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> > > > Not Just Jazz By The Bay

Not Just Jazz By The Bay

Marine DriveSouth Mumbai  

  • 22851876, 22820957
  • Soona Mahal, 143 Marine Drive, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, Mumbai
  • European, Indian

32 Reviews / 34 Ratings

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Not Just Jazz By The Bay Reviews


Awsome Salads!

....and do you have many options by the bay which serve great food... have great ambiance and most of all ... give you a beautiful scenic view of the marine drive?

Well... this was a pending 'to be' since a long time... a Wednesday brunch with perfect combination (and a wideeeeeeee variety) of yummy salads and mouthwatering sandwiches was so delightful that the hangover remained throughout the day...This is a must visit place if you a salad lover! Didn't like the boring cream of broccoli soup though :( ... The buffet costs around Rs. 385 per person...

And yes! the outside seating area (by the bay :)) is the best (and supper airy) if you can grab a window seat.

Suggestion...take your jacket if you plan to eat a meal over a chilling winter morning/ evening!




This place is awesomeness redefined!

Ambiance - awesome...
Food - Yummm.... love the veg lasagne, pastas & of course pizzas from Pizzeria!
Music - wow!! Such live music band systems in such a small, cozy place...
Location - just at anyone's fav spot in Mumbai - Marine drive!
Service - just perfect!

Loved it! :)




Being an ex-jai hind student, this place had to be visited. Even one of my new years was celebrated here and let me tell you it was MIND BLOWING experience.
The place just never fails to amaze me and the best part is, this place looks so expensive and obviously being on marine drive any place would be expensive...but its not as much as it looks. For 2000, two people can have a really nice time with booze and yummy deserts.
Do try the chicken tikka masala and the bar tender makes a pretty good Long island Iced tea.
and if you are lucky enough you might run into a celebrity!



Good buffet but very noisy

Had been here last week for Saturday Buffet. There was a good selection of salads and sandwiches.The Desserts were passable. There were only two types of soup, one veg & one non-veg. For the cost of Rs.385+ taxes it was a decent meal.



Highly over-rated , disappointing!!

I been to this much recommended place during my recent visit to the city. There is jazz in its name and it plays pop numbers. But ok they say majority like it, no great issue. But the point is the band doesn't have any energy or any charm. Completely tasteless just like the masala prawns of this place. Then waiters are always in a hurry. They keep on bugging you, fill up your glass too quickly , then come back to ask if you need anything else. Yes, I need peace to enjoy a drink. Overpriced drinks, not so great ambiance, bad music. Spend your money at some better place.


old times memories

Between by wanting to write a review and actually doing so, this place has again changed its name and is not Pizza by the Bay! How many lives will this cat have?

Been our casual hangout place for a long time now! Big fan of the groups that perform here (including my sister's group)!

Pizza is okay nothing spectacular. But its the entire experience and killer location that makes this place stand out.


auras - Burrp User


1 Reviews

March 17,2011


Good ambiance/ value for money

Very nice ambiance and good food.. was surprized to know that buffet cost INR 333 only!!.. A salad buffet lunch for two costs INR 750 for two including taxes. It is not that costly considering its location.

Service is good.


Mayfair - Burrp User


1 Reviews

February 01,2011


Pizzeria - Total let down

Terrible food & even worse service.... Never again.
The staff couldn't be bothered to seat you, to offer you a menu, to take your order or to get you your bill. They are so overconfident about business that they've forgotten what hospitality means.
The food sucks. We ordered a Caesar's Salad that wasn't a Caesar's Salad - I mean who puts broccoli, red, green & yellow peppers etc in a Caesar's? What's the difference between that & a regular green salad? Or do they think their customers don't know better? And it was so loaded with Caesar's dressing that you we had to look carefully before we recognized the ingredients. Worse, the salad was smelling & we sent it back untouched but we were still billed for it. Shows how indifferent the management is to their customers.
The BBQ ribs were not barbecued, just drenched in barbecue sauce that was probably stronger than dynamite. We all enjoy a bit of spice but this was just excessive. And all the waiter had to say was that barbecue sauce is always extremely spicy & that too in a tone that suggested that we were dimwits who should know better. (Someone should tell him that there are all kinds of barbecue sauces available).
That was enough to ensure that we got out of there in a hurry. Really the only good thing about Pizzeria is the location for which they should be grateful.


mokshenator - Burrp User


5 Reviews

December 17,2010


gone by the bay.

