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> > > Molto Bello

Molto Bello

Carter Road  

  • 26489231, 26489232, 9819421304, 9890368041
  • Shop No. 15, Gagangiri Premises, Carter Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Italian
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

26 Reviews / 26 Ratings

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Molto Bello Reviews

chrisannel - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 11,2011



Had purchased 2 vouchers from Snapdeal that this restaurant advertised a 4 course meal in July. Have not been able to book it yet as they were 'renovating'. How can you advertise a deal when the fulfillment is not possible. Please get back
Chris, 9820784601


blainejm - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 01,2011


get new Telephones

I've been trying to get in touch with the restaurant via its above mentioned numbers the entire day to book a table for tomorrow unfortunately none of the numbers seem to work and those that do no one seems to pick up the telephone its awful



Nice Dinner Place!!!

Good place for dinner..esp in this season...:) Good food...we had ordered pasta and pizza...quiet authentic i must say....the cheese used for pizza was yummmmmyyyyy

Mind you valvet parking available ;


June 7, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Dolphin....Got to know from nevile that you had come & were very positive with everythin...A big thumbs up to you from the team for keeping us in your good books!!

Since we have just changed everything in the management (except for me) like valet would be in place in a short while..

Planning to start barbeque nites soon case u post ur no...we wud luv to have u on the invitees ...


Aalok P

June 7, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hey Aalok....thanks for ur reply. Best of luck....this was my first visit to the place so i came with open mind without paying any attention to any reviews...:)

Anyways looking forward to Barbeque Nites too

+91 9819008760

Once bitten, Not twice but always Shy

I thought of visiting this place from time to time but never actually went as it didn’t have any nice reviews. Almost everyone had majorly negative things to say about this place but what really impressed me was that the owner/founder of this place was asking for genuine feedback for this place and was assuring them that things had changed over the time. His passion for restaurant reflected very prominently in his responses here. I thought everyone makes mistakes in the initial days of the restaurant so they must have improved by now.

So today I decided to visit this place along with someone special and find out myself what it had to offer. Read on to find out the ugly truth.

When I called up to make reservations I was told that AC section is closed and the open air section is really nice which I promptly agreed upon. We entered the place and occupied this table but very soon we realized it was really hot over there. We asked the water if there was a better table with fan around it, he pointed towards this corner table for two on which trees planted around the walls were drooping upon, irrespective of which we decided to sit there as we saw a fan was there to our rescue but which was of no help. As we sat we realized it was still hot since the fan was probably throwing air to this table next to us which was previously occupied. We were offered menu on asking for it and we started to look into it. We decided to order for Mozzarella fritters as starters, Spaghetti Arrabiata for main course and one Budweiser. We were asked if we wanted to order any garlic bread along with pasta to which we very clearly said yes. We were served with some five six thin breadsticks along with three dips till our order arrived. They were really nice and I was enjoying them just about when the order arrived and the guy decided to pick them up and take them away while I was eating them. I told him that I still wanted to eat them; he said okay and still took them away. I kept on shouting “excuse me, excuse me” but he never looked back. (I think his motto was to always look ahead and never look back in life, quite literally). And It goes without saying the starters have to be served before the main course but it all came at once all together (Starters + Main course) MINUS the garlic bread which never came (It didn’t bother us much and we decided to give it a pass). Now the fritters were really delicious loaded with cheese and honestly the only word which can be used for them is yummy. The pasta was very bad. I have never had a bland arrabiata, it was tasteless, and the only thing that tasted good in it was broccoli (honestly). I must mention that portions are quite good as one starter and one main course is quite enough for two people. During our meals we realized there was a rat about to climb on our neighbours feet which we bought to their notice and the lady at the table screamed as she wasn’t very pleased to see this added attraction. In the meanwhile we finished with our food and ordered for blueberry cheese cake which was served to us after asking for it twice BUT was very nicely presented and tasted equally good. So we called for cheque which arrived quicker than everything else which was the final dent. While the cheque came I decided to visit the loo and saw that AC section was open and a lot of people were sitting there which was a shocker as mentioned in the beginning we were told it’s not functional. But moving on, the cheque arrived and it turned out to be approximately Rs 1000 out of which about 200 were taxes and additional charges. Till date this has been the only place where I noticed VAT on the food too. The food and beverage ordered were under 800 but the 12.5 % VAT on Food and Beverage + 25% VAT on Liquor + 10% Service charges increased it by 200 Rs so that’s almost 25% on everything irrespective of food or Beverage. Also I had no idea where to include in my review that the cushions on the chair were dirty and faded.

