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> > > Mangii Ferra

Mangii Ferra

Gulmohar Road  

  • 66751728, 66751729
  • Gulmohar Cross Road No.7, JVPD Scheme, Gulmohar Road, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1600

30 Reviews / 30 Ratings

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Mangii Ferra Reviews

Authentic Italian and Nice service. Small size but

We have been to Mangii Ferra on a couple of occasions and both times have found the quality and authencity of Italian food up to the mark. The service is excellent and waiters regularly keep a watch and take feedback on the quality and quantity of food. We were a coupld and ordered 1 non veg pizza (450/-) and 1 veg pasta (350/-) along with a mocktail (250/-) and a pint of beer (175/-). The quantity is very sumptuous and we ended up packing a large part of pizza as well. For Non-veg lovers, Mangii Ferra certainly takes care of have adequate meat portions in it's pasta and pizza....
Overall it's a very nice place for a couple looking for good old Napolitana thin crust pizza..


Janus Sayal - Burrp User

Janus Sayal

5 Reviews

February 19,2012


First Experience...Very Bad Service....

Well had heard a lot about this place from friends ...went there with my wife on Vday, and to my bad luck the place...sucked.... when we entered we were shown to take a seat on the top deck. We had such a bad service. no one to attend to us, Our meal was served to us on the table and the waiter just walked away....We ordered for our pizza and our waiter was confused as he did not know any thing about the pizza. the chef had to come to us to explain....even our drink a mock tail which we ordered to half an hour to come....Over all the service was horrible... the ambiance is nice but whats the use if the service is horrible....Would not recommend any one to go there.....Enter at your own RISK....


Jerusha7 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 28,2011


Mice in the kitchen

I usually love this place.. The food is some of the best italian you can expect in mumbai.. But the last time I was there, a ginormous rat was scurryin all over the pizza kitchen... The manager refused to believe us until the rat scurried past him.. And then he sends a person to get rid of the rat who faints at the sight of it.. So glad I didn't order the pizza.. The thought of rat droppings as a topping makes my stomach hurl..


Average fare ...

Had heard a lot about this place ... and Italian being our favorite food, we decided to give it a shot - especially since Cafe Mangii had shut down for renovation.

Nice ambience & decor. Completely disinterested manager at reception ... showed us to the table. Quickly ordered a snack (chicken) and was confirmed that a bread basket will follow ... snacks over, alongwith half the beer : bread was still to follow. Well it came, slowly ...

Main course was better. The veg pasta in white sauce was pathetic (tasteless, you needed to find the brocolli, carrots in the mass of pasta). The non-veg pasta with ham, bacon and sausages was excellent and saved the night. Suprising thing was that in all the dishes, salt was almost non-exitant. Good to high BP patients I guess !!!

Decided we have had enough and made a quick exit. Nothing to write about, wish it was better. Will stick to Cafe Mangii at Khar. Cheers !


Did I go to a different restaurant?!

Having heard great reviews about this place, I finally decided to check it out tonight with a couple of friends. Yes, long overdue but better late than never right? Firstly, what sort of Italian place doesn't offer a bread basket? I mean, for the kind of money that they charge for the food, I expect a complimentary bread basket. Anyhoo, moving on to the food. We ordered their cheese jalapeño poppers which were so-so. Little did I know that that probably would be the best thing I'd eat all evening. The chicken starter wasn't bad. The salmon starter however was very bland. I wish there was more flavor or pepper or something to it.

Moving on to the main course, we ordered 3 pizzas. I have no complaints about the veg pizza. We also ordered a chicken pizza (the only one on their pizza menu) which again was strictly okay and lastly we ordered their 5 cheese pizza to which we asked them to add chicken. That is by far the worst pizza I have ever eaten! For a 5 cheese pizza, it was extremely dry and bland. Something's seriously wrong with a pizza if it can't be fixed with oregano and tons of chilli flakes! For a place whose pizzas I have heard SO much about, I was highly disappointed. On to dessert, both the tiramisu and chocolate mousse were extremely heavy. Mousse especially is supposed to be light and airy but this one SUCKED.

