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genesis - Burrp User


September 30,2013

Still Carrying The Flame

Visited after many months to order a takeout of momos, thukpa, tibetan flat noodles and 2 main courses (Chicken and Veg).
Trying to be veg, passed on the usual pork momos and ordered the veg ones. They were surprisingly good and tasty. Not filled with half cooked greens like many other places.
The thukpas (veg and chicken) were great as usual. Chicken was so so, flat noodles great and the buddhas delight was awesome.

Friends with whom we had dinner cemented the fact that despite the ambience and appearance, food is what sets Sernyaa apart.
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Saurabh Shete - Burrp User

Saurabh Shete

August 21,2013

Restaurant Review : Sernyaa

Located in Oshiwara, is this blink and you’ll miss joint right opposite the famed Lotus petrol Pump. Recommended by a friend of mine, saying, don’t expect great ambiance, but you can expect really good food, I decided to give it a go.

Along with my partner I went. It took us a while to locate the restaurant… drove past a couple of times but eventually after asking a few people, we saw the dimly lit, obscure place. One really wouldn’t expect it to be in an area like Oshiwara, where all other places are vibrant and loud in their outward appearance!

So we found a parking spot and entered. A very small, 6 tabled joint, greeted us with a typical Chinese food aroma! Ideally it is supposed to be a Tibetan restaurant, but us, Mumbai city slickers wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between Chinese and Tibetan food.

Anyway, we’d been recommended the Thuk-pa soup. Was supposed to be their best offering. So, without even looking at the Menu, we ordered for a Chicken Thuk-pa soup and in typical Indian style, like we do for all Chinese food, asked him to split it in two – Chicken Thuk-pa soup, One by Two, our order!

For starters, anybody with common sense would order Momos at a Tibetan place. However, like everyone around me keeps saying, Common sense is the most uncommon. And that’s exactly what I lack, many a time. We ordered the Manager’s recommendation, Pepper spiced chicken. The name itself, sounds like a Chinese dish originated in a local restaurant!

The soup arrived, and lived up to every appraising word about it. It was perfectly seasoned, light, had copious amounts of boiled chicken pieces and served its purpose of being an appetizer to the T. The starter, as expected, looked and tasted exactly like any other Chinese starter that you may find at your neighborhood Chinese joint. Although it tasted really well, it was a bit oily.

For the main course, we ordered one of their unpronounceable noodles. We asked them to not make them spicy and they obliged. The noodles arrived at the table within minutes of ordering. Again, ample quantity of chicken pieces in the dish to complement the noodles. The noodles, quite honestly tasted like the usual Haka noodles. They even looked the same. However, the myriad choices of sauces placed on each table, made every bite interesting.

The key thing to observe along with good food, is that unlike other Chinese restaurants, where the Manager is typically Indian but the waiters are imported from the North Eastern parts of India to resemble Chinese, this is a complete paradox. The waiters are locals while the manager looks quintessentially Tibetan.

Our only grouse – The walls are painted bright red, which gives a very crammed feel to the place, and the tables are literally places adjoining each other, ergo, at times, you find yourself a part of your neighboring table’s conversation!

Otherwise, it left good memories with us. The total bill for two for this three course meal was Rs. 620, which, in today’s times, is cheap for a West suburban joint!

Food: 4/5
Ambiance: 2/5
Service: 4/5
Verdict: Deserves repeat visits.
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Shirin Mehrotra - Burrp User

Shirin Mehrotra

July 03,2013

Tiny place with great food

It's been a while since I went to this place. Don't exactly remember what I ate except for the thukpa and momos. Both were great and the total bill was negligible. Should definitely go again and eat here.
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V Madhekar - Burrp User

V Madhekar

March 09,2013

Sernya has moved to Malad

Uncle John and the Sernya brand which he created has shifted to Malad. Whats left in Oshiwara now is only the name and brand. Food quality sucks. Old stale food is served. The freshness during Uncle's time is no longer there. Its high time Burrp should review this place again and remove the 4-5 star status from this branch as its misleading. All the earlier reviews should be credited to Malad branch as that is the REAL SERNYA now.
So patrons beware, do not get duped by the Oshiwara branch anymore. I have gone there a couple of times after Uncle John left, but it is never going to be the same again.
If you liked Uncle John, just drive down to Chincholi Bunder Malad West and try the same good old taste of Sernya there
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TheChallenger - Burrp User


September 14,2012

Absolutely Infuriating!!!