To cut the long story short (Rating on the scale of 1 to 5).

Food: **1/2
Ambience: **
Service: *
Quantity: ****
Hygiene: **

P.S. Can be easily missed, there are much better options out there for Italian food and there is nothing great about this place other than burning a hole in your pocket as it’s a pricey affair.


June 7, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:


Apologies for the mess....Let me assure u ....we are back with bang & a whole new team of chefs, service, ambience, hygiene factors,

Wont go on with the list but wud request u to come once anonymously to Molto once again.....
Just a request..

Aalok P

June 7, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Alok,

I am glad like always you have made it a point to reply to review. All these things have been assured by you time and again.Yet I trust you with what you say but honestly i don't want to risk my hard earned money again. May be when i have enough extra money to risk with, i will definitely turn up anonymously and if I have a good experience i will definitely share it here. Other than overpriced food, the taxes are murderous enough at your place. I wish you all the best and hope your restaurant improves and you do well as you ar


Pizzas brilliantness

Soup: Good - a bit different from the minestrone I've had otherwise, but in a good way.

I could have the Tuscano pizza forever more.

Perfectly thin crust, wood fired so the smokiness was just right, feta just as strong as it should be. We called for this again.

Skip the broccoli appetizer. Could barely keep it down.

Service was pretty good too.


April 8, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Kaushal,

Greetings from Molto Bello. Really pleased to see you have loved everything except that broccoli.. that MB has to offer, including the ambience & service...M happy we could make your dining memorable...
Give me a buzz when you coming next. And in case your preferences find place in thai / japanese /lucknowi delicacies, do try 21 Fahrenheit - First Ice lounge & Restaurant of India...back in Oshiwara ...


Aalok P

Its Fantabulous!!!

visited on 2nd march eve. simply loved the place n food. service was good. overall experience was must visit place...


tanu014 - Burrp User


27 Reviews

February 24,2011


Poor Service...Average Food!!!

I been to this place around 11pm with my friend last Monday. After sitting for 10 minutes we called waiter to clean table and serve us water......I never thought that this place has such a poor service that even at time of bringing menu card they need such a long time.......The food was average nothing so special..... overall experience was bad......


aniyadav - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 14,2011


Coming Back Again

I went to Molto with my friends last week. Molto Bello has got a fantastic location. The cocktails we ordered were good – very refreshing and perfect for the evening. My friends really loved the thin crust chicken pizza. I am not a pizza person so I ordered for lamb shank which was huge in size and very tasty. This was coupled with good service. Keep it up Molto Bello and surely you will see me back soon.




We actually had to leave without eating as the service was so poor. Half hour to make incorrect and bad drinks. If a bartender does not know how to make a bloody mary he should not be a bartender.
The only good thing this place has going for it is the location.


January 8, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Gopika,

sorry for terrible experience.....can you plz tell me when was this visit.
I would certainly look into it & try to find roots.

If you can help me with your number, we would love to invite you again.

Warm Regards

Aalok P

January 8, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Aalok

This was the afternoon of 01jan. We wanted to do a special new years day lunch as with a 15 month baby one doesn't get to celebrate new years eve! Also my parents were in town. It was on my insistence that we went to your place as I had read a lot about it. Everyone else was in favor of Taj.
I did not add in my earlier review that the caprioska tasted liking nimbu paani n we were told no fish was avbl on the day.
The excuse we were given is lack of staff - which in this case appeared to be definitely no bartender and

January 10, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Gopika,

Am really embarassed for such a poor show on 1st day of the year. I am sure apologies cant compensate for that time & experience...but would request you to give us another chance of making up for it.

