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> > > > Mumbai Times Cafe

Mumbai Times Cafe

Bandra WestWestern Suburbs  

  • 42221111 , 9892722451
  • Crystal Shoppers Paradise, 5th Floor, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
  • Snacks, Tea and Coffee, Cakes

64 Reviews / 64 Ratings

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Mumbai Times Cafe Reviews

bhavs87 - Burrp User


6 Reviews

September 26,2012


Where have you'll disappeared!

Where is MTC!!!!!!!!!!! It has shut down! Is there another outlet in Bbay? Please provide details!


MTC It is!

Spent a lot of my Saturday nights here! A great place, beautiful ambiance, good food and great staff. Also watched a lot of FINAL matches here ( FIFA world Cup, Wimbeldon etc).. What an atmosphere made up.. Great place to visit in Bandra :)


Decent place to visit

i liked this place when i visited it last time. good and exotic stuff on the menu!!!








not a great experience...

Ambiance is the only thing that's worth talking about in this place...The food is highly priced and its just a big disappointment when you don't get a value 4 money...we had ordered 4 something called 'prawn crackers' for 210 bucks...and what we discover is that they are plain potato chips with a slight prawn-sh flavor...they should either stop innovating such 'good 4 nothing' expensive dishes or inform the customer b4hand on what the dish is all about..


One of my Last options at times!!!

well to start off this place actually doesnot lives up to my expectation, in regards to the food , drink quality{ most of the hard drinks are diluted} i can make it out being a international bartender for 2 years plus, also way too highly priced according to what it has on offer. I rate it on following basis.
FOOD: 2/5 had ordered chicken chilly dry and french fry and a vegetable starter platter ,and honestly it didnt taste nor feels as the menu rates it i mean price.
AMBIANCE : 2/5 : Way too loud the bar section inside is soo loud that you canot even hear your own voice thanks to the DJ , and also the sky lounge has a giant screen again serving as a big disturbance.
DRINKS: 2/5 Ultra diluted drinks pls avoid hard drinks here , its diluted with water on a high proportion , even had a flat cloudy draught beer served once , which is a turnoff .
VALUE FOR MONEY: 1/5 not certainly worth the price thanks to poor quality fo and beverage, and extra loudness of this place,
I will still keep it as my last option in Bandra .



wrong choice

In spite of friends choosing on SHEESHA, I insisted on Mumbai times cafe... rooftop, IPL Match on big screen, food and hukkah..wat else do you want to have good time with your college friends catching up after long time!?
I had insisted on rooftop table as well... but it was a total disgrace..hukkah died even before we cud smoke it... no coal changing... no one to take food service on anything...
I must say they were on time, ready with the bill to clear the table.
Few friends had to rush home, remaining hungry ones rushed to Elbo room, which was a boon at walking distance to suffice us..
MTC could do better...


Roofless debauchery

Mumbai Times cafe has only one thing to offer...a big TV sceen. And that's it..period. Even that is continuously telecasting a match or some odd program. Then the hookah servers are nowhere to be seen. Over the years, they have experienced stunned growth...they never ever grow richer by their hookah flavors. The same old 5 -6 flavors! And mighty exorbitant they were charged....even Sheesha stands out better in comp to MTC. Food is usually cold and their prices for even common items are too much for the pocket. On average for two people, you hole a wallet by Rs. 2500...that is if you order Hookah, drinks and some starters / snacks.


Skip the Food!

Any place where I go for food, I need good food! Mumbai Times Cafe fundamental issue is with their food. Its so not very good compared to a million other places in Mumbai.

We ordered -

Few drinks(2 draught beer, 2 30 ml Teachers with Coke)
Veg Platter
Some Mushroom Starter
Dal Makhni
Veg Nawabi
Kulchas, Rotis

Total Damage - 2205

Ambiance is really nice for an evening out. Service was fine. Menu was not "Dog-eared" as some one mentioned, may be they have recently revamped it. The crowd was quiet nice!

What I didnt like at all was the food...everything except the Breads(Kulchas, Rotis) was mediocre at best. Food was spicy and felt as if it was made in a rush.

Thankfully drinks and good friends kept me at this place! Though prices are slightly on the higher side.

Improve the food and this place will surely rock!


