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Bandra West
Level 1, Gagangiri Apartments, Carter Road, Carter Road, Bandra West,Mumbai
05:00 pm to 01:00 am

Price: Rs.2500 for two

Cuisine: European, Indian, Pan-Asian

Known for: cabon bhaji, cabon pav

Serves alcohol
Air conditioned
Take Away
Paid wifi
Sunday Brunch
Smoking Area


Paras Shah - Burrp User

Paras Shah

March 18,2017

This place is best for Cocktails and the beautifully presented Appetizers.

Carteroad is one of the most popular location of Mumbai, especially because of the sea face. The Masala Bar is located in this prime location of Mumbai. What's so special about Masala bar? The way they make their drinks, they have taken their presentation skills are to the next level! The ambiance here is fantastic it's entirely lit with candles and it looks very beautiful!

Next level because they serve their cocktails in scientific apparatus. They have arranged the scientific apparatus in the beginning of the bar section.

The Food here is GREAT to compliment their cocktails. I LOVED the way they present it on a stone dish!

Drinks (Mocktails)

1) Mulled Masala Punch - This one is for the ones who are bored with all the Berry Mocktails and stuff, Masala punch as the name suggests has a punch to it and that is from the ginger that they use in it with some indian spices.
Ratings - 7/10

2) Berry Cooler - This one was my favorite of all the Mocktails, it contained Strawberry crush, Raspberry syrup and lemon juice. Served with aerated water.
Ratings - 9/10

3) Virgin Mojito - This is something that everyone knows, mint leaves lemon and aerated water with sugar syrup.
Ratings - 8/10

Food (Vegetarian)

1) Tofu and Paneer Khurchan, Served on a Khari naan and topped with some smoked sour cream and mint coriander chutney. This was spicy Paneer and Tofu sticks over super crispy khari. It just melts in your mouth 😍
Rating - 10/10

2) The Avocado Sushi, this was the best Vegetarian Sushi I have had till date!! The rice was perfectly cooked, the Avocado and Beetroot were fresh and the sauce was mind-blowing 😍! The best part was it had crispy noodles inside! Loved it.
Ratings 11/10 (Yes it deserves that!)

They have introduced their Big Bang Nights every Tuesdays and it will be one on one on all cocktails.

I do not consume alcohol the review is purely based on the Mocktails and the Vegetarian food I had here.
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hungrygirlnextdoor  - Burrp User


January 30,2017

An amazing Restraunt to have a good time..

Masala Bar has been built with a view to have a fresh approach towards our usual and boring cocktails. It's fresh vibrant and enthralling. So let's begin with our review.

Ambience- 4/5.

The interiors are interesting and very glassy. It's very relaxed and provides a very comfortable vibe. The seating arrangements are different at different tables. The taller one are more brighter, while the shorter tables seem more comfortable. Nevertheless they proves to be a good gossip-mongers paradise. My concern with the place is that the lighting are a little too dim and makes the place seem very dark.

Service - 5/5

The services was spot on. No complaints there. The chef himself walked up to and explained the menu and suggested a few items to try on. Occasionally he served us as well.

Drinks - 4.5/5

MasalaBar is know for its brilliant concoction?and its molecular chemistry that they apply. Its really fun to watch the bartenders make a magical drink for you. They even volunteer to show you their chemistry lab where all this magic is created. Its a fun experience. So heres what I had.

#Malabar Point Cocktail- 5/5

Firstly this was served in a skull glass which was super fancy. I fell in love with the glass instantaneously..The Drink was served with a smoke like thing. So when you put dry ice and a flavored liquid you feel the drink. Their explanation was that we need to use all our 5 sense to enjoy the meal. Agreed. The drink was a concoction of vodka, apple juice and a very strong fruity flavor. It was one among the best cocktails I have had.

# Citrus orange drink (could not recollect its name)- 3 /5

It was a nice orange drink with a very lemon flavor. This drink did not suit my pallet and hence did not enjoy it. It was more like an orange concentrate.

#Cherry Berry Blaster 5/5

This refreshing drink was a beautiful mix of berries and sparkling water to give it frizzy effect. My best mocktail so far.

