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Ashwini Marathe - Burrp User

Ashwini Marathe

January 06,2016

Mixed review

Good ambience and staff were kids friendly
Bad points: the food in gurgaon was much better. Biggest turn off were beg bugs. The staff was polite when we mentioned it but didn't really do anything like giving us an alternative table or something else
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Bhavesh 1127 - Burrp User

Bhavesh 1127

March 27,2015

Slight high priced but good to try..

Its in the infrequently visited center of town, Oh! Calcutta serves the citys best Bengali food in an upscale surroundings of dark-wood set off by simple black-n-white archival photos from the British Raj. The seafood is amazing and if menu seems all too unfamiliar then the waiters of the best in the city to choose something, based on your specifications. We had roshun bhapa maach, a steamed bekti (a freshwater fish) marinated with kashundi (Bengali-style mustard), green chilli paste, and garlic, it was decent something different. For a main course, you cant go wrong with the aam kashundi kakra (breaded and stir-fried crabmeat in an orange-mango mustard sauce). In all it was a good try..
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Lillian Mendes - Burrp User

Lillian Mendes

January 16,2015

A fish story!

The only place to try out some freshwater fish! A different type of cuisine. A bit expensive but worth a try for seafood lovers! Bengal delight!
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Harshil Nawwab - Burrp User

Harshil Nawwab

May 22,2014

Ew Calcutta

Good thing is their service..The staff is friendly and they are ready with suggestions, even the menu doesn't list the item. But,
the food is overpriced(!!!!!!!!!) and taste is average, there weren't any savoring moments!!
Ambiance is Ghostly, there is no crowd even at peak hours.
Not a second time place!!
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Bhaskar Bardhan - Burrp User

Bhaskar Bardhan

November 15,2012

Overpriced tasty bong food!

You cannot take away the credit of the best authentic bengali food served by Oh Calcutta, Lokhandwala although the price of the food is very expensive or the perfect word would be overpriced.
The authentic bong food served here is matched with any 5star restaurant in terms of quality,flavor ,presentation and off course the price but coming to ambiance, portions and service, it would be similar to any other average restaurants of Mumbai.
Coming to food: We had ordered Smoked Hilsa & Murshidabadi Murgi Fry as Starters and In main course we have tried Chittagong Masala Murgi with Steamed rice and delicious Kosha Mangsho with Luchi. Malpua and Mishti Doi for deserts.

Service is good. taste is unmatched homely flavor.

A sure shot helpline for Probasi bengalis who crave for home cooked bong food. I believe most are first timers

Its a paradise for any bong foodie but at this price tag you could visit twice The Calcutta Club,Oshiwara exploring more food options.
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Kaustavdas2012 - Burrp User


November 12,2012


They have taken Bengali Cuisine to a new level. Not only they serve authentic cuisine, it is unique, subtle and special. Their fish fries with Kashundi are not to be missed. Other 'must have' items are kosha mangsho with luchi, dub chingri, kankra chingri bhapa and aam tel diye ilish. Their buffet at the time of new year or Durga Puja is a good opportunity to try different things at a time. Hilsa festival during monsoon is also excellent when they offer very unique items.
The place is small and price is pretty high. But there is no other place in Mumbai for Bengali cuisine which can offer traditional as well as experimental items all of which are simply delicious.
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sunshine1234 - Burrp User


November 10,2012

good for bong food

is usually a reliable place barring hiccups at times. good to try bong vegetarian stuff which is not that common. try the fish paturi and the bhapa stuff in the non veg list..the fish fry is always a winner too.kosha mangsho and luchi is a favourite of many .try the green mango drink..aam porar shorbot to go with everything..the desserts are overpriced and avoidable.. expect to pay about 2.5 k for a meal for 2 sans alcohol..
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Ambika Bhatt - Burrp User

Ambika Bhatt

September 04,2012

Disappointed! But a huge fan of Tardeo branch.