Serynaa has never been particularly prompt with deliveries but an order placed today took upto 2 hours to arrive. We'd ordered four dishes but received only a tiny packet of sauce to go with it. I called back as asked for more and was told it would arrive soon. And hour later I called back to say it had not and was told that the restaurant was on break. Its been almost 4 hours now and I'M STILL WAITING FOR SAUCE. I CANNOT EAT THE MOMOS PLAIN!!!!
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drsunilk - Burrp User


August 31,2012


I have been to Sernyaa many times at oshiwara as well as in malad. Their momos are to die for both veg n non veg!!! also the bamboo rice is a trademark sernyaa dish. excellent food, ambience is okayish service is fine!!! do visit for a momo treat. You wont go back disappointed.
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pacmangs1 - Burrp User


February 25,2012

excellent food...

i think tibetian food is much better than the over hyped easily available chinese food...
it is excellent for home delivery...but u cannot eat it there as the ambience is not as good as the food...
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Shephali Salgaonkar - Burrp User

Shephali Salgaonkar

June 03,2011

A Little to late to review! ~

I wish i had written a review when i actually adored this place, so much so that i used to wake up and crave for their Spare Ribs.
Sernyaa was never high on ambience, but the amazing food covered for it. Now im not sure why exactly, the quality of food has seriously deteriorated.
Last time i was there we ordered for Spare Ribs (Again!) which were DISAPPOINTING (Again!) and didnt taste the same anymore, Chang Rasha was supposed to be stir fried mutton. It was crunchy and didnt taste like mutton at all!
The rice (Shaptha de) and the tibetien style chicken lollypop were the 2 things that we ordered and liked.
The uncle at the counter is still very sweet, however service was zooooper slow! they served me my cola after my meal was done!?
If you guys at Sernyaa are reading this, please please Pleeeeeeez! make spare ribs that awesomely again!
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sanjog dhinsa - Burrp User

sanjog dhinsa

January 17,2011

very disappointing food

veg momos had too much ginger in the filling , veg thukpa was a watery noodle soup and paneer main dish needed plenty of the sauces to enhance the taste. won't think of trying food from here again. sauces were the only saving grace !!!
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Roanna Fernandes - Burrp User

Roanna Fernandes

December 13,2010

Save Tibet!

This is a great place to eat at when your finances are hitting the craters-in-your-pockets stage (blame all these new expensive places coming up all over the city)! We had steamed chicken momos, lama rasha wok (lamb marinated in ginger with soya-garlic and fresh chillies) and the Chef special rice (it had peanuts, dried onion, lemon grass, coriander and chicken pieces - so exciting). The steamed momos were made to perfection, we had no complaints absolutely with them - very yummy and melt-in-your-mouth dumplings, the sauces helped too. My friend walloped them in less than a minute so yeah, you can imagine! The rasha wok was delicious, I've had lamb before but never quite had the delight of gobbling such succulent pieces (that don't smell weird and that's not not-cooked properly). The flavours also were really yummy in smell as well. The lemon grass in the rice was so strong, it brought about a really fresh taste to the palate, the peanuts in it were crunchy, the rice was quite exotic. All in all, me and my friend, we enjoyed the food so much and I really wanna go there again. I'd love recommending it to all you guys as well! Truly a lovely taste of Tibetan cuisine - Sernyaa. :-)
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mozzufoodie11 - Burrp User


November 01,2010

Upset stomach!

Food and service was disappointing. Fell sick after eating a mutton dish and chicken noodles. Mutton seemed uncooked and stale. Service was laid back and unresponsive.
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Nivedita Karmaran - Burrp User

Nivedita Karmaran

October 01,2010

No Frills Restaurant

As soon as you enter, you realize how cramped the place is but once you settle down and look at the menu. There are several choices you can select and for such a small space there is lot on their menu.

We ordered the momo's but since I am not a big fan of them. I felt they were strictly ok.
The Tibetan soup and chicken spring rolls were good. Flat noodles were tasty. The food was good.

The service was bad, since it was a Sunday night with the restaurant almost full. We asked for glass of water when we came but was not served till the time we got the bill for our food.
If you stay in Andheri, it would be best to order food at home than eat over there.
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bhatsushant - Burrp User


September 25,2010

Bad Phone Attendant!!!!!

After reading the reviews here, I decided to try out Sernyaa. Placed an order for delivery and I was told it would take 1 hr to deliver. After an hour, I called back and talked to the phone attendant again, his name was Sujit, who told me that my order had just left n would be at my place in 20 mins. 40 mins later I called back and was given the same answer with an infuriating careless attitude. So I asked for the phone number of the delivery boy who, thankfully, turned out to be more courteous than the attendant. He apologized profusely and won me over, otherwise I had my heart set on cancelling the order. Needless to say the food was great and I was told that the delays are being caused as uncle John had been sick for a week and the attendant was a new guy. +1 Star for the delivery boy and a +2 for the food. wishing uncle john a speedy recovery.
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Melvin DAlmeida - Burrp User

Melvin DAlmeida

July 17,2010

Ok Momos

The primary for visiting the place for me was momo's I wanted to taste good tibetan momo's The first day when we went there Uncle John was very warm in welcoming us. We ordered other starters and momo's The momos were broken we thought it was one off however the birds nest starter was very interesting though not as tasty as we thought it would be.

