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Cafe Moshe's

ColabaSouth Mumbai    & IN 7 MORE LOCATIONS

  • 02222021205, 02222020934
  • No 3, Firoz Building, Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Marg, Gateway of India, Colaba, Mumbai
  • Cakes, Snacks, Tea and Coffee
  • Meal for 2 - 1200

29 Reviews / 29 Ratings

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Cafe Moshe's Reviews





Silent & Suave

i had been there on a sunday night over dinner. Expecting it to be packed but surprisingly got a table. Excellent combination of Italian European food with an even wonderful Desserts. We had a soup, 2 starters & 2 main course dishes amongst 3 of us, amounting to Rs.1500, which was quite affordable.

good place to chill over coffee & deserts in their open space.


December 10, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for an over whelming review.

Its our pleasure to have you around & enjoy the meal.

Do hope to serve you again.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's

Classic truly

Boy, do I love this place! The fantastic quality of the food remains consistent every single visit. My all time favourites at this place would be - potato skins, the aubergine hummus, gooey chocolate mud pie. One must definitely try their Chef's specials as they're always a gastronomical delight, however, not no easy on the pocket.

The ambience at the Cuffe Parade outlet is fab. The palladium one is not bad either(although difficult scoring a seat)


October 8, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for an over whelming review!
Our Aim is to be consistent & to keep the smile on your face always at every visit.We do hope to serve you again soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's

Philadelphia Cheese cake

We are 4 of us. Decided to order four different desserts. Priced ok (between 120 and 150). We ordered the Blueberry cheese cake, Philadelphia cheese cake, chocolate puddle and the almond n walnut tart.

There was no place 'upstairs' hence asked us to sit downstairs right next to the counter where in an already crammed up space.

The Blueberry Cheese cake hardly had cheese; so much of cream and the blueberry felt old/stale

The Almond n walnut tart was yum, initially and then when it just started crumbling down and beginning to get all the more sweeter, turned out to be boring as well. It kind of reminded me of 'chikki'

Chocolate Puddle had so insane amount of chocolate oozing all over the place. I like.

Philadelphia Cheese cake was the best of the lot. It had this tint of coconut which brought up the flavors to a different level. We were stuffed and we left.
Another thing I noticed was that Moshe's was listed in the "Miele's guide". That's something that I hadn't heard of much and I now know that it doesn't mean anything considering burrp and all other 'certificates' there suggested Cheese Cakes.

Verdict: Don't go.


July 29, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear guest,

Apologies for a late reply!

Your review is very important for us.Will surely let the Bakery Chef know regarding the desserts.
Do hope to see you back again & give us an opportunity to serve you again.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's


Enjoyable experience

My Brother and me wished to try different cafe's in Colaba and we eventually picked Cafe Moshe's. Pan cakes and Pizza were prepared with perfection but Hummus and Fondues were just mouth watering. Happy !!


February 26, 2013response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your feed back.

It has been a pleasure to have you around & you enjoying the food here.Do hope you visit us again.
Thanks & Regards,
Team Moshe's

jothegreat - Burrp User


15 Reviews

November 26,2012


Threw it in the dustbin!

I went to Moshes yesterday because I had heard a lot about it. Since it was a Sunday , most of their top selling & tasty pastries were sold out & we had very little choice left. We had a mudpie there & picked on Chocolate Tribute for a takeaway. The staff there strongly recommended the Philadelphia Cheese Cake & insisted I take it since it was their specialty. I happily asked him to parcel 2 pieces of that as well. However, when I tasted it, I realised that it was undoubtedly the WORST dessert I would have ever had in my life!!! The other one tasted much better, although I will not name it as one of the best. Since they are of repute, I thought that it was IMPOSSIBLE that they could have churned out something like that! It looked more of a ploy to get rid of rotten stuff. I did not want to risk my health having it, so I threw it in the dustbin, although I am against the idea of wasting food in any form! Either case I am extremely disturbed at being sold such stuff as a recommendation!


November 27, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

We appreciate your feed back & will update our Chef regarding the desserts,we apologise for the same.Request you to give us your details at so that our Team gets in touch with you.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Moshe's


Top quality, reasonable prices

The hummus bowls at Cafe Moshe are top notch, as are the fondues. The cheesecake is phenomenal.


