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> > > > MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott

MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott

Andheri EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 61369999
  • Courtyard by Marriott,C.T.S. No - 215,Andheri East, Mumbai
  • Multi-cuisine
  • Meal for 2 - 4500

12 Reviews / 12 Ratings

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MoMo Cafe, Courtyard by Marriott Reviews







Late night Oasis ..this side of town

Its one of the best places to visit in this part of the town especially when you are wondering what to eat late at night. We ventured into Momo Cafe at 1 am after a disaster which involved screwing all our chances to have food at any other place. Hungry tired and sleepy we walked into the joint surrendering to the fact that we will lose a fortune.

The cafe lifted our spirits immediately. As soon as we entered the sheer expanse, peace and aura of the place contrasted with the mess outside (metro construction). The ever attentive staff quickly gave us a nice seat and as we walked we noticed that the kitchen was in full flow.

We ordered the Mix Veg (the menu is updated from the one here and has less options especially at night) and Tawa Paranthas and requested them to be without oil.

The mix veg turned out to be excellent especially given the fact that it was freshly cooked at 1:15 am in the night. The paranthas came without even a trace of oil and the complimentary curd, papad and salad really were nice to have. At Rs 550+ taxes the mix veg wasn't cheap and neither were the paranthas at Rs 155 per piece. However in the given circumstances the Rs 1000 meal that we had in the middle of the night in the ambiance fully justified the prices and I would say was very very reasonable.

Would definitely recommend a visit for a late night snack and also during the day.The standards of marriot.....well kept.....


Tejas P - Burrp User

Tejas P

40 Reviews

August 10,2013






Good ambience, visit for an experience

A long desired place for a private meal. Finally visited for a lunch buffet...on a rainy afternoon. Could not get any better. The natural light lits up the place and lets you enjoy the view while you enjoy a sumptuous meal.

Salads in the buffet were good...right from the chicken to lamb to shrimps. Did not try the veg options after being content with the other options. A tad disappointed when i got to know they offer only one veg and one non-veg starter. However, the chicken tikka was well desi style.

Main course offered a variety largely focused on Indian cuisine. Preparations were good overall and gave little room to complain. However, the live counter let me down grossly. The pastas and parathas did not tingle my taste buds. Had to eat some other items to wash off their taste.

Had heard a lot about the desserts but i personally did not find them out of the world. Something you would expect in a 4-5 star buffet. They did offer a wide variety....right from Indian to western. Something you can bank on to leave with a happy face.

Overall....pretty satisfied with my experience of going to the place. Most importantly, for the ambience and the courteous staff. Food came second. Not a place you would want to go with a large group or a romantic dinner.


Kebab Festival

I was lucky enough to be visiting this cafe when their Kebab festival was on. For 1000+taxes you get to sample the veg platter and for non veg its 1600+taxes which contains one of each kebab. In my honest opinion, the vegetarian platter is way better and consists of amazing fare such as Kacche Kele Ke Kebab, Dahi ke Kebab, Ankur aur Mewe ke Kebab, Corn Kebab, and they have a pretty interesting list there! The Non Veg kebabs had brandy spiked jumbo prawns and pomegranate stuffed chicken breasts, but failed to deliver as well as the veg kebabs did! The Seekh Kebab was nice thought! A must visit!!



Momo Cafe - Weekend Dinner

Simply Awesome! An absolute must-go-to restaurant. Their discounted weekend buffet is just scrumptious. Good service, good quality and good portions. Don't be carried away with the Marriott tag, you can go spend time, relax, enjoy good food at very reasonable prices! Pleasant courtyard ambiance. ;)



Simply Superb!!!!!!

Don get carried away by the name CAF. this is a full fledged restaurent. The staff is too good and very very caring, especially with the kids. They would go extra mile to get you the perfect taste. They have very good spread and not to miss out the live counters. With different cusines, you of them have the exact flavours and perfect taste. Wish like going to this place again and again.



worst ever star hotel

i want to delete my post please any one know how to do that



worst ever

i visited with my friend in my life i never saw such worst star hotel, chicken tikka was super hot form out side and cold from inside and hummus was fully rotten. they were using same utensils for beef and veg dishes (one of my friend is veg he was really upset with that) after complaining they blindly refuse that i know name of person he was Justin service was good but for reducing cost of buffet they reduce quality of food I would like to give -5 star to it please avoid going there instead try meridien old one but best one



Interesting buffet spread.