Karaoke Nights

Karaoke is alwayz a Blast! If you enjoy Karaoke... Follow the CatScratch Entertainment team.... They do Karaoke throughout the month at different venues! So, check out this place on Sundayzzz and follow the Cat the rest the DAYZ!!/event.php?eid=191253754220406


A jhakaaas plac minus gud huka and parking

This is a place which will offer you a perfect place for a get-together or when you want to enjoy a match. Drinks, great food, ample space and good decent ambiance takes sets your mood.
Though i was dissappointd with the hukka. Nt up to the mark. Food is a bit on the heavy side. But quality is yumm. Gets my vote.....parking is a HUGE PROBLEM....



Suggestion to the Mumbai Times mgmt

I am new to Mumbai and Mumbai Times was one of the first places I tried out. I had heard it is a popular hip spot. I am sorry to say I was bitterly disappointed. The food and service was alright- nothing out of the ordinary worth mentioning. But the ambience needs loads of improvement if Mumbai Times wants to continue to attract a good crowd.
Although the management has made quite the effort in replicating a beach shack look with the sand and fishing nets, it definitely is not what I would call a good hangout place with the rickety uncomfortable furniture, the dusty thin cushions, the dog-eared menu and the pigeons that occasionally drop a poop here and there. I would suggest that you take a visit to the shacks in Goa to do this place up better.




RUDE STAFF - they treat u as if they r doing a favour on you by serving you.

COCKTAILS - buy a pitcher that can barely serve one person. too much ice, too less liqour.

BAD SERVICE - they just dont care about ur existent at the place.

MY RECOMMENDATION - NO NEVER. Mumbai has better places around


burrpburrp - Burrp User


12 Reviews

November 25,2010


not worth a try

Inspite of reading bad reviews I went to this place as my date suggested it. Took a seat outside on a terrace, you dont get much of a view but the weather was good and atmosphere not so good. Service was awful, I saw only 3 waiters on the floor who never came unless called for. we had only chicken tikka masala and roti and both of us got really sick next day. I dont need to say more.



just a shadow of wot it was 2 yrs b4

went to Mtc after a long time, man it was rude shock...the place is nothing like b4....first of all the speed of service is crapy...secondly there was no DJ on a saturday night....just a waiter at the console(yea u read it write a waiter) playing random songs....Its also not as crowded and lively as b4...



a bad experience

4 of us guys went to MTC on a sunday night having heard about it from friends. BIG BIG MISTAKE. Never ever go to an untested place, especially on a sunday night. just spoils the mood. anyways...we reach and after 20 minutes an extremely lazy chap comes and takes our order. We ordered a pitcher of road to hell. Now mind you, it really did turn out to be a road to hell. The pitcher was all ice and maybe 30 ml of alcohol per glass and it serves only four. Receiving a shock on seeing this, we asked the management to take it back and all we got in return was a lecture on howonce the ice melts the volume of the drink will increase. Right!! 4 engineers dont need to be told that melting ice increases the volume. Can you beleive this shit! We had to shell out 1000 bucks for that !! So my suggestion..go to TOTOS its affordable and its awesome


nik.k - Burrp User


1 Reviews

October 19,2010


beer lovers dis ones for u

a new ofer here has made me love dis place
monday to thursday 3 litres of beer worth rs 375/-
i njoy wid my pals wid a hooka and a tower


ritikabihany - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 21,2010


terrible place

average food, very small portions, badly maintained and just a very BLAH place. loads of other places to try in bandra. DO NOT VISIT!!!


Take or Leave it

we have been visiting at this place during various seasons and due to many reasons. Rhyming noa?? One of the reason i started going there initially was cheap booze. Music is played by some molested player who agrees to entertain fossils & dinosaurs. I kid you not. OK go sober, listen and read again. So providing booze cheap from Mon-Friday buy 1 Pitcher + 1 free. We were told they only serve Fosters and Royal Challenge as a pitcher. Tried yes we wanted cheap and they served as cheap flat liquid which looked like a beer. Love you guys. I was not able to puke on the second free pitcher perhaps because it was no finished. I was feeling cheap 1st Beer was wasted. The same cheap beer for which we came all the way from somewhere and i backed out. Not good. 2nd there were girls around us while booze returned so they can recycle the same cheap beer for other cheap guests. Cheap, what the??