November 16, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guiest,

Thankyou for your overwhelming review, hope to make your every visit special.We hope to keep up the good work.Do visit us again.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Moshe's

Moshe Cafe

The cafe at Colaba is not really that hard to miss, but it's a place that's wonderfully cozy. You'll do well to look for it. It's all wood interiors and cottage feel bring the old-world charm to you instantly as you enter the place. It's not very big, can't seat many people but if you do make it to this place, head upstairs. Take the tiny steps to go up - a precarious foothold, but worth the fun. The seating area overlooks Dhanraj Mahal and is adorned with cute frames that say things like, "Sit long, Talk much, Laugh often" and "Everything takes longer than you think it will" to which they add a warning that our order will take long too! (don't worry, their service is quick and the staff is friendly)

Dukkah Fondue - This was the pièce de résistance - it was simply great. The bread was perfectly soft, and the crust was just thick enough. The fondue was served in an earthen pot and had the regular spirited lamp beneath it. The cheese was spiked with spinach and some spices lending it the Arabic (Egyptian) taste - the closest concoction to this would be the Vaud - the reason I'm comparing it is because this Dukkah Fondue is one great dish with which you can introduce someone to the fondue (someone who generally avoids European cuisine). The sesame and cumin was magic in the cheese. This dish is a must try at the cafe.

Hot Press Corn Sandwich - We didn't like this sandwich. The bread was good, crisp and warm. The filling, however, just wasn't agreeable. The corns weren't sweet, the potato seemed to be the major problem and the Gouda was just not right - a little Cheddar or Feta could've averted the disaster.

Lemon Ice Tea - Not the best ice-tea we've had, the brew was light, the lemon was too loud and there was just nothing pleasant about it, and to top it off, it tried to make up for tad bitterness of the tea with a heavy dose of sugar. I would recommend you skip this.

Black Current Fizz - This was marvelous. We loved it. It had flavor, it had punch and it was just fizzy enough. Not many places do well to combine a fruit with soda. This one doesn't give you a chance to complain. The floating "black currents" didn't get in the way of enjoying the drink, but made it look even more appealing. It had some salt, I'd venture further to say it had some sort of masala but it wasn't out-of-place.

Blueberry Cheese Cake - The slice of cake was decent at best. It was creamy. The crust was really good, it was thin and the dough was perfectly baked. The cream, on the other hand, was dry. One more thing to note, was that it wasn't too sweet, however, the blueberry jelly on top had crystallized sugar indicating it was made in haste at the very least.

Honestly, we recommend you visit this cafe. It's an experience in itself.


July 26, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

We appreciate your review.

Will surely make sure the next time you come,you will not have any complaints.
hope to see you soon.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's


best desserts

can come anytime of the day, on any day of the week for philadeliphia cheesecake. authenticity maintained, thank god we have escape from the gooey indianised (extra-soft) cheesecakes. and great place for breakfasts too!


April 11, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your motivating review.
We appreciate you liked our Desserts the best at our Gateway Cafe.Our team is overwhelmed with your encouragement.We hope to keep up the good work.Hope to see you soon.
Thanks & Regards,
Team Moshe's

bijal_u - Burrp User


8 Reviews

February 26,2012


good food

cafe moshes has been my all time the food and the ambeince....ordered a soup and salad which was to die for.....wanted to have some light eat so ordered french fries.......surprisingly waiter told me french fries have been sold out.......hard 2 a great eatery like this they cant serve french fries???????????hope this been noted in a competitive ambience around your cafe...


March 2, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,

Thank you so much for your review,we are indeed very delighted to know that you loved the food and the ambeince,but got dissappointed as we ran out of fries.We have noted this and will see to it that the next time you visit us you will not have any complaints from our side.

Thanks & Regards,

Team Moshe's


Very very good

Ate at Moshe's for the first time ever and I was extremely impressed. We had a jalapeno and parsley fondue which was amazing and a more than generous portion for just two people. We accompanied it with an apple and peach iced tea each and while both very good, the apple was the pick of the two. We also ordered french fries, but strangely they said they've run out of them. So ordered the roasted potato wedges insteasd, the taste of which was primarily burnt.

The ambience too isn't much to write home about. It's rather small and when seated on the upper floor, service takes a while. The downstairs is packed with boxes and looks very crammed and makes it look more like a small grocery store.

On the whole though, Moshe's is definitely a place I'd go back to just for the quality of their food. The prices too are very reasonable and make it a must-visit place.


April 11, 2012response from management at Cafe Moshe's:

Dear Guest,
Thank you for your review.
We are delighted to know that you liked the food at our Cafe,but was disappointed as we ran out of fries & was not happy with the wedges too.We will work on this and see to it you dont get disappointed again.Do visit us again.

Thanks & Regards,
Team Moshe's


Delicious n yummy

The pastries here are one of the best in town.. I love eating the chocolate ones..!! Over and over again I can eat the pastries at Moshe..!! Love it.. :-)


Now thats cafe!!!

