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> > > > Melange


Andheri WestWestern Suburbs  


18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Melange Reviews

Pretty Good

Bru cafe next door was crowded and I saw this inviting looking place, had heard about it, so decided to try it out.

Went in, only a table full, felt good, window seat and tried to relax. The server gave me the menu and in bounded another gentleman – the owner I would presume, friendly, rattled off why he opened the cafe, philosophy etc.

Ordered a Jaljeera Mojito to begin with – very nice, could have done with a bit of less salt. Looked over their offering and decided to try out some spicy potato poppers – para boiled potatoes with a nice spicy tangy flavour accompanied by salsa.

Whilst thinking over an omelette, a group of youngster walked in with phone ringing and chattering nineteen to a dozen. That broke the spell, Philosophy etc all fell by the wayside, paid the bill and left.

What did not work for me here: Over familiarity at the first meeting; asking me how I came there, since they don’t advertise, philosophy, why they’re eggitarian etc. all this could be displayed very nicely and staying true to their philosophy of wanting people to lounge around.

One of these days may try it out for breakfast with the gang, but that is the end of it for me.



Decent place but ambiance needs to be better...

Visited here on a Saturday evening for dinner... The plan was to be there for breakfast, unfortunately that didnt work out... But did end up ordering breakfast items for dinner... Went there with a friend and we started off with the breakfast tortilla and Bambaiya burji... Liked the breakfast tortilla which had scrambled eggs and avocado alongwith other things... for mains, we order thai rice and a shepherd's pie... overall the food was decent... not many people there and its quite a small place... ambiance wise nothing great... the service was good... should keep the washroom clean... that was disappointing... for the 2 of us, bill came out to around 1,100 which i thought was a lot for such a small place... we also ordered some a couple of lattes as beverages apart from the items i mentioned earlier...



Great Breakfast

Nothing like an awesome brunch to kick start the day..The spaghetti with the excellent blend of spices was indeed a delight to the taste buds .. followed by the mousse with just the right combination of crisp nuts and chocolates...enjoyed myself



Use clean glasses please

Their glass in which i was served water did'nt seem to be clean.
The food was fine...they serve an all day breakfast menu..breakfast burger was was probably my first burger in a restaurant other than mcd...i will now try burgers at such places more often-i guess....
the capuccino is reasonably priced...well presented and tasted nice as well....but there was no sugar free which gives bru world cafe an edge over them for coffee....otherwise it was nice..
food 4/5
ambience 3/5
service 3/5
prices 3/5
Request the owners to bring back the green apple creme brulee


amrita  - Burrp User


16 Reviews

December 13,2012


Worth the fun you can have thr..

Give me some games (read scrabble, Jenga, Uno n like) some good friends to talk to and a decent cold coffee/shake n sum nibbles I'm good to go.. I've literally spent hours and hours ctaching up with ppl thr..

When I went for the first time I expected only food and it was all good.. Mushroom n Olives turkish Pide was way to good. had never had something like that before plus there creme brulee with apple fennel chutney was outstandingly good... have heard thth they took it off the menu :(

but must try Mushroom Crostini, breakfast burger, n zuchchini/Tofu fritter Also shakes are pretty good.


kreeti17 - Burrp User


29 Reviews

December 11,2012


our central perk

like in friends where they all sit at central perk and sip on coffee for hours and joke about. we do the same here.
its a great place to hang out. they even have good games to play - scrabble and tabbo.
the coffee is amazing and reasonable. unlike the big places where u spend 250 on coffee (OMG) this place is good and understanding.
place is small and simple. good chiller.



perfect morning treat

If you ever want to sit with your pal and have a great conversation and sip something cold and yumm,if you want to ensure your ligth cravings are taken care of ...well this is the place...binge into yumm potato wedges,sip oreo shake/mars shake and you come out happy with a wide smile:-)
The ambience is lovely..Done up very well..The choice of coffees are good.The service is really nice and what stands out is the water bottle(with tulsi leaves inside) that is placed on every table.All in all, a place one must visit.


Perfect Sunday Morning!!

I was all excited to once again visit a new place for breakfast along with Sunday Breakfast buddies. Melange is a cute place, more seating outside which was really nice. A little understaffed currently but the food was simple and tasty. Fresh Breads are my favourite although the bread served with my masala omlette was a bit too thick, the same bread fell perfect for the French toast with caramelized bananas, The hazelut frappe got a big thumsup and so did the orange pancakes. These are not the usual fluffy pancakes and i guess thats why i loved the crispyness of the pancakes. The owner Hardik is extremely sweet and always up for citique. My Ratings: 7/10.


Awesome breakfast burger

I am totally in love with Melange's breakfast burger; crispy patty stuffed between toasted buns and topped with onion marmalade. I am salivating with the thought of it as I write. Loved the green apple creme brulee too which I think they have replaced with some other dessert. Hope they get it back soon. Service too is decent.


foodhog - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 13,2012


Great place - fab food

This is the only place in the suburbs that serves fabulous authentic international cuisine in a non-pretentious manner. I am a regular here and love the personal touch the staff and owner give. Looking forward to the new menu.