As for the service, it was so-so. All in all my experience at Mangii Ferra was as bland as their food. If you want great pizza, go to California Pizza Kitchen instead. If you want great pasta, Mia Cucina is a better option. How this place got 4 stars is BEYOND me.



Now tats really good italian food!!

Italian has hit the taste buds of mumbaikars and which is why every fast food joints or restaurants would also add italian in their menu card...but it actually refrains them to know the "ITALIAN" taste...
Thats when you have to visit Mangii ferra..
For me, they serve the best pesto gnocchi..perfect to taste and ready to melt..
Vodka pasta... soooo yes yes yessss
Expensive.. very much yes it is
Place is good with good music and decent ambience to make one of those pleasantly memorable evenings for a couple or family!
Need to visit again to try more good italian food, but it really gets deep into my pockets for frequent visit in spite of staying very close by...


Always to be my Favourite

This place is awesome, excellently designed includes ambience and food just love it, no words to describe. I and my wife celebrated our 10th anniversary out there and it was simply superb expierience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


foodtime - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 08,2010


Think Again!

I had heard so much about this place. I had visited Cafe Mangii, which was awesome and therefore was expecting something in the same lines. Mangii Ferra was a complate disapointment.
Ambience was extremely dull with newspaper hanging over your head.
on the contrary(I cant help make comparison) cafe mangii was superb, lovely music, smiling waitors (Tip: Ask for Prakash and go by his suggestions)
we started with normal garlic bread( Nobody hopefully can go wrong with that) it turned out to be nice, then we got super excited and ordered for Cheese lovers fantasy???!!! this should have lived up to its name! what we go was a good amazingly thing crust pizza with hints of cheese! it was disastorous. we were planning to order lasagne next but immediately thought other wise and ordered for a safer option a chicken dish which was very ordinary. nothing in that restaurant left us asking for more, we lft emptying our pockets and a heavin disapointment!



Best Italian Food

One of the places in town with really good and genuine Italian food. Love the pizzas, thin and crispy.
Service and ambiance is good too, just make sure ur not sitting on the top level, which has a real low ceiling!



on the fence

ive only been here once .... the caesar salad was really very very good. i guess we dint choose our pasta well coz i thought they were a lil underdone and the flavors didnt really stand out... the ambience is cozy and recommended for a date... service was super attentive but maybe coz i was with an eurpean who visits frequently and leaves huge tips. they serve lady portions which is quite nice..



was apprehensive at first 2 go there..coz i saw no reviews or ratings of it mentioned here....
took the risk n went......
n it was really "Worth" it...the food was excellent..tickled my italian taste buds...ambience was great..though service cud hav been better...coz if u sit n da upper level theres only 1 waiter 2 attend...
overall wud definately go there again!!


Expensive, but good

Mangi Ferra - Mango Tree, thats what greets you at the entrance. Nice ambience, big place with a separated bar area (well stocked :) and good bartender). The food is great, the wood baked pizzas, the gnocchi, the pasta, the vegetables aglio olio - yummm. Service, efficient, though not excellent. Would definitely recommend the place for Italian in that area (not many choices around there). My only reason for giving one star less - the price. A meal for 2 (starter, main course, dessert) without drinks will set you back by 2200/-


Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

162 Reviews

February 18,2010


Still Consistent, Still Tasty

Mangii has always been a family favorite of ours. The beautiful tucked away location, the protruding, yet welcoming tree sprouting from the ground before the entrance, and the friendly Maitre D' always makes for an enjoyable evening.

We were pleasantly surprised yet again this time when the Maitre D' poured us a complimentary glass of a new house red, the vineyard supposedly financed and partly owned by the owner of the restaurant (turned out the wine was actually quite satisfactory as a table red - musty, earthy, not a long finish, aromas of dirt, earth, mushrooms, fungus, etc.).

We had our staples - fetunta (a bit on the dry side this time, but taken care of by dipping in olive oil), caprese (absolutely delicious), a risotto prima vera dish (a bit bland, but meant to be that way I suppose), and linguini siciliana (spicy tomato sauce, sundried tomatoes, fresh vegetables).