# Sea Side 5/5

This was equally good with a watermelon base and sparkling water. The foam was an interesting addition to this. Refreshing indeed.

Food- 4/5

We were served with a variety of dishes from the starters to the main course and ended with a sweet dish.

#Figs and Honey, Carpaccio of watermelon with Feta cheese and Basil salad- 5/5

The dish was beautifully presented and bursting with colors. The vegetables was very well arranged on the platter to give it an artistic touch. The cherry tomatoes and Figs were lightly pan roasted to give it that charred look. The dressing was delicious and coated each salad leaf really well. The feta only added that extra salt flavor to this. Great salad for t he vegetarians.

# Duck and orange salad - 4/5

A salad for the non vegetarians. The surprise element here was the duck. It was crisp, chewy and we'll seasoned. The salad again was dressed very well. My only problem with this was that the lettuce was a little soggy. Probably due to the heat of the cooked duck.

#Palak Patta Tacos - 4/5

Merewala chaat. I am obsessed with our Indian chat and if this can be made healthy than I am all game for it. What I am not happy with it is the name.. why can't we rather call it Palak Patta chat? Anyways. The Palak Patta Taco was fresh and deliciously balanced. It had that much needed crunch from the apples and that sweet chutney to compliment the entire dish. What I would love is a little more spice in it. Otherwise lip smacking good.

#Haulled Lamb Barra Khurchan, Khari Naan, Smoked Green Chutney - ?5/5

This was served on a pours black stone ?platter which visually hooked one on. ?The portions were perfect . It was a Khari toast served with amazingly cooked lamb meat, which was perfectly cooked and actually melted in your mouth. The Khari was a nice balance to the meat as it was light and airy. The green chutney and the sour cream brought in the required coolness as the meat was a nicely spicy. For me this was interestingly paired.

# Langostino, Tomatoes, Aji Pincate , Crispy Corn-?4/5

Prawns cooked and served to perfection. It was equally vibrant and fresh through out. The prawns were placed on a bed of guacamole. Surprisingly the crispy corn was the best part of this dish. I just felt that the there was too much going on and the original taste of the prawns was lost.

# Baked Potatoes, Sweet and Spicy Beetroot and Apple, Sweet Fennel Yogurt ?4.5/5

The surprise element for me was the hidden beetroot. It's an acquired taste and many can't appreciate this vegetable. Tricking me into eating is the best way. The potatoes was cooked perfectly and the beetroot was also well done. It had that tastes of chaat masala and the mozzarella cheese baked well. Perfect dish for a vegetarian entourage.

#Hungarian Goulash - 5/5.

Not many serve this dish and for me this was a pleasant surprise. The plating was amazing with the bone forming the central attraction. The meat was perfectly cooked and melted in my mouth. The flavors were very similar to an Indian curry, but still had distinctive taste. This was served with soft Khubus bread which was perfect.

#Yellow Thai curry Risotto 4/5

The yellow Thai curry Risotto was a perfect amalgamation of Thai and Italian cuisines. The curry was tasty , coconuty and delicious. The Arborio rice was perfectly cooked maintaining its al dente (a little bite) character. However, I am not sure of the blossom flower pattie, it was a little odd one out. But the Rissoto was really good.

#Charcoal Pav Phaji - 4.5/5

I was so looking forward to this dish as it is the most iconic of them. The dish is black and so are the buns. I think they were streamed rather than baked but I am not complaining. The bhaji was perfectly cooked and was not at all too patatoey . It had the perfect blend of spice and vegetables mixed together with the butter taking it to the next level. The buns were cute , soft and chewy. The color did not impact the flavor of the dish , which is its basic intention.

# Chocolates cappuccino Peanut Butter Pie 3/5.

Being an ardent peanut butter fan, I completely missed then peanut butter in this. The short crust pie was good, flaky at the edges wile a little chewy at the center. I don't think this was blind baked. The peanut butter was completely conspicuous .The chocolate sauce was nice with that litter bitter after tastes that chocolate usually have

Overall I highly recommend this place for a group of friends or your family who are looking forward to a good meal along with some good quality time.

My overall rating 4/5.



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