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Mainland China

Sakinaka    & IN 9 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02228578656, 02265806291, 02228754005
  • Sakinaka Junction, Andheri-Kurla Road, Sakinaka, Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Chinese
  • Meal for 2 - 1500

35 Reviews / 41 Ratings

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Mainland China Reviews







Great food, even better service

Mainland China has several outlets in Mumbai now, but for me the one at Sakinaka Junction remains to be the best. I have had food at 5 different MC restaurants across the city, but no one is upto the level of the Sakinaka outlet. (The pic here is that of the Vashi outlet).

The food is very good. There can be arguments about its standing in comparison to other high end outlets, but for the money, you can't get better. I've had a-la-carte, lunch buffet's and set menu items, and unlike other places which short-change you in buffets and set menus, they don't. And the service is impeccable. One time, our order got mixed up with someone else's. After being brought to their notice, our dishes were replace free of cost along with sincere apologies. They added in complementary desserts as well.

If you're planning a visit to MC and are flexible about location, then I would recommend a visit to this place


Bhoomib - Burrp User


11 Reviews

November 22,2013







Good chinese food as well as the ambience

great food if you love chinese but the service was not that great. A very long waiting time








Average Buffet in June

Went to the Saki Naka outlet for the first time in June, having always ventured to the Andheri West branch.
The place was packed with what seemed like people attending office team lunches etc.
The buffet there is (or was as I heard on my next visit, they don't have a buffet lunch anymore) surprisingly limited as compared to the Andheri West outlet.
The dimsums however were steamed to perfection. I didnot try the soup as it was already a very hot summer day.
The mains comprised of chicken hakka noodles, crab gravy, mixed rice and there was rawas with sweet-spicy gravy.
The desserts were ok too, nothing spectacular but the chocolate mousse was divine.

All in all it was a decent meal, I guess at this outlet I would rather order ordr alacarte.


manojchan - Burrp User


21 Reviews

September 04,2013


Authentic Chinese

Absolute authentic Chinese cuisine, then i guess Mainland China is the place.... have been there many times tried almost all veg options never been disappointed...very much attentive staff, good service.... superb ambiance all an all good package of having best dining experience.... worth spending!!


My first choice for Chinees!

If you love chinese food forget anyother place and come here first. And there's no doubt about that. I've been eating at this place since i was quite young and i still love it. Did you know that long back they used to serve you crispy spinach as a complimentry snck on every table, it's now replaced with kimchi.

I've tried the food at 2 other outlets- Bandra and Andheri w, and i must say that the food here is the best. I could kiss the hands of the chef who made my Chicken Su Mai.

The ambience is nice, spacious and comfortable. Though the ac does get a little too cold, but i think that's a "bombay restaurant' thing. The waiters are very attentive, helpful and courteous. They also know the menu well and are good at recommending dishes and quantities. They're also very good with large groups.

Now, lets talk about food. They serve deeeeelicious chinese food and not 'Chainees' or 'chines' hahaha!! They have a good selection of starters. My faves are the CORN CUBES, CRISPY SPINACH CHICKEN, GARLIC RICE IN ICEBERG LETTUCE and DUMPLINGS. I love their Steamed coconut dumplings in butter sauce, that's like a major foodgasm. Have to try it!

1) CORN CUBES (Starter)




Name of Chinese Tea served at MAINLAND CHINA

My family and I dined out at MAINLAND CHINA (HAJI ALI - attached to the former Crossroads mall) on Sunday, 5-Aug 2012.
We savoured our dinner and more importantly, loved the CHINESE TEA that was served to us.
I would like to inquire after the EXACT NAME (brand name) of the said CHINESE TEA served to us.
Thank you.


August 9, 2012response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Guest,

The Chinese Tea is imported from China.We get two types of tea Dragoan tea and Sunflower tea.


ajlo18 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

March 19,2012


Review for Mainland China- sakinaka






Great Dinner Place

Easy located - though the parking at this place can be quite a challenge. Nice ambience with great food & good service. The Apple Chicken is awesum. The Chinese tea is always served without being asked for.
Service is good.



