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> > > Mia Cucina

Mia Cucina


  • 42414000
  • Jewel Shopping Centre, JP Road, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

18 Reviews / 18 Ratings

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Mia Cucina Reviews

Good stuff ...

Went on a Friday night and was a bit surprised as the place was empty @ 9:30pm but I guess a lot of options in this part of town. The nearby WTF had scores of people waiting outside.

We started with Golden Fried Calamari's which were perfectly fried .... nice juicy n crispy. The quantity was a little less but okay as a starter. Followed this with the main course ... Lasagna with Meat Sauce, Pastas - one with pesto and the other white cheese sauce. The Lasagna was quite good, well cooked and enough minced meat. The pasta choices dissapointed us a little ... only home baked pasta was available, no options. Also, the sauces options were very limited ... we wanted to have Gnocchi but they only had in in pesto or mushroom sauce. When we wanted it in 4 cheese or white sauce, they refused !! Surprised as that cannot be rocket science when they have other dishes with these sauces.

We ordered one Almond Chocolate Cheesecake for desserts and it was very average... limted choice again.

Somehow we were a little dissapointed with the variety of dishes available though they had a fat menu card. Seems more focussed on chicken and select pasta / sauces. Food not as tasty as Cafe Mangii, Khar but overall a decent experience. The Waiters were very friendly and helpful, food was served quite quickly. Cheers


love the food

The blue berry cheesecake is to die for. Love the ambiance



Loved the food, really authentic. The bar is really fun!


prajnya - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 20,2011


good ambience .......

great ambience, good music ...... but the food and service is a let down the food lacks flavor and the waiters seem too tired and un interested .
the portions seem too small for the price ....... and the food takes a long time to arrive all this on a sunday evening is a let down ....


vinendine - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 18,2011


So I ordered home delivery....

Step 1 was talking to the person on the other end of the phone to get him to take my order. It wasn't a fun conversation since he couldn't speak English although he insisted on speaking it. Although to be fair, the terrible phone line contributed to his confusion. Things looked up when the manager took the line and eventually, my order.
I ordered a chorizo pizza and a risotto with chicken and cherry tomatoes. The delivery was prompt and within 30 min. But was that wait worth it? I'm afraid not. The chef was either having a bad day or running low on the choriza since there were exactly 2 REALLY thin slivers per slice. AND the crispy base was soggier than my granny's knitting on a rainy day. Not something I would want to pay nearly 500 bucks for. Joey's Pizza gives me less exotic but much much better pizzas for less. In terms of taste, the pizza was strictly okay.
The risotto was strictly average too.
I must admit to being disappointed. Very disappointed.



All form, no substance

A beautifully appointed cosy place with terrible food. We ordered the following -
Sangria, fish in olive sauce and a spinach and ricotta canelloni.

The sangria was actually very nice and put us in the mood for a nice meal but boy were we disappointed. The fish was completely bland and undercooked. The canelloni was totally tasteless. When a franchise outlet like Little Italy can churn out awesome canelloni day after day, I wonder why a gourmet restaurant has so much trouble with it. The only thing tasty was the side of pasta with the fish...thank God for small mercies.

To compensate for this, we decided to order one of the nice looking apple tarts. It was served not warm enough and was too syrupy and artificial tasting. All in all, for 1700 bucks, the meal was a total washout.




the best italian food i have had lately... the fried pizza in the starter was a very good start to the meal accompanied with rissoto balls... just loved the rissto, the pizza was the classic italian way, you cud actually have the aroma of the fresh bread in the base... only the lasagne was not upto the mark... but we cant let that go with all the other food being so amazing...

Food - 4/5
Service - 3.5/5
Ambiance - 4/5


3.5 rating on 5

Enter and you will find yourself in warm and friendly ambiance. Mia Cucina inhabits a cafe'ish' feel. Their menu card is simply the cutest ever. Although the staff friendly quotient needs to be re-checked on.

From the 3- 4 dishes we ordered, their bruschetta's are to die for. We were told, the raisin filling made all the difference. The pizza and canelloni could be given a pass.

For desserts, personally, I liked their blueberry cheesecake although my friends thought otherwise. We also ordered the decadent cake which is a must try - we all agreed to that.

To conclude, my review remains mixed in nature. Probably another visit won't harm to pass the judgement.


rutzie - Burrp User


1 Reviews

April 06,2011


truly worth every rupee spent!

