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> > > > Murali Hotel

Murali Hotel

PowaiCentral Suburbs  

  • 09930783012, 09987519741
  • 1st Floor, Above Thunga bus stop, Saki Vihar Road, Near Larsen & Toubro Gate No 7, Powai, Mumbai
  • Keralan
  • Meal for 2 - 300

13 Reviews / 17 Ratings

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Murali Hotel Reviews


Liked this place

Very friendly hosts, homely and tasty food in generous quantity, reasonably priced. I loved this place. Go if you have enough time to spare, it may become crowded.

Directions: Coming from Powai, at L n T junction turn left, after gate no:7, you will see Thunga bus stop on the left..its behind the bus stop



Find some other far better malayalee hotels

Guys,ths is not a restaurant..they hv 2 tables and some chairs.. Place is not at al hygienic.. Once u enter , u will feel congested..
Moderators pls be noted that ths hotel hv no AC..not kids friendly.. Infact they hv a table fan, which will not be be available if u r ordering cheap..
Horrible behavior from the owner.. no menu cards..he keeps muttering about the rising prices of vegetables n all.. No wonder u wont find any regular customer thr..
Thr r much bettr hotels around the viscinity which are far bettr n pocket friendly.. Nithyananda, friends,Wilson.. A new hotel 'Spice of Kerala' near Maroshi can be a good option and economic..

Abt Murali : Below avg food ,Pathetic Behavior , under hygienic and congested..


San34 - Burrp User


1 Reviews

August 26,2011




Lets make this ONAM special with our Thumpapoo chor and Ada-Pradhaman

We will be providing ONA-Sadhya during ONAM days which includes 20 special kerala dishes and Ada-Pradhaman....all you need to do is make a call and book your ONA-SADHYA.......

For home deliveries and other functions make the booking at the earliest....

Phone:- 9930783012


Not impressed

I went over here solely on the basis of Burp reviews .As has been stated by many , the hotel operates out of Mr Murali's residence .
Cleanliness and hygiene can be a concern .. Parathas were nowhere near the fare available in kerala .. Doesn't have a menu, mr murali seems to billing on the basis of looks and clothes of the guest .

Not at all recommended .


Not Happening...

I was one among many who just went to this place because of the reviews on burrps….. mind you, this is no restaurant …this is not even a roadside shack…..Mr Murali & his wife have put two tables in the middle of their 200 Sq feet home…
Yes its very hard to locate but with the fellow burrpers’ comments I was able to spot it….As soon as we climbed the stairs we were greeted by a warm smile of Mr Murali who immediately cleaned the chairs for us to sit. There was no menu as, such but we were told orally what all items were available.
We ordered for a chicken gravy , fish fried & rotis. Chicken was a bit spicy and the fish was extremely oily. Mrs Murali was cooking these dishes right in front of my eyes in her kitchen. Now I am not a cleanliness freak but definitely hygiene at this place was a concern and I was not too sure that I should eat & stuff myself. Tables & chairs were dilapidated and covered with a layer of dust. Ended up the meal with a glass of butter milk and filter coffee. Both were pretty good.
Overall I found the food to be pretty average and nothing out of the ordinary but coz of shady ambiance and concern over hygiene I would not recommend this place!!!



Better but no THE BEST

I have tried a lot of Murali Dishes, being honest exept Porotta all other dishes are good. But since I am honest, I should not only praise Murali hotel. There are 5-6 other Kerala hotels exixt in the near visinity of Murali hotel or in Powai. In Sakinaka there are a number of Kerala hotels viz. NITHYANAND, FRIENDS, WILSON, RAINA, VIJAYAS, MAVELI..etc. So I don't understand why only praise Murali, when the food available at these said hotels are far better than Murali's and are more cheaper than Murali's. Not only that they are having good space inside, not like Murali's conjusted area of 3-6 seat. So I would request all the Burrpers to explore all these said hotels also. And one more thing is that like Murali's it is not very difficult to reach these hotels in Sakinaka.


univers - Burrp User


1 Reviews

December 22,2009


Murali Hotel, Near L&T gate No 7

This down to earth Mallu joint hides inside a small first floor room behind the bus stop near L&T Gate No:7. There are no signboards or nameplates.

The owner of this hotel believes only in word-of-mouth publicity and survives on loyal customers. A husband-wife team does all the work, from taking orders to cooking, serving and handling cash.
Service might take a while, because almost everything is cooked fresh as per order, but the taste is fabulous.
The place is quite congested, about four tables squeezed into a very small room, which can sit max 6 people.