I have to write about this coz I really care about food. And oh Calcutta in Tardeo is one of my fav places to eat. I went to the Andheri branch this Saturday. Walked in around 1:30 pm in the afternoon. It was empty. The whole restaurant had this stale and claustophobic feel about it. We were a large group with kids. We tried changing one or two tables thinking it was our. Minds working overtime. But there was a hugely stale and damp smell inside. No matter how good the food would have been it was impossible to sit there and eat. I am hoping there was some problem in that branch and it has been corrected. I love the Tardeo branch and find it extremely classy. I was shocked to see the shabby entrance of the andheri branch. It was such a huge put off. 
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,

Request you to share your contact details at firoza@speciality.co.in. so that we can have a word with you.


tptg20 - Burrp User


July 27,2012

wat a let down...........

really wat a let down..... full of disappointment in every aspect of this joint.Being a bengali expectation were very high as v have heard of OC a lot but from the reception to the persons who were serving hardly know there skills ... wat to say ....had to wait for an hour to get in people taking order r not trained not much knowledge of bengali food ....food wise very disappointing very highly priced ,if u r so highly priced thn u shld serve gud n gr8 food, quantity wise also less our starter came twice ....not a place to vist again for bengali food lovers here is a suggestion ,as i being a foodie n keep hopping please go visit bhojo hori manna opposite osiwara police station gr8 food vry spacious n thy know there stuff from serving to suggesting n half the price of OC i m a regular there .....n u r in kandivali then go to babumosoi n taste of kolkata small eating joint in thakur village near dmart ...one/fouth the price of OC ....
please don't make people fool with wat u claim ...u cannot fool a authentic bengali food lover so please stop claimin n start performing in every aspect at least the food(the food u serving with the price tag...it dosen't deserve to be) at least for the sake of the great bengali food lover ..n please don't ruin calcutta's name.
thanks burrp please carry on the gud work ..for giving foodies a platform to write wat is true...from the horses mouth KEEP UP THE GUD WORK.
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Abhijeet Kini - Burrp User

Abhijeet Kini

June 14,2012

Our favourite destination...

I and my wife are both huge fans of Oh Calcutta, Andheri. The reason why i stress on the Andheri aspect is that many people swear by the Tardeo outlet of Oh Calcutta, that one being the first one in mumbai, but we didn't enjoy the Tardeo one as much as we did the Andheri outlet. The ambiance is nice, relaxed, some Bangla music playing in the back, nice little photographs of everything Kolkata, including football memoirs, actors and actresses from the black and white era, city shots, etc framed on the walls. their decorative plates with illustrated bits of Kolkata are worth collecting (if we could ;) ). When we first went to oh calcutta in 2010, we had no idea the food would be THIS good! there is this set menu we order everytime we go there...and i suggest you try most of these: the betki fish fry is an excellent starter, served with mustard sauce (the bengalis cant do without it, and we love it). they serve you two fillets of betki fish which is got in everyday from kolkata. the betki gondhoraj is a steamed preparation, with two cubes of the fish steamed, coated with some basting flavoured with very aromatic lemons/lime, which too is brought in from kolkata regularly. next, theres another steamed started called (let me get this right) kakra chingri something...ask the steward and he'll help you out...these are steamed little cakes which are a mixture of finely chopped shrimp and crab meat, among other things. out of this world! next up, try their Shorshe bekti for main course (a yellow mustard based gravy with betki fish fillets in it) and the gobindobhoger bhaat....an extremely aromatic steamed rice! and for mutton loves, try the Kosha Mangsho with luchi (bengali puris)....out of this world! the sweets too are good, depending on what kinds you like in the bengali platter...our favourite is the Roshogolerpayesh....a basundi-esque sweet with lumps of rasgulla. excellent! the place is tad expensive for the servings it offers, but seriously, we have tried many other bengali restaurants in andheri, nothing comes even close to Oh Calcutta! Do try!
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Kavita Chablani - Burrp User

Kavita Chablani

April 26,2012

good joint

I had been thinking from couple of months to go to Oh ! Calcutta, but for some or the other reason dint get an opportunity, last week i had been to the Oh ! Calcutta Lokhandwala branch and i must say Bengali cuisine rocks, i had bekti fish fry which was very excellent, with kosha mangsho (mutton dish) -- but the best item i liked was - Nolen gurer icecream (home made date palm jaggery icecream) it was yummmmmmmmmy- i am looking forward to visit oh! calcutta again but only to have my favourite dessert :)
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aniketsamant - Burrp User