The first time the seating was very congested and we were sitting in the far corner where the restaurant tends to forget you so yes everything had to be asked for twice. Also we realised we ordered more starters on the insistence of uncle john and then we could not have the main course.

The place is congested and toilet is not so useable even for men then I wonder what it would be for women. The staff is not very attentive to customers needs. They even forget to serve you water which has to be asked for.

The second time yesterday we decided to give this place another try. This time we decided to stick to only and only momo's even though uncle john as usual insisted on us trying one of his special starter we were adamant and stuck to momo's. The chicken momos which were pan fried were oily but reasonably tasty. But the prawn momo we ordered was just smelling of prawns so much so that me and my friend both couldnt have it.

We came to this place as an alternate for steaming momo's Versova which was amazing for its momos especially rice momos. However rice momo's were not on the menu at sernyaa.

The food may be really good tibetan but for the Indian pallette I am not sure how far it goes well. Before going to this restaurant know well what you would like to try or else you will end up biting more than you can chew.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

May 27,2010

Going downhill

When Sernyaa opened for business a couple of year ago, I was amongst the first few customers. There was the good ole John who would come to your table and take orders and also explain the nuances of the various sauces of Tibetan food and how it varied from the Chinese cuisine.
So the humble setting notwithstanding I was a regular there for some months.
Recently, I decided to revisit my acquaintance with the place and was very upset to see how the place, the food, the service had all deteriorated.
They do not have have the stuff you want. This was one of the few places you could get good pork momos but they did not have pork when we decided to order it. Accepting this is fair enough, we then ordered for lamb only to be told several minutes later that this was not available either and we had to make do with chicken alone.
Due to this confusion in ordering, the veg chaps at our table were served first while we kept staring at their plates, hoping that the food we received would make this wait worthwhile.
Alas, what we got was the standard stuff you get at any road side Chinese joint. And the service is as good as non-existent - no more smiling portly uncles to recommend what we could and should have.
I mourn the demise of a good eatery in the burbs :(
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Christopher Keve - Burrp User

Christopher Keve

May 26,2010

No frills attached

I have been to Sernyaa quite a few times with friends and family, and have never been disappointed.

A not very well known secret for pork lovers is that you can order a fare of pork too; pork items have not been mentioned on the menu in an attempt to shield vegetarians from a meaty shock. The bamboo rice is one of a kind. The momos are great; the pork seems a little heavily salted at times, whereas the chicken lacks salt at times. The sauces served with the momos are brilliant. Most main course dishes are delicious and go very well with the bamboo rice. Consistency issues aside, the food is good and most certainly won’t break the bank.

What you must bear in mind when visiting this restaurant is that it’s not a fancy joint, it’s a cramped restaurant built into a shop with a mediocre ambiance.

Customer service/Management of the restaurant:
Wait times can be on the higher side at times. “Uncle” as everyone knows him is quite the businessman, whilst making you feel completely at home he will very readily customize or help you pick out something to eat (its not unknown for him to suggest items that are on the more expensive side though).

The pricing here is a matter of perspective; for the kind of ambiance and hygiene, I feel it’s a tad overpriced

Certainly not up to the mark. If you have ever asked to use the washroom, you will be ushered into a grime covered 2x2 loo; holding your breath is highly recommended. Worse still is if you happen to catch a glimpse of the kitchen on your way to the loo, you just might loose your appetite.

Oh yea, don’t forget to have a chat with the old guy, interesting stories he has; and while your at it ask him his age… you will be surprised.
Parking can be a problem.
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Ray M - Burrp User

Ray M

May 17,2010

Awesome Tibetian fare..

Well...to start with ..dont expect this to be some fancy posh restaurant. Step inside and you will see that its a small congested restaurant with the tables stacked up next to each other barely leaving you any place to stretch your legs. The Air con isnt that great and the whole place has a very grubby feel to it. But thats exactly where the bad stuff ends. As they say ..appearences can be deceptive , and that holds true in case of Sernyaa. all it takes is a bite of their luscious momos ..or a few pork spare ribs ( not on the menu ..ask the waiter for it ;) )and you will see why this place was voted the best authentic tibetian food joint in mumbai.The "must try" list over here includes the Momos' along with the tangy sauces they provide. If you're a pork fan ..go for the pot roast or the pork spare ribs . Also , not to be missed is the amazing bamboo rice. Dont expect to find bits of bamboo in your ride..the dish gets its name because its cooked and served in a bamboo shoot. To top it all , the staff here is very courteous ..especially the owner , who personally takes your orders and is always the charmer ..especially when it comes to the ladies. :D . The prices are pretty resonable ..and a full course meal for two should set u back by about 500 bucks max. All in all ..a nice place for a saturday nite dinner..
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vikrantgaitonde - Burrp User