We tried their bangda masala, pomfret fry, aattirachi ularthiyathu and chicken curry and all the dishes earn 10 out of ten.
Parottas and Appams are also made afresh and served.
If you dont care about the ambiance and decor, then this is the place to go for!

How to reach: If you are going from Powai, after the left turn at L&T junction, look for L&T gate no:7 to your left. After the gate, there is a bus stop to your left. Behind this bus stop, there is a narrow staircase which leads you to first floor. A curtain clad door to your right opens into this Murali Hotel.
Contact number: 9930783012


geet_aries - Burrp User


1 Reviews

November 04,2009


Okkk Place..........

Had been to Murali's restaurant Yest. as mentioned its a very small hotel that can hardly accomadate 7-8 people food was good but didnt find it that hygenic and parathas were not that fresh as expected. Ok place n yes no doubt Mr. Murali and his wife were very friendly



must try

reaching this place is not difficult at all.....if u r coming from powai towards sakinaka...cross L&T gate no.7...after around 350 meters....there would be a bus stop...opp kodak express studio....just behind the bus stop there is a iron ladder (old ppl wud find it difficult to step) which takes u to murali.

its a very small place (hardly can accomodate 10-12 pax)...very homely atmosphere....i tried kerala paratha with chicken curry and fisy murali (owner) keeps on giving u complimentary stuff such as some sweet dish, papad, pickel, especial fish....for which he dont charge you.

overall worth visiting, i will rate it 7 out of 10.


simply superb

Visited Murali's couple of days back, for lunch. Inspite of all the detailed instructions to reach there, we were a little lost. Finally one of us read the board, difficult to decipher as it was laden with dust.

A small iron staircase leads you to the food.No ambience at all, just simple home food. They were happy to serve us. ordered for chicken biryani, fried rawas, chicken massala, chapatis. loved the fish fry.

It really depends what your taste bud wants, I gave this place a try after previous reviews. would drop in again


AG  - Burrp User


5 Reviews

February 07,2009


Homely Malayalee Food

Murali's restaurant is very homely mallu food. Great place to have mallu snacks as well as meals. Its not a typical commercial venture but its the husband & wife who cook- fresh and served hot from kitchen. Enjoy in snacks- putte, dosa, mallu sambar. In main course try the fish curry and the yummy masala chicken. Good place to also run away from merely roti to malayalee paratha. Sign off with with a nice coffee.
Note: 1. Its a humble place with large heart for serving food. Have it once and you will yearn for it.
2. Finding Murali's place is damn tough. To make it easy here are the directions: While coming from Powai towards saki naka, cross Gate 7 of L&T. 350m from there on left comes Muali's place just above bus stop. Its opp. a Kodak Express Studio.
3. Murali's can be reached at 9930783012
4. VFM is a understatement. You will enjoy so much that you wouldn't mind give a big tip
5. Car parking is a challenge but park just opp. or on same side as Murali's place. But ensure its parked so that you can see from the restaurant. Watch for the tow, though on weekends you can be rest assured of no one bothering


enkay - Burrp User


8 Reviews

November 03,2008


Good Malayalee food

Further to the previous review, this place certainly deserves a mention.

Excellent Malayalee cuisine, it is a small hotel. We had a hard time finding it in spite of pearljan's review on how to find it.

Coming from JVLR (Jogeshwari vikhroli link road), turn right below the L&T bridge towards Saki Naka. Go past L&T Gate 7 and find the first bus stop on the left. Right behind the bus stop shelter you will find a narrow iron staircase going up (quite dangerous actually). A very small place, overlooking the main road and has a nice little roadside-1st floor ambience of itself.

Must try here - EVERYTHING. They're open pretty much throughout the day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No home deliveries though, you can get your own dabba and take-away.

Will surely return to this place, due to the dearth of Malayalee restaurants around this place.


All you lost Mallu souls come home to good food

This hole in the wall (literally) place is difficult to find. It is right at the BEST bus stop beyond L&T Gate 7. There's a narrow metal ladder that leads you to this 2 tabled, 10 seater hotel.

Run by Murali and his wife Sudha, Hotel Murali has been around for 8 odd years. L&T employees are regulars here. Their food is home like, with a good variety of dishes prepared with very less oil. Of course, they don't deliver. But be sure you know when to say 'No', because 'Daddy' Murali will want to keep offering you generous servings of food while the calories add on! :)

The speciality is fish. They also make a variety of good vegetarian items, chicken and sambar. They serve parothas, chapattis and rice. Besides meals, they also get busy in the day with dal wadas, dosas, idlis, etc.

For those around this area, it's a must try especially when you want to show off your knowledge of the area :)