Wanted to go to JBTB yesterday but was shocked to see that its gone and along with it pizzeria. now its just PIZZA BY THE BAY. was in complete shock. dint feel like going inside. a disappointing end to the night.




Out and out a superb place.

Ambiance - 5/5
Food - 4/5 (can get oily at times)
Service - 4.5/5 (just about perfect except when it's over-crowded)

Overall go here if you like LIVE performances and Music. Absolutely recommended for a evening to chill out with friends.


the joint ull love to spend all ur evenings

bestest best... always gud to b ther.. the place makes u own it.. ive been a regular wid my gang and v call ourselves the "viraat boys" the pitcher is grt.. lasagna is fantastic.. thts my staple.. the crew is friendly and above all Peter is the "man".. he is gud..i tell u havnt seen him lately tho.. knwn as JBTB in my circle.. i love it



The best place in mumbai

i just love love love this place so much... the place is really romantic... the buffet is tooo good... i just cant stop hogging once am there... the staff is friendly and it really feels like home once am there... have been there a million times and i will just keep going there all my life... this place rocks...


Good food but very bad desserts...

The first time I visited this place was a year back, of course for its famous lunch buffet. The soups, breads, dips, salads, sandwiches and desserts, all was just great at Rs. 375. Good quality food, nice presentation and good service..I was really impressed with this place till yesterday..
Yesterday when i had been here, my experience with food was great but the desserts were disappointing. None of the dessert was good or upto the mark: mixed fruits (included no exotic fruits and were not so fresh - just like another road side fruit plate), 2 pastries (very bad taste), 2 mousse (pineapple and strawberry which tasted so so stale) and the vanila icecream with chocolate sauce was completely ruined b'cos of bad icecream (the chocolate sauce was also just ok..n it looked more like some locally made cheap sauce).
They can do better with desserts: probably reduce the number of desserts but focus on the qaulity. I mean, who eats those non creamy, straong artificial flavoured and hard pastries for desserts?
Nonetheless, the food deserves praising. Nice variety i must say.
The service was just ok - the waiters keep looking at you so that u can get up soon and make place for people waiting to get inside..
Overall, ok experience..



What a Jaz-zing Experience!

In my last trip to Mumbai (am based off Delhi) I had briefly seen this place from outside and wanted to give it a shot, however, due to lack to time, was not able to.

So in this trip, last week, I made it a point to experience this place.

So, a long lost friend and I decided to head here.Now, my friend is not usually kicked about experimenting with food, but on much coaxing agreed. And we had an amazing time here; its the perfect place for one to catch up on Brunch and their Lunch spread ain't that bad either. I especially loved their choice of Salads (have to eat healthy, once in a while!). Did not really try the soups, but according to my friend it was not bad- which is a lot coming from him! The service is quite good, the servers are quite receptive and attentive. But the ambiance of this place is something that catches my fancy. Would love to visit this place again and explore their maincourse as well!

Recommend this place for those who are not into high end fine dining and prefer a chilled out environ!


Great salads/sandwiches

This happens to be another favourite place. You just cant ignore the huge selection of salads and sandwiches along with good soup of the day and desserts as well as dressings (for the salads).
For a price of 299/- (however, I must admit that I dont know the current rates) you get soup of the day, huge selection of healthy salads and sandwiches (although the latter cant be termed as healthy with options like cheese, eggs, etc!) and to end the buffet with desserts.
A good day off having a buffet like this instead of the regular Punjabi Buffet.
Highly recommended people.


Lunch of the best ones!!!

Never been to karoke night here.....but lunch buffet is definitely a must go here....they have the amazing spread of will never to satisfied....althou your tummy will be full, you will still want to eat more...the sandwiches also are very good....
Overall a must visit for lunch....

The crowd is always good here....


Heaven for Brunch lovers!!!