This place serves most awsum italian food (better than mezzo mezzo JW Marriots). its a complete delight to eat their amazing garlic bread....try out spaghetti carbonara, it is out of the world!!! blueberry cheese cake is a total kickass.....staff is very friendly and prompt....jst close ur eyes n try out the wine they suggest with ur food....its a guarantee u wont b disappointed.... overall full paisa vasool!


ash_ok - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 27,2011


Good innovative Italian cuisine

very good innovative itlian menu and at reasonable pricing.. almost the first time seeing the usage of Bombay duck *( bombil) in a itlian restaurant.. Bombil with itlian herbs and coated and deep fried.. crisp from outside and soft inside.. Risotto and mozeralla cheese balls is also pretty good. Pumpkin soap was the soup of the day and even kids enjoy that.. Super fast service and friendly staff with occasionally the owner also dropping in to enquire to give that little extra touch!! One of the few places where they got the gnocchi right.. very nicely done in sun dried tomato pesto.. with a tinge of creaminess. was really great.. Lasagne was also great with right amt of aubergine... Pizza was not up to the mark.. defnitely not crispy enough.. presentation, size was good, needed to be more crispy... deserts was ok.. a bit short of innovation.. than the regular cakes, tiramisu.. good crowd too.. wine options were limited and guess a bit overpriced.. especially the italian wines were a bit on the higher side and makes a diff in the final bill.. Otherwise a very good place, good value for money and good service with some good innovative itlian menu..!!! :)


brainnerves - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 15,2011


Pathetic service

This outlet stands nowhere close to its sister outlet in Bandra. Decor, ambience, music etc were all good but how does it matter if a resturant goes wrong in its basics, food and service??? They almost spoilt my valentine day when I had gone there for a dinner. Usually they have wine on the menu but that day, out of blue, it wasn't available. And they had no courtsey to inform their customers on their own through a singage or personally. It was only when we tried ordering that they refused saying that there was some sudden inspection.
It was a crowded night and the place is surely not ready to handle that. Everybody (read: staff) was running everywhere looking lost and confused. And to add to our confusion, the staff decided to speak in a language which was ceratinly beyond anybody's apprehension (read:english).
We waited for around 15 minutes to get a table and then another 10-15minutes to be served water. It seemed that since we were offered a corner table, everybody decided to forget us very conveniently. No one came to take our order for another 20minutes. To add to it, we were also not served their complimentary bread unless asked for.
Then came starters and mocktails but no napkin or tissue paper!!!!
We were just thinking of walking away when I heard people in the suurounding cribbing about the bad service. Guess we were not the chosen ones!
I ordered a dish which my favorite at the Bandra outlet and voila! I went wrong again... It was nowhere close. Now that the food had arrived and we decided not to order anything else, we were "peacefully" left alone again.
Have taken an oath never to step even close to that place.


Yummy Italian food guarenteed

Its a tiny little restaurant with dining inside and out with some really delicious Italian food, a super cute menu and a homely feel.

The managers a little bit of a bitch, but he comes around once he knows you know what you're doing at an Italian restaurant.

I've been there over a dozen times and never returned disappointed - from the pizzas, pastas, desserts & wines - they've got it all figured out.

A must-do for all those who want almost authentic Italian food and a VFM experience.

PS: They don't take reservations so you mostly have to go try your luck and hope the manager is not in his bitch spree moments!



Bad service

Well, I went here with a bunch of friends yesterday and was very disappointed with the service. A couple of our orders took more than an hour to come and after repeatedly asking after them, we were told that there was some confusion and the orders were never sent to the kitchen. I think the waiter should have apologized and asked us to expect a delay. Foodwise, the pizzas and the feta salad are great, but the chef's finding his feet with everything else. The lasagna was terrible and everything else just about average.


vvvivek - Burrp User


11 Reviews

December 22,2010


sweet place

love the cozy ambience, much better than the tacky shatranj there earlier - & the 4th star is only for that