While we were checking our bill found we were charged for extra items which we had not ordered, consumed, used, seen. It was labeled on the bill as diet coke. When questioned it was removed. No apologies No problem we don't need it.

This place always read always also on weekends is empty. 45 people have written reviews about this paradise. There are many things human can't buy we did it and paid the price.

We get all the time to talk when we are at this place. No crowd. No Music. Perfect yes peaceful stuff. Go for it.

No pun intended!


Roshan G - Burrp User

Roshan G

16 Reviews

September 02,2010


Just an average place to hang till midnite

I been to this place last weekend. Ambiance, crowd, DJ was simple..Food was average, prices were more or less same like other pubs of bandra... Cocktails was toooo bad, I ll advice everybody not to try cocktails, waiters were looking like Udupi veg restaurents employee, even they were behaving like normal desi bar waiters.
I felt management were trying their best to entertain crowd by sending a couple in makeup of Captain Morgan. They were trying to entertain ppl by distributing momentos. I feel it's good for college students and traditional indian family who wants to go to some lounge/pub in evening and wants to come back before midnite. Anyway this place shut down by midnite..Overall poor experience



Bye bye times

If ur ever asked to visit this place, the buzzword is RUN. Don't wanna waste too much energy on writing more.



need to know what they are doing

was there recently with some friends and fam ...and cannot tell what all happend to us...i understand that the food differs from day to day ...n as per the persons taste..but atleast the service should be something tht of some standard....we asked for water...and all we got is a were we suppose to drink glasses ..n tht too we had to request couple of times before we obliged with glasses..after that evrything was was average but the service gave a feeling that they coudlnt care less...guys when we pay for food it covers cost for service as well so please takr care of tht as well.



Pathetic Service...

They should change its name from "Mumbai Times Cafe" to "Mumbai's Awful Cafe".

I visited this place to watch IPL 2nd Semifinal..I will neva visit these place for foll. reasons -
1) I arrived early at the venue before start of match to avoid rush...
I was sitting in open area(which was showing match with help of projector) & waiting for my frds 2 join. I recd a call on my cell phone,so went in lobby to answer it(as loud noise was played in background)& when i returned I decided to changed my table coz my previous table was uncomfortable & all seats were empty.

When I changed my place this waiter/manager speaks up "Sir this is not your table & pointed me towards my previous table".I replied saying "Any restriction if I change my place" to which he kept quite.

2) The Veg. Paneer tikka starter served to us seemed like mere formality coz it ws not tasteless

3) There was neva ending list of ppl waiting so Hooka can be free & inturn they can order it...

4) I asked for glass of water & had to wait atleast 20 mins before I could attain success.


I like it now!

Ok, before I probably didn't like it on days when it's way too crowded and everything but the four stars is all for the ambience I had yesterday! It's awesome on a weekday because there are barely any peeps around and the music is reverberating but nonetheless awesome... We had our drinks: Bloody Mary, Beers, Tequila shots and Long Island but were shockingly nothing close to a hangover! I particularly loved sitting on the roof top later where we had some chilled out talk and Grape-Mint hukka (highly recommended). The potato wedges are fabulous! :) Cool place to chill at, only when it's not too crowded.


burpaholic - Burrp User


11 Reviews

February 08,2010


worth a shot...

Had been here with a couple of friends. Honestly, had a good time...Good food, decent alcohol, nicely done up place. But the only only only hitch is that its kinda overpriced. But a must try on a rich day.:-)



Simply bad

Had been to the place wer huka is served.U need a torch to read the menu, its too dark to even read wat is der in the menu. U have to ask the waiter wats der to eat. The huka was nice but they take their own time to change the coal of the huka. Service tends to get slow as the crowd keeps coming. We ordered 2 starters. One was spring rolls vch was nice. And d oder was mushroom chili in vch we wer trying to find wer d chili was. Its a bit expensive then oder places. Good music was d better part of this place. The waiters wer behaving as if we r doing a crime coming over der. They seem to be very careless.


Great ambience,nice menu, karaoke rocks!