Please do come over for dinner as the place looks beautiful in eve time. & we will be there to ensure that even understaffing doesnt affect your dining experience.

Am looking forward to your number & details

Aalok P

M going back again...4 sure..!

We decided 2 go to molto bello for my b'day(m glad v did) soon as i entered da restaurant i loved it...da setting was air,overlookin da carters rd,kinda lik da roadside bistros i europe..nyways v started wid da soups-minestrone n mushroom,loved it!(though it cud hav been a little more warm),den v ordered da grilled veg bruschetta n cajuna cheese starter..mmm..mmm..tasty...,for da main course v ordered the Sophia Pizza....its da best pizza ive tasted so far..coming from me its a big thing as i m a complete thick crust fan...but da pizza here were so crisp n thin crust n made in wood fire oven..made dem 2 die for....n as if dat was nt enough , da desert Blueberry Cheesecake was 2 die 4 if da pizza didnt do dat 4 u...!
One negative though-da mosquitoes were a nightmare..try by gettin a table as far away from da potted plants as possible..
overall a great food,ambience,conversations...great b'day..!
service-3/5(cud hav been faster)


January 7, 2011response from management at Molto Bello:

Hey Jhara,

Belated Happy Birthday !! we are glad you loved almost everything at our place...soups, starters & time with Sofia Connection do try our Citrus Tingler...Highly recommended mocktail....

Mosquitos.....certainly a self invited problem thanx to our idea of alfresco dining...have gt a fogging machine NOW :)...n m sure next time you come..they wont bother either of us..

When u feel like having an Oriental feast, do try our kitchen at 21 Fahrenheit - first ice lounge of India @ Oshiwara (Andheri W)<

amritagoyal - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 29,2010


Hidden Gem

My friend suggested that we go for dinner on Christmas day at Molto Bello at Carter Road which till date I had never heard of. I didn’t want to experiment atleast for Christmas, but my friend still insisted and we were at Molto Bello for Christmas dinner. The setting was beautiful and exquisite, with stars above, nice plants and creepers around. We started with red wine and ordered for mozzarella fritters which were crispy on the outside and as we eat them the cheese bursted in our mouth. A really good starter . We followed this with Greek Salad which looked good and was quite appetizing. In the mean time we had ordered for our second glass of wine. Then we followed with our main courses - Turkey with cranberry sauce and Grilled Red Snapper. Both the dishes were quite a surprise with their taste and presentation and would surely put it in league of some of the best food we get in Mumbai. We ended our dinner with really good tiramisu. All in all it was an evening to remember - good wine, good food, good service and memorable conversations….Molto Bello is surely a hidden gem and is a place good times and for people who relish food.


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Amrita,

Greetings from Molto Bello. Really pleased to see you have loved everything that MB has to offer, including the ambience & service...M happy we could make your Xmas evenin memorable.
Give me a buzz when you coming next. And in case your preferences find place in thai / japanese /lucknowi delicacies, do try 21 Fahrenheit - First Ice lounge & Restaurant of India...back in Oshiwara ...


Aalok P

amitmk - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 19,2010


Not good at all

I went there last night. Ordered the corn and spinach bruschetta (best from what i ordered), penne in cheese sauce (saltless, less cheese), paneer tikka pizza (paapad crisp base, tasteless) and the Frakenstein pizza (hardly any chicken and again paapad crisp base).

I had read that they serve good margeritas so i ordered one for myself. By the time it came to me the crushed ice had melted, the flavour was bad... didn't enjoy it at all.

Bill at the end - 2240 !! Will not be going there again. They say you get a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea but u don't even though it is right in front of it. Complimentary mosquitoes cannot be forgotten.

For Pizza lovers.. Rae's Pizza on Hill Road is way better than Molto Bello.


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hey Amit,

My apologies that we completely killed your expectations & experience. Since we cant get back that, please let me have this opportunity of having you once again & we would ensure that your oath of not comin here again would find some amendments..

Looking forward to response from your end.