February 06,2010


The place is congested and the service is inconsistent. Food is really good, but won't find the same taste for a specific item, every time. Its an unhygienic and unorganized show. Atmosphere is very chaotic.
Good place for bachelors and couples , but not for groups.Price is really low.
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Sara Capela - Burrp User

Sara Capela

February 02,2010

Pilgrimage to Tibet

I guess the best time to write a review about a place you love is when you are really craving for it. Sernyaa has literally changed my life...I manage to make a weekly "pilgrimage" to Sernyaa in Oshiwara, all the way from Bandra just to be able to pacify my need for just about the best momos I've ever had!

One order comprised of 6 pieces of the most delectable steamed chicken momos, and another order of the same but in a pan-fried crunchy variety. It has happened a few times, that they run out of one of the 3 main sauces: a mild orange colored sauce, a sweet red sauce, and a concoction of cabbage, garlic, ginger and soya dip. When this happens, there's no other option for me than to return again very soon, and indulge in yet another heavenly meal!

However, a great Tibetan meal would not be accomplished without a hot slurp of thukpa (Tibetan soup), so that has also become a staple choice to start the meal with. One bowl is a meal itself, and you can always do a 1 by 2 with your foodie friend.

The place is tiny with about 6-8 tables, and if you go on a Saturday night you'll find that there's a long line of people patiently waiting outside, only surpassed by the constant phone ringing for all of the home delivery orders. In the monsoon, under the pouring rain and lightning, I've witnessed the same amount of people outside waiting for a table (I was one of them).

The point is, after visiting once, most people become regulars and dare I say "hooked" onto the place. Not only is Sernyaa very affordable (a meal for 2 can range from Rs. 300-600), the service is fast and courteous. As everyone has mentioned before, the star of the show is Uncle John! He is kindness personified, always so extremely warm and polite that you feel like you're coming home! Sernyaa is highly recommended and you won’t be disappointed. If I had to chose only one place to eat at everyday for the rest of my life, this would be it!
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dshsd - Burrp User


January 26,2010

love it

have been to this place atleast 50 times...the only problem is that sometimes the momos are pungent for some reason...otherwise you wont get better momos anywhere else in mumbai...love the sauces that they give with their momos
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foodman87 - Burrp User


November 28,2009


Great food, sweet ambiance, nice ppl, SUPERB UNCLE JOHN!!
just the place you are looking for while out on a sales call :D
went in on a sunny day surprisingly a "hole in the wall" sorta place has it all covered. went in again for dinner the next time and the quality of food never seems to change. ITS AWSOME!!
the place is a lil dingy if you may...but other than that its great!! will visit again soon..THANK U UNCLE JOHN!!
and thank you Mr. Lama (the owner) for giving bombay what we needed most..a refreshing change from everything...a refreshing TIBET :D
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Pradosh Manerkar - Burrp User

Pradosh Manerkar

July 05,2009

Food is good...but hygiene is suspect

I have been to Sernyaa thrice. First time I went based on reviews I had heard from a frnd and I had gone with my girlfriend.

We enjoyed the lunch. It was unique. The manager/owner was a middle aged man who told me it was the honey day or something like that in Tibet and tht we shud have the honey ice-cream or something. We had it and it was gud. So, overall we were satisfied.

Second time I had taken two of my friends with me. This time the experience was, to put in mild terms, not encouraging enough to go a third time without trepidation. My friend took a veg. soup and found what we thought to be a piece of chicken in it. That was still cool as she was not a complete vegetarian and did not freak out. At that time, the food was good. And later, when we were getting up there we looked to take a pinch of aniseed. We saw ants crawling in the bowl. That was something that would anybody off. As I had recommended the restaurant, I was slightly embarrassed.

I have not gone there since then not because of the reasons mentioned above, but because I did not get a chance to. But, whenever I get a chance now, I can not promise I will be confident of the quality and service. And I will definitely think twice before recommending this restaurant to anybody. I think they shud look to maintain some sort of hygiene.
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Janice  - Burrp User


June 26,2009

So very unhygienic

I can't imagine I went here (based on the rave reviews I had heard/read). My friends happily ordered their favorite food and a dish for me too. The restaurant was stinking of a dingy, damp place as soon as I stepped in. To add to it, the pork in the soup had such a terrible stink, I couldn't even swallow my first sip and had to spit it out. I sat there and waited for my friends to finish and later went to Infinity food court and satisfied my appetite and also drank at least 2 lemonades to wash down the bad taste still in my mouth.