Really tasty salads, which is quite a hard find. Fantastic lamb meatballs, I've never tasted lamb this nice anywhere! Coincidentally we were there on Karaoke night, so that just bumped up the points I'm giving them!! :D


Srey  - Burrp User


29 Reviews

January 04,2010


Not fun!

So when a bunch of friends wanna hang out and have a few drinks, you basically wanna be able to sit back and enjoy your drink, not be bothered too much by the people around, talk to each other without much interruption, expect to be tipsy after 2 drinks and buzzed after 5, and pay for what you had :).
Hence the rating :)
We were 4 of us and we had gone there with the sole intention of drinking. Probably not get high. But we just wanted to sit back with a drink each or more and talk. The music, I must say was awesome. But somehow after an hour or so, we realized we were having to shout to be heard. We eventually moved to the open air smoking zone to get away from the extra loud music.
We started off with the sambuca shots which later on turned out to be the best amongst the rest that we had. Next came the triple sec shots which were...lets say mediocre. We waited a while before ordering the next set of drinks for the hit. But nothing really happened. So we assumed that maybe our systems were used to much more alcohol. That explains the next 4 shots that we ordered per head. Still no sign of the hit, we asked the waiters to help us out with something a 'little stronger'. Then came the Black Russian. Finally tired, we just ordered cocktails and a chilli chicken...which was okish. So at the end we just decided to pay the hefty bill of 9.7K and leave...not high...not buzzed...not even tipsy!!!
Now thats not really fair!



Not at all value for money!!!

More hyped place than vat it is!! Rite from food to music, nothing much interesting and cant entice you to come back.
Not at all value for money!!!
The good part to Mumbai times café is the concept, the creativity vch is reflected in the ambience and thr creative BT style menu.


Not too great at all

Nice, Innovative Interiors. Very cool display of stuff inside the place. But it's always too crowded, packed and it makes you feel a little uncomfortable... The music is pretty great! Where food's concerned, nothing lingers on your mind or lips! And I find myself at a loss of words, where that's concerned (and in a very bad way!)


To loud music.

This 3000square feet cafe is good place to hangout with your friends.but the only thing about this place is its very loud music yes the dj who play very good music i like that. i also talk with him
about why he play so loud and he told me because the sound must reach upper floor so thats why i can't keep it less.still this place is nice to chill with your buddys


Opposite of Great

Well, the suckiest place I have ever been to. I would advise everyone to not even think of going to this place....


Total No No, may be even 0.5 star.

Been here twice, but i don't recommend it to anyone
1) Half of the items on the menu are never available
2) Food served is not always as expected!
3) Loud music in indoors will never let you converse.TOOO Loud
4) Waiters wander here & there, but never respond/ attend once called(May be they also dont hear us due to loud music).

I guess its enough, i cant complaint more.


partha84 - Burrp User


2 Reviews

September 08,2009


Verrry bad experience

Well, my sincere and humble request to anyone and everyone who wants to party & is planning to have nice time or hang out with his/her friends: DO NOT VISIT THIS PLACE.

This place sucks bigg time. Yeah! I mean it. Food is okay. I would not say it was bad but the service was pretty slow. We ordered Tangdi Kabab for starters along with beer. It was good but the main course was horrible. We ordered Biryani with some curry but the taste was not good and to add to our woes, the biryani had a dead insect inside.

Once we found the insect, we called the waiter. The waiter was polite enough to apologize and call his manager. who in turn proved to be a hard nut to crack. He was very rude and unapologetic! To our utter shock, he even threatened to call the bouncers to kick us out if we caused problems. It was the b'day party of a friend and we never expected something like this to happen and we did not want to indulge ourselves into any such brushes but it turned out to be a very sour incident. least that we had expected something like this to happen in a restaurant at such a prime location in a place like Bandra (West).

At a time when customer service and satisfaction are the most important criteria for any commercial entity, such instances of queasy behavior make consumers lose trust on the service providers.

Beware of such 'quacks' who cannot keep their services competent but can behave oddly whenever they get a chance.


J C - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 06,2009


Value for money? NAH!

I was expecting a real Bombay/Mumbai ambience but this was not to be. The food was ok in taste but no value for money - overpriced for the portions they served. The service was slow too.

I am not going back to MTC anytime soon.


Beer and music!!