February 26,2012


It did take me a little while to find this place, in a quaint street right next to the Lokhandwala Circle. It did let me have second thoughts about this place, as I entered to an average ambience. It did give me a hard time to think about what I wanted from the menu, as I had never tried Bengali food before. But, after deciding what I and 5 other people wanted without asking for recommendations, it did not take me long to think that this place deserves a repeat value - Oh! WOW
Here's what I ordered:
1. Smoked Hilsa
2. Chingri Cutlet
3. Murshidabadi Murghi
4. Roshun Bhapa Maach (Pick of the lot)
Main Course
1. Chittagong Masala Murghi
2. Freshwater Whole Betki (Pick of the Lot)
3. Luchi
4. Roti
5. Steamed Rice
Mishti Doi (Recommended)
Total - Rs 6500
Appetizers are ideally portioned for 2 people, hence need to order multiple portions for larger groups.A little expensive, but great authenticity.
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0nburrp - Burrp User


February 18,2012


This place is a must visit for sea food lovers! The Hilsa in mustard sauce is the highlight i would say. A must try. The staff is attentive and polite. Should there be a communication problem on an odd day, do bear in mind it's well meant, the language barriers could be at play.
The prawns as starters or main course are delicious. The trick is to either know what one wants or be open to the sugestions the staff hands out most politely if asked. The Fish Fry starter is what one should start with and wrap it up with the fabulous Nolen Gurer Ice Cream (I hope it's spelt right), which essentially is jaggery and coconut. Amazing food!!
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munchmunchburrp - Burrp User


November 06,2011

Burrrppp !! Eat healthy at Oh ! Calcutta :)

Guys !!
1st time entered this place, have come to the doors of this place & changed my mind a zillion times, but today was the day to let my taste buds feel lucky :)
Being a veggie wont complain much about the lack of veg starters & dishes with the bengali coconut curry, but what i was suggested smelt, tasted gr8 !!
They sure are customer friendly & know how to get their customers happy after every order...
Thanks Team Oh ! Calcutta - My 1st review on the web goes to you, because you deserve it :)
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Foodie301 - Burrp User


September 12,2011

Returning to favour

I had gone off this place - overpriced and greasy.
A few weeks ago, though, I went back again and must say that I have reviewed my opinion. It was excellent, especially the vegetarian cuisine. And that is great because there is such variety in Bengali, vegetarian food which many people miss out on.
The price continues to be high, but the service does match up.
Well done!
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Reply from restaurant management

Dear Guest,
Thank you for your feedback. Will definitely convey it to the team of Oh! Calcutta.
Looking forward to having you with us once again.

Warm Regards,

chaks25 - Burrp User


July 05,2011

Fish Lovers this is d place.

Try ths out - HF Kumro Pata Aam Acharer Ilish
and the ice cream was really different must try it.
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Maddy S - Burrp User

Maddy S

July 05,2011

Price is too costly...

Last sunday I had been to Oh ! Calcutta for lunch with my family. Food was average but price is too high.
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honeybunny - Burrp User


July 02,2011

Kolkata is much better

Ive been both here and kolkata restaurants.here is food isnt good as there.whenever we went there and i ordered sth they said they didnt have it.after reading rat reviews here i m gonna start to eat at home from now on:((
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flyingagent - Burrp User


June 04,2011

Amazing fish

For fish lovers, this is the place. Very good service and awesome food.
Must visit!!
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foodcrazy - Burrp User


January 07,2011


My friend and me had been to Oh Calcutta as had heard a lot about it. The ambiance is not so great but is cozy. Service is excellent. As it is specialized in Bong food.. I think everyone would not like it. We ordered for bekti curry and a prawns starter. We actully had asked for roasted or steam (dont remember the name of the dish) prawns preparation from the menu as we did not want to have heavy fried food. But the person who took the order repeatedly insisted that roasted prwans will take time and he can sereve the same dish but with fried prawns.But the dish that he served us as a starter saying it would be a dry fried prawns dish, was actually a coconut mustard paste with hardly 6 prawns. and the price was a bomb. So I think the quantity is less. Bekti curry was very spicy with some burnt masala taste in it.. so we abviously were'nt so happy. Would not like to go for the second time.
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Saurabh Jha - Burrp User

Saurabh Jha

November 28,2010

Good Stuff & Great Staff

Had been longing to eat the typical Bengali Style preparation of Fish... and Oh! Calcutta didn't disappoint.

