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  • 26175495, 32915215
  • 67, Juhu Tara Road, Juhu, Mumbai
  • Snacks

34 Reviews / 34 Ratings

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Mocha Reviews

dhello - Burrp User


3 Reviews

April 07,2012


Worth visiting

The groovy decor is the first impression one has on the place.
The spacious restaruant/coffee shops divides the space into ac and non-ac, a plus for those who do not smoke.
I have gone to Mocha almost 5-8 times, and each time the food is consistently good.
I have tried their brownie, sandwiches, tea, pancakes, peta and hummus dip plate, and eat time I enjoy eating here. This place sparks lovely conversations with friends because of the close vicinity to the beach.
One major improvement is the service! Slow and lazy sums the service--we would like to be attended to, Mocha


Heer  - Burrp User


22 Reviews

March 11,2012


Nice place for deserts

I don’t think so this place requires review, but yes as I visited I will write my views. This is about the Mochas at Juhu. We visited this place only for desert.

Food- We had ordered 1 Mt Brownie, which came with 3 big pieces of brownie and 1 scoop of Vanilla. I think they can provide one more scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Yes the brownies tasted yummy. They just melted in the mouth. This desert is enough for 2 People.

Price- This 3 piece of brownie with one icecream costs around Rs 160/.

Obviously a great place to hangout with friends.

For details visit


Why O Why....??

Mocha I must agree was my favorite hangout joint and the best place to chill.....till my last visit which was a total disappointment rather i should say embarrassment....

Being super confident about Mocha... i took a bunch of friends to hangout at Mocha's....we ordered shakes and some desserts....

The place was awfully full of mosquitoes for some reasons and the ac too wasnt functioning correctly.. :( :(

The order that we placed took 25 mins of our time ..... which kind of hit out patience level...... and the shakes we had were strictly ok .....

The music was so low it was barely audible..... and the staff was not attentive as well....

we ended up gobbling down our order to make a quick exit as we were dying to get out in fresh air!!!

Why oh Why Mocha you dont live upto yor expectations anymore??? I dont think i will be visiting in the near future.....

The visits to Mocha after it burned down.... have not been quite pleasant....wish thy could make it a better place like before.....and not the dull...dry....boring one as it is now!!



Terrible service, awful food.

My husband and I made the HUGE mistake of trying this place out for brunch on New Year's Day. The place looked trashed when we walked in, but they said they were open. We sat down at one of the few cleaned areas (though the rubbish had just been left in a mound on the floor). Despite these, we decided to stay since Mocha Mojo has always been decent, but we should have left! The coffee came with grease floating on top (and not in a press as it does at other Mochas), the Italian omelette was oily and led to indigestion, the pancakes were hard and doughy, and the Lindt Hot chocolate had never been introduced to the Lindt. When we complained about the coffee, a cappuccino was very grudgingly given in replacement by the staff, who refused to acknowledge the muck floating on top of the coffee.
All in all, a horrid start to the year. Definitely a place to avoid.


nimvikas - Burrp User


4 Reviews

December 07,2011


lovely place to hang out

amazing and lovely...too orthodox building, typical mix of cultures...can hang out easily for hours with friends


slimfoodie - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 30,2011


Good place to chill out!

Its got a good ambiance, service is a bit slow. ferrero rocher shake was awesome.



Drop in sometime, it is a great place!!!

The Mocha of Juhu is a great place to walk in with few of your close friends to spend some memorable time. The Europian cuisine served here is delicious but the best part of Mocha is hookah and the service is also pretty good. All in all, a place worth to give a visit. I would give it a four stars.



Just the perfect atmosphere...

Mocha is a place where you can relax and have sometime for yourself…The music played is very soothing and the food also doesn’t disappoint you in taste but it can be a bit expensive on your pocket though…The service is a bit slow but you won’t mind them taking time while you enjoy your hookah on one end . One thing that I loved about this place is the ambience which is just perfect and you won’t find such awesome ambience elsewhere.



Location is gr8!!

Located opposite Juhu Chowpatty, good place to have Hukka. Place is divided into two sections. Inner - No hukka section. Outer (Open Air)- hukka section. Service is very slow.