Firstly Thumps UP!!! this place is so wel done off although its hard to find and even spot as a new customer but this place is worth every bit of it!!!! feels like any other themed coffe shop ull find anywhere in the developed world,
the food served here is non traditional Indian cafe food same with the drinks but its so well modified that you will fall in Love with the food,
I had a Tofu Bean Burger@ 140 and BBQ chicken sandwich@ 160 which was something Iv never had anywhere in The city!!
also the drinks whic we had was awsome the Lemongrass cooler is a MUST TRY !!! specially to escape heat!!
so a total of 2 drinks and 2 bread meal cost me 570is not bad considering the quality and the Location!
FOOD: 4/5
SERVICE: 2/5 dosnt matter its a cafe!
Will come back for a chill when arround town



Great Food, Horrible Service.

I'm just returning from Moshe's and or the first time, they had worse than lousy service.
You DO NOT run out of fondue. It's their best selling item on the menu, it's just not done.
You DO NOT take 20mins to fetch drinking water. You just don't.
I really like their food, and tried to ignore the fact that they didnt have all the menu items because we were at the cafe, not restaurant. But service is something you CANNOT compromise on.
Such a let down.



nice food

one of the best place s in mumbai for .

everything was good the grills the soups and desserts.

we had a great time.
even the service was very good.
nice cute place



Choco Latte is to DIE FOR :)

Awesome selection of savouries .....which live upto the Chef's celebrity profile.....especially the Choco latte which is sinful given that this is the only place where Ive had a choco latte and the chocolate flavour is tantalizing yet not overpowering and has a well blended texture with the compliments of the Cinnamon and nutmeg ...though i prefer to skip the latter condiment....but simple yet sinful..... :)
Also indulged in the chef's commendation in dessert called "L'orange " which was jus right with the hint of tangerine with dark chocolate and not too much of cake in it ...
The Sandwich i ordered was chicken steak with watercress salad n bell papers was nice'l dry though but not tooo heavy interms of flavour given it is summer ...

The deli however lacks space ...and can be cramped especially for guests and staff to move about ..
but Overall an awesome experience ...will visit again for the Lattteee :)



This place is an absolute foodie delight. What makes me really wonder is how do they manage so much of great things in such a small place -- but yes, The best things do come in small packages!

Hummus: Mind blowing. Just perfect, garlicy and right consistency.
Labneh: Try it - gorgeous.
Herbed cream cheese: Heaven.
Sandwiches (all of them): perfect.
Pita: The better pita.
Cheesecakes: Incredible. Really.
Chocolate desserts: Wife said it's divine. So it is.
Coffee: Just right blend - and served with biscotti.

The deli: A foodie's temple. There's just so much to pick up here...

Moshe - Stop making good food, I can't afford to come to your place daily.


Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

April 14,2010


Lives up to the Moshe Name...

Its a very small place with tables very close to each other so if you're looking to spend some quality time with someone you're better off going to the other outlets.

Food: Ordered the garlic bread, pan fried cottage cheese sandwich and marzipan carrot cake. The garlic bread and carrot cake was delicious. The sandwich was decent served with a side of fries.

Service: Was good though they did goof up the order and got us garlic bread with cheese but changed it quick enough.

Its a nice place with decent food but a bit too small for anything more than a quick meal.


Small place but BIG on food!!!

Went here for a sunday brunch with 2 other frends and had a lovely meal. The place is really very small but the food more than makes up for it. The fondue with pickled mushrooms is a must try. Their thick chocolate shake is also fabulous! And to save the best for the last - their baked rasberry cheesecake is simply to die for :)


Quiet, neat and nice!

Go for their bagels and cream cheese with herbs - if you feel guilty about the cream cheese, order the whole wheat bagel to go with it..haha! Really tiny place with a very European ambience. The sandwiches are good and reminded me of my American sandwiches laden with cheese...good quality cheese :)
All in all, a nice breakfast place - a welcome break!


what a meal !! a must try

Happened to be third party between a couple who had come here for a romantic dinner .They spotted me and sheepishly invited me to their table.
we ordered Cold coffee with ice cream ( awesome )
chicken and a lot of other specialities .
thought its priced a little on the higher side...but worth a visit every once in a while .
Meal for 2 and a Kebab mein haddi Rs 1200 /-
Must try ...must go ...


Cozy and intimite cafe

The atmosphere of this place is really relaxing and perfect for meeting up with a dear friend. It comes close to the cute cozy cafes style that I love so much and miss from Europe. I mainly go here for the coziness, the sandwiches are a bit too oily for me. Though the cappuccino is nice and if I ask for salad instead of french fries I always get it. They also have some yummy healthy smoothies.




After everyone going gaga about this place, me and a friend finally decided to visit it. We went there around 9 o clock and wanted to have a quick meal. We were directed to a section on top where there was a small sitting arrangement, say about four tables. The stairs that directed us to the top level were really small and caused a lot of discomfort.

