pulli Munch is Tulu word, which means tangy & spicy] with Steam Rice. The gravy is made brown by using tamarind paste and is made spicy by using red spicy chillies which are ground with the other ingredients. Worth a try; you would not be disappointed.

There a lot many dishes to be tried, so I am coming back for sure.

Price wise, on the expensive side, but worth it for an occasional indulgence.


April 24, 2013response from management at Mahesh Lunch Home:

Dear Mr. Vidyadheesh Upadhye,Thanks a lot for sharing the experience of your visit to Mahesh Lunch Home.
We’re glad that you relished the Seafood.
We would be grateful to serve you again soon :)
MLH Management


Guarenteed satisfaction

Mahesh lunch home is one of the best restaurants in Thane which serves delicious sea food...The fish fries and curries are really good. The large space and a nice ambiance assures you of a having great time...The prices are slightly on higher side...But the taste is guarenteed...Thanks...Nitin


July 9, 2013response from management at Mahesh Lunch Home:

Thanks a lot for the appreciation...
MLH Management


Seafood Festival was just amazing

I am quite frequent visitor of mahesh lunch home at thane. Have always enjoyed the seafood & service is also nice.

But last month’s experience was just something different. It was a Monday & they were having a seafood festival, serving special seafood dishes that are not there in their regular menu. The place was packed, quite a surprise it was, considering it was monday.

I asked the attendant to get me a prawn starter & a crab dish of the chef’s choice. He also suggested one starter. Had honey lemon prawns, Meenu Potichathu (Cuisine from west Bengal, fish item). They were simply amazing! Different cuisines but wonderful taste.
We also got complimentary wine & also beer – one each with our food!
Then came the Crab pepper fry & also ordered Lobster Urval! I swear none of us spoke or even looked anywhere until we finished the entire plate!

The pricing was little more than the usual, but I cannot dent the fact that it was an experience I will remember for a long time!

Hope they have such festivals more often!


February 18, 2013response from management at Mahesh Lunch Home:

Thank you very much for attending our seafood festival & for writing about it.

We're really happy to know that you enjoyed our special dishes prepared during the fest. We've received many positive reviews & feedback for this festival & we're glad that our attempt to offer our guests with variety of seafood cuisines has been a successful one.

We'll surely have more such festivals in future.

Thank you once again & hope to have you as our guest again soon!

MLH Management


Overpriced but good food!

I have had the best Chicken Chettinad and Pomfret Fry here. Prices are high, but these two things are totally worth it!



Avoid !!

Visited Mahesh Lunch home, Thane on 28th July 2012, and was bitterly disappointed.
We had reached around 2:30 pm, and the restaurant was almost empty (not surprising given the experience we had)
Service and food both were horrible.
While ordering, we asked for a "Ravas" fish fry, but the waiter kept insisting that as this would have only one single fillet, we try Fish chatpat which had 3-4 smaller pieces. We politely declined each time - we had not asked for any advice, moreover his suggested dish was double the price with no apparent value add. Then, when he confirmed the order, he said "Surmai" fish fry (which was again 20 bucks more than the Ravas). Even though we corrected him, he still got Surmai. My husband pointed out that he had got the wrong fish, but said its fine. The waiter insisted that we had ordered Surmai only ! He even got the little notepad and started showing to us that see this is what you had asked for. Totally unprofessional behaviour which really put us off for the whole meal.

For the main course we had ordered Jumbo Prawn ghassi, which for the price of ~500 was not really jumbo. There were 7 prawn pieces, which were so small and so overcooked they were like rubber - we could not cut them using a knife, and had to eat them whole ! On the plus side, the gravy was good.

Immediately after finishing our meal, the waiter asked us for desserts. We declined and asked for the bill. 5 minutes later another guy came and asked us for dessert, we said no and that we had already asked for the bill. This happened 2 more times, each time a new guy came - shows lack of communication.