Aalok P


lovethfood - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 13,2010


Needs improvement

I went there last nite, for dinner.. The food took over 30 -45 minutes to arrive, that is way too long to wait for ones food... Also, ordered for a mojito - was very average, they can do much better.
We ordered a sophia's pizza - loved it...
The thing that really put me off was that we ordered for a grilled vegetable bruchetta and they did not even serve it to us... on asking the waiter for it he said we already served it to you and only ur pizza is pending... and when we told him he had not he returned with a plate of garlic bread with cheese... and when we said that we did not order for this he just said wont this do, Do you want me to change it ? Like obviously.. if i ordered for something I expect to see that being served on my table..

They need to improve on service big time... the food over all is good.. ambience is best only for the winter months... Considering this time of the year is their peek season they really need to improve quickly... Change the bartender - cocktails are really bad..


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:


Though only 15 days have passed since you reviewed the place, we have worked on our shortcomings and wont promise impeccable service but definite improvements would be visible. I am glad you liked the food. Am completely fine with anonymousity though would love to welcome you again to Molto Bello.


Aalok P

P.S. Bartender has been trained.....

December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Will surely come and visit you again....

Would like to come and test your bartender ;)


machete - Burrp User


20 Reviews

November 01,2010


Molto Bello

molto bello has been on my mind for while, i have been hearing a lot about the feel and ambiance of the place, so i decided to put it to the test .. at the restaurant we first opted to be seated in the air-conditioned area, it was like i was walking into a wine-celler but the sight was very disappointing ( a mood killer and it also had a very weird smell ) anyways so we decided to sit out in the open area as it was more pleasant looking, something like a beach-side barbeque kinda place .. so we decided to attack the pizza .. we called for the frankenstein and mushroom goat cheese pizza in thin crust, frankly "frank" was not exceptional but nicely favored and the mushroom pizza if not shared with more people can get boring and bland after a while .. overall i think it was not a disappointment and i would love to go back and try some other items on the menu .. as for the drinks the Margarita was beautiful and the Mai Thai was so-so .. when we asked them to recommend one of the drink from specials menu they asked us to avoid it,which i thought was odd .. It would be best to go now during the winters or what ever cold nights this city offers us in the next few months :-) coz its not a place i would enjoy in the summers or rains, Cheers!


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Dear Machete,

Point taken. Basement airconditioned are needs to be really worked upon. You will see new concepts coming in there ina short while..Honestly my boys might have found term of "avoiding" rather than "unavailable" more appropriate.....which scares me to death as if they keep on innovating like this, I would be certainly out of business :( Want to see you in person next time when you ar eback at Carters...So do Buzz me @ 9819421304

Aalok P


one horrible experience

we went here Saturday for lunch
i was very excited but this place let me down completely
we ordered a mojito and freshlime soda
one cannot go wrong wih a frsh lime soda but in the mojito they had just cut a lime into two big peices and put it in the drink making it difficult to drink
we ordered a non-veg platter
the onion rings were PATHETIC double fried and stale
the chicken was rubbery and tasteless
the pizza was just ordinary nothing to great
the ambiance was the only good thing here but i would get something similar at cafe coffee day next or so why waste a good lunch for a nice ambiance


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:


I beleive it was might have been comin after that day to CCD and m sure might be showin ur back to us since Molto Bello was disappointing.....One opportunity..since too many things have undergone change including the menu ( n that platter ) in these 2 months....Call me and have ur coffee atleast at my we do coffee as well.....

Aalok P


Could have been much better...

We went to this place yesterday for lunch...As soon as we entered the place we got the italian and goan rest. feel....

I normally point out the pros of the place in my every post but this time d cons which i felt should be posted first..

Cons: -
1)It was hot so we decided to take a table in their ac section...Their ac section is a very tacky place...Its on the underground and a filthy soon as we entered the place there was nobody there except their staff...I told them that we better take the non ac section as the ac section is smelling real bad....The staff just didn't take the words seriously and told "as ur wish"...they didn't justify anything...
(The non ac section is far more better then their ac section)...(-)points for ac section....

2) The non ac section is similar to wat we have in the shaadi hall...same same as those shaadi fans...standing tall fans which are a major turn off here...And even the interiors are sumwat same...3/10 for ambience in non ac section..

