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> > > > Nandu's Paratha House

Nandu's Paratha House

FortSouth Mumbai  

  • 22702265, 22642265, 9821626387
  • 19, Sonawala Bldg, Green Street, Fort, Mumbai
  • North Indian, Punjabi
  • Meal for 2 - 250

8 Reviews / 8 Ratings

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Nandu's Paratha House Reviews



Hey whoever u r Bakwass...eater..don't say yakkks to food...if u don't like it keep it to urself...I think d food is amazing n out of d world...n d hardwork v hav seen of d two partners.I think u should try running a restaurant..



previously food was little good and price was proper

now price is too much as they know tht their fame is increased and food is yakkkk.....

hopeless never to visit there again


Parathe galli bahut khub

A place on my agenda particularly during the month of Shravan, but something or the other kept delaying the visit.

Rain decided to play spoil sport, so had to order in. The phone was picked up in just two rings and order taken down with recommendations thrown in.

Aloo methi was our choice and the voice on the phone suggested that we try out their speciality Pizza parantha and Pav Bhaji Parantha; accompanied by curd & pickle besides their famous chole.

It was delivered piping hot promptly within 20 minutes as committed.

The only comment after demolishing - Complete value - price, quality, service and definitely worth trying and repeating.


rahul  - Burrp User


1 Reviews

September 02,2010


Great food, but not enough space!!

Amazing range of parathas. Who thought of ever serving a chocolate paratha.. but Nandu does !! Rajma paratha is yumm and add paneer makhani which is awesome.

A little cramped for space and afternoons are really tough..

Need to go there again !!


hetal - Burrp User


13 Reviews

April 19,2010


Soooo many cool options!

Pizza Parathas, pav bhaji parathas, paneer tikka parathas and the yummm garlic cheese parathas is all that we tried ... Accompanied with the dal makhani and paneer makhani which we got on the owners reco...well worth it!!! it was a perfect takeaway and reached us within 30 minutes... all the parathas including the favouriteee aloo paratha were simply superb...
Ppl may find it a tad pricey , nevertheless its completely worth it !


tully - Burrp User


6 Reviews

February 09,2010


small place but good food!

the variety of parathas this place offers is amazing.
their dal makhani and paneer subzi is excellent and it goes well with any paratha they offer,
this place is a must try! the pizza topping paratha is amazing and so is the awesome chocolate paratha! one if it can fill 2-3 people




wow!! what parathas, amazing stuff ,also tried their dal makhani was equally good
highly recommended


Rockin !

Nandus is a small joint located in a busy busy area, take out and delivery is their mainstay but i dont think it will be long before it gets more and more popular.

Their menu is expansive and offers a crazy bunch of parathas (from traditional like aloo, gobi to the avant garde pizza paratha , pasta and the insane sounding chocolate paratha) whats amazing is that it actually works and the pizza paratha and the aloo gobi i had rocked as did the garlic and cheese.

they do a mean punjabi, the lasooni paneer was great as was the dal makhani. the masala chaas rocks but i wish it were in a bigger glass.

All in all, the place is small with limited seating and little by way of comfort. But what it lacks in ambiance it more than makes up for in food. go in the evening when its less crazy or just have them deliver. you wont regret it.

A full fledged meal for 3 cost around 650.