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Goregaon EastWestern Suburbs  

  • 02232091677, 02228790781, 02228712148, 02222906060
  • Shop No. 7 & 8, Golden Isle, Royal Palms, Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon East, Mumbai
  • American, Confectionery

7 Reviews / 7 Ratings

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Moxaa Reviews

nitwah - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 28,2011


Unfriendly Waiter

Called to order a home delivery. First of all i wanted to order a pastry, which is only 90/- bucks and on their menu they say free home delivery and no limit to what the amount should be before they can do a home delivery (for e.g. order above 300 or 400rupees gets free home delivery in a 3 km radius).
The excuse the guy game me (btw this is another guy besides who took the order) saying that there are low on petrol and only can do home deliveries for high paying orders (what the fuck is that is that).....besides i ordered previously with them and it was a wrap, which was seriously pathetic and could improve in terms of quality and quantity.
Keeping all these factors in mind i dont i will be making the same mistake the third time by ordering from them.
They are a joke, specially for the price that they charge.



its good, in parts.

i like the fact that the food is made fresh and the menu selection is great etc etc. However, the 2 things that bother me most about the place are - firstly, the quantity sometimes is a joke. Everytime i order a sandwich(which by itself is great!) they serve it with something that resembles potato wedges. Now, i say resembles cause they give exactly 2 wedges and on one occassion i got 1! why bother serving wedges if you are going to serve a whole ONE?!
Secondly, the number of times they have screwed up on delivery is almost the number of times that i have ordered from them. They almost always get the wrong coffee, forget the side orders or make me pay too much. Its ALWAYS something. I just wish that they would pay a little more attention. If it wasnt for the fact that the cafe is in the same building i live in and therefore so close by, i would have stopped ordering from there ages ago.
Hope they pull up their socks real soon because with a little bit of attention they could be a great cafe!


July 13, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for your review as it helps us improve our employees and service. We did serve french fries when we started Moxaa 3 years ago in India till 3 months ago. As we have since 3 years tried to maintain our food by not using preservatives in our menu & bakery. So we switched to baked potato wedges for health reasons. Yes but they are suppose to put 4 medium to large wedges in the dish. As our sizes of the dishes is like american sizes huge. Please give us another opportunity as after doing buisness in New York for so ma

Sal  - Burrp User


224 Reviews

April 05,2010


Avoid the Food

Its a small cafe and the open air section which is actually the passage is a nice place for a cup of coffee.

Food: The menu had soo much variety it took me a while to decide what I wanted. Finally settled for Mumbai style sandwich, fries and paneer wrap. The sandwich was bad and my companion had only one piece of four. I think the green chutney had gone bad. The fries had boils on them. First time Ive seen such bad looking fries. Could do better at home. The panner wrap was literally a paratha with paneer filling. It tasted fine but was really red due to the amount of food colouring added. The meal was polished off with blueberry cheesecake. Different from other places.

Drinks: Ordered the green tea latte. Very unusual but I liked it.

I guess there aren't too many places to go in Royal Palms but I would still avoid this place like plague save for the drinks/ coffee.


April 7, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Guest,

We would like to thank you for the comments and we have created our patronage in Royal Palms by serving the best quality of food without color, preservatives and as natural as possible with the feel of being at home.
We would like to ask you to give us the opportunity of serving you again at any of our 2 locations. Royal Palms Goregoan (E) or Rustomjee Ozone (goregoan (W). Look forward to seeing more satisfying customers.
Please contact Executive Chef Nana Thakar for (E)at 32091677 and Cafe Supervisor Pooja Davankar

April 16, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Im sorry but there was something definitely off in the sandwich probably the chutney. No amount of masala could have made the paneer the shade of red that it was. It looked like a really nice place with a very expansive menu so a shame about the food. Hopefully next time would be better.

I Like!

MOXXAA - sounds like some shady duplicate version of MOCHA..
Ya that's what I thought on my very first sight of this joint!

But fortunately I was wrong, This place (5 mins walking from my home) has been a regular chilling out place since the time I've been living here. I like the service, and the food quality. The best part is the Sunday Brunch Buffet for 200 bucks ONLY. and you get a lot of variety to stuff yourself completely.

The ambiance is cozy and they play very nice 60's music, you can sit there for hours and hours over a sip of cold coffee, a cookie, the great soups they serve, or anything you wanna have.

Also, if you have ordered something for which they make you wait, you get a complimentary cookie. I don't know about you but I got that in my very first visit :) :P

Anyways.. should visit at least once. Totally Recommended!!

ps: there is one thing which I never asked (which I can see in the Overview of this article), "Sugar free". (Do you guys serve Sugar free chocolates or pastries ???) Would like to have those on my next visit! :)


April 7, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Guest,

Thank you for kind & generous compliments. We are working on creating some sugar free recipes fron natural sweetners for our guest. We have always been carefully in not using any sweetners which have aspartame which are artificial and harmful for health.

May 11, 2011response from management at Moxaa:

it's been long since I've been to Moxaa.. I've actually shifted to Andheri. :)
Was planning to come for the Sunday brunch some time..
Are you guys still continuing it??

Also please let me know if you guys have started anything in sugarfree :)


My first Candlelight evening with my Fience

Complete prepration was done by Meeta Mehta the Proprieter
it was arrenged in an perfect way the way i wanted . I visited the palce for the first time .
I talked on the phone to organise for the candlelight dinner for me and it was done in an lovely way no extra decoration nor less
and the cake was excellent i have not got this kind of cake before
really it was tasty and the food was also good completely fresh
and the aluparatha with dahi chatni ia was fancastic to eat
sorruunding was looking perfect in the candle light the way i wanted to have a look at that sorrunding look at the photos clicke on 2/2/10


February 4, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Jignesh & Jesika,

First of all congratulations and the whole team of Moxaa would like to thank you for the opportunity given to us for serving you both. We wish you both lots of happiness & properity for the future.

manisha5151 - Burrp User


4 Reviews

November 30,2009


Very Different and Refreshing

Coming from Canada my craving for good north american style of food and drinks end at Moxaa..excellent pastas n paninis..excellent coffees and coolers..and especially the green tea latte is a must have..wil defintly come back every time i crave for a nice american breakfast...


February 4, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Manisha & Vishal,

The team of Moxaa would like to thank you for your generous feedback and would love the opportunity to serve you again.

kvarsha - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 23,2009


shitty sandwich

ordered a chicken sandwich in moxxa and it was awful, the bread was stale as if it was baked a couple of days ago.
when asked the waiter accepted that the bread was not fresh.


February 4, 2010response from management at Moxaa:

Dear Guest,

Please do give us another opportunity in serving you with the freshest & natural bakery in Mumbai town.