Yes its what the title suggests... lots of bar stools, some sofas, lots of LCD screens (giving a look of the sports bar), newspaper-like menu card, some beer and music.... thats the ambience of mumbai times cafe..

Nice place for some tit bit starters and beer.. great place to chill with friends... reasonably priced (compared to other bandra sit-outs)...



For some reason, I always tend to go here even though the service is KINDA shitty and the food is not all that great.


Love this place


debaser - Burrp User


12 Reviews

August 04,2009


Awful service, decent terrace

The only redeeming feature of this sub-standard bar is the terrace and the quiet atmosphere and the on/off poetry slams that happen every other Monday

Otherwise, the service is the worst Ive seen (which in Mumbai is normal) the food is rubbish , i guess they have hookahs..



On the fence...

Went there at about 6.30 pm on Thursday. Maybe it was too early in the day but the place was dullish. Not too many people, and quite dark inside. There wasn't any music playing either. We sat indoors amidst a few other after-work drinkers on this big soft couch. The terrace section had the usual teeny boppers smoking their hookahs.

It took us a while to get the waiters' attention, right from having someone guide us to our seat to coming over to take down our order. I wanted beer but they only had Foster's and Tiger, both of which I don't like too much. Finally, settled for a Tiger (and it wasn't too bad).

The paper spread menu is quite nice. Try their cheesy nachos. Music began to play half way through our stay which made the place better.

Perhaps I should check this place out a little later in the evening, at a time when it's more buzzing. Until them, I'm sitting on the fence for this one.



Nachos 'n beer!..

MTC has been my favourite ever since it opened (2-3 yrs ago?). Back then, they had 50% off on almost everything during happy hours and otherwise. Even now, their prices are quite reasonable.

The crowd is nice, usually a mix of teeny boppers and white collars. The music is REALLY loud but that only adds to the cool ambiance....a little bit of rock, anthems, and the likes. If you're there at around 6 pm to watch the sun set, try to get a table with that soft, comfortable couch. The service is prompt but you might have to wave your hand out to get the waiters attention :p

They have awesome cocktails. if u like rum try Planters Punch. The broadsheet-style food menu is quite extensive but at times the stuff is just not available. Dont worry, enjoy nachos with beer and you'll be in ur happy place!


dammm - Burrp User


6 Reviews

July 02,2009


Good sheesh, dont try anythin else

went during the t20 cup, the ambience and sheesha both are good. I had nachos and chilli paneer for starters both were badd, we left without risking the main course.


Great views, ok food & booze

Go here for a nice chilled out evening after work - its got fantastic view of the 'green' side of bandra - whatever that is. :) The food is really okay - nothing to rave about & I'd think a little over priced. This is the place to kick back a few beers. The music doesn't really do anything for me. What's really nice is that they have an open terrace to lounge around for your smoke comfortably.


Bad Service. Good place to hangout..

No doubt it has bad and slow service. I would recommend you eat some stuff outside (maybe KFC or Jai Sandwich) and then come in here just to chill out... They play good music, nice ambiance and crowd.


Pathetic food - V Slow Service

In total agreement on the music with the previous reviews - very loud to even have a conversation and the range of songs do not get past the ones i have heard 7 yrs ago...However this may have appealed to the majority of the crowd which was in thier early 20s or late 10s. We quickly moved to the open air section after trying really hard to talk in the indoor part. Overall ambiance is pretty good.
We ordered for some Mojitos..the Cranberry Mojitos was amazing....brushchetta was not bad...but the chicken chilli was terrible...there was a thick layer of oil which had the chicken and the chillis dipped ordered the nachos..the nacho chips tasted like home cooked puris (sev puri types!) yet another disaster...finally we ordered for a mexicana veg sandwich...- cold mexican salad stuffed in a roll with fries...quite mediocre.
So the food was very disappointing..but the worst was the service. First, its a mission to grab the servers attention to have him come and take the order. After placing the order, it an achievement if you get your food order within 20 mins with the server being out of your sight. The ony saving grace was the drink - other than that this joint is to be avoided.
Total damage - 1300 for 2 with drinks.