3) The mocktails...Please avoid the mocktails here as it is super duper expensive...210 for a lychee and sprite mix drink...dnt knw the name but it was a small glass(lychee real juice + sprite dats it and ya 1 tulsi(basil) ka patta on it) dats it....1/10 for mocktails....

These are the 3 major disadvantages we felt we need to put across...

Pros: -
1) The food: - The food is excellent out here...We ordered pizza and pasta which were finger licking good...The pasta's were excellent and pizza superb...

2) Good service: - The service of the staff is polite and very friendly...

3) Somethin to munch on: - The breadsticks and salsa dip was superb here and its free as in most places these days...

4) Economical food: - Pastas and pizza were arnd 350 each...worth every penny here...(little italy pack ur bags)...quality stuff and economical as well...

5) Nice location: - Would defi go again but for dinner as want to check out hw d place looks at night as they have the floor lightings and all and not to forget the beach view...

I request the staff that this is a good place and can be better if they can make the ac section better and make some major improvement with regards to their mocktails(i found it overpriced by at least 50 bucks)....Overall rating 6/10


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Dear Samit,

Best evaluation so far.....Really thankful to you for this one. Points that we have worked upon are as follow :

1. A/C section is undergoing change. We are plannin to give it a English Pub theme.
2. Mocktails price have been corrected exactly to same dip of what you mentioned....yea...
3. Liquor & Wine menu is on so you can have much more options of beverages than before

Am really glad you loved the food & location....As you expressed your desire of coming in for dinner....please let me have

vissh76 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

September 20,2010


Nice place to enjoi Italian food ...

Tried Molto for the first time today ....We had few mocktails and rocket Iceburg & parmesan salad as starters ....Definitely worth a try and it was to the mark .For main course tried Arrabitta Pasta and to our surprise was made as per the taste which we had asked ...spicy and full of exotic veggies.....nice ambiance with the outdoor sitting facing the sea ....Bill for 2 at 1450 ....reasonable for a nice experience .....
The owner needs to start Valet parking which is a must in a place like carter road and need to hire few more Managers which I believe were missing ....


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

dear vissh76

feedbacks have been worked upon....Valet is on..and different managers for different shifts....
plus wine & liquor menu is on.....Do drop in for a dinner & review it once again..

Aalok P

rshankar - Burrp User


32 Reviews

September 09,2010


Only plus - Clean washroom !!!

Items had :

1. Mushroom soup
2. 12" bruschetta
3. Supreme Veg Pizza
4. Citrus Tingler

1. Mushroom soup
The soup itself was just above average, but the delivery innovation warrants a "!!". It was served in a bowl carved out out a big chunk of bread !!

So you really get to EAT YOUR SOUP !!

2. 12" bruschetta
This had mushroom cheese toppings.. the stuff tasted decent; but why is 12" never ever 12" ???

I surreptitiously measured the length.. it came to just about 9.5 inches..

But they did have a 9" configuration at a lower price ... :-(
Ethics.. Molto Bello.. is integral !!

Surely these guys must have never heard of the term "BAKERS DOZEN" {chuckles}

3. Supreme Veg Pizza
Again, size does matter.. one waiter told me the diameter given is 10"..

The other one.. Mr LAMA, said it is 11"..

My measurement revealed ~ 9.5"..

The pizza tasted decent.. the crust was certainly thicker than my favorite INDIGO (Palladium), but was above average..

Considering my high expectations and the hype.., it was a let down.

4. Citrus Tingler
This was the RIP-OFF de jour !!..

~ 250 bucks (with taxes) for a few ounces of lemon juice with sugar and soda with a basil leaf floating on it ??... (WTF !!)

The beauty is that the wife fore-warned me about this !!

Total damages came to 1100 bucks.. TOO MUCH !!

The table adjacent were served complimentary warm rolls.. looks like they were special to the owner/mgmt.. Perhaps paying customers like us dont matter..

Elementary items for Italian food.. viz. Crushed black pepper, tobasco, chilli flakes, EV Olive Oil.. were not to be seen on any table.. Its disconcerting to ask for each one of them everytime.. they bring them and take them away :-(

Poor management !!