Anjum  - Burrp User


123 Reviews

September 05,2012

Expert Review 4.0

b! Review: Melange @ Andheri (W)

A good breakfast is the key to having a good day. Shirin Mehrotra tests this theory at the newly opened Melange only to find that there is much truth to the theory.

The area near Citi Mall in Andheri (W) was earlier dominated by diners like Salt ‘n’ Pepper and Ginger Marie. It now sports fresh entrants like Bru World Café and The Chocolate Room. Add Melange to this list and this area is prepped to help big breakfast junkies get their daily fix.

Like most of the adjacent eateries, Melange too has outdoor and air-conditioned indoor seating. We love a healthy shot of the early morning sun and picked the al fresco area over the slightly cramped indoor seating. While seated, we couldn’t stop wondering how lovely this place would be in the monsoons.

There are separate menus for breakfast, tapas and mains and beverages. The beverage menu is extensive and has a whole range of shakes, coolers, smoothies, and hot coffees. We quickly ordered a lemon n mint mojito and an oreo shake before focusing on the breakfast menu. The mojito was refreshing with a mild chilli aftertaste, exactly what we needed on a hot day like this, while the Oreo shake was not cold enough and was a little too sweet.

Moving on from drinks we ordered a Melange special breakfast, which includes eggs, toast, avocado, and baked tomatoes. On our request, we were served a wild omelette instead of scrambled, poached or fried eggs. It arrived with four thick slices of bread, baked in-house, an avocado and two plump red tomatoes. All we missed on this plate was bacon. As an eggetarian restaurant, we knew what we were in for and certainly aren’t complaining, but we did miss the crisp brown rashers.

Next on our list was the breakfast burger with hash browns and onion marmalade. The burger was stuffed with cucumber, tomatoes and a couple of hash browns, topped with onion and tomato sauce and was heavy enough to make me skip my lunch. The bread to our surprise was toasted which reminded me of the burgers I used to eat when I was in school. The rocket, served on the side, was tossed in a sweet and tangy dressing and added a distinct freshness to the dish.

After going through a fat omelette and a large burger, we spied the green apple crème Brule and could not help ordering it. The dessert arrived with almond biscotti, fresh cream, and green apple chutney. This creamy and flavourful dish alone is worth the trip to Andheri, but the menu also has a number of sinful treats like cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and pancakes that are simply begging to be sampled.

Stuffed with a hearty breakfast we decided to move out but not before asking for the owner who we hear is a very sweet guy. Sadly he wasn’t in. Never mind, we are definitely going back for a chat with him…and yes, for those pancakes too.

Meal for two: Rs. 600 + taxes



Yes indeed melange is a perfect blend of scrumptious food, friendly service and awesome ambience. Its a new joint just around the corner and a place to set your mood just about right.....Me and my friend go there often just to have a platefull of heaven i.e their cheese nachos and try their exotic desserts...its also a place for the 'EGGETERIANS' as it has a host of dishes to offer to them...what attracts me most to this cafe is its friendly service and ofcourse the games I can enjoy with my buddies...scrabble, taboo, chess and jhenga 4 of my most favourite games...its the right place to go after a long boring day at work and just bask a good snack and a good game with your mates...totally worth every penny!!!


Sublime and friendly

I love the cosy, neighbourhood eatery feel Melange has to offer. It makes you feel welcome right away in such a subliminal manner. It's a bit tight on space, but that's the only real negative about the place to be honest. We ordered a Bruschetta, Peach Mojito, Chocolate Banana Smoothie and Wild Omlette and each item ordered was better than the last.

The Peach Mojito was a bit underwhelming when I tasted it (no, it wasn't for me), but that can be put down to me not being a peach-y kind of person. Apples and Kiwi Mojitos are more my thing, even Lime. The Chocolate Banana Smoothie was superb, very nice indeed and the Bruschetta was stellar. The plating was superb, and it tasted even better. The bread was baked fresh in-house and that came through in the flavour. The flavors really hit your palate and my only regret was that a mere 4 pieces came along. The Wild Omlette was simply sensational as well, a mix of cheese, sliced mushrooms and some herbs going into its making. Again, the bread that came with it was as fresh as could be and given that Melange has an all-day Breakfast Menu that is reasonably priced (eggs made to order start at about Rs. 100 plus taxes), I am going to be seeing a lot more of this place. Deserts seemed inviting too, but I'll leave that for some other time.A must-visit at least once.


good place

I accidentally walked into Melange the day it opened up, as I was actually headed for The Chocolate Room and was busy chattering away to glee. No sooner that we realized we had entered the wrong place, we were faced by the owner/chef Hardik, who stood there with a smile on his face and all the warmth in this world. We told them that we had accidentally come in, but he was just so nice to us that we ended up having a good 10 minute conversation and although we had people to catch up with at The Chocolate Room,


A Good Restaurant is much more than just good food

I accidentally walked into Melange the day it opened up, as I was actually headed for The Chocolate Room and was busy chattering away to glee. No sooner that we realized we had entered the wrong place, we were faced by the owner/chef Hardik, who stood there with a smile on his face and all the warmth in this world. We told them that we had accidentally come in, but he was just so nice to us that we ended up having a good 10 minute conversation and although we had people to catch up with at The Chocolate Room, we stayed and chatted, and promised him that we will be back. I walked out with a smile on my face. Everyday since then I just viewed it while going back home from the gym, and the smile and warmth remained intact. Finally, two weeks ago, I decided. I just HAD to go.