We'll continue to be regulars here as long as the service and food stay consistent. Kudos again to Mangii Ferra.



Great food, bad ambiance

food and drinks were pretty good..a little on the steep side.
pastas were cooked just right so were the accompaniments.
polite staff.
horrible ambiance.
loud music-like some disco pub with occasional hip hop commercial music with bad bass.
added to that loud neighbors on the table next to ours.
would have appreciated it if the manager had intervened and asked them to reduce their volumes. all he did was shrug his shoulders and being a sat night... (i couldn't blame him for not being able to shift us)
so for a weekday a very fine place,weekend a big thumbs down.


Decent food, expensive wine, slack service

Visited this place on New year day with wife and 2 young sons.

Must say these guys certainly picked the spot for their eatery. It is nested deep inside Juhu, and what with dug roads, took some time to locate it. Once u are in the area. though, people know about it and direct u easily.

The place was initially empty but started filling up later. By the time we finished, there was a decent crowd.
The first course we ordered was soup as recommended by the waiter. The taste was good , but it had turned lukewarm by the time it was served. One reason could be that the bowls were much shallower than are normally used for soups. That was a let down.
All of us liked the main courses, though the quantity was certainly disappointing.. Even my 10-year old son felt that they should have served more !
And the wine is certainly expensive at 550/- a glass. The interesting thing that I noticed was that there was hardly any difference in the price of the Indian and imported wine. Not sure what the reason could be.

The thing which I personally found truly disappointing was the service. Once the food was server, the waiter disappeared and u really had to look around and wave a few times before he noticed and came to the table.
This is one area where there certainly is scope for improvement.

All in all - a good place to dine for the food quality with a few compromises to go with such as trying to locate it, the service and pricey wine.

- Dinesh Shirvaikar


aksdesai - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 29,2009


Great Place

One place where you can truly enjoy the ambience, food and music. It surely costs more than any other run down place, but its good splurge once in a while. A must try for who enjoys Italian food



Yummy Italian Food

I went on 9th July with my friend to celebrate my birthday. Place is fine, good ambiance, but very loud music. The food is no doubt delicious, especially the linguine pasta and risotto. Also try their thin crust pizza.

The day I visited, I was already in a foul mood due to horrendous Bombay traffic, but the great food and friendly staff made my day.


Italian delicasso...

One of the best joints in Mumbai for some amazing Italian food...However, book a table before you go to ensure you get a place to sit.
The pizzas are made right before yoru eyes and the pasta is excuisite...The place is a little expensive and tough on the pocket but for a once in a while splurge - this place rocks.


The Best Italian Food

Mangii Ferra is the most exquisite place to eat and is truly the finest restaurant in town. Every time I walk in to Mangii Ferra I obtain the best feeling.
No matter how many times I come, I always love to observe what is around me. Each and every comforting smile the employees have on their faces and the lovely music playing, always makes me feel relaxed.
When I breathe in the aroma of the Italian food, it always reminds me of how hungry I am. The uniquely textured walls produce a smooth yet flowing look. It is almost as I am in a famous building in Italy.
In over 5yrs the food has always remained consistent and well prepared.
Mangii Ferra has the most fancy and lavish bar which serves everything from hard spirits to wines to cocktails and mocktails..
Maybe a little heavy on the pocket but definetly worth the effort…
I mean hey what do we work so hard for ?
This restaurant is and always will be my personal favourite..
my all time fav on the menu would be the penne ala romana and the polla perronata pizza
and some amaronedeaapalpolicella red wine !!!!



The most exotic venue!!







Mangii Ferra :The Mecca of Pizzas

Jalapeno and Cheddar poppers, good friends, a break from cooking,and cheers !! What more can one ask for ?