I'm glad I'm not from Andheri, because people there sure do settle for very unhygienic places just because it's unique! SAD
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genesis - Burrp User


June 25,2009

Best Momo's South of The Hills

Having moved back to mumbai from delhi (where momo vendors on cycles dot many street corners and access to hills with tibetan eateries is a few hours away), Sernyaa is the one place which has satisfied my momo cravings multiple times. Last night was a midnight run after a international airport dropoff and it did not dissapoint.
Steaming hot chicken momo, chicken changsha (with added veggies) and plain rice equalled bliss.
Plain jane clean ambience (but not a dump) Highly recommended for foodies or take out!
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Balaji Vaidyanathan - Burrp User

Balaji Vaidyanathan

May 18,2009

Heavenly Momos!!!

Heavenly Momos and great hospitality from Uncle John's make this place worth coming back to time and again...
The chicken steamed momos and the black pepper sauce accompanying the momos are the best I've ever eaten. Looking at place from outside - so unassuming and modest - more like a shack - than a hotel - one cannot imagine that they serve so tasty and delicious food - and the best part is that it's real cheap - Rs. 150-200 for a meal for 2 easily...
Don't miss the momos and the thupka soup...
They deliver also so that's an added benefit.
Worth trying - though finding the place may not be so easy - just opposite to the Lotus Petrol Pump.
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Sanjay Kashyap - Burrp User

Sanjay Kashyap

April 06,2009

Good Comfort food!

Good ole Uncle John! He makes your food and you can talk to him while you eat ! Homely Comfort.

Small, almost missed, if you are driving towards the bigger restaurant area in Oshiwara, hole in the wall eatery amongst
all the auto shops - dont go there for an dining experience - just go for their food, the dining.

Choose the thupka or clear soup, I got inducted into tibetian food in the Tibetian refugee camps of Old Delhi. Start eating food with the momos. Although chicken being most popular, I quitely tell Unc John to get me the pork ones alongwith the Barbequed pork spare ribs - not on the menu. that is if they have not been fininshed. The last time I could not get them as Unc John told me that a customer had bought off the entire stock of the day, Good wholesome food and one needs to have an acquired taste to love tibetian food. People fed on the spicy and Indianised Chinese, Chilli Chicken/ Manchurian types may not appreciate this food. The flat noodles we ordered was good and so was the bamboo rice, served in bamboo shoots. They do have Chinese also on the menu, by the way.

Let Uncle John choose the food for you, and if you are not conversing with him, listen to him haggling with the meat suppliers on the quantity and price to be supplied. He also loves to find out if you liked your food. Very Homely!!
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Dead Man - Burrp User

Dead Man

March 21,2009


Had been here for dinner … it was awesome, fantastic, minddddd blowing … tastes so different. Herbs and spices like never tasted before. Don’t remember what I had in main course. Had momos , main course gravey and one rice dish … all were like so brilliantly made. Already many people have written about it so I don’t have any think more to write but if one comes here he will not go UN satisfied.

Had read in lot of reviews there is a conversation problem with waiters. Well I don’t think they know hindi but still they speak tuta puta English whish is understandable. Can come to know what he is suggesting and why.

Not a big or classy place but comfortable and good. If food is good then nothing comes in mind to be complained for

Well I totally recommend this place
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borntobepurple - Burrp User


March 20,2009


This place is nothing fancy, place is at oshiwara in between lot of other small hotels. It can be easily missed. Once you enter, you find 6 -7 tables really cramped up. It doesnt give you great dining experience but if ur a foodie and u have no qualms eating anywhere as long its great FOOD, THEN SERNAYA IS JUST THE PLACE FOR YOU . It serves GOOD QUALITY FOOD. THE MOMOS( stemed, pan fried and deep fied) HERE R MUST TRY WITH YUM CABBAGE SAUCE. and other sweet n spice sauce. I had dere chicken tthukpa which was was filling. I tried 2 chicken starters, which dint have great quantity but the chasa (chicken) was well marinated.I spoke to the owner and he said the food doesnt use ajinomoto. WHICH I FELT HAPPY ABOUT .
on SECOND VISIT, I TRIED THEIR CHINISE,. their fried rice was bgland (but lack of ajinomoto makes ur food bland).. bt add lil sauces it would be fine . The best thing about having meal here is that u dont feel bloated as u do after eating chinise .


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Gaurav Pramanik - Burrp User

Gaurav Pramanik

March 17,2009

Momo's all the way

The best momo;s i have had in a long time ever since i left the hills of Darjeeling (where i went to school, apparently "Uncle" and i went to the same school). I can completely empathize with people complaining about the staff's communication skills , but knowing the language they speak i could get away with the menu very well. Whatever the staff suggested was amzingly fingerlicking good.Must try the prawn cooked in Sernyaa sauce, its bliss. Also try avoiding the pork steamed momo's (both, my friend and i had stromach cramps after 4 plates of pork momos) but dive in to the hot steamed chicken momos and don't forget to ask for the soup along with your momos (they don't serve it unless asked for)... Bon Apetite
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Tony Joseph - Burrp User

Tony Joseph

March 05,2009

Could do better!