They charge 12.5 pc VAT and 10 pc Service Charge.

1. Clean Washrooms that dont stink (surprise!) - 8/10

1. Food & Bev (subject to the above review) - 4/10

2. Service (Polite waiters !) sans pampering (warm rolls) - 5/10

3. Value for Money : Not !! - 3/10


Thumbs Up!!

well finally we have an eatery which is tratoria style ...i mean is urbane yet chic and makes u feel right at home.
Food is good however pricing is a tad bit steep like a meal incl a starter & main course with soft bevg for 2 will put a dent of INR 1250/- IN UR POCKET :p

but overall i love the place and will keep visiting ...only thing which is a minor glitch for those who may like a glass of wine with the Italian /Mediterranean fare they do not serve alcohol...though they promised they r gonna start wines comin month...

The desserts are yum should try the strawberry pana cota the bruschettas are nice too ...portions are good not stuffing but won leave u starved as well

All in all a fun place hangout and dress code is smart casual so not very uppity or shady :)


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Ubercool,

Sorry for that dent buddy but will ensure the food, ambience, service & overall experience will compensate for that loss :) 35 vareitals of Wines from 9 countries are on menu so you need to hurry up!!! Looking forward to see u ...

Aalok P

Fusion of Goa n Italy :)

Having heard a lot about this place , we decided to go from town to check it out and I must say I was happy we did.

They have indoor and outdoor seating. We chose the outdoor one since that has a lovely ambience and liveliness to it,,,And it just opens to Arabian sea ....u dont get this places nemore.... Outdoor is not AC but they periodically switch on the "mist" fans which makes it nice and cool.

Reminds u of Goan shack with italian foood on menu ....

The best part first ....Complimentary breadsticks and lavash bread served with 3 different sauce: herb butter, salsa & some mixed ( i donno the name ) makes ur appetite quite soaring....and u r surely gonna expect more out of the place...Who does free appetizers on dis plant except for celini in hyatt & toscana in dubai...

the service was very good - polite and quick.

Now the food .....As we r carnivores..good beef or pork was in our mind before we entered :))

Mocktail ( they say they r starting wines in mid sep) Citrus Tingler - Nice but could do with some more lemons and more mint ...yet very refreshing...@ 210

Starters -

Bruschettas - Excellent@200
Mozarella Frittos -Decent but slightly confused with size...never heard of bruchetta that comes in 3 sizes !@225

Main course -

Spare Ribs with bbq sauce....made our day....have had same dish @ 5-6 diff places but trust me its teh best thing on carter if u luv pork..n guess d price @350!!!!!!! m sure they have a pig farm odrwise .....

Dessert -

Tiramisu - Not the best in town yet was quite close to authentic....

Also, had mentioned during the booking that it was a birthday celebration , complimentary cake was served...though small in size for group of 8...yet was good as a gesture.....

All in all, a superb place to visit.....great atmosphere, food and service and I am surely going again.


December 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:


valuable inputs, happy to see you have had a detailed overview of food and service which makes us work more on our shortcomings....We have launched teh extensive wine and liquor menu so please drop in to have a tatsing session with yoru frens

Aalok P

nhr2010 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 29,2010


"AL DENTE" pronounced with an American accent

Well sadly another restaurant trying to sound Italian but extremely far from reality.
The appetizer: Crostinni Funghi/mushroom was loaded with Balsamic Vinegar which was inedible. The Mushroom Rissoto was over cooked and not "Al Dente". The Canneloni had loads of sweet corn inside and it was served like a crepe or Burritto! it felt that we were eating in Shiv sagar.
Sorry dudes,it sucked. The bright side is the staff was good and they brought us complimentary Tiramisu but unfortunately it was right out of the freezer and was terrible.
Laslty, one of the partners did come to meet us and discuss our unhappiness (compliment this positive action) but had a unique pronounciation of "Al dente" and yes,defensive about the food.


August 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hey Dude,

We really apologize for disappointment & in no case we would defend our at the end of the day its your feedback that would make us rectify . I Certainly believe that next time you walk in (I wish u would)..neither the dishes nor any sort of pronunciation from any of us partners will bother you et al....

