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> > > > Maruti Pav Bhaji

Maruti Pav Bhaji

Vile Parle WestWestern Suburbs  

  • Bajaj Road, Opposite Vishwakarma Baug, Vile Parle West, Mumbai
  • Meal for 2 - 100

17 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Maruti Pav Bhaji Reviews


A small place on SV road vile parle. BLACK PAV PHAJI thats what it is known for . Pavbhaji here is the most famous which is spicy and served with onoins and tomatoes. Masala pav is really spicy but worth trying it. For someone who cant take spicy food ... ask them for a baby masala pav .. The paav's are buttery ..... almost dipped in butter and very soft ... one can even eat a few pav's alone without any suppliments. Cheap menu with some good quality food .






black pav bhajiii spicccccccyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

was surprised to see this pav bhaji joint naah...mistake pav bhaji larry as we mumbai's call it...pav bhaji so spicy and tasty...pav bhaji with a different taste and experience...the masala onions and tomatoes served with the pav bhaji are just irresistible...pricing and quantity is perfect...for the ppl who love spicy food it just cant get better...please dont expect AC and nice seats...either sit on a "chattai" cross legged or on your car boot but njoiiiiiii


Lost its Touch

There was a time when crowds used to throng the bylane of Parle West & relish the Maruti Pav Bhajis. Seeing people sitting on the streets with families & gorging on the butter laded pavs was not the only unique sight. The unusual colour of the bhaji - dark brown or black. Yep infact I have heard tons of varied recipes of how these guys used to make delicious but spicy Bhajis.

Nevertheless this was history. Lots changed and over the years, one of the founders started a stall closer to SV Road. So one day I looked up a number and asked if they delivered and they politely took my address down. Not that I stay too far away from this place but within 20 mins that I placed the order the delivery boy rang my doorbell! Full marks to their delivery service but I was disappointed with the food. It was no longer the taste that people built their top food dish with. It was overly spicy & I didn't even bother to finish the entire dish.
So the next time around I'll just stick to the usual amar juice center or diaa


imsuraj  - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 27,2013


Pavvvvv Bhajjii

AAAAHHHH! The food! My personal favourite here is the ‘humble’ Pav-bhaji . I have to hand it to these guys – they serve the best ever Pav-bhaji I have savoured all my life!

Ultra soft pavs (special bread of western India, to the uninitiated) smoothly fried to the optimum in generous Amul butter on a sizzling tawa, accompanied by attractively mashed bhaji (spicy curry of western India), onion rings, pieces of lemon and that special brown chutney powder that gives it the extra tang. The bhaji itself has a ‘dal’-like feel to it, red in colour owing to the tomatoes, and sporting a bar of Amul butter on top – blithely floating on the thicker bhaji. Add a few onion rings onto the bhaji, sprinkle the chutney powder, squirt a hint of lemon all over. Pull off a piece of the pav, scoop the garnished bhaji with it, and let it just melt in your mouth!


Hats off to maruti's fans,my sympathies for others

my goodness...what a pav bhaji....a mess!black in color is fine,but the spicyness...oh god!it was so spicy that with a few bites i stopped...i gave this one to someone else....even if someone pays pays me to have it...i shall think 100 times before have this pav bhaji.
Also charging rs 10 per pav.i get cheaper in amar.
This place has surpassed the heights of over-ratedness.AVOID


Weird but simply great

Yaaa!! Its weird because of the funny black colored Pav-bhaji they serve.

This stall on Bajaj Road, is one of the only place I have ever visited to serve this peculiar Black Pav Bhaji. The Khada Pav Masala is also worth the try.

Its cheap for its price and almost irresistible to stop the urge to visit the place again and again.

A definite snack place and most recommended Pav Bhaji destination in Mumbai



Tastebuds on Fire !!!