Best Hukka - Al Sikandri is my all time Fav here
Shake - Ferrero Rocher Shake is best
Food - Non - Veg Club Wrap
Deserts - Junior Avalanche

Enjoy the place and hit the beach for a walk!!! Perfect Experience!!!



Good to relax in sunny afternoon

I was desperate to cool down on my drive from Thane. Had to stop for some work near Juhu so planned to spent time at Mocha. Had few beers with some poultry food. Food was not as per my liking. I had better at other "not so famous" places. But, I found place to be clean and soothing. I found majority of crowd between 18-25. Looked like a cool hangout place for college students.


nobbie - Burrp User


10 Reviews

September 11,2010


Grubby little joint with poor service

No spirits, just beer and Indian wine. Dark and dingy - cushions looked like they hid a million bugs. Very slow and inattentive service, even more so when asking for the bill - took 3 attempts. First and last visit for me, shame because it's in a good location


Vick 90 - Burrp User

Vick 90

8 Reviews

September 06,2010


Old is gold

Going to Mochas since my college days. Its a perfect hangout with friends and foes.

Whether you wanna have power English breakfast here..
o have wines n hooka in the evening..
O just relax with various types of chocolate milkshakes (Oreo ..Kitkat forest etc etc..)..
Or indulge in some sinful Chocolate avalanche or some cheese cake..
O dig ur teeth in some great paninis or sandwiches or pasta o some chicken wraps...

Ull get almost everything here !! + a funky atmosphere !


perfect monsoon hangout !

i have been visiting this place frequently for the past few days. its lovely location opposite the ever bustling Juhu beach makes it a perfect monsoon evening hangout..! the sheeshas are really good..and ya.. the masala chai is amazing. i like the interiors-everything in yellow and red. but the washrooms need urgent repairs.


Mocha Maarte hii

Me, my bro and Jash went to Mocha last Friday night. The place was packed with foreigners and random local people. As usual we ordered Tuborg and our favorite Shisha "Kolkata Mint" This is the Shisha of the month. It has milk instead of water and a scoop of vanilla ice cream in it. Topped with some awesome Kolkata Pan Mint 1st drag is heaven super cold.

People who want to put on weight, order the Chocolate Avalanche.
They have variety of bagel and panini.

But this place is awesome when it comes to beer and shisha.

Try it out. It's Juhu after all... more than anything the ambiance and the atmosphere will surely be with you.




Visited the place on Saturday night, during the world cup. It was completely empty. Had to go hunting for a waiter to take our order. the food remains the same, but the service and ambiance have gone down the drain. One of the few places which could use a renovation. Don't think they have even painted the place since it opened! Hygiene standards were bad, spotted cockroaches enjoying themselves in the cafe!



The best Mocha probably

I guess the title of the review says it has what you expect from any mochas, and the location and ambiance make it really great. And i'm using probably because Mocha at powai, hiranandani is as good as this..if not better, the only reason I can't go to that place more often is as its far off from my place. But all in all, a nice place to chill out in smoke with your friends without burning your wallet.


Excellent Brazilian and Columbian Coffee

A coffee lover who doesn’t frequent most of Mumbai favourite coffee hangouts is a statement that defines me! But today it was different. A beautiful evening and the best drink I could think of was beer errrrr (now where did that come from!)… coffee! Been sometime since I went to Mocha, so decided to try the Brazilian coffee here while my friend went for the Colombian version. Both coffees were served in a big cup, so big that my friend had to use both hands to lift the damn thing!

The coffee lovers that we are, we spent quite a bit of time taking in the strong aromas emanating from our freshly brewed caffeine concentrates. The Brazilian coffee was strong though the Colombian one was the more bitter of the two. Took us a good hour to finish the coffee as we engrossed ourselves in conversations on just about anything!

The coffee was excellent but a sound parameter to judge its effectiveness is how alert it keeps you in the wee hours of the morning. Its 3 AM and I quite alert even at this hour. Though ironically, my friend who had the ’stronger’ of the two coffees is fast asleep!!


NoShopping - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 16,2010


Best Omelettes!!