food's decent, not great

good to have a more moderately-priced alternative to indigo cafe in the vicinity



Mia Cucina’s small sign can be easily overlooked in the chaos of banners and other restaurant signs on the busy Versova road. The restaurant is along the main road and shares its wall with WTF bar. This common wall has pretty white flowers painted all over it. The courtyard’s al fresco seating is cosy and makes you feel relaxed instantly, flowers and potted plants line the inner wall of the courtyard; and the entire setting reminds you of a dining scene out of an American movie on Italian Mafia. The ambience inside is similar to that of a small café, with music playing in the background, photo frames of vegetables hanging on the walls, bottles of wine and olive oil sitting on the shelves. Though the restaurant was crowded on a on a weekday winter evening, we are unsure of how well the outdoor seating will be appreciated in Mumbai’s summers.
Mia Cucina (my kitchen in Italian) serves standard Italian fare: salad, soup of the day, pasta and risotto, pizza, carne (meat) pesce (fish) and desserts. The menu is a mix of vegetarian, meat and fish preparations, hence has a sizeable variety to offer in terms of appetizers or main courses.
Our Italian journey began with the antipasti, bruschetta polo con olivata (Rs 175). We found that the portion of the chicken with pesto and olives bruschetta small (the bruschetta pieces were the size of milk toasts) and though balsamic vinegar dominated our palate, overall the appetiser was tasty. For main course, we ordered an overpriced, thin-crust (not papad thin, though) large Chorizo pizza (Rs 425) which was scrumptious but, spicier, fatter slices were expected. The chorizos were paper- thin (similar prosciutto) slices of sausage and that deprived the pizza of much flavour. Then there was filleto di manzo, fungi e patate (Rs 375), a medium grilled beef steak in mushroom sauce with potatoes. The steak was cooked just right and the meat was deliciously tender; the sauce was rich, thick and spicy, complementing the meat perfectly.
What caught our attention was the char grilled Rawas with black olive sauce, pasta and veggies. Having eaten Rawas in many Konkani, Punjabi and Goan preparations, the combination of black olives with the grilled fish seemed an unusual combination to our palate. However we were too full for it by then.

Desserts were a letdown though, the apple tart base was undercooked, and the apple topping tasted marmalade-like and was sour. However when we returned the tart, the service manager apologized in person, assured us that this was the first case and did not charge for it. There were gaps in the tiramisu (Rs.125) filled shot glass and the quantity was small in comparison to its price. The attentive and courteous staff kept getting us the most filled glass; however it was the same story.

All said, Mia Cucina is a fine place to catch up for dinner, they have a range of wines, Indian and Italian, to choose from and the food is at par with other Italian restaurants. If you wish to indulge in Italian food, other than pastas and pizzas, then Mia Cucina’s variety will impress you.

Meal for two: Rs. 1300

(burrp! reviews anonymously and pays for its own meals.)


Nemesis - Burrp User


47 Reviews

December 10,2010


Decor - Nice, Food - Meh!

When a friend told me about Mia Cucina opening up a branch in Versova, I decided to give it a try, since I was in the mood for some Italian food. They have outdoor and indoor seating. The Decor is nice and gives you the feel of an Italian restaurant (with the music to match it). Good crowd and good ambiance.
The staff was friendly and courteous, but the service was a lil sluggish and we had to ask twice or thrice before our drinks could arrive.
The food was just about average. The Margareta pizza was well below average. The only thing I really liked was the pasta in white sauce.


Bhookhadtal - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 05,2010


Not my fav cucina

Had read rave reviews and an interview with owner that made out how the experience would be discernibly Italian. On my visit last week the high expectations didn't pay off in the food dept. The feel of the restaurant & decor is noteworthy. The service was good at most times... attentive and prompt. Not much variety in veg starters. Tried the risotto and cheese balls. Not great. The main course spinach cannelloni was too cheesy/sweet almost. The prawn risotto just about average.
However the good thing was the complimentary focaccia bread served twice without asking before the food arrived.
Overall worth a try. but not great.


Good food + Great service.

Just came back from this place after having dinner. Its an awesome place to have dinner with you family. They have two sitting areas. One AC section and other one is Non-Ac Section.

I went there with the family. In starters we ordered - Mozzarella in carozza (Mozzarella & polenta parcels) which was just okay, panzanella (Tuscan bread salad) - good one and Garlic cheese bread.

In main course we ordered - Pizza puttanesca (Classic Italian sauce topped with mozzarella) really a good one, Pasta - capellati di ricotta e spinaci(Spinach& ricotta stuffed pasta in sun dried tomato pesto sause) which is just out of the world and Risotto ai funghi (Assorted mushrooms and italian rice) which was very good.

In drinks we ordered 1 fresh lime water, 1 diet coke and i gulped down 3 kingfisher ultra pints. Overall the food was good and service was great. Will definitely gonna visit this place again to enjoy other dishes.

Overall a recommended place to have dinner or lunch. you can even find some bollywood shots enjoying food. when i was having dinner then i saw Arshad warsi with his family, Kay Kay Menon with his wife and Deepti Naval with one of her friend having dinner there too.

Forget to add after all this ordered couple of cappuchino. Total damage was around about 3000 bucks.


Rirarutsch - Burrp User


7 Reviews

December 04,2010


Expectations not met

Was so happy to see that Mia cucina is opening an new outlet just down the road. We had high expectations which unfortunately could not be met.

The food was very average - we had varity of meet - chicken, beef and vegetarian pasta dish. Non of the dishes really gave us an 'wow' experience.

The service was okay but we had the feeling it is still unorganized and people do not exactly know what they have to do.

Quite sure that we will come back again at a later stage - with hope to see great improvement in quality of food & service.