Last evening was the second time that I visited Serenyaa.
Was with a friend who could have only vegetarian food.
We asked the waiter to recommend.. bad idea!
The fact that he couldn't speak made it difficult for us to ensure that he understood what we wanted and we couldn't understand him anyway.

A good beverage to have, if you are not having alcohol, is fresh lime soda. They didn't serve it two years ago when I came to this place for the first time. They still don't serve it!

They wont accommodate any special requests.
Asked for a little extra mushroom in any dish, they wont give it.
Asked for a little black bean sauce (a little), just for taste, they wouldn't give that either!
Asked for some bottled water, served it at room temprature, and was changed to chilled only on request.
Asked for dessert, the waiter said they don't have ice cream. It took a few more questions to understand that all the items on the dessert menu needed ice cream which wasn't in stock last evening.

On the other hand, "Uncle" likes to ask if you liked the dishes... appreciate his asking.
The food, whatever that was served, was good.
The dishes are difficult to remember, so I wont talk about them except that they were good to taste and in sufficient quantities. The pricing was just right too.

The place has potential, which can be exploited with a little improvement in the staff's communication skills.
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Nemesis - Burrp User


February 20,2009

Nothing fancy, just great food.

Been to this place a lot of times now. the food is simply amazing. have the momos with the momo soup, you will love it. the place is pretty small and there is nothing fancy about it but like i said, the food is amazing. the owner (everybody calls him Uncle) is really friendly and makes you feel very welcomed.
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Suman Barua - Burrp User

Suman Barua

January 19,2009

Authentic Tibetan food!

Well, the restaurant aint big in size, but so much better is the food! Starting from MOMOs to Bamboo rice to Crispy Lamb.....you just keep on craving for more! Unlike other hip joints, this place is really very economical!(average range of 110 per item)
I recommend everyone to try the MOMO atleast ones,they simply rock! And Bamboo rice(you dont get this anywhere ele in bombay), and ofcourse the Crispy Lamb(ask for extra crispy)
by the way, the owner Uncle is superb! What I do most of the times is ask him for watever he wants to feed us! Just tell him 'Uncle, give us the best tastes of Tibet' and he will take care of you :)
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Anaggh Desai - Burrp User

Anaggh Desai

December 02,2008


Having read about this, decided to try out both versions - Home delivery & eating at the restaurant . Home delivery was 3 weeks back, a combination of vegetarian & non vegetarian. Surprisingly good vegetarian food, which was loved by the veggie lovers for change of taste. But the momo were not really happening.

With a friend down from greece, went on sunday afternoon to try it out. Having been accustomed to momo hot off the street cart in calcutta was still skeptical. But was pleasantly astonished, having the meal as momo, momo, momo......Pork, chicken, lamb, prawn ( I stuck to chicken & a bit of lamb).

Personally I was a bit finicky about the cover consistency & the warmth of the momo....I love it thin & piping hot. But overall a good experience & would definitely order again.

BTW the friend wanted to take some parcel back to ahmedabad some 30 odd plates half steamed/frozen. No discounts on bulk order also; so decided against it.
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Samrat Sinha - Burrp User

Samrat Sinha

October 18,2008

Just great food

This is a place worth visiting if u have a taste for mongolian recipes.real ..authentic tibetan food !! so many times we try to decide where to go for dinner ,,, and after some deliberation we land up being at shernyaa only even after knowing all the socalled demerits of the place - poor ambience , stuffy n less space ...etc- just because of SUPERB food . Thanks uncle John . You must try their scliced lamb in chilli wine with bamboo rice - awesome . Some other great recipes are their Yumsoo Nyasha(jucy prawns in a mild and tasty red sauce) and Chang rasha ( sliced lamb cooked in home made wine ).....great !
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sernyaa - Burrp User


September 20,2008


A very HUGE thank you to all our guests who have written about sernyaa. We have been awarded as the only AUTHENTIC TIBETAN RESTAURANT in the entire city of MUMBAI!! thank you for all your love and support please do keep helping us to serve you even better ...after all we all get there " with a little help from our friends" as said by mccartney n lenon...cheers
Kamal Karma Lama
(proprietor and food consultant)
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Roshan DSilva - Burrp User

Roshan DSilva

August 02,2008

not very clean but great food

very nice tiny place. you have to keep looking to your left after you pass the lotus petrol pump when coming from Fame.