Looking forward to meeting you in person ...


Pepperoni Pizza ?! More like Plain Cheese Pizza

I won't waste my time writing a story about my experience at Molto Bello and I'm going to keep it short and to the point.

Ambience - Perfect ! A very sunday afternoon barbecue-ish feeling. Best enjoyed at Lunch time.

Service - Friendly and Timely.

Food - Far from "Okay" even. A complete disappointment.

Our Order:

1. 12inch Garlic Bruschetta with Cheese - No garlic whatsoever. Not even a bruschetta, it was more like a slim hotdog roll. - Rs.200+

2. Mozzarella Frittas - Well, these were Okay, not bad at all. (Can't remember how much)

3. Vegetarian Risotto - Tasted more like Dry Homemade Maggi Pazzta. - Rs.300+ (A complete disaster)

4. Pepperoni Pizza - 8 slices of a medium sized Pizza with literally 1 (ONE) small slice of pepperoni on each slice and then 1(ONE) small slice of pepperoni in the centre (for who ?!?!).
Really Molto Bello, are you kidding me ? Have you EVERRRRR eaten a pepperoni pizza with that less pepperoni on it ? And you have the audacity to charge me Rs.300+ for that ?!?!

Ladies & Gentlemen - Ray's Cafe & Pizzeria on Hill Road is the answer to the best pepperoni pizza's in Mumbai.

Molto Bello's is Unreasonably Expensive and is NOTHING close to an Italian restaurant.


Garnishing per favore!

Alright, so I finally went to Molto Bello last evening and I left with, I just HAVE to eat some 'real Risotto' now. Yes indeed, this rather cute ristorante is high on service and low on taste.

Let's begin top-down. Nice location, though there wasn't much sea to see because this ristorante is leveled at the pavement - unlike Cafe Coffee Day next door that's raised. So you're seated in an understated but comfy alfresco area. The service is good with all the camerieri striving to please.

Like the decor, the menu is simplistic and presented on three separate flat-boards - mocktails and drinks on the first, anitipasto and pizza on the second and the main course on the third. Far from vast, you aren't particularly spoilt for choice. I decided to go straight to the main course surpassing the antipasto. I ordered the Risotto with asparagus and lemon. After a 15 minute wait, my steaming dish arrived and my heart sank! Now there are two styles of Risotto - a loose version called 'all'onda' which maintains its firmness and then you have the softer, stickier version. The Risotto I was served fell into neither category... in fact it was rather dry. Now timing is vital when preparing Risotto. I assume that the rice was over-toasted which is why it turned out to be dry. As if the dryness wasn't enough - there was barely if any taste. I could taste the lemon in bits and parts and the asparagus was carelessly chopped and thrown in. There were hints of tastes here and there... far from acceptable. Now European tastes are gentle on the taste-buds, in this case however, my taste-buds were actually searching for a hint of a taste! When eating Italian food you never add any of the garnishing because if you do your host will assume that his/her dish is lacking in something. Well in this case I was tempted to add any garnishing I could lay my hands on. The rind of lemon in the center did nothing at all. All in all, this particular dish failed in terms of preparation, taste and presentation.

I then asked for the dessert menu and on inspection realised that I had just eight choices. I decided to give it a miss and left feeling far from satisfied.

Eating out involves the overall experience and Molto Bello won in terms of decor and service, however it sadly lost out on all else.

Ambiance: 3/5
Menu Choices: 2.5/5
Food: 1/5
Service: 3/5
Overall Experience: 2.5/5


Very handsome? Moi?

So, we all know that 'molto bello' is Italian for 'very handsome'; however, do we know exactly what is very handsome about Molto Bello?

Now, it can't be the decor as it's as plain and simple as can be - think rustic. It can't be the food as who in their right mind would describe edible delicacies as handsome? Perhaps the French would whilst surveying a plate of snails smothered in garlic butter. But that's the French for you...

How about the staff? Well, that depends on your own taste - and I doubt the owners of this place would dedicate this eatery's monicker to their bonny-faced team. No offence, chaps.