Good Food, Good Service, Lives upto its reputation

Its a good place for authentic Chinese food. Would like to recommend their lemon coriander chicken soup. Starters were great. Maincourse again was good, service was very nice, good quantity per dish. Food was light and the restaurant lived upto its name.


Conservative Chinese Platter

I believe to the best of my knowledge that this is the first Mainland China branch in Mumbai.

The ambiance is typical. It is quite serene compared to the din on the road outside. I'm told that the buffet lunch costs about 500 odd bucks, which is cheap for their standard considering that each dish here is priced at around Rs 350-450. However, I have had the chance of savoring only their ala carte dinner menu. And the menu does not disappoint. It boasts of a wide range of dim sums, appetizers, soups, clay pot dishes and the typical Chinese fare.

We ordered a Sichuan Dried Chilly Peanuts Chicken starter (Rs 475). Portions here have reduced compared to their hey days, but it remains quite tasty. This was followed by a Tsing Hoi Chicken - diced (Rs 475) and Spicy Hunan style Vegetables (Rs 430) accompanied by Mixed Vegetable Fired Rice (Rs 340).

No complaints with the food. The taste is always pleasing. The complementary Chinese green tea acts as a great side drink and the cutlery is specially designed for using chopsticks.

I found the staff to be pretty courteous and the valet parking is a big plus in Saki Naka. Of course, you are charged 10% service charge for all this.

The total damage was about Rs 2200 without drinks. Clearly, it is slightly expensive, but if you enjoy Chinese food and prefer more subtle menu options rather than over the top Pan Asian dishes that are the norm these days, give this place a try!





Only concern - too costly :(


Must try for authentic "INDIAN" chinese food

Had been planning to goto this place for over an year now. & finally today I could make it with my regular gang of 7. We made reservations in advance for the lunch, as a friend had to wait for about couple of hours a few months back.
The ambience is soothing & the decor does get you into the mood, wish they had some music to go along with it. The staff here is courteous & attentive.
We were served chinese tea, which was strictly ok. We opted for The TDH Chicken & Fish Portions. Amongst us, we had the Chicken wanton clear, sweet corn & hot n sour soups. But for the Hot n Sour the other too were good. We hoped they had spiced up the Hot n Sour soup a little bit, .... & wish they have manchow soup on the menu.

We did away with the starters & decided to go for a maincourse spread. We had the Burnt Garlic fish, Shredded Chicken, Fish in Lemon chilli sauce, Chicken in oyster sauce, Jiang's Chilli chicken {which arrived when we were almost done with our maincourse}. Also had chicken noodles & rice to go along with it.

For dessert we had Honey noodles with Almond flakes, which was heaven, along with a couple of other specials.

All in all it was a different experience, worth trying but as most people know this is quite an expensive place. Now is the taste real value for money.. that is anybody's guess !!


Great Authentic Chinese fare

Have been a regular to this place from the last decade, and though on the Expensive side, the food as always been different from other regular Chinnese place, and they always keep changing the options and every time i go there i have tried the festivals or theme foods they have suggested and always enjoyed the service and the food has been top notch



Good food, bad service

Had heard it was a good place. Since we were not able to go there, had ordered over the phone. They committed delivery in 35 min. Received food after 1.5 hrs after calling them up repeatedly. Only after multiple calls and speaking to the manager that we even got a response as to when the food would arrive.
Once the food arrived, ended up paying the huge bill and was in no mood to eat it. Really bad customer service and responsiveness.


July 14, 2010response from management at Mainland China:

Dear axn184

I am extremely sorry for the experience. Could you please share your telephone number with me at so that I can contact you.

Once again sincere apologies for the disservice.