We ordered for a pasta in white sauce and an open sandwich, both veg. The open sandwich was yummy but the pasta was disappointing. It was very milky and watery. The service was not good either. They didn't serve us water until we asked for it. The meal came upto Rs 400 which is not bad. But as far as the experience is concerned, we were expecting it to be a lot better!


Diti Shah - Burrp User

Diti Shah

207 Reviews

December 10,2009


small place

Standing right next to Indigo deli, this outlet of Moshe is really small and cramped. Its not as impressive as the others at Cuffe Parade and Kemps Corner. Might be a good takeaway place...


Awesome breakfast place

I found this place one morning looking for a place to have breakfast at 8:0am on a saturday morning with a friend.
Our original plan was to go to Indigo Deli but BOY, am I glad I went to Moshe's instead. Its a really nice, small and quiet place (untill before 9 am) where the waitors don't bother you with any "how was ur meal?" kinda questions. They serve you and let you be knowing that you're really gonna enjoy the food!
Don't let the size of this place fool you! Its one of the best places I've gone for breakfast and I, being a vegetarian, was impressed by the variety they had in veg food for breakfast even! I usually have anything wit paneer or tofu but everything at this place is simply divine.


Damn good place

This place though small but has adequately ustilised it place in stylish way. Reminds me of the English cafes in London.

You would find amazing bakes, from bread to muffins. The best I like is their Tirmisu (gives a unique pleasure in having it.) and choclate mudpie (gooey Choclate and perfect brownie's)

Price though is little on the higher end but its simply worth while for both veg and non-veg eating people.

Huge varities of dishes and amazing pastries.
Wonderful staff could have some light music playing, it would soothe everyone at the cafe.


banoffee in bombay

though i do wish it were fresher... the cream had thinned plus the banana had gone soggy... yet, nostalgia saved the day.
Mezze was nice with the hummus silken n the other dips creating an interesting medley, but sure missed the authentic experience. too indianized a version methinks. And, as a constant refrain, why are there so few leafy greens and so many nuts/spices in mumbaiya khaana?
Drinks were non alcoholic (sigh!) but i sure liked the fresh seasonal juices. (Jamooooon jus - yes, and apple ice tea...yes yes yes!)
fly in the ointment? servers forgetting to bring in the asked-for condiment (extra zathaar grudgingly brought out once platter was polished, and after two reminders!?!) or them thundering down miniscule stairwell a la schoolboys chasing pachyderms...whoa!! And, did I mention, no


The only Dark Spot on the Cafe Moshe Chain

You always expect the very best at any Moshe both in terms of food, quality and service.
Well you cant go wrong with the food and the quality cause I think they have a central supply cell and most of the stuff is standard issue (especially the breads /focassia) yummy
It is a quaint cafe like the rest of the reviewers have stated but thats where the positives end,,,,,,, the waiters and the manager at Moshe Colaba need to go the camp that trains the people for Indigo Deli (which is two shops away and one of the best places in Mumbai known both for the best food this side of the Indian Ocean perhaps and great service to match)
Well I have been here on several occasions and the waiters are friendly but DUMB...they have mixed up my order for eggs twice that I have been there when there were not too many people in the cafe at 9.0 am.... (how diff is it to get an order for eggs).... to add to this they have taken HALF AN HOUR to bring my eggs after several reminders and virtual begging for food. Guess what while both my wife and I had ordered eggs (1 scrambled and 1 fried) mine comes in half an hour and my wifes follows after another 15 mins
The organge juice is rock star but you gotta wait for the good things in life and that took them nearly 25 mins to get to the table.

Some People upstairs complained about their cappucino being cold and returned it,,, & what do you think the dumbass waiters do ???? PUT IT BACK IN THE MICROWAVE .... with smart smug smiles ,,, thinking no one will notice, ,,,, arre atleast cup to badla hotaa...

I hear from some friends that this place is now better in terms of service; but if you ask me to take half hour to make a sandwhich is insane...

GO TO INDIGO DELI next door, its waay better but you need to book



lovely place

i must say i just love this quaint little cafe , i am quite regular at least once a week on weekends , their desserts are just awesome specially their gooey chocolate cake with hot choc sauce, mmm mouth watering , their sandwiches are also good , it's defy V F M place



Breakfast paradise

I could move to Bombay to have b'fast at this place everyday... its cozy and there's a LOT to choose, for your 1st meal of the day (even for vegetarians).

Service is superb with ever smiling staff, who never say no to any request!

it's a must try, especially for out of towners.

Tip: Try the pancakes..they're out of the world and unlike the regular ones you get elsewhere.


Is Moshe in the mood for a slugfest?

It's a culinary slugfest that's unfolding at the Gateway of India, the kind that would get my nephew excited if he were watching Smackdown VS Raw. For more details


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