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> > > > Manchester United Cafe

Manchester United Cafe

Mulund WestCentral Suburbs  

  • 65888077, 43601111
  • Level 2, Nirmal Lifestyle Mall, L. B. S. Marg, Opp. Nirmal Nagar , Mulund West, Mumbai
  • Juice, Snacks

9 Reviews / 9 Ratings

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Manchester United Cafe Reviews






Bad bad bad!

Went there on a sunday night, and was surprised to see the place empty with as many as only 5-6 tables taken.
It is a good place to hang out, but it on a expensive side. The cafe bars in powai and andheri and a little lesser priced than this cafe bar, that too in mulund.

Had achari paneer tikka and assorted brushettas, which were strictly ordinary.
In all an average experience. Though the drinks lived upto the expectations, but a little expensive.



All you need to get along with you is good company

Excellent music! longggg happy hours!!! excellent service!!! excelltn ambience!!!! what else do you need to make your evening....must try the next to perfect french fries.....



Quite a sad place

Been here 2-3 times on a weekday. Just to chill & take advantage of the happy hours. Food is strictly OK. Waiters tend to make me uncomfortable as they stand & watch the matches playing on the screens which are placed right behind or tables.
All the 3 times I've been there I have seen no crowd which kind of leaves me wondering as to how this place survives!
So for all of you looking to chill out on a weekday.... this no crowd thing can work to your advantage :P


Raj Vora - Burrp User

Raj Vora

1 Reviews

January 03,2012



i was here on 31 dec 2011....
they were suppose to be open till 3.00 midni8 but they closed at 1.30
they were out of stock of vodka ..they took 2500 p.p nd drinks were suppose to be unlimited
also out of stock with veg starter
have filled a suit againsts them



Good game!

Great food and great drinks! Loved the place, would advice to avoid game nights if you want to enjoy and relish your food and company! ;)



Out of Stock Beer in a BAR!!!

Pathetic... service not at all good.. worst is they goofed up amount in the bill.. AVOID!


Not worth on event

I had visited the cafe for the first time in Mulund during the final match of Champions League. Did the early booking thinking the cafe will be full at night due to event. While booking they ensured 5 pints of beers/5 small vodka/5 red bull/unlimited soft drinks. When we reached there the cafe was so much crowded like local train.. No space to stand.. They had told we may not get table but we ll be allowed to enter.. and they will have restriction on number of people.. but that was not the case.. Management was pathetic.. On top of that beer was out of stock.. In second half soft drink was also not available.. Pathetic experience during such a big event


phone reservation experience; crass, attrocious

Reservation Officer, lady (RO): Hello, Manchester United Cafe!
Me: Hello, Can I have a table for two, tonight (16th April, 2011), at 9.15 p.m.
RO: [moderate pause] today is a game night, sir.
Me: I am aware, yes, at 9.45 p.m.
RO: you cannot reserve a table if you are coming for the game.
Me: [WTF, said in my mind] [deliberately longish pause] [a little aghast, a little angry at the stupid reply to a simple YES or NO question] ARE YOU GIVING ME A RESERVATION OR NOT??!!
RO: Okay, are you aware of the cover charges?
Me: No, please elaborate.
RO: Rs. 600 per person which buys you blah blah blah.....
Me: Okay, that's fine.
RO: Ummmmmm...[thinking as if its a blunder to give out a table] [continuing her idiosyncrasy]....can I, maybe, prepone your booking to 8.45 p.m. or 9.00 p.m.
Me: [wondering] What, NO!!!!
[as if that was not enough, the RO ends this at]
RO: but i won't hold your table till 9.30......
Me: haha [when did i ask her to?]

As moderate as the Manchester united cafe is in its food offerings, it fairly compensates in its set-up with the thrill to favour the club in a meddley of booze and gang-fun boos and yahoos.

But, the weird conversation, above, was surely based on presumptions!.
Why make a big farce on the presumption that I shall be the 'one' who is gona spoil your game night? Why assume that I shall be cheap and 'sit' my way through occupying a table when, through some weirdly wired brain, you ought to assume that you can make more money or something(?) by encouraging walkins rather than doling out reservations!

I Don't get the point.


capt_thakur - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 17,2010


this one's a foul play

I was visiting my family in Mumbai and my brother and I decided to go down to this place one evening since he is a big Man U fan. Wasn't a match day though and was deserted.

We were looking forward to some good continental food and ordered a mushroom starter and fish and chips which was advertised as "served in traditional English style". The starter was decent but when we got the fish, it looked pretty run-of-the-mill with no accompanying mashed peas. I took a bite and it tasted horrid, the fish was dark brown in color. I called the steward and complained about the strange taste. He returns after about 15 minutes and tells us, "chef bol raha hai ki rawas use kiya tha - fish and chips aisa hi hota hai". We were appalled. rawas in fish and chips? Pehaps they meant, 'traditional Maharashtrian style?' The dish was unbearable and not only because it was Rawas, it was simply not fresh enough.

We told him to get the bill and although we did not ask for the fish to be exempted, the manager had the gall to actually charge us for the dish that we barely touched. And this on an evening when we were probably one of his two or three customers. All in all, I would probably give it a yellow card. Nice ambience though (not sure of the crowd) and might be good to go with a (huge) group for a match, but I would be hesitant to order food there.