December 5, 2010response from management at Mainland China:

while we are quick to point out gaps, we are not quick to acknowledge good aspects. Have to say that the managements response to the issue I had raised was good - it was sorted out quickly and personally. Have to say that it was good follow up.

Loved the noodle-ed experience !!!

The Service is prompt and the staff is on their toes.
The Chinese here is THE BEST.. The experience here is as good as any of their other outlets :)



Best Indo-Chinese in Inland

This Chinese venture conquers the Indo-Chinese palate hands down not only for its food and presentation, but also for its hospitality and politeness. My saturday evening visit to this place was due to my partner's constant recommendation for the Saki Naka location over Powai. Im not abig fan of sweet corn soup but this was delicious, so artistically presented that one could just marvel at the colour scheme of it. The appetizer had some dust particle, about which the staff was immensely apologetic and changed it immediately. I was pleased by the polite tone with which they inquired if the food was good. We went light on main course as we were already stuffed . For dessert I had ice cream and mangoes, which was delectable. In addition to that we were served a generous helping of the in house dessert darsan. Quite a sinful indulgence for one evening. Overall I had a very nice time. Will surely visit again and reccomend. A meal for two Rs. 1500+


mukul1409 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

February 12,2010


Pricey but delightful

I have been to a number of MC restaurants and feel the powai outlet is one of the best. Service is outstanding and food is as consistent as ever. Can tend to be a bit noisy for lunch as you can run into office crowd which is common on weekdays. I just hope they start the buffet soon.


Anish Sousa - Burrp User

Anish Sousa

3 Reviews

February 07,2010


Loads of variety....Someone help me choose

Walked into MC and had heard a lot of the place. Well my first impression of the place was good. Well thought of decor..the interiors of the place are excellent and the place lit well enuf..
Scented fresh wet towels were brought to our table, followed by amazing Jasmine-flavoured chinese tea.
One learning I took away from the last time I came here..."Know your stuff before you step in"...Had a bad experience the first tym arnd with one of my colleagues being rushed to hospital soon after.
My personal favorites:
Golden Fried Prawns and Dimsums for starters are an excellent choice
For main course, try General Tao's Chicken and Prawns in Oyster Sauce it will propel you to seventh heaven...Truly exquisite...
And ofcourse how can a meal be complete without MC's delightful crispy fried honey noodles in vanilla icecream...
I am sure the experience will leave you wanting more...

Again only drawback, I wish the waiters were a little more knowledgeable...There s so much on the menu, they should be aware of the different flavors on choice.
Service: 1
Food: 4.5


February 8, 2010response from management at Mainland China:

Dear Anishsousa

Thank you for your feedback. We assure you that the gaps in the service would be bridged. Please give us your contact details at so that a Guest Relations Executive can get in touch with you to know more about what transpired.



Great food, great ambience, great staff

Mainland China, Saki Naka and Lokhandwala are home away from home for me. I dine here at least once every two months. What I like is that the menu changes often and so I always have something new to try.

I am a big fan of their Executive lunch.


acidelia - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 27,2009



...and it applies to everything. The food, the service and the rest. I hv had the best bbq'd prawn here followed by the worst bbq'd prawn the very next day. The taste differs a lot from one location to the other. I like the Powai one better than Sakinaka.


Funny Staff!

Everyone knows that the food is great.but something very hilarious happened. There was this waiter who was kinda blind. for every person irrespective whether a man/ lady, he would address everyone as , YES SIR !!!!!!!! he did that to so many people around.

I found something really very rude. I remember eating at the other outlets at mainland china and if you request them on taking the chopsticks. they would give it to you without hesitation.I had been to this outlet at sakinaka, and i politely asked if i could take one. he just snatched it and refused abruptly. our bill for 2 pax came to around 1500 bucks and they cant give away their chopsticks which would barely cost them 10 rs.


Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

207 Reviews

November 05,2009


Still Rocks!

I went to Mainland China after ages, really hoping that they've maintained the top quality and service. I was not disappointed one bit!