The food is really nice, the manager is very friendly. I only wish they were a bit cleaner!!
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ondiet - Burrp User


May 27,2008

pork momos

Well-kept and guarded secret of Sernyaa - you do get pork momos. Just ask Uncle John on the quiet!! Shhh...
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Nandita  - Burrp User


March 03,2008

Real good Tibetan food

Correct me if I am wrong, but this is probably the only Tibetan eaterie in Bombay. Another good thing that the SoBo-ites are missing out on as it in on the Link road stretch.

Reaching there
It is a blink-and-you-will-miss kinda place, but there's one thing you cannot miss when driving from Infinity Mall towards Oshiwara - the Lotus Petrol pump (shaped like a funny kind of lotus) on your right. At this point, veer to your left and this small place called Sernya is next to a large Sansui neon sign over a shop.

The small entrance and even smaller space inside may initially disappoint you, but wait until you are greeted by the 85 year old owner Uncle John. He will welcome you like how a host welcomes guests into his house, which is a very heartwarming experience as compared to most other restaurant hosts in the city.

The food is mainly Tibetan - Soups, starters, Noodles, Rice and Main course and a small Chinese selection. This Saturday was our almost sixth visit to the place in a span of 9 months or so. We landed up here as we were tossing between Mainland China, Prataps and Sernya to take my cousin out for dinner. Since Tibetan food sounded like novelty to her, Sernya it was.

We started with Steamed Vegetarian Momos and soups. [Sernya special Khowa and Red Rice with baby mushrooms khowa]. This red rice, as uncle John enlightened us, is not rice, but a herb found in the hilly regions of Tibet and is extremely good for overall wellbeing.

Main course - vegetarian
Dauzien De [Rice in a clay pot cooked with vegetables and black mushrooms] - This dish can be eaten by itself as it is fairy mushy with its own sauces. One excellent dish that you must try, biting into the black mushrooms is a yummy experience.
Lhasa Gyadhuk [Noodles in sizzling platter] - Noodles with veggies in flavourful sauce served on a sizzler plate
Yang Chen Chema - Snow peas, mushrooms and baby corn in hot chilli sauce.
Both the noodles and the curry were excellent, spicy but not over the top. I have always found the vegetables crisp and fresh and none of the dishes use MSG (ajinomoto).

We have always found the service decent and with uncle John popping by to ask if everything is fine, it is more hospitable than most places in this city. The six odd tables are always full and the people always keeping coming back to this tiny place in Bombay with flavours of Tibet.

A generous meal for three came to Rs.500.
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    - Burrp User

November 19,2007

Best birthday dinner

My girlfriend had been raving about this place ever since she came across it on burrp so i decided to take her to Sernyaa on my birthday....

The facade on the outside is a little depressing and one might even miss it if they were not looking for it. But the insides while stark and spartan were reminiscent of tibetian joints found in the north, which is nice cos it gets quite unsettling at places like the taj where you always feel under dressed no matter what you wear, get confused by the silence and then have to keep looking at the contents of your wallet every time you order something...

Now being a foodie in a place where you do not understand 80% of the menu is confusing, even though every dish has been explained there. We spent almost 15 minutes studying the menu before calling on the nice old man to place our order.

"Call me John" he said with a nod. Something about that man's demeanor tells you that you are about to enjoy your meal.
"well uncle John, we do not know much about Tibetian cuisine so why dont you recommend something nice?" we ask...

looking at me he instantly knew i m not some 'grass munching, insult to food vegetarian' and promptly asked me if i wanted momos...... a resounding "YES" was the reply so he asked a few more things about the rest of the stuff which i just said yes to...(hell i wouldnt know the difference)

The soup arrived after about 12 minutes of waiting which is great.

Started off with the soup which was red and yummy... lots of burnt garlic and cilantro in it.... then came the steamed momos.... drooool......... smooth and tender, they just melted into my mouth along with some red sauce which was lying on the table....

the main course was bamboo rice which comes in this quaint little bamboo container filled to the brim and some prawn dish whose name i cant remember.....

Bamboo rice at first tastes like mixture of chinese fried rice and punjabi biryani but as you get caught in the aroma of the herbs and the bamboo it gets yummier. Trust me the aroma just takes you and spreads within.

The prawn gravy alongside was also yummy.... nice big prawns by bombay standards... I had just returned from a lil trip to goa n couldnt help comparing the size and the tastes.... ok so goa prawns are much bigger and a lot juicier but hey do they have prawns in tibet???

Sorry i cant tell you what i ate cos quite frankly I dont know myself.... all i can tell you is that it was lovely.

I normally eat enough for 1.5 ppl and my lil girlfriend eats for the other 0.5 ppl. so we end up finishing all the food but that night we had to let go of some food.... THE QUANTITY REALLY ROCKS.....

i still cant believe i couldnt finish the food and had to forgo dessert.....