I went here on a friend's reco (despite reading awful reviews on burrp!) Well, the place is bad......The service is slow and ignorant...They did not have 3 of the 4 non-vegetarian pizzas offered on the menu.....we then opted for Moroccan Chicken Kebabs which tasted like more like Mughlai Chicken.....The waiter got us our food but forgot the cutlery. And all this goofing up when the place was not busy. God alone knows what happens when they are full.
They have a lot of variety in the menu.....but their kitchen hardly serves half of what is written on the menu.
The ambience was kinda nice, the walls had pictures of Bombay. The magazine rack was made out of lunch dabbas (innovative!)
But still, I will not be going here for a loooonnnnggg time!



Hard to say

MTC has many advantages and disadvantages :) Once you adapt to their cons, you can really enjoy the place.

Food is quite good, clean beatiful dishes, etc. There is beer on tap which is still uncommon for Mumbai. Prices are very nice for a place on top of a building in Bandra. Roof terrace is cool even though there are youngsters smoking in the night.

Service is very slow, you always have to get their attention. Music is very old fashion (it's like watching MTV of nineties) and loud in the night. We actually left several times just because of music - it's ABSOLUTELY impossible to talk with your friends, it's that loud.

Most of the visitors are local youngsters drinking beer. Not many foreigners, not many adults.


No Vodka on a Saturday night?

I do not understand the logic of offering a variety of drinks in the menu, but on a Saturday night, they did not have vodka when I entered with my friends at around 9 PM. What a sad thing to say that they were out of stock. Go buy some more! Will not be going here anymore.


useless - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 09,2009


The Worst Service Ever

Last week I went to MTC, had heard a lot about this place but was disappointed in the service and the knowledge the waiters had. It was f*cking pathetic the food was bland the beer was warm and the waiter refused us an empty table saying it was reserved, whereas when we tried to reserve it they said no.
Their nachos was like melted amul chesse with corn chips - not good it sucked.
These f*cking retards need to bloody realise that their establishment is not going to have anyone visit them if their service is like that of a worthless useless place.


amazing christmas party

i went here for the Christmas bash
paid about 1500 per head
we were 3 couples and had the time of our life
the party was well organized
good food ...( they were serving till 3 30 am )
nice alcohol
and amazing music
at first we were not sure about this event going on till that late but once we were there all our worries were converted to good memories

this place is a must visit for parties and events.
ps : try the fish here ...its too good


You will not regret goin there...

1. Awesum music
2. Nice people, waiters, DJ, atmosphere, a Happi Place.
3. Sexy Chicken Wings :D



Every time i try getting over the past experience and go there back again. It just makes me realize what a crime I've committed again.

The waiters just look through you. they wouldn't even bother to respond to you. like they were doing us a FAVOR.......... hello i am paying you Mr......... ANY order takes AGES to reach the table. and that includes even a glass of water.

They try fooling you (the costumes) but they've forgotten that every day's not a Sunday. Sometimes you get customers who know a lot more about food n booze than the manager also.

and that's exactly what happened with us but we managed to give em a piece of our mind

Anyway i believe If handled well that place can work wonders . It has every thing working for it, the location, the setup, the ambiance, the cover turnover.......... name it n they have it

i don't understand y is it so tough to maintain their standards




Food quality sukx

Well did booze lotz ovr this place

I guess a year ago it was mon/tue happy hrs

You get buy 1 get 1 free.

Basic funda is you find all baccha's who dont have money to spend and looking for a place for avg priced booze

If something is not done to this place itz gona surely end up to U-turn n Cosmic

BUt atleast u get some quality food ..I wld advice people to consider an avg place and bound their expectations

This place not classy...but okkk


good for getting drunk

good place, excellent service. I just love sitting out there with a drink, doing some people watching.




Went to this place for an early evening cocktail and food with my friends on a Saturday. The parking scene and the overall area (Linking rd.) where Mumbai Times Cafe' is located irks me for starters....literally a sea of shoppers, with wife and kids tagging along, walking all over the freakin' roads looking at trinkets and roadside clothes......drives me mad!!!