Am always on the lookout for places which serve nice American breakfast or Omelettes.
This place by-far has the best and widest variety of Omelettes. Have tried the Spanish and Indian Omelettes but the Scrambled Eggs are my fav.
Some ppl find the Scrambled Eggs too mild and flavourless but if you like bland,no-masala food then you should give them a try!!


Okie Dokie!!

Da Mocha's outlet is worth a try.....though wudn't place the ambience at its' best since I personally didn't like their closed area parallel to the beach.....thou Mocha's a coffee outlet-here's one place I love da pasta at-just amazing, though very basic. Da Rocky roads' my fav too....ambience too is good enough


roshna - Burrp User


2 Reviews

November 19,2009


Soothing place..

I have been to Juhu- Mocha more than a couple of times, but it feels like I know this place since forever. It feels like home to me and my friends, who are regulars now. The whole experience there is so relaxing. Besides the food and ambience,I really love the music here. It’s so soothing. I love the exotic Menu on offer which is very tempting.


priyankak - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 19,2009


Worth trying !

Was at this place with my friends for a birthday party…Well this is the first time I visited this place…Must say,had gala time..Nice food ,gr8 ambience and good service..What impressed me the most was the flavors of hookah offered specially the redwine one..Worth trying !


Waste of Money

If You are not Earning then visit this place only if You are a spoilt kid with a super rich dad.
If You are earning then visit this place if you really earn a lot & just want to get rid of some extra cash
If you are not in either of the above two categories Then please stay away from this Criminal waste of money spot!!
What else can describe this maddness of paying almost Rs 400 for a hukkah which will just end up wreaking havoc on you lungs!!
The only thing good here is the Chocolate desert...Go for the junior version.
& kids...please stay away from thiose goddamm hukkas...its not cool to screw your lungs!!


Coffee, Shakes, Paninis, Beers, Hukkah & more...

Facing the Juhu beach, this place is a melting pot for all the coffee and chocolate lovers :)

It's a pretty spacious joint, with dark wooden furniture giving it a very relaxed look . Some corners with Indian sitting make it fab for groups to remove shoes and soak in the relaxed environs. [ The waiters realise this and the service time is comparatively slower than compared to many joints ]

The menu is pretty elaborate and rarely do I hear "Sir, we dont have this today"

The coffee menu is exhaustive and has a wide range of coffees from across the world. From the traditional Kahwa to the Irish, they have it all :) They serve the quintessential Bun Maska and Chai as well for the hardcore Irani cafe fans ;)

The Shakes they serve are the yummiest I have ever had and the choc combos are to die for. Sample this... Lindt Choc shake, Ferrero Roccher shake, After Eight choc shake, Black Forest shake etc... I love the "That choclate thing.." ...Its the best choc dessert here and a must for dark choc lovers :)

The Paninis (Italian for sandwiches, i came to know a few days back) are pretty filling and many varieties to try from.. Being a veggie, I love the BMT and the Mediterranean.

They stock Beers and Hukkas and again the list is pretty elaborate for guys who smoke the hukkah !

Its THE place to go with friends, lovers, wife / husband or even all alone, to relax, chill and do nothin else at all :)

Bon Appetite`

P.S: I did not mention the prices as it fully VFM for the kind of stuff they serve there :)



mocha style.....jst mind d furniture bit

bank opp to the juhu beach sits in a spacious and one of the busiest mocha's of Mumbai....the usual stand menu and hookah's..

for the new ppl..try vertigo (dnt order if you r alone, it needs min 2 ppl to finish.) Pick any shake, all r g8t and thick an unique in their own ways....hookahs starters pick apple..

the place sad point is that the furniture is in the moment you sit on the chair to the moment you stand, you are always checking if all the 4 logs are in plc or not..

but ya should go there...i am a mocha fan, so cnt say no to can be done a little better though


Best Crowd and Best Place Ever

another mocha on top wih 5 stars.Yes Indeed juhu mocha is far more fabulous than anyother mocha presently in mumbai.The ambience is quiet natural in itself and the crowd rocks and the place i would say is king size.Too huge and the service is absolutely fantastic.No need to worry about your coal and flavour when you are in juhu mocha.The friendly staff is cool.And more over it is the best place to take fresh air and sip a hot coffee during winter.I know its not that cold but still due to global warming you might get a chance.This would be my shortest review ever written because i have no words to express.


danit50 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 04,2008


Terrible Ambience

This place has some really horrible furniture, with torn seats with glimpses of stuffing, and old and scratched wooden furniture.