The very first impression was positive, when the manager led us to a nice table. I was with my parents and sister only, but we didnt really like the table for 4. Without hesitation, he gave us a big round table for 8! Scented fresh wet towels were brought to our table, followed by amazing Jasmine-flavoured chinese tea.
In a city where kimchi is confined to last night's cabbage mixed with chilli sauce, Mainland china serves the freshest, crispiest, yummiest kimchi.
I was impressed even before we placed the order.
Here's the food review-
Lemon Coriander thick soup was flavourful but i personally would have liked a spicier soup.
Corn & waterchestnut dimsums were heavenly, Chicken dimsums were heavenlier!!!
The sizzling eggplant gravy was superb, I could have done with just that much for my main course. But it went very well with the Golden onion & shitake mushroom rice.
For dessert, we went for Chocolate Rolls with ice-cream...(crispy golden rolls stuffed with gooey chocolate).. divine!

Once again, Mainland china proved its worth.


Good, Consistent Food

+ Nice variety of food
+ Consistent on every visit
+ Good Ambiance and Service
+ Healthy options available
+ Highly Recommended

- The Staff doesn't do a good job of recommending items


KavitaK - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 14,2009


Average Food, Rude Staff

Been here a couple of times and have had mixed experiences. Food is about average, the typical fare you can find anywhere, on my way home though, so it is convenient for me. The last time around was not a great experience though... I complained that the food was too oily and that did not go down too well with the manager. Just went downhill from there, they took too long to serve, oily again (after telling them!!) ..will certainly be looking for alternatives....



Introduced Set Lunch

These guys introduced a Set Lunch for Rs.275+tax. Soup-Dumpling-Main Course-Rice/Noodle-Desert.....portions were good. I was quite full with soup, dumpling, noodle and main course, so didn't try the desert.....complementory oolong tea was served as usual. A good marketing strategy! keep it up.


I been to better places

Sakinaka branch of MainLand is way league behind its counter branch at Powai, I;ve been to both places primarily for dumplings and chineese tea.
Sakinaka particularly was very bad in terms of serving, had to repeatedly remind them to fill the tea cup, dumplings were flavoured to India taste with hint of spieces in them.
The same I had at powai branch, very courteous, always around you, the moment u turn ur head the serving member would be in your eye contact and u just need to nod and tea is served, dumplings were awesomely fresh and tasy pure authentic chineese (coz I had them in China and US) can vouche for the authentic taste.
For the price I pay, I demand equal service n taste, sakinaka fails big time not worth the price I pay. Powai centre anytime...


Nice Place

It was indeed a great relief to have finally got a taste of authentic Chinese cuisine in Mumbai. The Food was nice. The Staff prompt, courteous yet very discreet. However can get very noisy when it is full and makes it rather difficult to have a conversation.
Otherwise satisfied with the overall package...


best for chinese

This place is best for chinese food.. I haven't been here very often, but it never fails to please me...

The only regret was they once served a complimentray Jasmine Flavored tea, It was quite bad... I wouldn't know if that's how they prepare it for real.. But it was like Jasmine Petals boiled in hot water..

Overall the food is good...


Good Food, Nice ambiance but the staff??

The food here is really nice... ambiance is great the only problem is the staff and the location...

It is on Saki Naka the busiest crossroad in mumbai... they have valet parking though should that is not a problem..

the staff are curt to the point of being rude...



banisachdev - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 12,2008


If its chinese,Its Mainland China

I have been here often.Its got good sea food specially the lobster in schezwan sauce.Absolutely fresh food,great ambience and friendly staff.


Best Chinese food this part of town

Just excellent ... thats the first thing that comes to mind. They know their stuff. Right from the Kimchi Salad on the table, you can feel the difference (to China Valley and other IndoChina restaurants). Leaving aside the location, the service is first rate.

