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Chembur West    & IN 59 MORE LOCATIONS


5 Reviews / 5 Ratings

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McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo & Banana Oreo Soft Serve Jul 01 - Aug 06

  • This July, experience the Minion Invasion at McDonald’s as the brand makes dining a fun and memorable affair with the launch of two new and exciting banana themed desserts.

    Customers can now indulge in the delicious McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo and Banana Oreo Soft Serve, created exclusively to complement the Minions Mania. The McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo and Banana Oreo Soft Serve are priced at Rs. 73 and Rs. 35 respectively and will be available across all McDonald’s restaurants in West and South India for a limited time, starting from 1st July up to 6th August 2015. The desserts will be served in a special Minion packaging.

    Patrons can also add to their collection of Minions by choosing from a lineup of 10 exciting minion toys with every happy meal purchase.

    McFlurry Banana Caramel Oreo: Rs. 73 (Small)
    Banana Oreo Soft Serve: Rs. 35 (Regular)

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McDonald's Reviews

Management seems to have taken note!

I was in for a pleasant surprise when I went here yesterday, they were playing Dire Straits & Floyd. Good god, the fish burger here is truly orgasmic.


Stop playing that godawful "music"

Why does every establishment in this pathetic country feel the need to have loud, crappy music playing in the background? I go here to drink coffee (more on this in a bit) and eat a fish burger, and Enrique Iglesias, Justin Bieber nor Ms. Chikni Chameli ever help with my hangover. You are not a DJ, you are a waiter, even if you did hotel management from some fancy college. Please leave the music console (or winamp) alone and do your job of flipping burgers and cleaning the floor. McDonalds should take note of the abominations they play here in the garb of "music". You have always been a downmarket, nightmare brand in any developed country but here people look up to you- you are not helping your brand's image by playing this music in a country that's probably your most profitable market. I would love to see a new sign posted near the one that says, no bill your meal is free which says "your meal is free if you hear crappy music being played. and please gouge out the waiter's eyeballs we won't prosecute."

And WTF is wrong with your coffee? 70% of the time your moronic staff give me coffee with milk in it when I specifically order that they DON'T put milk in it. And why does it get cold so quickly? There is no other coffee in the world which loses temperature as quickly as the coffee served at this McDonalds. A textbook example of entropy.

Two stars only because the fish burger is awesome.


The Worst McD's

K Star Mall's McDonalds is by far the worst I've been to... food is super oily and burnt ..... doesn't seem like it has a properly trained staff or cooks who follow the McDonald's rule books!


I am(not so)loving it.....

I used to hang out in this place almost every other day once upon a time..decent place to sit in esp in the summers wen u need AC ..really light on the pocket as well....
if ur a beeeg junkie(m talkng abt food) then it is the place to b...
I jus love their iced teas...though I suspect its lipton...burgers r decent though I only seem to taste the mayo in them...
everything else is jus abt ok..including the fries..though its a big hit with most ppl..n the crowds r evidence of dat...
avoid goin in the afternoons unless u wanna b caught amidst couples...(n i sooo hate the PDA)
Provided thr r nt too many ppl...Its a good place to hang out for hours with ur friends...especially aftr bunking lecs...:)


McDonald's never disappoints

Been to this place multiple place and it matches the high standard set by other McDonald's restaurants. If you don't get your order within a minute (measured by a stop watch nevertheless!), you get a large drink free. I'm loving it!