We were pleasantly greeted with Mint Water instead of regular water on a hot Sunny afternoon, and were given ample time to sit and decide on our order. I ordered for their Breakfast Burger, while my brother ordered for The Wild Omelet. While I am completely in awe of the Wild Omelet, I just cannot stop praising the Breakfast Burger enough. 2 hashbrowns fried to perfection, and topped over a crispy grilled bun, with some salad and their Onion Marmalade, I think this Burger could convert me into being a Vegetarian. It is not overpriced at all. 110 bucks for the Burger and 179 for the Wild Omelet. Not a huge hole burnt in my wallet. Not just the food, but the waiters taking care of you so well and the owner personally knowing your name and addressing you by it every time you walk by is so cute. Not to mention the live action you can witness through the kitchen with Glass Doors. It's not just about the food. It's about a complete experience. Hoping Hardik can keep up with it and probably consider keeping a diary to remember the numerous names of people headed their way. All the very best to them!!


Happiness food

So I'm a bitchy, grouchy, overworked, underpaid and perpetually pissed off 20-something writer. Basically, the nightmare customer for a newly-opened cafe.

I've showed up there in bed hair, looking every bit like I've woken up on the wrong side of the bed (or with the wrong person!) and been treated with Hardik's (yes, the NAME!) cheerful smile. I can't for the life of me understand what that boy finds to be cheerful about at the ungodly hour of 8.30am, but the dude manages it. And somehow, he makes you manage a smile too.

I'm not a foodie, and my experience has taught me that usually, the fancy-sounding stuff are just overpriced green leaves that taste like nothing. The smiling dude (let’s call him that because the name is just TOO much) actually LISTENS to what your preferred flavours are, and 9 out of 10 times, they’re bang on. I’ve been there about half a dozen times and tried the French Toast, Tomato Salsa Bruschetta, Shepherd’s Pie, Mediterranean Touch Panini, Conchioglione Pasta and some dessert that I don’t remember the name of, and everything has been divine. The dude remembers my name, remembers that I prefer tomato to cream and knows my disgust for exotic green leaves.

I don’t look at the menu at Melange anymore. Whatever The Smiling Dude suggests, I order. And so far, our relationship hasn’t had a hiccup. The portion size is good. A main is a meal by itself and a starter and a main will see you through the strongest of hunger pangs.

The service is a tad slow and I wish they’d go easy on the sweetness quotient in the Banana Chocolate Smoothie, but they make up for it by feeding their starving regulars even if they turn up well past the last order—with a smile, of course.
Oh, and The Smiling Dude assures me that next month, there’ll be wine and beer to go with the food.

The food is great, but what I really go to Melange is the experience around the food. Can’t wait for The Smiling Dude to get his wine license. A glass of burgundy would be the perfect companion for the happy glow that Team Melange delivers every time!


Dont bother

Never going back. Went over the weekend for dinner with my bf and 2 friends. food wasn't cooked well. Not worth the time & money spent.
We ordered 2 pasta, both were too under cooked and chewee... quantity was too less just left it after two bites.
also ordered cottage cheese panini which was no were close to the real panini.... had much better
and for desert the chocolate tart and carrot cake which was stale...
When companied about it... got a yes yes ok ok response... like they didnt want tthe next table to hear
Dont bother


Bad quality food

Stale/cold food.. bad service... trying to be something they are not.....this location has always been jinxed...


Veggie Delight

Unfortunately did not get a good look at the menu so could not take down the dishes I had but I will give a brief description about it.
Things I ate -
Bread and aloo masala with cheese
Pasta in white sauce
Pasta in red sauce
Mushroom topping on bread
Shepherd's pie
Chocolate Mousse lookalike

The first dish was alright. The filling of potatoes was a little too soft and almost melted. Lacked little flavour.
The second one was pretty good. The pasta was well cooked and the sauce too was creamy to my liking.
The second pasta too was very well done and was delicious.
The mushroom tasted good and had a nice tangy taste to it.
Was my favourite. Being a rajma lover, I liked the filing instead of the regular beef. Had the right amount of tangyness and flavouring. The crust too was just about right, hard enough to hold the filing and soft enough to be eaten easily.
The dessert was quite nice. Had a couple of bites of it. Not much of a chocolate fan but must admit it was very soft and goeey and light on the stomach. Atleast it felt light!

The place had a good ambience. I preferred the Al-fresco more than sitting inside. The tables inside were a little too cramped for my liking. I feel you could do away with a couple of tables may be.

A nice place for veggies, would definitely come again and recommend to friends and family!