The bill came to around Rs. 350 which is really inexpensive...

Am going back there as soon as my girlfriend gets back to bombay from her trip up to Kolkata. (I m jelous that she ll eat all the lovely streetfood there all by herself)
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Sinchan Banerjee - Burrp User

Sinchan Banerjee

October 01,2007

Authentic Tibetan Food in Western Mumbai...

Let me declare at the very outset that I have had authentic Tibetan food at North East India...so I know how it is..
With those memories I stepped inside Serynaa (got reference from a local frnd)...The place is a bit cramped with just around 6 tables or so, it's gud for a small group of frnds or for just the two of you...but u wud feel at home becoz of ever smiling and ready-to-help Uncle John
Coming to the fud...we started with traditional Chicken Momo..it was bindblowing...(wish they has Pork Momo..its another very gud dish)..we ordered 2 more plates of Momo...once done we ordered the main course of Bamboo rice (rice served in tall bamboo containers..which keeps it hot and gives it a unique flavour) and two dishes of chicken...One, acc to Uncle John, was Tibetan speciality..had a greenish color becoz of some homemade sauce added..but believe me it was awesome..the other chicken was sum Chinese preparation which was very gud as well....there were sum very gud prawn and chicken dishes which we didn't try,..but i heard later that they are worth trying as well....
The bill was arnd 600 for three...total paisa wasul...Seryna Rocks...raring to go thr again..
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Deap Ubhi - Burrp User

Deap Ubhi

May 30,2007

solid tibetan (i think?)

It's hard for me to claim that this is "amazing Tibetan food" since I have no basis for comparison - just never had other Tibetan food here nor anywhere else in the world. What I did get home delivered last night was some solid tasteful, spicy oriental cuisine.

From VinitaBhatia's review, I believe we were speaking to Uncle John when ordering, who exhibited a ton of patience while we tried hard to explain that we wanted vegetarian food, but not fried, healthy, but not boiled, dry vegetables, but not bone dry. He crafted a meal of vegetarian flat garlic noodles, vege bamboo rice and a fairly dry dish of lightly glazed fresh vegetables.

Everything was good - tasteful, spicy and went well together. My favourite was the bamboo rice, especially with this dark garlic chili paste on the side. I'd love to understand what Tibetan cuisine is really like by having some basis for comparison, but until then, Sernyaa will be my go-to Tibetan eatery.
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Vinita Bhatia - Burrp User

Vinita Bhatia

May 16,2007


This is not pretentious joint. It has just four odd tables, with barely enough place to seat 15 people. It is cramped. But the food is oh la la.
I had one lamb shreds fried in corn batter and a chicken starter that was prepared in ginger garlic with some herb seasoning. The red rice soup was exemplary. This clear soup gets its red color from the red rice, which is not rice, but a particular herb that originally tastes bitter, but when mixed with the right condiments of the soup is fantastic.
The flat noodles with chicken, mushroom and garlic was good, but a bit dry. However you can spice it with the fiery ginger/garlic/chilly pickle which is placed on every table to make it more savory. But be warned that this pickle is really realy hot... I was busy wiping the sweat off my forehead while having it.
We also had a bamboo rice, which I must mention specially. This rice flavored with herbs is steamed in a bamboo container and it is then served from this very bamboo vessel which gives it is unique taste and fragrance.
The chicken gravy accompanying the rice was good too.
Usually this place has just a couple of desserts available of their limited menu. I had the date pan, which is like a crispy date samosa which comes with a small ice cream cone. And you will not get a fancy scoop of icecream over the sizzling date pan, like a brownie. Instead you get a Rs 5 Amul vanilla icecream container alongside the date pan. Like I said earlier, this place is not fancy smnazy, and there are no pretentions of fine eating followed here.
This entire meal for two, with enough for three, cost me Rs 590, which is total paisa vasool.
I must also mention about Uncle John who owns Sernya. He personally takes your orders and happily orders for you if you are not sure what you want. And like I did, I suggest you too let him do the ordering. Because Uncle knows best.
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Anand Jain - Burrp User

Anand Jain

September 06,2006

Good tibetian food

When was the last time you had tibetan food? Not too many places in the Mumbai serve tibetan food. I have never had tibetan food and so was joyed when we decided to order some.

We ordered something (I cannot recall the name) that looked like noodles and curry. We also ordered rice to go along with that.

The food was tasty, the delivery was quick. Its a must try.
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explorerkunal - Burrp User


October 30,2013

affordable price and authentic tibetan chinese

super food. love the place. wiuld like to go again.
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Aman Marwah - Burrp User

Aman Marwah

January 04,2013


I'm Speech less The food is really very Awesome....
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