One aspect that warrants a special mention is the really sweet and amiable staff.
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Sujeet Dev - Burrp User

Sujeet Dev

October 19,2010


On d occassion of Dussera last sunday i had been to Oh ! Calcutta for lunch with my family. The food was good despite being price a little more than what it deserves especially seeing d quantity of food.. But d worst experience was when i saw d rat crawling out.. Such a big restaurant u do no expect to see such pests..Customers spend their money and expect cleanliness .. But if such BIg restaurants cant fulfill the minimum need then it becomes a dissappointment..
To top it off d service was pathetic it took them more than45 min just to get d starters.. D kheer kodom was to hard as if just being taken out from d freezer which should not have happen.. at least they could have heated a bit..AFter paying a bill of over 7k it was pretty worthless .... VERY DISSAPPOINTED ..
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Srey  - Burrp User


April 15,2010


We decided to celebrate the last day of the year 1416 eating out at Oh Calcutta. So we drove down all the way in heavy traffic to make it on time. Turns out, we were the first customer for dinner :)
We started off with a Kal Boishakhi each along with bhekti macher paturi which was absolutely amazing.
This was followed by mochar ghonto, chittagong murgi and plastic chutney which I totally went mad on!!!
The chicken was really bad. It was cold, very tough and soo sweet! I actually had to check if the chutney had flown into my curry but it hadnt. It was just cooked that way...damn sweet. We left most of it. I understand bongs like their dishes a tad bit sweet but this was ridiculously sweet. Plus the quality of the meat was awful! So I'd totally under rate it as minus 5/5.
I loved the mocha...the quantity was so much that we packed the rest of it.
We topped this off with Nolen guder ice cream which was a surprise...and a good one!
Overall damages were 1.5K..decent for the place but I expect better chicken!! I've tried a lot of items at this place...and loved them all. But you're expected to not screw up simple chicken!!
I'll probably go back there but just to try out the veg items which I miss a lot.
Overall...not too much of a celebration.
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soumyadasgupta - Burrp User


September 03,2009


i have been away from bengal for the past 8 years of my life and every place that i hav ever been i desperately searched for a bengali joint as good food means heaven for bengalis.

recently i visited this place....the staff is extremely cordial and knowledged (any doubts...just ask them)...excellent service

Coming to the food... I had been there with my wife....and we had murgi paturi, prawn kobiraji for starters....paturi was too good...a must try for everyone!!!
for the main course had shorshe narkol chingri and posto ilish with rice... the chingri was good but the ilish maach was not that superb( the pieces were far too small compared to the prices)...i would suggest to go for bhapa ilish which was rather better.
the luchis are also a fav but i didn't want to waste money on luchi...for that matter anything veg bcoz this place is more a delight for non veggies
dessert is also very good but a little costly especially if u r from bengal it realy pains to give Rs 46 for 2 sondesh...however the tomato date chutney is a must!!!

The ambience was also pleasant. The sitting arrangements were comfortable...

It costed us Rs 1500 ( with drinks).....a definite GO for every bengali aspiring to have bengali food.
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Jayanta Chaudhuri - Burrp User

Jayanta Chaudhuri

August 21,2009

Big Mistake

I don't want to write anything against my fellow reviewers but take my word as a hardcore foodie - if you like the food here, you don't know what bong food is all about.

Okay - don't take my word for it - please go to the original Oh! Calcutta at Tardeo and if you don't recommend that this place be shut down after that, I will retire.