Mangii Ferra, my haunt for the last five years, is the only restaurant I have not grown out of. The warm and welcoming smiles of the everlasting staff and the familiarity of the guests amongst each other always makes me feel I am part of one big family, including the DJ, who never seems to get tired of our requests.
The menu may not have changed in many ways than not, except for the pricing which may seem high, but the consistency of the dishes has never ceased to amaze me. T
The restaurant may not classify as a complete night bar, but still serves the best cosmopolitan, margarita or caipirokas and short but fine selection of wines.
Somehow, this Mecca of Pizzas never seems to grow old. Every time you walk in, it looks like it was made just yesterday!!!!

My Favorites
Jalapeno and Cheddar poppers
The all time classic Italian pepperoni pizza
Mangii Roast Chicken
The Steak in cognac pepper sauce
Penne ala Romana
Lasagna (freshly baked)
Lobster Bisque
Mango Cheesecake
Belgian Chocolate mousse


Simple & Good

Next time when your stomach craves for the Italian lunch and you want to have it in peace this is the best place to visit. The food and the service offered was good. The ambience of the place is also good and the best part is that it is not located on a busy main road and is easily accessible.


Quite Ok

I have been visiting this restaurant for a while because it remains one of the best looking on this side of the town but I think this place has a long way to go when it comes to food & service.


1. Very nice ambience; it gives a feel of being a classy place
2. Location is good; accessible but not yet on a busy main road
3. Nice selection of food
4. Buzzing bar on weekends
5. Big portion size

Negative/Put off

1. Food is very average. The menu sounds very eclectic but falls way short on quality and taste
2. Menu card is in tatters now, probably photo-copied. The delievery menu of several smaller places are in better shape
3. Service is not at all attentive. You have to wave for everything. God save u at the bar on a busy night!!
4. Inconsistency; the same dish/drink tastes different on different days.

All in all, I go there because i dont have many options on this side of the town but with new places opening up, my frequency of visit is surely going to drop.


Head to Don Giovanni instead

I tried Mangi Ferra out for the first time today. Iv been hearing tonnes of good things about it with quite a few people saying its the best Italian restaurant in Mumbai. I always wanted to know if it was as good as my current favourite Italian restaurant in Mumbai - Don Giovanni.. The entrance looks really nice with a tree just before the door which adds a nice touch to the place.The place was done up well and even had a section with a nice couch for a couple of drinks or something but somehow the place lacked class. The menu didnt really have too many non vegetarian dishes to chose from and there were definatly more vegetarian dishes than non vegetarian - not a good sign. They had a woodfired oven and so I had to try their pizza. I could definatly taste the flavour added by this oven but somehow the pizza was just not upto the mark. I hope I am not being a snob about this but the pizza seemed like it had been Indianized and lacked the authenticity and taste of Don Giovanni. The menu didnt have too many options for toppings, with chicken, ham, peperoni and sea food being the only non vegetarian options. The quality of meat isnt anywhere close to Don Giovani even though the pizzas cost roughly the same amount. My friend ordered a pasta which again really dissapointed me - not authentic enough. The service is about OK and the waiters are polite and the service was quicker than Don Giovanni for sure. However the waiters dont know much about the food and you have to kind of figure out everything for yourself. The restaurant is as expensive as Don Giovanni which IMO is much better value with more authentic and better quality dishes. Overall Don Giovanni 1 Mangi Ferra 0. I always suspected that Mangi Ferra was another one of those overhyped places that has this buzz about it but the food isnt as good as you would expect it to be. I guess I was right.


Ratatouille on the menu

Mangi Ferra is an Italian resto-bar settled in one of the by lanes in Juhu. The dimly lit place kind of makes it difficult to read their menu which uses a very fancy font. Although they have a wide range of wine to select from they serve only the house wines by the glass which can be disappointing if you don't have enough drinkers at the table.

We started the meal with the wok tossed mushrooms in cajun spices. A good change over the typical mushroom in olive oil. When ordering the main course I was excited to see the Ratatouille on their menu. I had never had this and to be honest after watching the little mouse movie I wanted to surely taste this one. We ordered the vegetarian dish and it was served with some tasty corn polenta. If you've never had this, go ahead and try it the next time. The pizza capricciosa was a regular thin and crispy - nothing special but nice.