I visited Momo cafe on a weekday with a bunch of friends. We tried their dinner buffet through one of the promo offers.
They had a massive spread of salads and main course... i wish the starters menu was little more sorted. they just had 2-3 options and for vegetarians hardly any options.
Main course spread was nice- pizzas, pastas, indian main course..biryanis,pulao,dal,rogan gosht et all...
Desserts- awesome!- 12-14 choices.
Service- they could have been little more attentive. we had to keep asking them few times to refill our glasses.
Ambiance- pleasant, well lit,massively huge...
Probably being a 5-star brand they could have been lot more innovative in terms of tastes and offerings in the buffet spread.



pricey, but decent variety

First things first, this is an international hotel coffee shop, so the ambiance is very nice, and the prices are too high no matter how nice the food. It's the sort of place where you eat only if you are a travelling business person with an expense account, or a rich, bored local looking for a new place to try.

The cafe claims to be 24 hour, but most of the kitchen shuts down after 11 PM. The selection is still ok after that, but you also can't order from the deli, pizzas, or the tandoori menu, which was a tad frustrating. The service is polite, but slllloooowwww! They're quick to hand you the drinks menu, but take forever to manage virtually anything else. The food is tasty, but for what you pay it should be sublime (and it isn't!) They do a reasonable job of offering an international selection of foods and desserts, but honestly after looking at their menu, we sort of wished we had gone for breakfast and not late night coffee! All in all, it's not value for money (at least the a la carte), but a nice place for a quiet conversation and eats (if you don't care what the bill will look like!)


harrybarry - Burrp User


2 Reviews

December 16,2010


the Brinner Rocks

Im a brunch person, the kinds to get up late and just chill on a Sunday, but you life with kids!!!so i took them to Brinner and man it worked!p
Its this all day brunch thing they call it Brinner, the best catch its CHEAP!!
So we get there around 2ish, and splurged on food, i havnt had chaat in a while and man that tasted good!! The option are plenty but the food not exactly amazing but not too bad either!! PLus my BEER!!
the kids went bonkers in the play zone, got their faces painted etc as i cozyed up with wifey which as it seems had been a while!
In all a Fun sunday!!


The lunch buffet gets a 3.5 rating...:)

We went for the lunch buffet today and being a Sunday the place was pretty empty...guess people still don't know about this place...
Regarding the buffet they have a good spread...the soup was okayish, the salads were decent, there were different kinds of bread which were yummy along with chili and oregano butter which was yummm...also a few varieties of cheese which was niceee...
The main course was mostly Indian food...must haves are the chicken biryani and kadai paneer...also thai cashew chicken which was lovely...the rest was pretty decent....they have a large variety in was difficult to decide on what to eat...:P the yummiest were the whiskey shortcake, fruit yogurt and the mudpie cake...
We ate till we couldn't move a muscle...:P so I reckon the food was that good...decent ambience and service...
The bill came upto approx 2.8 grand excluding taxes for go here if you want to experience some quietude especially on a weekend and the prices are pretty decent for the Marriott!!!! Cheers...:)


Fly in the Bread...

We had the most pathetic experience here...

We went to their restaurant for Dinner Buffet.. We were served bread. As we digged into it, there was a LIVE FLY in it...I complained but NO REACTION...

My Husband took a minor portion of the starter... He PUKED later and had huge red swellings all over his face.. ALLERGIC reactions (for the first time in his life) after eating the Starters. Cant's blame the shrimps as he just had two-three.That was the last thing he dared to eat there..

The Mushrooms in Starters was ice cold, the pasta was under cooked. They didn't have anything great to offer in the main course ... The Dessert spread was the only good thing.

They had the "Spin the wheel " contest on.. A friend of mine spin and won the "One day stay at any Courtyard across India"... But he was given a letter stating that the stay is limited only to the MUMBAI Courtyard and cannot be availed in any city elsewhere...RIDICULOUS !!.....