Ordered Golden Fried Prawns and Dimsums for starters ... came in the right interval. The batter for prawns could be better (best I have had in the Chinese Rest at Taj Mansingh, Delhi) but was nice and crispy. The dimsums were a little too small and only 6 pcs - wish there was more.

The Chicken Fried Rice proved the difference in the way Chinese should be ... and is cooked in Indian restaurants. It was simply divine and you did not need the main dishes. The Prawns in Oyster Sauce was very good ... the Chicken in Pepper Sauce average.

The waiters could be a lil less obstrusive ... kept hovering around to serve you food even before you finished it. Maybe b'cos the rest was empty on a Fri evening. Overall great ...

Damages with 2 Pina Colada, 1 scotch - followed by a Lychee Icecream - about 3K. A lil on the expensive side but great stuff. "WILL BE BACK ..." was the sentiment while leaving the place


Pretty good

was there for an early dinner yesterday around 730. was seated promptly and the staff seemed fairly efficient and well trained.

the food we went for was the hot & sour soup which was fairly average. The three treasure veggies were good if a little blandish. The golden onion fried rice was absolutely fantastic. The pan fried noodles were awesome as well. The ice tea was weak.

overall the food seems pretty good, will have to try them out in greater depth again.

Damage for 2 without drinks 1200


Nice Chinese

Name/Location: Mainland China

Average Cost: 200-300 a dish - around 500 a person

Food: As the name suggest Mainland China serves chinese food and in my opinion its one of the best places for chinese. The quality of food at MLC is really good and their chicken is unusually tender. I mean unless ur heaving a fried chicken the MLC chicken just melts in your mouth. They also have good quality sea food available and theyl ususally make a seafood version of any dish you want. Try the General Tao's favourite chicken which is based in a brown sauce and is medium spicey. Their Sliced Pepper Chicken is also an excellent dish which used to be on the menu but they will still make it for you if you request it. In deserts you have to try their Darsang(?) which are these crispy friend honey noodles served with vanilla ice cream. its realy good!!!! Overall the food here is really good and you cant really go wrong with what you order.

Service: The waiters at Mainland China are polite and everything and they can take your order if you know what you want but if you want some suggestions you should probably talk to Mr Bhutia or Mr Deepak who are at the front desk. They are really good at suggesting dishes to you and really know the food well. The only complaint I have against the service is when you ask for the food to be packed. the quanitity mysteriously becomes less !!

Ambience: The ambience is decent enough though if you come there on a weekend and have to wait, ull have to wait outside nd its not aced there. The inside is pretty good. They have opened up the private area and made it the smoking section though its not as nice as the rest of the restaurant. The rest of the restaurant is kinda symetrical. nd there are plenty of large tables which can seat 7-8 people. The branch in Lokhandwala is a lot bigger but the food is better in the Powai branch

Conclusion: Mainland china is a real nice place to go with family or with a chick. its not really tht expensive but doesnt have a cheap feel to it at all. it is exceptionally popular with people from powai and it has many fans like me who jsut swear by it


average decor, low food variety

dim lighting, difficulty in reading the menu. Food is very average. They don't try to make it look chinese like kamling with waiters, thier attire & restaurant furnishings.
was once good. now - terrible.

never going back

China valley's a better bet!



Perfection is the key!!!

I have been a constant bhakt of Mainland China for a few years now. This time i had gone after some months. The place has transformed dramatically.. not that their food has changed... they don't need to as they were always excellent. But now... they have made dining a full experience. Right from the Chinese tea that one is offered as one settles to the last bit.

What surprised me was their dedication to service. I had filled a feedback form and my always forgetful partner had forgotten his credit card there. They called me up to tell me that i had forgotten it. Kept the same sealed in an envelope and when my driver went to pick it up after two days they called me to verify the person who had come and whether they should hand the card over.

I am surprised that such good customer service exists in India.

Hats off Anajn ..... you have set a new customer service benchmark for standalone restaurants in the country.