So i was catching up with a friend of mine after a long time and we running our fingers to decide where to go. We finally zeroed in on "Not just JAZZ by the bay" and i love my friend (Actually already did, but love her even more for this). She is a frequent visitor her and hence thought it was a good place for an early lunch. And i had an awesome time here, the range of salads and Sandwiches are plenty but also really good. Nice taste and good quality of food. The soups were also a must have here. The service is excellent, the waiters are very warm and receptive and follow up really well. The ambience is awesome, i liked this place, been there loads of times in the evening. But this time around, loved it even more in the afternoon. A very good place to go on a Sunday afternoon in shorts,have good food and chill out. "Awesomeness" is what comes to mind. Thanks Vibha for taking me here. A must try for all brunch lovers!!



not bad..not that good either...dpends

well go there in big groups.. dare to go up on stage n belt out ur fav melodies.. u'd have a gala time..

if u plan on bein a sitting duck.. prepare yourself for an overdose of songs by boy bands.. sucky.. altho wen i was there this duo did a good job of "RHCP" n billy joel..

good drinks, decent food.. n not a bad place either..but...


Love the salads

I have been here as well as their branch in Pune many times. Agreed the seating is a little weird and the chairs are uncomfortable but the salads are mind blowing. I have tried different Soup Salad joints but have found this to be the best in Mumbai, Delhi and Jaipur. The only place better I found is Olive Garden in the US. Often I can't even get to the sandwiches. The salads are so wholesome and filling. And that I am talking for veggies. Ming you Sundays afternoons is packed to the hilt so better get there early.



Lunch perfect!

A perfect place to have a leisurely office lunch on those light workload days. The Lunch buffet costs Rs300 plus taxes for an unlimited option of veg/non veg soups, salads & sandwiches coupled with dessert. Love the fact that I can choose what I can have in my sandwich and while its made I can fill myself with the great range of salads. Ambiance is fun and laid back. Must try!


Mama Mia!!

This place is a hit amongst us. The ambiance needs no prasing. The location is :)))))))))))))))) Pizzas are to die for. The ice-tea is OK. The chicken nuggets and garlic bread are yummy.

Nice place to be. Moderately priced as well.



Awesome lunch buffet!

Soups, truckloads of salads, sandwiches and desserts. I tried this once and became quite addicted to it. Great spread of salads, breads, dips, sandwiches (a choice of veg and non veg, grilled or plain), and a few desserts. Humous and pita always helps too. They could have had a few more options for dessert though.

The best part of this place is its as healthy or unhealthy as you make it cos of so much choice.

Good value for money for about Rs 300 considering the quality and the location.


Was Good...But...

Nearly a year ago, i wud have recommended dis place whole heartedly-the lunch buffet of soups-salads-sandwiches-desserts was exemplary-the desserts especially (yes, i have a sweet jaw!) were mamma mia.. had been dere 3 times, just a hop-skip-jump away from churchgate station and my freelancing work meant i kept my schedule in such a way that left my lunch hour open for this awesome buffet and post lunch time for a nice siesta at home (man, i pig out at buffets and have to lie down for almost an hour before i can start thinking clearly again :D)

anyway, recently some of my frends told me dat de management here had gone all pinchy and had reduced de desserts quantity to just about 3 or 4 (once upon a time dey used to be 9-10!) nd i was like, anyway i have to go here again...

nd so i reached once more, nd de usher asked me how many ppl were accompanying me nd when i told him i was alone, he simply laughed AT MY FACE ,"HA HA ALL ALONE HA HA" as if i had just told him he had a bomb in his arse or sumthing!!!

i mean come on, so wat if i m alone, a girl cannot have lunch alone in dis city or wot??? WTF??? i work nd earn money nd i pay you money to give me good food..not for you to laugh and mock my lifestyle or my social status..maybe his pea sized brain is attuned to seeing girls as handbags on some guy's arm or dat girls always have to have a bodyguard like guy around or a girl wud obviously recoil in horror at de very thought of going anywhere alone!!

dese ppl just lost one of deir die hard customers. man, i m a foodie and i wil go anywhere to have good food, but i wil not take any kind of behavior just lying down, especialy since i dont need a guy to protect me inside or outside my home or to take me everywhere like a 'charming prince' uggh!


reviewgod - Burrp User


1 Reviews

January 19,2009


Karaoke night sucks!!!

A group of us went here on Sunday night. We booked our table in advance and paid the 250 bucks as entry for the Karaoke night.

The place was a disappointment especially due to the atrocious music being played. They didn't have most of the good rock and roll tracks which were mentioned in their Karaoke book. To add to the misery, they kept playing backstreet boys and MLTR and boyzone and the like. If you're a 12th standard kid, you'll love the music.