Perhaps then it was the view of the sea from the open-air section that was particularly inspiring? Who knows as we visited this place at night and couldn't see a thing - just a black abyss.

So what's in a name? In this name it's non-alcoholic, almost exclusively veg fare and family-friendly. And bearing in mind that me and my pal like a drink, are qualified meat-eaters and have yet to breed the next generation of our respective clans, it was perhaps an ill-thought choice.

That said, what it does, it does with enthusiasm. The staff are ultra-keen to please, and the food is quite edible. However, I wouldn't go so far as to say it's the most authentic for Italian in Bandra. That crown still belongs to Mia Cucina, if you ask me.

Crostini, bruschetta, pizza and ravioli (and a fair number of mocktails (trying hard to imagine each contained a shot of vodka)) filled our table and our tums.

The chicken crostini was excellent, but the veg bruschetta was a bit heavy on the old balsamic vinegar. The pizza was new to me - it had Alfredo sauce on the top, but tasty it was. However, the ravioli left my chum with a bland taste in his mouth. And it didn't look much more colourful when it was on the plate...

I have to be honest here: The need for a 'proper' drink with dinner was too much for us and so we passed up the opportunity to have pudding and headed up the road to Pali Hill. Note: the best mocktail we tried (twice!) was the Rousse.

Overall, this is a stable standby for young families in the area who are true to their Hindu roots (read: veg and teetotal). Earplugs would be advised as some of the little darlings whilst we were there had pairs of lungs on them that would rival an opera singer.

And feel for the poor bartender in the A/C section as he swirls bottles of fruit syrup and even mineral water as he resorts to his imagination and reenacts scenes of Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Ah ha! Now there's something that's molto bello ;o)


August 19, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi MumbaiMoo,

Molto Bello also means "Very Beautiful" subject to the beauitiful location & view..But I believe your experience has not been what you looked for...:

1. Alcohol : Gonna be there this month end...
2. Almost Veg : Plz do try Rollo di Pollo & Spare Ribs & u"l be an addict.
3. Heavy Bruchetta : honestly I dont think putting few flakes of veggies on odrs do.. make it a bruchetta...but certainly can b customized for u future..
4. Poor Bartender in basement sitting area : Practice makes the

August 22, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Ciao bello - come stai?

When I'm in Rome all my Italian chicks are known informally as 'bella' as everything in Italy (well, almost) that ends with an 'a' is feminine and everything ending in 'o' is masculine: Francesa, Francesco, etc. And I was under the impression the same applied to 'bello' = handsome, and 'bella' = beautiful. However, I am not here to split hairs or seek an advanced diploma in Italian ;o)

Rest assured we will be back to sample your food recommendations, and the bar once your licence is in place. We will

August 29, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hey Moo,

So its a deal..Forgive us till liquor in on the menu & we would invite you once again to sample our dishes. And time gender would be taken into consideration before christenin any new place we open. thanks for unbiased feedback.



finally italian.....

hav cum across a lot of places doin italian cuisine molto bello was a surprise as it hs perfect blend of authenticity and indian pallets ...amazin location ...decent service ..good food makes it must go fr italian to know dey gonna start servin booze as well...luks like sooner its gonna b a hot cake in city


August 19, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Gud Fud,

We wud try to supersede your expectations everytiem you some...Thanx for patronizin..

Aalok ( 9819421304)


Romantic and Beautiful

Just happened to visit this newly opened place on Carter Rd. couple of days back in the afternoon and was really impressed by the place. The place is well done with lots of greenery around and has a beautiful sea view. We ordered for mocktail - citrus tingler which was good and followed the same by pizza. The margherita pizza had nice flavour and taste. The service was also good and the prices seemed good value for money. Surely this is a place for friends and lovers.All in all a nice experience and would surely visit again.


August 19, 2010response from management at Molto Bello:

Hi Prajays..

Thanx for being the first reviewer ( n fortunately positive )for our new place...Donno if you have been to 21 louneg & restaurant in andheri....Do let us know whenever you are visiting any of the places.

Aalok ( 9819421304)