It's a rather popular joint and weeknight reservations are recommended. A pricey place where a meal for two will cost you Rs.500 per head and that's no alcohol included.



Simplicity is not Kanjoosi!

I completely beg to defer with slurp's review of Mangii Ferra.
I have been to Mangii Ferra a zillion times and wouldn't need an excuse to go there again. Yes, the interiors are minimalistic but the soft lighting highlight the rough surfaced walls, wooden beams on the ceiling and dark furniture. Any one who's been to Italy or anywhere in Europe must know that Italian food is not about bright, flashy restaurants, its about a homely simplistic ambiance.
Mangii Ferra also has a great menu. Their assorted cheese platter, herbed bread, pollo arrostito, pizzas, dark chocolate mousse and tiramisu are highly recommended. If you sit on the table on the far left, you'll be able to see your pizzas getting prepared in the wood fire clay oven. Their wine list, though small has some decent wines; the manager has never failed us with his great recommendations.
The service has never disappointed me - the staff is good about recognizing their repeat clients and they do have 'serviettes' ('cloth napkins').
On the other hand, I don't think there is anything great about the Trattoria ambiance. Besides, they serve cold red wine and have pathetic service.
Then again, I am perhaps only a 'wannabe suburbite' - so what if I understand Italian food more than most snooty Sobos. Well, figure out for yourself from the reviews of both places. :)


Kanjoosi on interiors

A much hyped about Italian place for wannabe suburbanites. Cannot compare in ambience with Trattoria of Taj President (Colaba) though pricewise more or less the same. Quantity is strictly ok (so big eaters don't over-expect) and alas ! no cloth napkins ! Trying to save the laundry costs I guess. Furniture is nothing great, very sasta plain. As I said, cashing in on the filmy crowd.

Yet to come anywhere near even Parisian small joints of Italian food leave alone the ones in Rome which I've eaten.




well tis restaurant surely is one of d best ones for italian food! amazing food n really gud ambience...the service will surely make u happy...its a must go for italian food freaks!!


Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

162 Reviews

September 01,2006


Great Service; Excellent Flat Bread Pizza

Mangii Ferra offers a really hip bar scene with good top-shelf liquor (Grey Goose Vodka, Blue Label, etc.), fun bartenders, and great DJ-spun hip-hop music. On to the food - was really in the mood for pizza, so I ordered a nice flatbread pizza that was cooked to perfection. About the only thing that could use some work at this restaurant is the cheese plate - a wider variety of quality international cheeses would go a long way. Beyond that, this place is great for groups, bar-going trendy crowds, and dates as well. Families might want to stay away since it's a bit on the loud side.



Great place, good experience, pricey wine

Mangii Ferra is one of those places located off the main street in a quiet neighborhood. Though, once you get inside, there is nothing quiet about this place. The place was packed with people.

The bartender was a cheery guy. While waiting for a table to be freed up, I got myself a Scottish desire. The drink was nicely done using Scotch whisky (obviously), amarreto, tia maria and cola.

For food, we ordered a platter of cheese to go with our Red Wine (Mondavi 2002 Pinot Noir). This place has a good wine list, I must say. At first they brought out a chilled bottle, but then we asked the manager to get us one at room temperature. Why do people here drink red wine chilled? People reading this review take note, red wine is always sipped at room temperature. Champagne is had chilled. White wine is had chilled. But reds are always enjoyed at room temp.

For the main course, I had Fettuccini pasta with field green veggies. It was okayish. I thought it would come with a tomato sauce, but it came with a cream sauce instead. They had run out of Fettuccini, so they replaced it with spaghetti instead. No biggie.

For the dessert we had a dark chocolate mousse. The best one I've ever had. Highly recommended.

For the grand finale, we ordered Irish Coffee. It was good too. They did a commendable liquor-fire trick for our Irish coffee.

Overall the experience was enjoyable, the music good, the server excellent. Would highly recommend this place.

One caveat was the price of the wine. Our Mondavi 2002 Pinot Noir, set us back by Rs. 6000 (around $140). The Red wine was good for the heart, not for our wallet :)