The beer wasn't great either. All in all, an awful night.


amruta007 - Burrp User


20 Reviews

September 04,2008


Cant get better than this!!!

**Lunch Buffest*

Menu:1) Atleast 20-25 types of yummy salads!!
2)Tasty spicy sandw made to order
6)Atleast 10 dressings which u don rilli need
What more could you ask for!!!!

This is the best place to be whether u r v v hungry of wanna have a light lunch!!The buffet costs 300 bucks but nothing can be more worth it that this!!!The buffet has yumm salads which also include pasta salads...!!Majority of the food is vegetarian!!

When you go home and sleep at night the food definetley haunts you n u think I wish I would have had more....

Don b surprised if soon after your visit your craving for the next visit...!!


Two Thumbs Up - Lunch Buffet

One of the best lunch buffet in the city if you arent looking for a conventional multi cuisine restaurant. Not just jazz...falls into the category of salad & sandwich buffets (having compared this to just around the corner in Bandra).
This one is way better than the latter, even in terms of value for money. For Rs 300 they offer a wid variety of salads - from the basic ceaser to a macroni one. And to add a touch of Indianness, an aloo chaat salad and some chana chaat. Over 10 types of such salads and you can either pick from the list of sandwiches they offfer or they are too knd to help you make your own. My best pick was the grilled pita with humus, and the chef special sandwich.
I would def visit this place yet again.



Good Music.....Relaxed Night!!!!

Went here on a Friday night and would have expected it to be more crowded.

A band from Goa was playing (pretty good) and the drinks were reasonably priced. The decor was nothing spectacular....

A nice place to chill and unwind.



great salad in a great location

the salad bar is i guess its USP. really nice stuff with a huge deal of variety. one must try this. good location, as its near the sea on marine drive. very nice crowd.



Lovely lunch buffet

I live in malad which is pretty far from nariman point and so I hardly visit the famous restaurants in south bombay - the hassle of getting there is not compensated by the food (mostly because most of the famous eateries have their branches in the suburbs and because a difference between a more accesible hawaiian shack and a realy far-off Cafe Mondegar is not much)
But this is one place for which we make an exception - we actually look forward to this place for our sunday lunches. That is because I havent found another place offering a similar soup/salad/sandwich buffet :) !! And the salads are just great (though I wouldnt always agree with the classification of their salads :D - herb rice salad was actually just herb rice and similarly the noodle salad was just noodles :)
But nitpicking aside, the range of salads is wide and I would say all of them were pretty yummy - I loved the chicken and the egg salad as well the okra and the mushrooms. Mention must be made of the hummus and pita bread (I am a little partial to it :) which are served alongside the bread basket and the soups. The dessert menu however, seem to have shrunk from before.

Give it a shot for your sunday morning brunch and you would love it - its worth the travel :)


Good Food for all.

Not Just Jazz By The Bay is way far from my place. So I'm not a regular visitor there. 2ice in a month is what i consider satisfaction for me at not just jazz.. Pretty chilled out place, foreigners are more than Indians (some days). Went on a weekday so don't know the weekend crowd. But PIZZERIA is full all the time. Food is a bit $$$ but worth the $$$. Never tried any kind of alcohol except for BEER.

Performed there many times with my band and fellow musicians. Response is great for music there. Good people come and enjoy the music.

Overall its a pretty awesome place to chill out after work.


nikhils - Burrp User


2 Reviews

August 12,2007


Soup, salads and sandwiches

Recently went for their soup, salads, sandwiches and desserts buffet. Priced at Rs 275/- (all inclusive), it has a wide array of salads and sandwiches enough to satisfy everyone, from the diet conscious to the meat lover. The salad ingredients are fresh and the sandwiches are prepared at a live counter. Great music in the background with polite, efficient staff make it a winner combination. Would I go there again? Definitely!!!!


karaoke nights on sundays and mondays!

i have been here only on a sunday or a monday... so consider this review only for these two nights... Its a great place if you are a karaoke fan! Go here with a group of friends... sing along, dedicate songs, dance, eat, drink, smoke and just have fun! the entry is free so it gets a lil crowded, but dont care much abt the crowd... book ur table in advance and then just ENJOY!