The food here is crap ... same item in Tardeo could leave you begging for more. Don't want to go on, but PLEASE PLEASE avoid this place and go to the real one, The management should shut down this place - YOU ARE SCREWING YOUR BRAND REPUTATION !!!
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party_q - Burrp User


August 20,2009

Recommend to ur enenmies

i went to this place yesterday with my husband in a quint little galli. your first disappointment starts with the parking (no valet for such an expensive restaurant) neways after u get over your parking woes u get inside n u'll be disappointed to see the ambience which is forgetable d moment you wallk out of the place.

neways it doesnt end there ur list of disappointed goes on.....we asked the waiter tht v wud like some boneless fish with gravy(to go wid rice) he recommended 3 dishes or shud i say three of the most expensive items on the menui.e. Rs 590 for one dish (plz note they have mentioned prices in words rather than figures,smart move for the overpriced menu) neways v still decided to go with it since it was recommended n v thought might be worth it.

the fish was ok but the curry/gravy was mustard sause diluted with water(guys i m not kidding) i love fish n have had it many a times so i know a bad dish 4m gud one. it was so pungent u cud not taste nething else but mustard.

the sweet dish rusgulla n one more were served straight out of the fridge at almost freezing temperature.

service was verrrrrry slow n biased toward larger parties.

overall after spending 1300 rs for a dinner for two on a meal not worth it, rotten service n lets even go to ambience, i wont recommend it to any friend.

but i might recommend it to my enemies, ppl i really really really reallllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy HATE!!!!!!:-)
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Pradosh  - Burrp User


July 24,2009

Food before I die

After innumerable visits to the place, I think I have decided what I will eat if offered my last meal before I die - Rice with Chingri Shorshay Narkol (Prawns in Coconut Mustard gravy) !!

Seriously, while I am not partial to Bengali food in particular, this one particular dish is my absolute favorite.

But focus on my favorite dish aside, Oh Calcutta in Lokhandwala remains one of our favorite restaurants. The location is very quiet and nice, tucked away from the hustle-bustle. There is never too much crowd - you can always walk in on a weekend night and get a table without waiting - nor is it ever completely empty. But the best is the service - I can confidently say that Oh Calcutta has consistently delivered service that is at par with 5-star restaurants - over a dozen or so visits. Waiters are polite, discreet and attentive. You will never have to ask for a refill of water, or look for someone to serve you another portion of food - it is done automatically. They are helpful in food suggestions and are reasonably prompt in delivery

The only downside of the place is the prices! Having a four course meal (starters / luchi / rice / desserts) for two people invariably pushes the bill towards Rs 2000 (this is without any drinks). Add a bottle of wine and you are looking at Rs. 3000 per outing. Which is the only reason why we do not visit this place as often as we want to.
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keith500 - Burrp User


July 13,2009

Bong Paradise

D place has a very spartan look...gets a bit noisey on a weekend...difficult to park your vehicle not much of space around since there are vehicles parked around most of the time....Waiters are polite...they help you out with what you should try if you are a first timer at the place...Reasonably priced...the food is close to what your mom would cook if you were a Bong...the mustard sauce and the tomoatoe date picke are must tries.
The mustard sausce adds a disticnt flavor to anything you wana have it with....all in all a nice place...located in a very quite by lane of lokhandwala...
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Balaji Vaidyanathan - Burrp User

Balaji Vaidyanathan

May 18,2009

Aaloo bhaja aar macher jhol...

Good Bengali cuisine...Definately one feels like he is back to good old Calcutta (not Kolkata) when he walks in through the doors...All the traditional Bong stuff - Maach cooked in mustard oil with poppy seeds; aaloo bhaja - fried to crispy perfection; steamed rice to accompany moonger dal and dhoka dalnar; yum yum...
Not very heavy on the pocket but definately heavy on the stomach :)
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deependra_hamal - Burrp User


February 25,2009

Finger-licking good ... BHALOW !!