Anyways, once we got there: Ambience was good, drinks and food were strictly okay (we had margharitas, one kebab and one chinese platter), the music and clientele was questionable....commercial songs: lemon tree, tub thumpin', etc....

ran into a kiddo who had gotten drunk for the first time in his life and was over-reacting in the bathroom with his 2-3 other equally naive companions....u know, the usual clutching of the belly, fake attemps to throw up, constant swearing, pouring generous amounts of water on his head. annoying as hell...and then there was this other companion of these juvies who was holed up in the one and only stall that they have for gents to take a leak!!???!! Unbelievable...i just excused myself and came back later.

the outside section which was a terrace was also dicey and looked like a make shift arrangement/under construction. the valet too takes at least 15-20 mins to retrieve your car which is also frustrating.

few things that pleased me at this place was the huge poster with Bombay's skyline on the wall by the DJ which looked v. nice and the fact that they had a lot of TVs with various different channels playing so i could catch up on a little bit of cricket action that i had missed.


yogesh - Burrp User


4 Reviews

October 13,2008


Only for Teenagers !!!!

When one gets here, you feel nice seeing the set up of the place and the fact that u have seating on the terrace as well which is quite good.

But as time passes (half an hour max) u start to feel that u made a mistake by coming out here. (specially if its a saturday nite)

Drinks decently priced in today's scenario, but for the kind of place this one is, they become expensive, totally passable starters and if u stand or swing to music even for sometime then 4 different bouncers cum managers will come and ask u to stop by saying that "U r blocking the way"

One can easily ditch this place unless u wanna try something new on a weekday (pls dont spoil ur weekend at this place, i ruined my one precious hour), plus the terrace is full of Tandoor smoke, or if that isnt there, then the mosquitoes would definately drink up all ur beer ;)

So overall, Nothing great and definately "Below Average"

P.S: Somehow i only saw kids all around me and the music being played was when i was in my pre-teens like Dr. Alban, Backstreet boys, Boyzone, Ricky MArtin, etc etc


sukanyagopal - Burrp User


3 Reviews

September 03,2008


doesnt live upto the mumbai spirit!!!

been here just yesterday night!!! they had a beer fest looks like and the place didnt even close to smell good!!!
i had heard loads about this plcae and hence decided to go and check this place out!!! the crowd too yerterday was nt tht gr8!!!
food we tried were decent!!! but the worse part was tht they were out of vodka and conitreau!!!a and mean boss half of the cocktails on the menu were not available!!!!!!!!!
if its a lounge or a pub!!! dude u atleast got to have vodka in the bar!!!!!!!!! and or the experince!!the bill was way above the service given!!!!!!!
we had to walk out of the place due to lack of stuff in their refrigerator


Rooftops are nice, roaches are not

I like this place because it has a rooftop. So does The Coast (next door) but I'm not talking about that right now, so drop it. I said drop it!

We went there last night before seeing Get Smart (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED) and it was nice to see a bar with good bar equipment and a bar you can sit at (rare in Bombay...?).

The outside area was closed - bummer - that is the real draw for me, it's way too loud inside.

Anyway - we sat at the bar and the food sucked, there were a few cockroaches here and there, and we left.

I still like the outdoors which is why I'm still giving it three stars. If they close the outdoors area though - it would be a one star / never return kinda place.



Amazing sports nights + concept!

I went here for the 20-20 world cup final, and had a blast! The place has tv screens all over, and during game nights they have a projector screen and a great dj! I would thoroughly recommend the cafe to anyone who wants to watch games in a noisy and energetic atmosphere. After the world cup final I went during the day and realised that the cafe has two different menus - a morning edition (more non-alcoholic drinks/snacks etc) and an evening edition (cocktails/ alcoholic deserts etc). The menu is designed as a newspaper, which I thought was very cool as it goes well with MTC's concept of 'catch up'. Food and drinks are reasonably priced, and there's an open terrace with hukkas and a great view of Bandra. The service was quite slow that day, but I went again for the IPL games and it seems to have improved A LOT! Tuesdays are boozeday-tuesday nights, which makes drinks affordable - and definitely try the alcoholic deserts they have...
Overall, the concept and decor of the place is excellent! The service is now MUUUUCH better than what it was a while ago, and food is ok. There are various drinks, all priced fairly reasonable (considering it's in Bandra).


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April 16,2008


Cute cafe..Gud place to chill

This rooftop cafe is divided into two - a lounge bar type with music and a small outdoor cafe with hukkas.

