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> > > > Mogul Sarai

Mogul Sarai

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 02226406262, 02226423305
  • Next to Bandra Bus Depot, Bandra (W), Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Awadhi, Mughlai

19 Reviews / 19 Ratings

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Mogul Sarai Reviews





Good food!

I am a regular at this restaurant. Usually have the butter chicken roll or chicken tikka with naan's and i absolutely love the food. Its delicious! I find it hard to choose between Sigdi and this place however, i have discovered, after eating at both places that the quality of meat at Mogul Sarai is much better! The service could be slightly improved.



Lip smacking food

I am a regular visitor to this place, any time of the day we think of having food out the only place that clicks is Mogal Sarai.... The food is damn tasty, thou the ambiance need a repair ASAP, but its a place where you can chill out completely with your spouse. Honestly this is not a proper family dining restaurant and you cant date anyone out here, cos of the tacky ambiance.. but if you wanna enjoy turly amazing food even at midnight ..THIS is the place. Great n friendly staff...U get excellent butter chicken, naan, chinese food, My personal favourite is their lollypop dipped in schezwan gravy. the biryani is also yummy.... Overall total mouth watering food.



mogal sarai

It was small restaurant.
The decor was not good.
Food and Service was good.
Rates were very high.



Not for couples!!

I visited this place with my gf on saturday and was shock to c the place, ambience was not even basic, though the waiter was prompt and very helpful... I'l never visit this place again, certainly not a place for was good, we ordered the Ateeshi Kebab which was good and so was the Nizami roll that we ordered, however the boneless biryani as a main course was big let down....

May b this place is good for hookah but neither me nor my gf were interested in that..

Good for college goers, but if you are going with a girl... plzzzzzz avoid this at any cost.. one extra star is only for the starter that we have ordered else it was worst then awful



Awesome Place..

After partying hard at Hawaiian Shack we went at this place to have Sheesha and food and my experience was fabulous awesome sheesha, and had a best Chicken Tandoori in my life to be very honest. 10 on 10 to the AUTHENTIC moghul sarai..


cool place

you start early and end late.... this is the place be after a long day of work and parting hard....this place is open till 4am awsomeeeeeee food, good service, ok deco. pleasing people and damn funny but friendly staff. dont forget to meet this rockstar, all call him ABBAA i dont know why? but he is really kind and helpful.


Nice Place

Food is great.

Sheesha is fantastic. One of the best I have had.

Ambiance is okay

Open till 3 in the morning......great plus point....

No Drinks........Minus Point.....

Staff is friendly....

Would give it 3 out of 5....


sidey crowd

open full night hukkah and everything. was my fav hangout joint but now has become very very sidey. worse crowd. avoid if u going wid a girl.





Excellent Chicken Biryani!

Its been a long long time since Mughlai food passed through my intestines. The urge was a little too much hence decided to go to the best Mughlai/Avadhi place I know – Moghul Sarai.

The place is a bit dark and hence was termed ’sidey’ by my female friends though we decided to continue our meal at the restaurant itself. First up we ordered for drinks which included lassi for everyone. Apparently it wasn’t just me craving for a heavy lunch!

The lassi was the way I like it – cold and thick! The lassi followed a couple of starters including Afgani kebab and Sheekh Kebab along with Chicken Biryanis. Each dish was amazing. The flavours were well balanced without any particular flavour standing out.

However, the Afgani Kebab was a bit too sweet which was in contract to the Sheekh Kebabs. But the best meal was the Biryani. Again, amazing flavours, the biryani was cooked in a North Indian style. We all agreed that it was the best Biryani we have had in many months!

Moghul Sarai most definitely serves the best Mughlai food in Bandra. Besides awesome food once can also taste the many Arabian hukka flavours here with pricing in the range of INR 100 – INR 500.

The food prices are moderate as well with most dishes in the range of INR 80-200. Though the ambiance isn’t everyone’s cup of tea the food makes up for it! Bon Appetite!


chris_D666 - Burrp User


19 Reviews

December 11,2009


Midnight food hang-out!!

Well this place has one of the most delicious North-West frontier (avadhi) menu I've tasted.
Plus it's your best bet at any time of the night post your party-sessions to head straight for this place to have some really nice, uncomplicated, delicious Indian Food.

Good place for hookah fanatics- bad for people who're sensitive to smoke.

For First timers i would definately recommend the peshawari daal and any traditional chicken dish.

Warning: please stick to the avadhi menu and not the additions.


Amazing Food Joint

I went to this place for the first time on Jan 2006 on the very first day I came to bombay and have been hooked to this place. I have been for lunch evening snack and proper family dinner and have always been welcomed. The people who run this place are very warm. You can always expect the warn smile, which just makes you feel warm and happy.

The food is really amazing. They now have Moglai as well as Chiniese stuff to feast on. The Pricing is perfect. Never ever had to leave the pacle with a bad feeling due to the food , ambience or service. It might take time for some tandoori dishes but if you like to smoke hookah then thats ok.

Would recommend it to everybody and for any kind of outing, Family, Friends and Date. You'll always have a nice time.