The main hall is a huge unattractive monstrosity, with little air circulation so you end up feeling really hot.

I even experienced mosqito bites while I was there.


good shakes and desserts

I go to this place often as it is a favorite hang-out joint of any college student.

The 2 things i love the most here is the The Dutch Truffle cake shake and Chocolate avalanche (I am a big chocolate lover)
Next time you go there, you must call in for either of these ..

I've also had the cottage cheese Panini which was decent and the fried potato chips with your choice of sauce ( curry/cheese) .. i forgot what its called but its really yummmmmyyyy :)

Hukkah is average- have had better hukkahs at other places

All in all, a place to go for tp.. ;)


Chill Out..

Mocha,one of the best coffee places in town.Excellent shakes,especially the ferrero shake.very very good Deserts.I really like their ambience.The staff too is very polite.I just love their ice hookaah.A great place to chill out after a stressful day.



Good Place to Chill

I don't know why Mocha takes a beating with most burrpers!
I generally frequent the Mocha at Nirmal Lifestyles with my wife. It is our favourite haunt, where we land up at around 9:30 - 10:00 at night. The place is not crowded and is pretty comfortable. This is one place we can always laze around,destress and chat away without worrying about how time goes by. I agree that some of the sofas are stained. The service is decent and the choices on the new Menu are interesting enough.
I love the kind of music they play at this outlet of Mocha.
I had been to the outlet at Powai, but walked out immediately. It was too crowded and noisy. So i guess, if you choose the right outlet, you will have a good time.



Terrible Disgrace

I went there a couple of months ago for a Sunday brunch and it was relatively a pleasant experience but I went back two days ago only to be thoroughly disappointed. Its hard to fathom how these places get away with such horrible service standards. The waiters dont get your orders forever and if they happen to, they'll bring all the wrong things. Then they have the audacity to argue with you till you give up. Finally, when all you want to do you pay the bill (you dont really want to pay) and get the hell out of there, they will take a lifetime to bring you the bill. Never visiting this one again..


most horrible breakfast experience ever

This place is nothing short of a total chaotic disaster. We arrived for breakfast and were surprised by a total loser college crowd, all smoking hookah at 9:30 AM. Despite us being the only table to order food, the waiter though it was more important to do TP with the college crowd. Our coffees arrived after our breakfast, our breakfast dishes all arrived at different times, and one order never showed up! The waiter's logic? He says "you didn't tell me you wanted your meals to arrive at the same time." ARE YOU KIDDING ME!? Enough said...never going back and would give this place a 0 if I could. Oh by the way, the food & coffee tasted horrible as well - no saving grace for Mocha...


* * - Burrp User

* *, *

9 Reviews

September 08,2006



If you love having flys around you seat outside, for dirty seats inside and for fake brazilian santos coffee order the Brazilian Santos one...60 inr ;)


Sunday Brunch Anyone?

One of the few all day breakfast places in the city. The outside seating is ideal for a Sunday brunch. The Spanish omlette was really good and fluffier than any i've had (ask for it to be made with only whites if you're looking for a healthier option)It's served with toast, baked beans and potato wedges... really wholesome meal. The Hawaiian Kona coffee was good. They seem to have an extensive wine list and some breezers but no hard liqour. Mocha loses points over service. The waiters can hardly speak or comprehend english, you're expected to eat an omlette with a spoon and fork (we had to ask for a knife) and they dont give you salt and pepper shakers with omlette till you ask for them.


Good for desserts or coffee

I think this place is like a decent place to just hang around after dinner... for desserts, coffees, hookahs... good flavors for hookah... they also serve hard drinks... Ambience is decent.. Service not all that great.. Food covers up for all... Awesome food! You could probably consider going for a walk on the beach after dinner and then drop by at this joint :)