Every single living fish would wish to be cooked this way ... The dish that swept me off my feet had a simple name -- it was unassumingly called 'Fish Fry' and was bursting with infinite joy bundled into those 2 brown rhomboids, straight from the heaven's kitchen. I would take small bites to prolong the orgasm, but alas, like all things unbelievable good, it was over in no time !!
I would have freaked out on the fishes and would have never tasted the vegetarian delights, had I not gone there with vegetarians (yea, Perry I am talking about you). But how glad I was that we ordered vegetarian stuff ... those green palak stuffings inside of those banana leaves (dunno what that dish was called) were simply the best vegetarian starters I have had in a long long time.
A definite 5-star from my side -- the food, service, everything !!
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Spacedust - Burrp User


December 23,2008

Very Interesting Food

We were there some time ago and gluttoned down almost everything on the Menu (Well thats an exaggeration - but for 2 people, we did try a lot)

Started off with a Bloody Mary (a lil lifeless) and a Daiquiri (pretty nice)

Starters were Fish Fry & a chicken starter (wrapped in banana leaves with a green masala on the inside) .... The fish was nice though my bengali partner said that the real thing should have been coated in bread crumbs and not like the batter fry version they had served.

We then did a round of a tomato date chutney with fried papads - absolutely superb!!!

Next came a jumbo sized Prawn cutlet in egg white ... something sounding like 'kobiraji' or similar. Very light, Very Big and superb with the mustard sauce.

Main course was luchis (hope thats an okay spelling) with Aloo Poshto & Mangsho .... and the alu poshto was a revelation

All washed down with some Rasgulla Payesh eventually ... And all this added to just about Rs.1,800/-

So a nice place with good food & a reasonably priced tariff card....

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Suchitra  - Burrp User


April 25,2008

Don't miss even if you are a veggie!

All the reviews of this place talk about the great non-veg food, but that's no reason to miss out on this place if you are a vegetarian - believe me the place has great vegetarian food also! I am vegetarian and a South Indian one at that and, I still just love the food here.

Ok agreed, there isn't too much choice for the veggies, but almost everything I have had here is so delicious that it doesn't matter. And of course the staff will help you order according to your tastes. I've been there 4 times so far and every time I end up having a four course meal! Its pricey (the only thing stopping me from going there every week) but worth every penny I thought.

They have some very interesting starters - spinachy kababs fried in banana leaves (called palong paturi I think) for one and another starter made of lotus stem (don't remember the name).

For the main course, try the luchis (similar to puris) with aloor dum and cholar daal - mouthwatering! That has to be followed by rice of course. My favorite dish to go with rice is the "aloo jhinge poshto" - yummy! I didn't find the other vegetarian dishes to go with rice too interesting - they are kind of too dry for rice - my only disappointment so to say.

The Bengali desserts of course nicely round up the meal - nothing special or different here, but every bit as tasty as the rest of the meal.

And oh ya, I don't know much about wines but I thought red wine went really well with the food.

So if you are looking for something different to try, do check out this place irrespective of whether you are a Veggie/Non-veggie or Bengali/not!
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Pradosh  - Burrp User


March 30,2008

Heavenly bengali food

The previous reviewers have described the establishment very well - I wont waste my time on that. The food is definitely on the slightly pricey side and without drinks a meal for two will set you back by Rs 800 or so. I will just point out reasons why you should check this place out

1 - For some really wonderful food - irrespective of whether you have tried bengali cuisine before. The starters are great - the highlight would be Murgi Shilong Paturi (forgive me if I didnt get the name exactly right) - its chicken generously coated with a green spicy marinade (green mangoes) and wrapped in banana leaves and fried. The succulence and the delicate flavour are to be had and then believed.
For veggies, they have a similar dish with spinach - its the next best thing after the chicken :)
I am not much of a fish person but even I couldn't help myself from licking my fingers with the Chingri Shorshay Narkol (Prawns in Mustard and Coconut). Normally you would either get Prawns in Mustard or Prawns with Coconut in Bengali menus - its the first time I have had this particular curry and mindblowing is the only word. By itself - you cant have too much of the curry - the mustard is too strong. But mixed with rice and its heavenly

2 - Very efficient and courteous staff - one the best services in bombay less than a star hotel.