Decent stuff, tho the hooka waters the eyes!

I went there for the first time a short while ago and only sampled starters, which makes it look as if it is a good place to go back to oftern. however, the place is very small, and wen they let someone have the hookah smoked inside, then your eyes could get watered easy!

the staff isgood, the food cheap, however not very impressed by the quality of the audience this place attracts. some very sidey people get here too!


danit50 - Burrp User


5 Reviews

September 04,2008



Food tastes good, prices are O.K & they have an excellent chocolate shake called 'Lage Raho'.

The ambience is just about O.K. One time, the manager was doing his taxes in the same room that we were eating in! Otherwise, the place has a nice feel to it.


really late night

the best thing is that its open right upto 4 am and strategically located on the main road opposite lucky's near the bandra west railway station. the food is good. have been here twice and both times it was good. decent, nice young crowd and safe feel. staff is good and prices are reasonable.


Delicious chicken!

Went there once and the smiling face of the owners and the waiters won me over! Quite a surprise, since that is not what I was told about the place!
Anyways, from the outside it looks like a dingy place, from the inside it looks like a dingy place but don't mistake it for a shady food joint that don't give a damn about whether your eating chicken or rat.
A Moroccan ambiance (Yes it does have an ambiance, just like any other place would), the restaurant is divided into two area one with cramped tables, seats and another with cramped sofa-type seating place where you could stretch your legs and relax (I still haven't gotten how to explain this particular part of a restaurant!!).
It offers hookahs and in my view is one of the best places to actually watch the IPL (they have a big LCD screen). Imagine hookah, some nice tender chicken, friends and some good cricket, what better way to spend an evening after work?
Anyways the last time i was there, it was with some vegans! Offcourse, I did have a carnivore for company!
So we got down to ordering some food. First up was a Malai Kofta and Mixed Sabji for the veggies and chicken tandoori for me and my friend. The malai kofta bought back found memories of family gatherings around the family's favourite dish!
The tandoori chicken on the other hands is set to create some found memories for me! The tender breast pieces, were cooked just about enough to make us salivate while eating and order for more after we finished. We also has a chicken Afghani kebab which can give the paneer a run for its softness!!!
Next up was a chicken boneless kadai, which though spicy was still quite nice. At the time we ordered the kadai the quantity seemed fit for 4 people but ah well the endless pits of two people were enough to finish the whole dish with multiple rounds of butter rotis, butter naans, normal rotis and normal naans!! In short we had a feast fit for a king!
All this for a mere 500 bucks was enough to make us want to come here again and again and again!


Mogul's Rock

The two guys down have done half of my work..... reallly.... a gr8 atmosphere... a decent crowd... a good staff..... with variety of hukka flavours...... and awesome food.... this is wat i can say describes this place. Thumbs Up


very good food.

yes, bandraboy is absolute right. i'm a very lazy kind of guy, so i like to eat food at home most times with my famliy. so i called these guys and ordered mogul sarai's special tandoori chicken. it was very nice and incredibly tender. worth
Rs 130; also ordered the murg kadhai. both were was very good. lastly, also ordered their paneer tikka ajwaini dish - very good in taste. great food all the way.


bandraboy - Burrp User


22 Reviews

September 01,2007


Mughal Sarai, Bandra, 4am.

Common sense, they say, won’t pay the rent and doesn’t grow on trees. I like Mughal Sarai mainly because it is open till 4.30 AM and keeps serving an authentic ‘Awadhi’ menu, a choice of hookahs, desserts and the like. The tandoori chicken is tender, ethereal, juicy and is available at a time when other cocks are busy waking their masters :o))

They also have a buffet menu which is an amalgamation of buffet, thali and a-la-carte formats. It is basically a combination of a-la-carte dishes which you can call for as many times as you want. They don’t score a ten on ten on the overall upkeep probably because the owner (a very friendly guy) wants to keep it that way.

The name Mugal Sarai comes from a north Indian village which is famous for its food. The glasses used in the restaurant have clear stripes (like we have in all ‘chai’ shops in the north)

You will not meet masterminds who want bottom lines to map-out and display but you will get to fill yourself with naans, rotis and parathas that keep emerging from searing tandoori ovens! (You won’t get to see the oven either but there is a way I describe it)

You won’t hobnob with celebrities and tycoons here but so what - you will get a mix of people who are as funny as them. From ‘bole toh’ to ‘be*t**’, oral flavors are available in different styles.

You won’t get greeted for your inadvertent gestures – but the staff is friendly, always running – I don’t know why they run so much but they aint lackadaisical either. I asked a young boy to explain a mocktail. He did not understand what I asked so he said “Excuse me” and “Mai aapke liye thanda paani lata hu” (I’ll get some cold water for you) and he went up to the captain who attended me later 

Not a lot of people will like the timeworn tables and cramped seating, wet floors in the wash and some other noticeable drawbacks but I still like this place. It gives me food when I need it most!!

For those who think it doesn’t deserve 5 stars can keep thinking! They won’t be awake all night to satiate the ones like me. Love you Mugal Sarai….mwaah!!!