MLH @ Thane has a long way to go before they can get customers to come again, we most definitely won't - their attitude and food is a big letdown.


Doesn't live upto its legacy

Gone are the days of the old Mahesh Lunch home, near RBI at Fort. The current MLH is a different animal altogether. Snooty staff as well as managers, who have a 'holier than thou' attitude. I don't care how good the fish is... one first needs to feel welcome and well-served. It wont ever lack the patronage because there are many who can ignore the service. Decide where you belong.


Food is excellent, hope the service improves too.

If you are interested in Mangalorean cuisine then this is THE place to be. Try the various Gassi dishes and either Neer Dosa or Appam to complement them.



Awful food....

The quality of the food is not at all par with any of the other branches of Mahesh Lunch home. In fact it is so terrible; I wonder how they run the show with such bad quality of food in Thane. I had been to this place (Thane) once and the Crab is just awful, I doubt the crab they showed us really they cooked the same and serve.. The Butter Garlic crab is just awful.... If you want to go for Mahesh then pls go to Fort or Juhu.. pls don’t even think of Mahesh lunch home Thane... I hope the Mahesh lunch home guys should do something about Thane as it is screwing up the brand which they have created.



Bad.. Bad.. Bad

Not at all a good experience.. visited at least 4-5 times , lately the fish quality is not up-to the mark..

Now if i need to eat kokani / malwan food, I go to Gajalee ..or Ankur..


Great service

Our family had a great dinner on 28th Jan at Mahesh Lunch Home Thane...The sea food was delectable and the personalised service with a thought to the children's needs was just great...Of all the branches, the Fort & Thane branches have great service!!!!!



Awfully Bad & Awfully Expensive

Mahesh in Thane, is not a patch on the Mahesh you would have visited in Fort. The food is terrible, somehow they even managed to ruin a simple kulfi.
The prices were jawdropping for the food quality.
The good thing is its easy to get a table. And after eating there I can imagine why.
Unless you want your gastric buds and stomach to be tortured and are masochistic enough to pay for the torture. Avoid. there are many better options in Thane


Anuraag  - Burrp User


70 Reviews

September 27,2011


Freakkking expensive !!!

Now I know the 'lunch homes' are not true to their name and their prices definitely are not in sync with the name of the establishment.

For starters, the place is in a pretty posh hotel cum club building and confirms pricing fears. As we were entering, we were greeted with the lights going kaput and it leading to us being guided to our table in utter darkness.

The food was nothing to write home about too. Prawns Koliwada was okay, the chicken we had was below average and neer dosas were good albeit costly.

So is there a chance of going back... Well not in the near future unless rates come down/quantities go up. A big let down overall.


Anubhuti - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 18,2011


Thumb's up

Have been there twice now. absolutely LOVED the prawns. The Mutton stew was nothing great with not the best pieces but that will not deter me from going again... atleast for the Prawns and fish...!



humbaq service

visited mahesh lunch third time. Cost has gone up exhorbitantly. appams were served cold, quick service lacking and hefty billing. should be avoided




Ordered Pompret fry, Prawns tandoori, Egg Masala and Appam and Sizzling ice Cream Sundae.. except for the prawns.. loved all...decent crowd..not boisterous and nosey..Place is good and yes I must say.. it's a decent place to go out..


mickey81 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 20,2009


Over rated

It is really A over rated place, I have had a better Pomfret Gassi than here at less than half price in other restaurant, and yes beware of waiters they r very cunning and suggest the dishes which r only costly let it b gud or bad.


M loving it...

ahhh...its sooo nice being in mahesh...dey serve u the best service,food,liquor n loo's....;)

a gr8 place to grab a lunch o dinner...with ur family or a couple of frenz...

appreciate this place...


Ahh so lovely

So last week me and my family decided to visit mahesh lunch home in thane. This place is within 10-15 minutes from mulund checknaka by any vehicle.
It has abundant parking space so that u dont have to worry abt parking at all.

