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> > > Melody Cafe - Chinese Corner

Melody Cafe - Chinese Corner

7 Bungalows  


2 Reviews / 2 Ratings

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Melody Cafe - Chinese Corner Reviews

Foodie301 - Burrp User


33 Reviews

September 10,2010


Justice to Bengali cuisine at last!

Melody Cafe is unpretentious, reasonably priced, serves Bengali food like home and Calcutta, and has an enclosed, aircon place to sit and eat - that covers several things that we have missed in the existing Bengali food restaurants around Andheri (coming from a Hangla fan, that is definitely a compliment). What it has going in its favour is the quality of food - delectable chaap, Calcutta biryani and maachh bhaja. What it needs to work on are getting dal makhani and butter chicken off the menu card and having the kitchen staff read the menu card - most of the things on the menu were not in the kitchen. Definitely going back to this one!



new found experience...

dis place worked for me wen i had no new place 2 go on a tuesday nite wit my friends.....i decided why not check it out??fact remains....i was a bit sceptical as i havent tried out bengoli cuisine in my life ever....there was a punjabi option 2...but i decided 2 go fr the new experience....n believe me i did not regret it...:)...the mutton nizam roll was absolutely crisp....crisp egg paratha on the outside and soft delicious mutton with relish on the inside.....a perfect starter for a hungry person in the was huge but we were not done yet :).......the calcutta style mughlai mutton biryani accompanied by the rich creamy chicken rezala,fish patudi with steam rice and aloo jhoori bhaja (grated fried potato)satisfied out taste buds to the utmost.....we ended our meal with the sweet special..payesh kheer.....after the meal so happy n full were we that we promised to frequent this place and plus....the bill made us just more cheerful ....modest pricing for quality dishes is my personal tagline for this cosy homely cafe in the midst of seven bungalows