Most of the tables you will find mixed ethinicities - mixed couples (one of them being bengali), or groups of friends with one or two bengalis guiding the rest. Or even if you dont know a bengali, just land there and the waiters will guide you through the menu. The only thing lacking are choices in desserts - only 5 items - and I found the 'rossogular payesh' the best

Just one thing - eat your rice with your hands - you will just enjoy it so much more :)
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Aarti Jesrani - Burrp User

Aarti Jesrani

October 08,2007

Bloody Oh Bloody

I just can't stop raving about this place. Another visit and the experience was simply outstanding. For those who don't want to read further I can sum up my experience in 4 short points:

1) Excellent Bloody Mary
2) Attentive, well informed staff
3) Unbeatable Seafood -This review is strictly for non-vegetarians.
4) What are you waiting for? Go there!

As usual we started with a round of drinks (Bloody Mary, Kingfisher) and starters. We wanted some grilled chicken dish but the waiter suggested we go for Bihari chicken kebabs since those will be faster. The kebabs were succulent and extremely flavourful with a distinct taste of cloves, cardamom, garlic and pepper. It's 10 am and I can't believe I'm salivating while I write this! :D

We wanted to try something unusual this time for the main course, so after a second round of drinks we had another longish discourse with the order taker. He suggested we go for the rare jumbo prawns (specially flown from Kolkata) in a coconut milk curry and a spicy minced crab dish with shelled claw pieces.

While we patiently waited for our main course a waiter meticulously set our table with a crab shell cracker and picks. The food arrived shortly after. The crab dish was yummy. I always enjoy eating a crab, well yeah its messy but that's the fun of it. This particular dish was spicy and slightly pungent. The huge prawn too came with a shell. The greenish prawn curry was less spicy, flavourful nonetheless.

The one thing I have noticed at Oh! Calcutta is that you never feel too stuffed even after a monstrous meal. Just a very happy, content feeling.
(No, I was not that inebriated with 2 small Bloody Mary's)

There isn't much choice for dessert since their menu is restricted to a few pucca bengali mithais. Nothing wrong with that - we were just not in the mood for Indian mithai.

Meal for 2 (With 3 Kingfishers + 2 Small Absolut Bloody Mary's) = Rs. 1800/-
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Aarti Jesrani - Burrp User

Aarti Jesrani

August 24,2007

Oh! Is there no such thing as 6/5?

Oh! Calcutta is literally a stone's throw away from my house and I am cursing myself for having waited soooo long before trying it out. Anyway, I finally tried it yesterday. It was also my first experience with bengali cuisine (and I feel terribly ashamed saying that).

Since I am more of a shellfish person, we ordered a steamed crabmeat and shrimp starter. It came wrapped in a banana leaf and was out of the world!

For main course we ordered a tomato based prawn curry. They have a river water hisla festival going on and the waiter recommended a dry hisla must try dish -so we ordered that as well. The prawn curry was delicious and so was the fish which also, like the starter, came wrapped up in a banana leaf. It was flavoured with an awesome coconut based masala and was served in a earthen handi with rice.

Though our stomachs were threatening to explode we ended the meal with rasagollas. :)

A simply outstanding little place.

Almost forgot to mention the attentive and polite staff.
1. They told us our main course would take a while and thus we should order it early enough. 2. They did not as much as let us pick up a serving spoon. 3. The recommendations were all excellent. 4. After the main course a waiter very neatly cleared the crumbs from the table.5. All of them wished us good night on our way out.

Meal for two with drinks: Rs. 1357/-
Service with a smile: Priceless ( How corny! :P )
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Sunando Bhattacharya - Burrp User

Sunando Bhattacharya

March 15,2007

Bong food cant get better than this

I am a hardcore bong and bongs are very choosy about their food...therefore when i landed up at Oh! Calcutta, i was quite sceptical...but that meal turned out to be one of the best bong food i had had in a loooooong time... starting with the Fish Fry, followed by "Cholar Dal" and "Aloo Jhinge Posto", then the "Shorshe Maach" and " Prawn Malai Curry"... and topping it with " Rossogollar Payesh".

This was december 2005, and since then i have been to the restaurant more than 50 times... that's almost once every week... even the chef knows me by now...and i have tried almost every dish on the menu... unfortunately i have moved from andheri to powai and am really missing the place...hope they open up one on this side soon.
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