The ambience of this place is excellent. Its interiors are vast and classy. Thankfully the tables arent really close to each other so u dont have people from adjoining table staring at ur plate.
As far as the food is concerned it was excellent. We ordered 2 crab soups(nice), prawns tandoori(big and beautiful) and a pomfret pepper tandoori(spicy but good) for starters.
Ther main course comprised of 1 pomfret gassi(good again),4 chicken appams(the appams were mind blowing- so soft),2 halva fry(nice),6 rotis and a prawns biryani(too much spices in it to be liked).
And finally we finished it off with 1 sizzling brownie which is always excellent everywhere i eat. :)

The bill came out to be 2800 for the 5 of us which means that this is quite an expensive restaurent but then if u want to spend some quality time with ur family and friends accompanied by some excellent food, then Mahesh is the place to be.


Preparation still rocks!

Dad arrived in India early morning yesterday. And getting your Dad's appreciation on your culinary skills beats all else!! So, to ensure I had time to spread out a perfect 4 course meal I planned to cook for dinner and take Dad out for lunch.

Now, Mangies (especially, ones like my Dad) are quite particular about what they eat and how it's prepared. My safest bet?? -- but naturally Mahesh!! Best of all, they're now in Thane too & just a few minute's away!

We got there around 2.40pm. It was a Sunday. The restaurant, that's spread over 3,000 sq. feet, had only 3 tables empty and the aroma was pleasant (Not the typical stuffy, foody, drinky, smoky atmosphere of a typical Shetty restaurant).
We were immediately escorted to a table for 3 (my uncle, who was visiting joined us too). We ordered for 2 Chicken Appams, Squid Gassi & 2 vodkas. We had a pleasant 10 minute wait before our meal arrived and were served quite etiquettely by our friendly waiter. The meal was more that sufficient for the 3 of us. (1 plate of Chicken Appam = bowl of Chicken stew + 2 thick 8" appams). The chicken stew was delicious and so was the Gassi, however, the squid was not fresh. It was rubbery and quite obiously stale. I should have just stuck to more frequently ordered sea-food....

My biggest complain is the steward that attended our table (wish I'd have caught his name). The guy who took our order was an over-smart chap (or at least that's what he thought). He treated us like we were eating out in a restaurant for the very first time and even stopped me while explaining my order to him twice interrupting with a "You just listen to me..." My Dad almost lost his cool... and fortunately for the steward, it was me footing the bill. However, I can't blame MLH for his attitude problem and simply hope they realize this and replace him soon. The other staff were pleasantly friendly and helpful.

The bill amounted to Rs. 661 (taxes included) and we walked out comfortably filled and satisfied.


Mahesh Sea Food is Great

Very rarely do u find someone able to replicate quality and fine dining across a chain of restaurants. You would normally see it with Pizza, McDonands or other western joints.
I was vey impressed seeing and tasting what Mahesh lunch home has done..their food quality across all their various centers is more or less the same infact in some cases better than the original.

I stick to my Prawns, Appam, Fish Curry and Rice and sometimes order the Famous Crab dishes...another think i like there is the Kokam Drink they serve.

The Thane Mahesh is vey very big and spacious with Ample parking. All the qualities you would miss in the original one in Fort. The service is great, the staff is friendly.

I think Mahesh really has a shot of bexomming the Joe,s crab shack of India. For people who dont know Joe's Crab Shack is one of the largest chain of sea food restaurants in US

Good going Mahesh!



Forever Mahesh!

Its the very typical Mahesh outlet... awesome food, good alcohol and a long queue to get a table.

The only difference is that the menu here is not identical to the one at juhu / town. This leads to some disappointment if you really are fond of an item which is unavailable here... but most of the items are common.

Inspite of it being a sea-food specialty place, i think they make amazing Tandoori Chicken and their appams are to die for. For a prawn lover, prawn gucci is a dish to relish.

The place is well done and service prompt.

All in all.... a place worth going to for all the sea-food delights it offers.