We sat outside. The menu is in the form of a newspaper. It was quite comprehensive and has a section especially for the health concious ranging from sandwiches to rolls to smoothies and shots. Unfortunately none of the health drinks were available.

Ordered a ratatouille olive bread sandwich and a corn and bell pepper wrap. The wrap was ok a little hard but the sandwich was good. Both were accompanied by raw sprouts. They serve the tea with khari biscuits.

The service is ok and the waiters don't know too much of whats on the menu. You have to give a seperate tip for the hukka (Yes he asked for it !)

Damages: Food ranges from Rs 70 - 150 Hukka is Rs 150

Would I go there again ? Definately..Finally another place to go to besides Mocha for a hukka



Waste of time

First, it's impossible to find the place if you've not been there before. The guards down the building also do not know about the cafe.

It feels sad to see how much can one screw up with such a lovely location in hand. The area outside is full of mosquitoes, which they've not found a solution for.

The food is BAD. Ther's no explanantion for uncooked pasta and rice in the world! The waiter are confused. They do not know what a particular dish in the menu means.

And now comes the worst part (and the most hilarious too). You can sit at the restaurant until 2 but the valet guy leaves at 1!


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January 12,2008


the best to hang out wid ur chic

kewl place with two partion with a roof top


A look

Boose Day on tuesdays.
Nice Music and televisons
Open Air space on the 5th floor


Nice place to chill out

I was there a couple of weeks ago, went in there to escape the heat. The review below aptly describes the ambiance and the fact that menu left much to be desired.
Anyways, my friend ordered a pint (as it was happy hours, there was a buy one get one free offer). I didn't feel like drinking so ordered non-alcoholic beverage, so i ordered for a Jumbo chocolate shake ( i think that's what its called). Well it surely was Jumbo. But here's the sad part - it tasted exactly like bournvita :( .
Not worth the money.
There was also a selection of Hukkas in the veranda outside but we didn't try that out that day. The have a nice array of magazines that you can read while your there, it includes business magazines, lifestyle magazines , women related magaziness etc etc. if your bored you can watch TV too. they got 2 screens and one projector to screen important sports events and the like.

Overall seemed like a nice place to chillout with your friends, but the menu badly needs some more additions. So like the dude below me, i'll go and check out that place sometime later to see how its progressed so far.


Good concept... but needs improvement

Altho i went to the Mumbai Times Cafe (MTC) last month, i havent been able to write a review on it till now...

MTC is located on the 5th floor of ... you guessed it - a shopping mall. It could be a wee bit confusing to first-timers as there aren't any clear directions to get to the place despite the fact that there were multiple yellow-coloured MTC signs all around the building. Anyway, you need to go around the back where there are 2 elevators and take the one on the left and head up. My usual partner in crime was there of course, the Madman along with our close friend O-Man who was down from Dubai.

Huge floor-to-ceiling B&W posters of people travelling the Mumbai local trains and such like greet you as you exit the elevators. There's an antique time-piece hanging over the entrance door which looked quite cool. As we entered the place, the first thing i notice were the widely spread tables. Felt great having that much space around our table. I must say it seemed like you were entering someone's living room rather than a cafe.
The menu was quite neatly done resembling a tabloid newspaper. It was a fairly extensive drinks (read - alcohol) listing. Being a cafe i would have thought there'd be a larger selection in the non-liquored beverage section but it was just basic variants of mocktails, coffee and tea. They should do something about that.
We ordered some starters (Nachos, Kebabs) which were just OK. The drinks were nice and chilled tho. Basic cost of a bottle of beer was Rs.200 (i think).
There's also an outside section which might be a nice place to hang out when the weather's a lot more pleasant than the evening we were there.

Overall this place is a good idea for a hangout. I think they'll probably get a lot more college-going types in here than an older crowd. While they did a few good things with the ambience like the B&W fotos on the walls outside and the ceilings inside, there's still a whole lot more they can do. The service needs to get a lot better. When i asked the bartender (probably the 3rd or 4th most-commonly-asked-question-to-bartenders) for a match, he looked at me like i was from the Planet W-T-F-are-you-talkin-about. The waiters also didnt seem to be on top of their game that evening. For some musical entertainment there was guy-girl duo singing pop/rock tracks as well.

All in all i'd come to this place again probably once more about a month down the line to see if things have changed for the better.