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Ashwini Marathe - Burrp User

Ashwini Marathe

January 06,2016

Mixed review

Good ambience and staff were kids friendly
Bad points: the food in gurgaon was much better. Biggest turn off were beg bugs. The staff was polite when we mentioned it but didn't really do anything like giving us an alternative table or something else
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 27,2015

Slight high priced but good to try..

Its in the infrequently visited center of town, Oh! Calcutta serves the citys best Bengali food in an upscale surroundings of dark-wood set off by simple black-n-white archival photos from the British Raj. The seafood is amazing and if menu seems all too unfamiliar then the waiters of the best in the city to choose something, based on your specifications. We had roshun bhapa maach, a steamed bekti (a freshwater fish) marinated with kashundi (Bengali-style mustard), green chilli paste, and garlic, it was decent something different. For a main course, you cant go wrong with the aam kashundi kakra (breaded and stir-fried crabmeat in an orange-mango mustard sauce). In all it was a good try..
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 16,2015

A fish story!

The only place to try out some freshwater fish! A different type of cuisine. A bit expensive but worth a try for seafood lovers! Bengal delight!
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Kaustavdas2012 - Burrp User


November 12,2012


They have taken Bengali Cuisine to a new level. Not only they serve authentic cuisine, it is unique, subtle and special. Their fish fries with Kashundi are not to be missed. Other 'must have' items are kosha mangsho with luchi, dub chingri, kankra chingri bhapa and aam tel diye ilish. Their buffet at the time of new year or Durga Puja is a good opportunity to try different things at a time. Hilsa festival during monsoon is also excellent when they offer very unique items.
The place is small and price is pretty high. But there is no other place in Mumbai for Bengali cuisine which can offer traditional as well as experimental items all of which are simply delicious.
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