Had heard about Maruti Pav Bhaji for many years but never been there. Finally I went there a fortnight ago and ate Masala Pav along with the Pav Bhaji. The Masala pav was very fiery but tasty. Pav Bhaji was spicy but bearable and the regular pavs were literally soaked in Butter. I felt that the pepper made it easy to digest the food.

Being a food stall, hygiene is not expected but the food is awesome and value for money. I liked the masala pav so much that in the same week I went there again.

To all the pav bhaji lovers who find pav bhajis artificially coloured and less spicy then this is the place for you.

It is bang opposite to Toyota Showroom on the SV Road in VileParle.


tri123 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

January 19,2012


Nice Pav Bhaji

I really enjoyed the taste of pav bhaji here. The cost of food is also very cheap here.Do visit



Change of address and now Free home delivery

The best Pav Bhaji available so far in Mumbai ... one who prefers spicy - can be rest assured its the best pav bhaji you can ever have.... have now moved out of this place due to agitation by local residents and is serving from his home or you can order home delivery 098619350159, 09833639180, 02226713953. enjoy the best taste of pavbhaji now at your home - delivered by them


Dont ask for a spicy pav bhaji :p

Ahhh i love going to this place. It has this weird black colored pav bhaji which will actually make u sweat with its spicy taste.
Its regular bhaji is so spicy that you will never dare to ask for a spicy one..which i dared once and its was indeed an uufffff uufffff mirchi moment. I recommend DO NOT ask for extra spicy bhaji or else you know what will be the consequences..;)
Value for money and a gr8 experience..For people who want some excitement and likes to experiment this one is surely a GO GO GO!!!



Very Spicy

Went to Maruti Pav Bhaji as it is famous for it's black pav bhaji. As very famous many people and strong sales I think, so i also went to try this black pav bhaji with my wife.

Color as said black, taste: it was too spicy which burnt my mouth and felt hot in my stomach. I noticed one thing that the guy did not made the pav bhaji fresh in front of everyone or as per customers taste preference. They have already pre made it and then only make it hot on stove and adding butter and shaking it. The person applying butter to pav only dipped the pav in a pool of butter, never toasted it perfectly.

I think they use too much of garam masala which only adds taste to their pav bhaji, but this masala are very bad for stomach and as said I found the result on next day.

I would avoid this place as they might be giving taste by making it spicy, but the quality of ingredients used is a big doubt.



The Black Magic Pav Bhaji

This place was recommended to me by my wife and i really thank her for that.At first I was very apprehensive about trying it since the Bhajis color was black, but after the first bite i realised that it is the best bhaji i ever had! its spicy and very very tasty.
Their masala pav is also very different and amazing but dont have too much of it as it can get really difficult in morrning :)

Totallll VFM
2 pav bhaji, 3 plate extra pavs,3 masala pavs all for 160..Really great




if you are looking for spicy pav bhaji (the way it should be!) go no further than Maruti!! have been having this pav bhaji since childhood and like no other pb as much! warning: if you like pheeka khaana, please avoid!



famous 4 its "KALI PAV BHAJI" is a complete disaster....the worst pav bhaji i hav ever eaten...the guy uses his HANDS to add butter to de bhaji n pav n at de same time he claens de place with a cloth tats been never washed....all happening in front of ur eyes......SERIOUSLY AVOID !!!



its d best value for money pavbhaji....
its for all the pb lovers....must try it once in a lifetime...
d experience is excellent.
d bhaji is tasty,spicy.......
dnt fuh gt to try their masala pav...its excellent.
thumbs up.


SPICY as SPICY can be

The pav bhaji here is unique. And whats more its is the spiciest thing I have had in Mumbai. Make sure you have enough tissues to wipe your flowing eyes.

But despite all of that..worth the experience


Best Pepper Pav bhaji

Yes!! The bhaji is black and not red!! This the uniqueness in Maruti's pav bhaji. You have the masala pav here and you will forget all other places!! It is a road side stall where you can sit on the foot path and have the Bhaji sizzling from his tava! The spicy version will make even you sizzle :P
Highly recommended!!